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Sackville Info

Friday 19:00 20:00 21:00 Saturday 8:30 9:00 10:00 10:10 11:10 11:20

See Sackville section for suggestions CUP Panel Discussion Owens Art Gallery Special Guest Speaker Owens Art Gallery Night Out! Breakfast Critiques WMSC 125


See Sackville section for suggestions 13:30 William Wolfe-Wylie Critiques Expanding beyond the newspaper: WMSC 125 becoming a true member of a diverse community WMSC 130 14:30 Break 14:40 Dru Oja Jay Critiques Journalism as humanitarian WMSC 125 intervention WMSC 130 15:40 Break 15:50 David Shipley Critiques Telling your universitys story: how WMSC 125 your newsroom and the communications office can work together WMSC 130 16:50 Break 17:00 Roundtables EICs & Managers Argosy Office Writers WMSC 130 Photojournalism Michael Hawkins WMSC 125 18:00 Break 18:10 Michael Grange Keynote 19:10 Conference Dinner Night Out! Sunday 9:00 Breakfast WMSC 125 Goodbyes / Plenary

David Shipley Building a social media strategy for your newspaper WMSC 130 Break Kelly Toughill Numbers and the news: how to decode data to find great stories WMSC 130 Break Carole Chabot Acadie Presse and Ecopaque Paper WMSC 130 12:20 Lunch

WMSC 125

Critiques WMSC 125

Critiques WMSC 125


On behalf of my crew at The Argosy, I want to welcome you Sackville for the 2011 Fall ARCUP Conference. Keep this program near and dear to your heart it is expected - for it will tell you who, what, where, when, how and why to expect everything thats expected. This way, youll have no unfounded expectations.

Welcome to ARCUP!

Take the free time you have to mingle with your fellow student journalists. Become acquainted with this ARCUPs speakers they are knowledgable. Use free time to explore this unique jewel of a town. Sackville? Lets just say welcome home. But remember, first and foremost, front and centre, we are here to learn. And learn we shall. Be sure to take notes so you can recall them at later dates and share them with friends back at your respective campus. Feel free to share ideas, plans and best practices at your newspapers. In the end, each publication and the Atlantic region as a whole will benefit. Lastly, have fun! Enjoy the festivities and entertainment, both planned and unplanned. You may notice that sleep, at least a goodnights sleep, is not scheduled. Relax, ok? Before you know it, this ARCUP will be relegated to the annals of history. But on a less melancholic note The Argosy is pleased to present the 2011 Fall ARCUP brace yourselves for a great ride! Cheers, John A. W. Brannen Editor-in-Chief The Argosy

With special thanks to... -The Campbell-Verduyn Fund -The Centre for International Studies -Dr. Michael Fox

-The Town of Sackville


David Shipley is the web content strategist for the University of New Brunswick, working as part of the Communications & Marketing team at UNB. He has written about business, crime and the courts, politics and technology. David is also the former editor-in-chief of the Baron, a post he held for three years, rebuilding the paper and helping it achieve autonomy from the campus student council. David can be found on Twitter at @davidshipley.

David Shipley

Kelly Toughill is an award-winning writer and editor who has worked at several newspapers in Canada and the United States. Her background includes 20 years at The Toronto Star, where she helped set up an investigative team, was a senior political reporter at Queens Park, was a member of the editorial board and founded The Stars Atlantic Canada bureau.

Kelly Toughill

William Wolfe-Wylie is a Mount Allison graduate, former editor of the Argosy, former two-term CUP Atlantic Bureau Chief and former CUP National Bureau Chief. These days, he manages policy development and training for Sun Media Corporations social media projects.

William Wolfe-Wylie

Michael Grange, co-host of PTS and The Fan 590, began as an intern at the Globe and Mail. A life-long admiration for Sports Illustrated and the people it covered led him to over 15 years of covering basketball, golf, the business behind the games, and whatever struck his interest. In 2011 he jointed Sportsnet as a columnist. He is also the author of Basketballs Greatest Stars and co-author LeafsAbomination.

Michael Grange


Dru Oja Jay is a founding editor of the Dominion, and a cofounder of the Media Co-op. He has also taken part in worker and tech co-ops focused on cooperative decision making and more impact-oriented social justice campaigns. He has filled writing and tech roles for several papers. He lives in Montreal.

Dru Oja Jay

Michael Hawkins is an award-winning photojournalist with over two decades experience working as both a newspaper and freelancer shooter. He has worked as a staff photographer with the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder and later the Saint John Times-Globe. He developed his own high-impact style of photography, capturing the emotion and action of everyday life in the city. He also covered the growing smuggling trade in Awkesasne and the Oka crisis.

Michael Hawkins




8 11 9 15




Note Some locations not represented on map. Feel free to ask conference heads if looking for something in particular!

2 Owens Art Gallery

3 Wallace McCain Student Centre

Conference Locations 1 Coastal Inn & Highway

Town Locations 4 Duckys 6 Joeys Restaurant 9 Bank / ATM 7 Pickles 8 Bridge St. Cafe 5 Uncle Larrys

10 Sassys

14 Jacks & Vinhs Wok 15 Home Alone Pizza

12 Cackling Goose 13 The Pond

11 Dancing Dogs Cafe

Saturday Pub Crawl:


9-10 12-1



It may be small, but its what you do with it that makes all the difference. Sackville, that is. The Argosy has put together a list of things to know on your shore leave when youre looking for a good time in the Sack! For your dinner rations...

16 York St. (506) 536 4040 96 Main St. (506) 536 0409 170 Main St. (506) 536 8000 78 Main St. (506) 536 0000 17 Bridge St. (506) 536 1251 170 Main St. (506) 536 2211

Joeys Restaurant: The nicest place in town, well be holding our Saturday dinner at Joeys. Great Italian cuisine, though a bit pricy if youre just looking for a pizza. Olive Branch: Not bad food with a bit more selection. All day happy hours. Not well frequented but mostly because weve never given them a chance. Jacks Pizza: Good pizzas, great garlic fingers and donairs, better prices. Its a good choice for Maritime staples. Home Alone Pizza: Probably the cheapest pizza and best served after a night drinking. Fun people, too! Mels: An old 50s diner with a wide selection of the classics and at great prices. Vinhs Wok: Chinese and Vietnamese food, both as buffet and sit down. Good portions, too. Out near the highway: McDonalds, Subway, Wendys

For your lunch rations...

Pickles: Amazing European sandwiches. Nice sizeable portions and they serve good German beers. We recommend! Bridge St. Cafe: The cornerstone of Sackville social life, its definitely a place to see. Good selection of coffee and tea as well as tasty food. Vegetarian friendly. Dancing Dogs: Charming and brand new spot; great food! Cackling Goose: Organic, Fair Trade, gluten free, vegan vegetarian, and still great food! A great multi-use store, we suggest you take a look.

6 Bridge St. (506) 939 3354 10 Bridge St. (506) 536 4428 12 Bridge St. (506) 536 9008 38 York St. (506) 939 6836


Where the rum is...

The Pond: The Mount Allison pub, its great for a relaxing drink early in the evening and becomes the main location for dancing late at night. Duckys: The heart of Sackvilles night life, it has a great selection of draft and is usually the homestead of Argosy staff. Uncle Larrys: Its an experience...that sounds ok, right? It has billarads, cushy chairs, and dancing. Those are pluses! The Legion: See the Queen on the way in, kiss her on the way out. Good selection and billiards, its alway a good time! Georges: A bit of a walk but worth it when they have a show. Friday night happens to be one of those nights! Sassys: Away from the rest but a really nice spot. Closer to the Coastal Inn so its perfect for the first and last drinks!

62 York St.

98 Main St. 26 Bridge St. 15 Lorne St. 67 Lorne St. 166 Main St.

Loot withdrawl Random grabs

There are ATMs in both the Royal Bank and Scotiabank. Both are visible from the intersection lights. There is an ATM machine in Duckys, Sassys, Larrys, Jacks and Georges as well. (We like naming our establishments after people, eh?)

Pharmacies: Jean Coutu and The Guardian, both visible from the intersection lights. Groceries: Co-op is very close to Coastal Inn. SaveEasy is right in town and only a bit down Main. St after the lights.

General Items: Jean Coutu & Dollarstore, both visible from the lights. Book stores: Rags of Time, on York St. Tantramar Books, on Bridge St.

The Fuzz: 533-5151 / 1 888 506 7267 Hospital: (506) 364-4100 8 Main St. Conference Organizers: John: (506) 540 0176 Sasha: (506) 540 1166



Have a great time!

Eat-in Take-out Delivery

Delicious Sandwiches like:
Pulled Pork Ham, Swiss and Bacon Gobble Gobble (turkey sandwich with an apple-curry sauce) Turkey Club Roasted Chicken Club $ 4.40 $ 8.59 $ 7.35

939-3354 *

European Deli & Specialty Foods

$ 8.85 $ 8.85

OPEN LATE til 3 a.m. 6 Bridge Street

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 939-3354

European Deli 6 Bridge Street, Sackville, NB & Specialty Foods

-Daily soups -Desserts -Imported beers like: Grolsch, Hoegaarden, Warsteiner,

- til 3:00 am Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Dancing Dogs Cafe

12 Bridge St. 536-9008
Come in for comfort food in a confortable setting. Luscious desserts baked on site, and homemade ice cream! Have a seat in our comfy sofa and chairs and enjoy our free wi-fi! We support local farmers and producers. Writer and journalist friendly!