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ENGLISH 2 | CHAPTER 2 | Exercise book


ENGLISH 2 | CHAPTER 2 | Exercise book

Exercise book
1.* Complete the following phrases with a suitable word. 1. Local (hair / eyes / length / newspaper / championship) 2. Green (hair / eyes / length / newspaper / championship) 4. Darts (hair / eyes / length / newspaper / championship) 5. Wavy (hair / eyes / length / newspaper / championship) 6. Medium (hair / eyes / length / newspaper / championship) 2.** Match each picture with its opposite adjective.

a. 1. new 2. small 3. cheap 4. short 5. beautiful





3.** Look at the students possessions and choose a suitable description of the adjectives in the pictures. 1. What about Stellas umbrella? a) Its a big umbrella b) Its a small umbrella 2. What about Nigels trousers? a) Theyre nice trousers b) Theyre horrible trousers 3. What about Stellas skirt? a) Its a long skirt b) Its a short skirt 4. What about Nigels Rollerblades? a) Theyre new Rollerblades b) Theyre old Rollerblades

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ENGLISH 2 | CHAPTER 2 | Exercise book

4.* Tell whether the following questions about some of the vocabulary in this chapter are true or false. a) We need our eyes to taste things. b) When we dont like a song, we usually say that the song smells bad. c) To feel something means to touch it with our fingers. d) When we open our eyes, we can see things. But when we close our eyes, we cant see anything. 5.* Find collocations that match with the word hair. Write down 8 words related to hair. 6.** Place the letters in the correct order to make adjectives. 1. cine 2. ngol 3. lmlas 4. lebhorir 5. ohtrs 6. vexepneis

7.** Complete the crossword and find words that are related to possessions and appearance. From top to bottom, words across: 1. Natashas got eyes. 2. You can use it to see in the dark. 3. It tells us the time. 4. The opposite of straight hair is ... hair. From left to right, words down: 1. Its a nice instrument to play. 2. The opposite of short hair is ... hair. 3. A typical eye colour in Spain. 4. We use it when it rains. 8.* Look at the picture and decide whether or not the unfortunate man has the ability to do the following actions . 1. Can he ride a bicycle? 2. Can he walk? 3. Can he talk? 4. Can he watch television? 5. Can he play the piano? 6. Can he use a computer? Options: a. Yes, he can. b. No, he cant. c. Yes, he is. d. No, he isnt.

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ENGLISH 2 | CHAPTER 2 | Exercise book

9.* Transform these sentences into their negative form. 1. Dr Miyagi has got a pet called Natasha. 2. Ton and Son have got nice Rollerblades. 3. Jack has got a fake moustache. 4. Cassie has got blue eyes. 5. Flyonas friends have got new bicycles. 6. Stella has got expensive clothes. 10.** Practice adjective order by rewriting the sentences and completing the sentence pairs. 1. Its an expensive computer. 2. Its a new skateboard. 3. Theyre nice Rollerblades. 4. Theyre old CDs. 5. Its a horrible watch. 11.* Look at the pictures and choose a suitable verb form to complete the sentences.

1. The boy 2. The woman 3. Cassie 4. Natasha 5. Dr Miyagi

___ ___ ___ ___ ___

swim. play the piano. sleep. sing well. speak.

Options: a. can b. cant c. is d. are

12.* Choose a suitable verb of the senses for each of the pictures. 1. This soup .... bad. a. feels b. smells c. tastes d. sees

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ENGLISH 2 | CHAPTER 2 | Exercise book

2. This cake .... delicious. a. feels b. smells c. tastes d. sees

3. I can .... with my eyes. a. feel b. smells c. tastes d. see

4. I .... cold. a. feels b. smells c. tastes d. sees

13.** Rewrite the following sentences correcting the word order. 1. expensive/hasnt/Cassie/got/piano/an 2. special/can/powers/Dr Miyagi/use 3. Natasha/can/the/hear/radio 4. have/new/got/Ton/and/Jack/umbrellas 5. Jack/drive/car/a/cant 14.*** Find out the opposite of the adjectives in the sentences and complete the crossword. From top to bottom, words across: 1. Flyona is very unfriendly. Opposite adjective: 2. Nigel is a terrible captain. Opposite adjective: 3. Jack is not popular. Opposite adjective:

From left to right, words down: 1. Cassie has got small shoes. Opposite adjective:

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ENGLISH 2 | CHAPTER 2 | Exercise book

15.* Match the sentence parts and make questions. 1. Can you use... 2. Can you do... 3. Can you surf... 4. Can you drive... 5. Can you ride... 6. Can you play... a. a car? b. a computer? c. darts? d. a motorbike? e. 50 press-ups? f. the Internet?

16.** Tell whether the statements are true or false. 1. I can play the piano indicates that you have the ability to play the piano. (T/F) 2. Can I go to a party? indicates that you have the ability to go to a party. (T/F) 3. I have got is more correct than Ive got. (T/F) 4. I can, you can, he cans: all third person singular forms in the present tense need the ending s to be correct. (T/F) 5. The particle to cant be used before or after the verb can. (T/F) 6. The sentences this is a new car and this car is new have the same meaning. (T/F) 17.** Find the verb of the senses that best suits the following definitions. 1. You use your nose. 2. You use your hands. 3. You use your tongue. 4. You use your ears. 5. You use your eyes. Verb: Verb: Verb: Verb: Verb:

18.*** Type in the word that best fits the following descriptions. 1. An object designed to protect against the rain. 2. A type of in-line skates. 3. A small portable battery-powered electric lamp. 4. A listening device worn or placed in the ear. 5. A small pointed narrow object thrown in the air. 6. A flat board with rollers attached to the bottom. 19.* Answer the questions and practise the different short answer forms. 1. Is Cassie a boy? a. No, she isnt. b. Yes, he is. c. No, he hasnt. d. Yes, she does.

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ENGLISH 2 | CHAPTER 2 | Exercise book

2. Has Cassie got blonde hair? a. No, she hasnt. b. No, she isnt. c. Yes, she hasnt. d. Yes, she has. 3. Is Cassies hair medium-length? a. No, she isnt. b. Yes, she is. c. No, it is long. d. Yes, it is. 4. Has Cassie got black shoes? a. No, they arent. b. No, she hasnt. c. Yes, she has got. d. Yes, she has. 5. Has Cassie got a skirt? a. es, she has. b No, she has. c. Yes, she hasnt. d. No, she hasnt.

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