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I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. This day will be remembered as a milestone in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX university when the Hon'ble chairman of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX university for this occasion. The very presence of the Hon'ble vice chancellor in today's programme inspite of his extremely busy schedule is a reflection of the importance that is attached to the commitment of the institution augmentation.We are all inspired by your gracious presence, Sir. I would like to take this opportunity to express our hearty thanks to Dr.registrar for unstinted support and guidance he has extended to all of us. We are extremely thankful to Mr. director sir for gracious presence in the function. I also extend my thanks to faculty members and other non teaching staffs for their enormous support and guidance in the organization of this event. I take this opportunity to extend our most sincere thanks to all our guest invitees who have come from different destinations for their support & cooperation.

Thank You very much!


Welcome is a cordial greeting reception. The appurtenance of welcome is fashion & ceremony. It is my privilege to welcome you all on behalf of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX UNIVERSITY to the inauguration function of MAPLE association. It is a matter of privilege for me to deliver the welcome address to this july gathering. Let me first extend my thanks to Hon'ble chairman, for providing the excellent infrastructure and place for learning. I extend my thanks to our Hon'ble Pro Chancellor for giving this opportunity to conduct the event. I also extend my thanks to our Hon'ble Vice Chancellor for giving this opportunity to conduct the event. I welcome our Hnoble registrar who motivates us, gives new directions, ignite our thinking and ask us to dream high. I welcome our Hnoble Chief guest, who despite his busy schedule has kindly agreed to deliver his speech who have spared his valuable time and have come here to grace the occasion. We have been eagerly waiting for your visit to this campus for a long time. Your very presence here today is highly motivating to the young students and faculty members of this Institute. I once again welcome your honour and all others present today to this Temple of Learning. My hearty welcome to our director, who have abundant enthusiasm and interest to have interactions with the young students in all parts of life is well known. I must extend my heartiest congratulations to our staffs of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX university. Its my pleasure to welcome all the Association members and students for their cooperation in this occasion. I pray for them a big success in life and a bright career ahead. It would be immensely beneficial for the Academy. I hope this comes true...

Thank you very much.

Master of ceremony

Good afternoon to every one gathered here One of these days is none of these days Every day is an auspicious day in our life but today is some what special its in our hands to make the day more better.. God has become man and man will become God again. Anything started with The Almightys blessings will end in fruitful success. So let us start our programme with the blessings showered by God. Now, I call Mr/Ms.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, to sing The Prayer song I request everyone to stand for prayer song. On behalf of the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX family we have immense pleasure in welcoming all the learners who have gathered here Great oaks grow from little acorns similarly every successful event starts with a beautiful opening. Welcoming with a smile is the part and parcel of Tamil culture so let us begin the session by welcoming everyone. Now, I call upon Mr./Ms.___________________ to deliver the welcome address. Now, I request our chief guest to light the kuthu velakku.. I also request 1.______________ 2.________________

3.__________________ 4.________________ Now, I request our beloved director Mr. K. Iyyapan, to give the key note address

about this wonderful event. Thank you sir As said by Swamy Vivekanada The secret of life is not enjoyment, but education through experience. So real knowledge develops when we hear good words from good people. Now, I request our chief guest to deliver his valuable speech.. Thank you sir, for your golden speech. Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere in the same way your words will lead us to greater heights.. Every beginning as an end, as such our program also. Let us pull down the curtain by coming to the end of this successful event, now I call upon Mr/Ms---------- to give the vote of thanks. Now I request everybody to stand up for National Anthem. The students are requested to leave after the chief guest leaves the hall. Thank u.