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The Next Level of Technology

Precision Coating & Laminating System

ITW Dynatec and Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC (EDI) provide a turnkey coating and laminating system with guaranteed application performance resulting in faster production speeds and reduced adhesive usage. This highly-accurate and reliable system prevents streaking, permits ultra-thin coatings and maintains a coat weight accuracy of 1%.
Turnkey Coating and Laminating System:

Web widths available from 61cm (24in) to 457cm (180in) Coat weights from .5 to 100 Mils with accuracies down to 1% Compatible with a wide variety of adhesives including: PSA, APAO, EVA, PUR, and Polyamides. Continuous or intermittent application speeds up to 610 MPM (2000 FPM) Viscosity range from 100cps to 120,000cps Temperature range from ambient to 260C (500F)

Adhesive Supply Unit

Melts and conditions the polymer Filters the polymer Precision pumps the polymer PLC based control system for complete process control

Heated Hoses
Built-in downtime prevention Maintains polymer temperature from the adhesive supply unit to the die

Coating Module
Robust design maintains repeatability Precision fine adjustment for die accuracy Accurate temperature controlled backing roll(s)

Coating Die
Maintains fluid temperature Uniformly distributes the fluid Maintains accurate coat weight Accurately defines coat width
Shown: ITW Dynatec High-Volume Supply Unit and EDI Die Coating Station

The Dynatec Difference...

Closed Loop Process Controls
ITW Dynatec and EDI know that consistent quality requires repeatable process and have achieved that in their turn-key coating system. The two most critical controls to maintain during coating are temperature and pressure. These attributes are monitored and automatically adjusted for with the Dynatec/ EDI system to make sure that you get the repeatable process that will deliver consistent quality every single time.

Precision Coating & Laminating System

Alternative Large Adhesive Melters
High-Volume Adhesive Supply Equipment Bulk Adhesive Supply Equipment

Dynamelt M Series ITW Dynatecs high-volume adhesive supply units (ASU) are PLC-based hot melt supply units. The control panels provide comparative data of all set points, motors, etc. on a few convenient, comprehensive display screens. High-volume melters feature patented no-char, Melt-On-Demand system to provide consistent and reliable adhesive supply to your coating and/or laminating applications.

DM55 DynaDrum The air-operated DM55 DynaDrum bulk adhesive melter is a stationary drum unloader that combines a heated platen, pump and all controls needed to melt and dispense hot melt adhesives, sealants or coatings. The DM55 is well suited for coating and laminating applications where high adhesive volumes are required.

Proof of Process Capabilities/Equipment

High-speed coating and laminating stations up to 2,500 FPM Materials up to 51cm (20in) wide 7.6cm (3in) diameter cores / 76cm (30in) diameter rolls High-speed video Instron measurement and testing equipment

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12/2010 ITW Dynatec ITW Dynatec reserves the right to discontinue or change specifications, designs, materials and equipment without notice or obligation.

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