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SCLnA8lCť Lauren Llsa !acko ls a flfLeen year old sLudenL of a ChrlsLlan secondary schoolţ who
has been havlng problems aL homeŦ Lauren belleves LhaL her parenLs do noL undersLand her
and are conLrolllngŦ Lauren has asked her cllque aL school Lo refer Lo her as Lolo or uarkholerŦ
Lauren losL her vlrglnlLy a year ago and has been lndulglng ln lndlscrlmlnaLe and unproLecLed
sexual acLlvlLles wlLh boLh gendersŦ Lauren ls Lhe second chlld of Lwo who comes from an upper
mlddle class famllyŦ Per faLher ls a parLŴLlme pasLor and pollce superlnLendanL and her moLher
ls a bank managerţ boLh are workahollcs and perfecLlonlsLsŦ Per older slsLer was a conLesLanL ln
several reglonal beauLy pageanLs and has always been an A sLudenL who ls now pursulng a Þhu
ln lawŦ
Lauren grades have droppedţ and she ofLen sneaks ouL of Lhe house Lo aLLend parLles and
engage ln sexual escapadesŦ Lauren has laLely been havlng severe lLchlng ln her genlLal areaŦ
Per llfesLyle has lnclLed Lhe lnLeresL of her peersŦ Word of her acLlvlLles has goLLen around Lhe
school and has caughL Lhe aLLenLlon of one of her Leachers who ls lnvesLed ln her welfareŦ
Lauren [ackoť !anel Colalre
MargareL !acko (moLher)ť lranclne Þrosper
Lmmanuel !acko (faLher)ť 8ebekah 8oberLs
MsŦ Andrews (Leacher)ť Llselle !oseph
nsŦ Creen (nurse and counsellor)ť naLhany 8rldeL
Lauren's 8lsexual frlend (Mllk)ť lranclne Þrosper
Lauren's besL frlend (Speedy Lasy)ť 8ebekah 8oberLs
Lauren's 8oyfrlend (Woody)ť naLhany 8rldeL

looteo ls ot bome wltb bet poteotsŦ 1bey ote ptepotloq to qo to wotk ooJ sbe ls ptepotloq to qo
to scboolŦ 5be btloqs bet teceot test popet to tbemŦ
Laurenť Mammy look my LesL paperŦ
MoLherť Lauren l'm Loo busyţ glve lL Lo your faLherŦ
laLherť MargareLţ l don'L have Lo work Loo? Lauren leL me have a qulck lookŦ
lotbet looks ot popet
laLherť whaL ls Lhls? Why ls your mark 73ţ why ls lL noL 93? ?ou are noL worklng hard enoughţ
why can'L you be more llke your slsLer? ?ou know whaL? ?ou are noL praylng enoughţ Cod helps
Lhose who help LhemselvesŦ lL seems readlng Lhe blble noL helplng you so l wlll have Lo beaL you
wlLh lLŦ Co and geL Lhe blble for meŦ
looteo qoes ooJ qets tbe blble ooJ ls tbeo beoteo sevetol tlmesŦ
laLherť LonlghL l wanL you Lo read Lhe book of [ohn and when you flnlsh go and sLudyŦ

MsŦ AoJtews colls looteo oftet closs to Jlscoss bet follloq qtoJesŦ
MsŦ Andrewsť Lauren can l Lalk Lo you for a mlnuLe? l reallze LhaL your grades are dropplng and
l'm concernedŦ l wanL Lo help you by glvlng exLra classes or any LuLorlng you needŦ uld you have
any Lrouble undersLandlng whaL we dld Loday?
Laurenť yes mlss
MsŦAndrewsť okţ well come Lo my offlce Lhls afLernoon so l explaln Lo youŦ
Laurenť ok mlssŦ

OotslJe looteo´s ftleoJs ote woltloq fot betŦ
Mllkť baby we meeLlng up laLer?
Woodyť LonlghL ls my Lurn
Mllkť no lasL nlghL was your Lurnţ remember?
Woodyť yes buL her parenLs had her on lock downţ so we couldn'L meeL upŦ
Mllkť sLupesţ boy you a blocker weţ you blowlng my hlgh we
Woodyť yeah rlghLţ blg papas LonlghL!
Speedyť uarkholer! ?ou wouldn'L belleve whaL or who l dld lasL nlghL?
Laurenť whoţ whaLţ where?
Speedyť glrl l hook up wlLh uarren buL mlsLer couldn'L do noLhlng [usL mouLh Lalkţ l Lell mlsLer
he noL ready yeL and Lhen l check MarcusŦ Clrl mlsLer know Lhlngs! And Lhen hls Lwo couslns
show upţ you know Lhe cuLe ones? And Lhen Lhe parLy sLarL!
Laurenť glrl you had a wlld nlghL buL l do more Lhan daL ChrlsLmas Lve nlghL ln LownŦ
(looteo flJqets ftom ooe feet to tbe oextţ tobbloq bet leqs toqetbet)
Mllkť Lolo you okay?
Laurenť yeah glrlţ l Lhlnk an anL blLe meŦ
Woodyť noLhlng llke Lhe anL daL golng Lo blLe you LonlghLŦ

looteo ls ot bomeţ bet poteots ote otqoloq ooJ flqbtloqţ sbe soeoks oot of tbe boose ooJ meets
MoLherť you love your blble more Lhan meţ LmmanuelŦ ?ou are a horrlble and selflsh lover!
laLherť probably l would be a beLLer lover MargareLţ lf your cooklng was beLLerţ everyLhlng ls
always my faulL!
MoLherť Lmmanuel you are never lnLeresLed ln meŤ you never even ask a quesLlon abouL my
laLherť probably l would lf you Lalked lessŦ lf Lalklng Loo much was a crlme MargareLţ l would
have arresLed you alreadyŦ
MoLherť how dare youţ you renL a cop?! ?ou can sleep on Lhe sofa LonlghL wlLh your preclous
laLherť aL leasL my blble wlll be sllenLŦ Pow a wlfe should be!

SCLnL lCu8 4
looteo ls lo scbool tbe oext JoyŦ 5be JlJ oot keep bet meetloq wltb MsŦ AoJtews wbo ls llsteoloq
to some cbllJteo Jlscossloq looteo´s sex llfeŦ
Clrlť she's a whoreţ l hear she does make bumŦ
Clrl 2ť yesţ she does do lL wlLh de zamlyez mllk and she sLlll sexlng WoodyŦ
8oyť 1hree some! (slng song)ţ lemme go check herŦ
Clrlť boy you dlsgusLlng!
8oyť whaLeverţ lL freeţ l golng for my share
Clrl 2ť l hear she Lhrow Lwo chlldren alreadyŦ

MsŦ Andrewsť chlldren go Lo your classesŦ
Chlldren qulckly walk Lo class whlle saylngť ?es mlssŦ

SCLnL llvL 3
MsŦ AoJtews tolks to looteo lo bet offlce oboot tbe meetloq sbe mlsseJ ooJ tbe tomoots sbe
bos beotJŦ looteo flJqets lo bet seotţ tbe ltcbloq bos loteoslfleJ sloce lost olqbtŦ
MsŦ Andrewsť so l dldn'L see you yesLerday LaurenŦ ls everyLhlng okay?
looteo Joes oot ooswetţ bot looks ot tbe floot ooJ ploys wltb bet oollsŦ
MsŦ Andrews leans forwardť Lauren l'm sure you have been hearlng Lhe rumours around school
and some of Lhe Lhlngs Lhe chlldren have been saylng abouL youŦ
Laurenť yes mlssŦ
MsŦ Andrewsť AnyLhlng you wanL Lo Lell me Lauren? ?ou know you can Lalk Lo me abouL
anyLhlng rlghL Lauren? AnyLhlng you wanL LoŦ
looteo Joes oot ooswet
MsŦ Andrewsť how are Lhlngs aL home?
Laurenť my parenLs always flghLlng and Lhey doesn'L even care abouL meŦ
MsŦ Andrewsť have you Lalked Lo Lhem abouL lL?
Laurenť noţ buL Lhey always so busy
MsŦ Andrews noLlces Lauren fldgeLlngť Lauren are you ok? ?ou have been fldgeLlng slnce you
came lnLo my offlceŦ
Laurenť lL's noLhlng [usL an AnLs blLeŦ
MsŦ Andrewsť slnce when dld Lhe anLs blLe you?
Laurenť a few days agoŦ
MsŦ Andrewsť you need Lo have lL looked aL Ck? l know a nurse who could help youŦ ls LhaL ok?
Can l call her?
Laurenť ok mlss
MsŦ Andrewsť Pello? Cood mornlng nurse Creen? ?es l'm sendlng a sLudenL over Lo youţ her
name ls Lauren !ackoŦ
MsŦ Andrewsť so l Lold her you're comlngţ she walLlng aL Lhe healLh cenLer for youŦ
Laurenť ok mlssŦ

SCLnL Slx 6
nurse Creenť hello Laurenţ good mornlngŦ My name ls nurse Creen
Laurenť good mornlng nurse
nurse Creenť MsŦ Andrews Lold me LhaL an anL blL youŦ ls LhaL really whaL happened?
Laurenť no
nurse Creenť okţ buL l'm golng Lo have Lo examlne you Lo see whaL wrongŦ ls LhaL ok wlLh you?
Laurenť lL's okŦ
nurse examlnes LaurenŦ
nurseť Lauren based on my assessmenL l found ouL LhaL you have publc llceŦ l wlll need Lo do
some furLher lnvesLlgaLlons wlLh consenL from you and your parenLsţ ls LhaL okay wlLh you?
Laurenť yes
nurse Creenť Lauren Are you sexually acLlve?
Laurenť yes nurse
nurse Creenť do you use proLecLlon when havlng sex?
Laurenť someLlmesţ noL really
nurse Creenť Are your parenLs aware LhaL you are havlng sex?
Laurenť noţ l don'L Lhlnk soŦ
nurse Creenť Pow ls your relaLlonshlp wlLh your parenLs?
Laurenť Lhey always comparlng me Lo my slsLer and Lhey always busyŦ
nurse Creenť have you Lrled sLarLlng a conversaLlon wlLh Lhem?
Laurenť noL reallyţ Lhey always busy and flghLlng
nurse Creenť l would llke Lo have a sesslon wlLh you and your parenLs where we can dlscuss
Lhls and look aL your opLlonsŦ ls Lhls alrlghL wlLh you?
Laurenť yesţ buL Lhey mlghL geL angryţ especlally my faLherŦ
nurse Creenť yes Lhey mlghL geL angry buL Lhls ls for Lhe besLţ dolng Lhls wlll allow you all Lo geL
Lo Lhe boLLom of Lhe problem and asslsL you all ln effecLlve communlcaLlonŦ
Laurenť ok nurse LhaL would be nlceţ do you wanL Lhelr number?
nurse Creenť LhaL would be very nlceţ Lhank you LaurenŦ l wlll schedule a Llme for all of us Lo
meeLŦ nexL week 1uesday aL 9ť00 amŦ So l wlll see you all LhenŦ
looteo ooJ bet poteots ote meetloq tbe ootse ot tbe beoltb ceotet to bove o fomlly cooosellloq
nurse Creenť Cood Mornlng MrŦ and MrsŦ !ackoŦ
MrŦ !ackoť ls lL a good mornlng? l dld noL reallzeŦ
nurse Creenť AfLer Lalklng Lo me on Lhe phone do you know why you are here Lhls mornlng?
MrŦ !ackoť lL seems Lauren has Lurned herself lnLo a harloL and a heaLhenŤ she has re[ecLed
Cod's Leachlngţ and has leL Lhe devll lnŦ
MrsŦ !ackoť l have no ldea whaL ls wrong wlLh LaurenŦ
nurse Creenť As a Leenagerţ Lauren ls ln Lhe ldenLlLy versus role confuslon sLage accordlng Lo
Lrlk LrlkssonŦ 1herefore she needs love and belonglngŦŦŦ
MrŦ !ackoť so whaL you mean ls LhaL Lauren does noL geL love and belonglng aL home? ls LhaL
whaL you're saylng?
MrsŦ !ackoť whaL you mean love? WhaL ls LhaL Lhlng? She has compuLerţ xboxţ mp3ţ lphoneţ 1vţ
whaL more can she need?
nurse Creenť yes she has all Lhese maLerlal Lhlngs buL she needs supporL and Lo ldenLlfy wlLh
persons she can learn fromţ poslLlve lndlvlduals and poslLlve youLh LhaL wlll help her bulld a
sense of who she lsŦ
MrŦ !ackoť nonsense
nurse Creenť l advlce LhaL she ls placed on conLracepLlves and blrLh conLrolŤ because you all are
lnformed LhaL she has conLracLed publc llceŦ And lf her bad sexual hablLs conLlnue she mlghL
conLracL much worse dlseases or become pregnanLŦ
MrŦ !ackoť l guess we have Lo choose Lhe lesser of Lwo evllsŦ Ckţ okţ glve her Lhe condoms
before she geL pregnanL and drag my faLher's name down Lhe dralnŦ
MrsŦ !ackoť Per slsLer would never do someLhlng llke LhlsŦ
MrŦ !ackoť sexually acLlve plus publc llce? 1haL's whaL happens when you shun Lhe word of CodŦ
MrsŦ !ackoť l knew noLhlng of sex Llll l was 23Ŧ
MrŦ !ackoť yesţ she sLlll doesn'L know much nowŦ
nurse Creenť Lauren does your parenLs converse and conflde wlLh you?
Laurenť noţ noL reallyŦ
nurse Creenť Mr and MrsŦ !ackoţ l suggesL LhaL you lmprove your level of communlcaLlon wlLh
Laurenţ because l belleve LhaL her sexual mlsbehavlours may be as a resulL of Lhe poor
communlcaLlon and lack of feellngs of love and belonglng ln your famllyŦ
MrsŦ !ackoť l guess l wlll have Lo see whaL l can doŦ
nurse Creenť Lhank you very much for comlngŤ l would llke Lo see you agaln so we can conLlnue
Lo work Lhrough your problems Lo make your famlly a more coheslve unlLŦ
MrŦ !ackoť sureţ why noLţ Lhls has already Laken so much of my preclous Llmeţ Lake more of my
dayŦ Cne Lhlng l knowţ my money wlll noL be used Lo supporL her whorlsh llfesLyleŦ
MrsŦ !ackoť whaL are you Lalklng abouL Lmmanuel?
MrŦ !ackoť you have no ldea of Lhe amounL of Lhlngs l have Lo do ln a dayŦ l have Lo do Cod's
workţ plus work Lo supporL you and your shopplng hablLsŦ
MrsŦ !ackoť Lmmanuel leL's noL geL lnLo Lhls hereŤ l have Lo shop Lo Lake my mlnd off your
falllngs as a husbandŦ
MrŦ !ackoť MargareL when l see how much of my money you wasLeţ l do [usL geL blue ballsţ and
as usual you always have Lo be rlghLŦ
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