The Pros & Cons of Computer Mediated Communication “Relationships”

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Definition of CMC Relationships & technology Pros of CMC relationships Cons of CMC relationships Sources

Definition of CMC

D (2010) “CMC” Communication between people, that take place th acilitated by, computers and the internet.

Definition of CMC
Most people in this world today, communicate via CMC

Ever thought of Online Relations hips???

Relationships & technology

Relationships hold NO boundar

Socia l medi a= the new trend

Every body wants LOVE

Time is slipping out of our hand

Relationships & technology
Computer Love

Thanks to technology, love from a distance is easier!

Relationships & technology
How does it happe n?

Relationships & technology



So technology adds value to your personal life in today’s society!



Pros of CMC relationships

Smaller world=relationships are easy

Pros of CMC relationships

Cyber society & Love = Online synergy


All day

Advantage of online world>>>no time limitation

Pros of CMC relationships
CMC allows self expression with no barriers

Pros of CMC relationships

Some benefits: Instant communications •Cheaper connections across the world •Online face to face relations •Ability to be someone else •Share & interact on online community •Chance for dishonesty •Looks are not important •Overcome shyness

For every good there is an equal

Cons of CMC relationships
Self presentation & identity manipulation Virtual realm problems = Exist = In the real world Online rape! Baym, N (1998), “I am sure everything that

Con of CMC relationships

People are not who they say they are

Who you think are your frien Can be your biggest enemy

Social media = Easy access to your personal l What seems sweet @ 1st Can be bitter in the end! Living a double life

Cons of CMC relationships

In short CMC relationships can be: Misleading •Dangerous •Unfaithful •Manipulating •Affiliated with online crimes

CMC relationships
What may be the future of relationships in this cyber society? 2nd life/ chance

How you like to experience life the way you will never live it? Virtual world = real life experiences


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, N (1998). Effects of online relationships. UWM. / The End

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