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The Old Imperialist Projec Divide Libya in Three has Executed
by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

The division of Libya into three separate countries ha old imperialist objective of the U.S., Britain, Italy, and There have been at least five attempts to divide NATO war launched against Libya in 2011 is merely t attempt to bring this about. The July 2011 gathering

of NATO is really discussing the occupational phase o

which will attempt to send foreign troops into Libya t

buffer zone between Benghazi and Tripoli. The NATO

however, has backfired. The Libyan people have unite

their country and Tripoli is exploring its strategic opti

strategic axis may even form between Iran, Algeria, S


The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Network] Page 2 of 50

Libya that would interface with Venezuela, Russia, Ch and others to oppose Washington.

€Part 1: "The war on Libya and the coming imperial re-division 27 April 2011 €Part 2: "The media misinformation campaign behind the wa 2011. €Part 3: "The Secret NATO Ground War" , 6 June 2011.

July 1, 2011 Tripoli

Preface: Reality versus Fiction
Almost all of the text herein was written a few months

as part of a series on Libya that was slowly updated, re


The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Network] Page 3 of 50

then released in pieces. Much of it was even sat on. It i

conclude it in Tripoli, Libya. To be here on the ground in media and the governments that have been used to

be witness to the lies and warped narratives of the m

justify this unjustifiable war. The mainstream media h enabled the current criminal war against Libya. Passing through the neighbourhood of Fashloom apparent that no jets attacked it as Al Jazerrra and Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) falsely claimed. Now

major force in this war. They have made the false c

media networks, newspapers, and wires claim on a daily new advances to various cities. Tripoli is nowhere near

Tripoli is about to fall and that the Transitional Council

is relatively peaceful. Foreign journalists have also all b Transitional Council, such as Sabha and its environs.

to the areas that are being reported to have falle

The media at the Rixos Hotel (now the Swiss Inn) in T news from what really matters. They report about “secure internet services” which essentially describes

consistently made false reports and changing the foc

intelligence communication mediums. This is also ti

“shadow internet” networks that the Obama Admini


The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Network] Page 4 of 50

promoting to topple various governments around the w Latin America to Africa and Eurasia. The foreign press staying in Libya have deliberately

paint a false picture of Libya as a country on the brink o

and Colonel Qaddafi as a despot with little support. The

one was wearing a bulletproof vest for his report in a pea

where there was no need for it. These journalists are just that they are embedded with. Most the foreign press the sacred trust of the public to report accurately and

the embedded journalists that follow the line of the arm

Not only are they actively misreporting, but it seems th

actively working against Libya. They and their edi

deliberately fashioned reports and taken pictures and fo

have been used to portray Tripoli as an empty ghost tow Philippe Rémy, which was accompanied by selected photographs that presented Tripoli as a ghost

Monde for example published an article on July 7, 2011

photographs were taken by Laurent Van der Stickt, bu

editors in Paris who select which pictures are used for p it is publishing to mislead the French people.

Le Monde should be held responsible for the clear war p


The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Network] Page 5 of 50

Sky News is no better. Lisa Holland of Sky News has al

the words “claimed,” “claim,” and “unverified” for any without the same doubt-casting language as if

Libyan officials say, but presents everything that N

unquestionable truth. She has used every chance she h degrade the Libyans. When she visited the bombed

daughter of Mohammed Ali Gurari, where the entire f

killed by NATO, she repeatedly asked if Qaddafi was r

for the bombing to the disgust of many except the repo

have also helped paint distorted pictures in the min if she did not understand the reality of the situation knew full well who had killed the civilian family.

audiences and readers. She has delibertly gone about b

Other disingenuous reports include those of Liseron been in Tripoli for months. She reported on March 22,

Boudoul is a reporter for Télévision Française 1 (TF1)

all the reports coming out of Tripoli are reviewed and ce

Tripoli. This was laughable. If the Libyans were censoring and her colleagues to continue their misinformation

they would not have allowed her to make that statement

Like all the other foreign journalists in Libya, she has


There is a real military-industrial-media c work in North America and Western Europe. Most the me are nonsense and contrary to the facts on the ground. They use every chance they have to dem so-called journalists are professional propagandists. T the realities and hard facts that would turn their own publics against their governments and mobilize the against the war in Libya. British journalists have even been said to have given c http://www. Much of what is being passed as news by foreign re the ground is a reflection of the foreign policies of the s come from. They have helped portray the the aggressor.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Network] Page 6 of 50 popular support that Colonel Qaddafi has amongst his one would never know from her reports about Libya. Essentially man The mainstream media has also basically worke The mainstream media has been party to atrocities and intelligence branch of the Pentagon and NATO in mult that point should not be lost when analyzing the war for bombings to 7/18/2011 .voltairenet. Libyan government and to lionize NATO.

the Mediterranean Basi Levantine peoples. of various stocks from Africa. a population and society of 7/18/2011 . Iranians. Vandals. H Tuareg peoples (the Kel Tamajaq or Kel Tamashq). Turks. The inhabitants of Libya are a mix and Southwest Asia.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Network] Page 7 of 50 Libya: A Nation and its Society Libya has been a meeting point for various peoples. while Western Libyans had http://www. other groups have all contributed to the mosaic that is t The genesis of the concept of a Libyan nation as a lo entity started with the imperial rule of the Ottoman feeling of similarity that intensified after the Italo North Africa. Greeks. bec geographic location. control. For the inhabitants of Libya it resulted in After this war between the Ottoman Empire and Italy. Egyptians. Arabs. Ottoman provinces in Libya would fall under Italia From the Ottoman and Italian periods onwards up unti after the Italian defeat the Eastern Libyans had much in with their kindred in Egypt.voltairenet. Berbers.

The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Network] Page 8 of 50 common with their kindred in Tunisia and Algeria. The inhabitants of Libya. Under the Italian rule of Libya this the Italians were also important ingredients in establishi similarity amongst the local inhabitants would eventual Italian colonial 7/18/2011 . This included a shared shared political goals. much in common with each other.voltairenet. and Sudan. Southern Libyans had much in common with their kindre Chad. however. a shared Geographic proximity and a united feeling of animosi of nationhood. shared language with similar dialects of Arabic. The aspirations of this indigenous bud as an abstract national identity and as the Libyan re were local sovereignty and unity without any foreign yoke http://www.

the Transitional Council embraced enablers even closer. They then Washington. replicating the same divisional scenarios that occurr chaos in North Africa and West Africa in an effort to r Seizing Libya to confiscate and manage its vast w controlling its resources are the desired objectives of th a foreign-propelled civil war was initiated in Libya and Qaddafi regained control of almost all Libya. The White House and the E. Thus. countries hav intervene when the Benghazi-based Transitional Counci in its deathbed and was in very desperate shape. These plans are also aimed Africa in its entirety.voltairenet. Transitional Council was willing to make a deal with the http://www. internal fighting have been fuelled in Libya with th former Yugoslavia and 7/18/2011 .U. If it h its survival.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Network] Page 9 of 50 Surrender of Libya by the Ottomans to Italy in 1912 The Devil’s Game: Divide and Conque Libya has fallen deeper and deeper into a trap.

.. but is tied to a lack of supp the lawlessness in Benghazi. understands Libyan society also understands the heav 7/18/2011 . which Libyan tribes have pub with the Transitional Council? Regardless of any a towards the tribal system. T due to the fighting alone. An weight and representation the tribes have. they foreign fighters they have bro The Longstanding Demands to Divide Libya Three Trusteeships There have been longstanding designs for dividing Lib back to 1943 and 1951. Page 10 of 50 It must also be asked.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. Transitional Council. this is a very important que allows one to have a sense of popular opinion. how many people remain in Benghazi? The dem of that city have changed since the start of the conf people have fled to Egypt and abroad from Benghazi. This started with failed at Germany in North Africa during the Second World establish a trusteeship over Libya after the defeat of attempts to divide Libya then eventually resulted in a str http://www.

1942. and Tripoli on January 23. and January 23.€[2] Despite its promises to become an independent country. During the Second World War the Libyans how a federal system has been established over Iraq fol federalism in their relatively homogenous society they c allowed Britain to enter their country to fight the Italian Germans. 1943. Beng as colonies. 1943.voltairenet.. and C Following the end of the Second World War the victor attempted to partition Libya into territories that they http://www. London intended to the two Libyan provinces of Tripolitania and Cyrenaica their country to fight the Italians and the Germans. Page 11 of 50 forced a monarchical federal system onto the Libyans illegal 2003 Anglo-American invasion. If the Libyans did forfeited their independence in 7/18/2011 . Benghazi fell to British military control on Nov 1942. while Paris was given control over the region (Fazzan). D Second World War the Libyans aided and allowed Britai British military control on November 20. which is roughly one-third of Libya and the a southwest of the country bordering Algeria. Niger.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. Great sacrifices w by the Libyans who fought to liberate their nation.€[1] Great sacrifices were made by the Libyans who fought their nation.

N.voltairenet. the Four B the U. On Fe 1947. hoped to ha time to achieve their own ambitions..N. that Cyrenaica be excluded. scheduled to meet on September Thus the question of the Libyan and other Italian colonies was pla U.. General Assembly agenda. [. It is because of the failure of t political scientist Henri Habib describes this best: that the Libyans gained independence as a united n The Allies. Britain and the U.R..S. proposed a Soviet Trusteeship over 7/18/2011 . Eventually. Page 12 of 50 over as trust territories. hav[ing] introduced a division in [Libya]. They were secretly encouraged to make this renu exchange for a vague promise of a U. They r matter to the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Big Four. 1948.K. including Libya. 1945. 1948.S.. 1946. proposed a collective United Nations Trusteeship the U.€[4] http://www. The U. to May 20. despit desire made by the Libyan people for their independence. the U. Trusteeship over som former colonies. The la London in September. and France – met on two o Potsdam and at San Francisco to discuss among other things th the former Italian colonies in Africa.S. In the meantime. The Paris Conference had established as a coro 1947 Peace Treaty with Italy a special Four Power Com Investigation to study the conditions in the former Italian colo visited Libya from March 6. The Italians renounced all righ former colonies. foreign ministers of the Big Four met on September 13. w wanted it returned to Italy. The Commission was unable to arrive at decision. to recommendations.. a peace treaty with Italy was signed in Paris without s question of the Italian colonies. later accepted an Italian Trustees condition. The British were am the future.R.. They also consult Italian government.N. the Soviets adopted the F but insisted on a Soviet-Italian Trusteeship. they had little choice but to refer the whole m General Assembly of the U. but were agree. and later in April. and conflicting recommendations were made.S. the U.S.A..S.S. Britain insisted.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw.

org/The-Old-Imperialist-Project-to 7/18/2011 .N.€[6] The defeat of the plans to divide Libya at the U. division from within. This is w http://www. failed by a vote of one and if it were not for the crucial vo countries.voltairenet. wo the end of the project to divide the North African Idris comes into the picture. and a French-ruled Fezzan. was still the internal card.. Page 13 of 50 Once the matter was handed to the U.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. called the Bevin-Sfora Plan for Libya that want controlled Cyrenaica.N. would have portioned Libya into territory divided into an Italian-controlled Tripolitania.N.. General Ass British and the Italians made a last-ditch proposal on 1949.€[ the U.

the representatives from the heavily populated region of T would be outweighed by the unelected chieftains from and Fezzan.. Bahrain. position was that the National Assembly with the elected “indigenous political leadership” of Cyrenaica and Fezzan representati Tripolitania on the “basis of equal representation for a Libya. Moreover. The official 7/18/2011 .S. Page 14 of 50 Soft Balkanization through a Federal Libya could have ended up like Kuwait. General Assembly voted in British. the French.”€[8] This was Orwellian double-speak that was http://www.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. They continued to try Libya and even establish spheres of influence with government in Libya through Libyan federalism and t circle of Libyan chieftains.€[7] unelected National Assembly controlled by King Idris a The federalist system was unacceptable to many Liby saw the new undemocratic National Assembly as a sidestepping the Libyan people.. and the Italians did not give up the united and independent Libya. Qata Trucial Sheikhdoms which became the United Arab Em for Libya even when the U.voltairenet.

State Department had this to say unelected National Assembly and King Idris: by the U.]) . General Assembly] (i.S. Page 15 of 50 sidestep the will of the Libyan people. France. and (c) the present federation plan is merely a method of maintaining old imperialist control over Libya by the great powers. Britain... fixed by the [U. The Egyptian and w (a) the National Assembly (which prepared the [Libyan] constitut have been an elected rather than an appointed body (Egypt has previously that only an elected [or democratic] National Assemb the three parts of Libya [.] were represented in proportio population could properly represent the people of Libya in the co making process [. Egypt was highly c opposition were based on the following rationale: saw through the diplomatic deceit. the U.€[9] This did not sit well with many Arabs.S.N.€[10] http://www.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. and Italy was a country sim The Department hopes and expects that all powers previously e the Administering Authorities [meaning France and Britain] will..e. In 1951...voltairenet. (b) the form of government should be un than federal . What was being p Arab sheikhdoms of the Persian 7/18/2011 ... January 1. together with the by [the] Emir (Idris Al Senusi) of his position as constitutional m United Libya. 1952) transferred to the duly constituted Libyan Government independence is expected to follow thereafter..

. Paris..”€[11] He adds further: “Libyans of division planted among them. and [ If Washington. the U. London.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. however.. Henri Habib states: “When Libya ob independence in December 1951. sheikhdom in the Mediterranean and the only Arab s http://www. The federal experiment was a failure and even acknowledge it. and Rome were successful day Libya would mostly likely not have become a Libya would most probably mirror the United Arab E many respects. In effect Libya would exist as an Ar outside of the Persian Gulf littoral.S. would be defeated by the Arab demands for unity by the Libyan people: Despite the initially strong opposition of King Idris and his the country was forced by the nature of things to adopt the April 7/18/2011 . A special royal decree was issued on April abolishing federalism and establishing the unitary system. France.€[ Britain.”€[12] Federalism. and Italy] despite opposition country deliberately divided by Britain and France. federalism was the country by King Idris and the foreign powers [s majority of Libyans.voltairenet. Page 16 of 50 In this regard.

. weaken the Libyan nation.. In the words of Henri Habib: divide Libya into three territories was defeated by t Despite the attempts made by a number of powers to keep Libya weak after 1951 by establishing a federal system in a homogenou Libyans amended their own constitution in 1963. This obsta administrative or structural impediment to the fuller ev independence which the Libyans sacrificed so much to achieve. The imperialist a people. had testified to the U. the U.€[ During the previous scheme to divide their country ma of King Idris as a foreign vassal or as a local manager realized that the foreign objectives where to enhance th interests. today the objective Fezzan are very much alive.S.. James Clapper Jr. D National Intelligence. like the Arab monarchs in Jordan and Moroc Libya into the three territories of Tripolitania.€[15] Yet. established a u and removed a major obstacle to the unity of [Libya]. Senate http://www. Page 17 of 50 Calculated Balkanization via Civil War: Dividin into Trusteeships There was more than just fate on the side of the Libyan p had fought for their 7/18/2011 .The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw.voltairenet.

Liam Fox.. 2011] afte hundreds of NATO and Gulf Cooperation Council (GC France has openly admitted funnelling weapons into th Mountains to forces hostile to the regime in 7/18/2011 .€[16] Thus. He spoke Wednesday [April 20. have all publicly admitted to sending military adviso Transitional Council: “Italian Defen[c]e Minister Ignazio said 10 military instructors would be sent and details w with his British counterpart. sanctions related t It has no legal standing whatsoever and is an utte http://www.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. Page 18 of 50 2011 that at the end of the conflict Libya would re that the country would have two or three previous federalist divisions which existed under the mon administrations.”€[17] It is most advisors and special troops are operating on the ground worked out. Britain. effectively the three Western European coun wanted to divide Libya amongst themselves and the reassumed their balkanization project.€[ and to international law.voltairenet. France. unquestionable breach of the U. The French argument that arms to civilians to protect themselves is a non-sequitur demands an international legal response.N..

€[20] trips to the area. and NATO also know full w Colonel Qaddafi is gone that the Libyan tribes wo amongst themselves for power and be politically divide why they have been very adamant about removing Qadda http://www.€[22] The U. and French diplomats hav This war is part of a project that intends to erode th bounds of the Libyan people.S. commander in charge of NATO.S.S.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. under the d insurgency in the Western Mountains was coordinate diplomats in November 2010. just as U. Admiral Stravridis.S. Page 19 of 50 Weapons shipments have also been flown into Benghaz humanitarian aid.. has told the U.S. diplomat wa leave Libya in November 2010 for making unauthoriz Hama to stroke tensions in Syria. Moreover there are signs that Western European powers and the U. Sen Services Committee in March 2011 that he believed that support base would shrink as the tribal cleavages in L “into play” as the war proceeded.voltairenet.€[19] One U..€[21] What Stravridis spelled out is that the NATO operations in Libya will cau internal divisions through igniting tribal tensions that w regional 7/18/2011 . This is one of the real aims of the campaign.

This is why they want to kill him. They have calcu there will be a mad dash to fill the power vacuum tha divide Libya further and promote violence.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. such as Musa Al-Kusa. that wish to defect fr sanctions. They are also Africa into West Africa and Central Africa.S.. and has said that London will exempt them from in the international sanctions against Libya are a politic Even within the Benghazi-based Transitional Council divisions that the Pentagon and NATO have been explo the so-called jihadist elements and the rest of the Wall Street Journal had this to report about the animosit http://www. 7/18/2011 . Britain. Page 20 of 50 The U. France..voltairenet. This is intended to also intended to compound the internal divisions weaken the regime and to make it act more desperatel Britain’s William Hague has offered sanctuary to a officials. aware that any tribal conflicts in Libya will spread fr The NATO-led coalition against Libya is also wor through intelligence work and psychological operations internal divisions within Tripoli. and NATO have power vacuum that would be left by Qaddafi if he leave dies.€[23] This British offer of “exemption” also with very little moral or ethical meaning or drive.

Within the objectives to c Transitional Council and any authentic revolutionary forc there also exists contingency plans.U.’ said Ashour Abu Rashed.S. The first two are to help bolster expanded into the African continent by the Pentagon. T Command (AFRICOM) and a NATO-like alliance in Africa authentic revolutionary forces within Libya.S. and the E. one representatives on the rebel’s provisional government the Transitional Council forces are also fighting each using NATO against each other. will not accept a new Libyan g with an independent nature. officials have increasingly been talking about Al-Qaeda in Africa and how the “Global War on Terrorism point has five aims.”€[24] It has also been disc Sowing the Seeds of Chaos: Al-Qaeda and U.voltairenet. is part of a plan to control the Transitional Counci The U. The contingency p been paved in order to allow the White House and the E http://www.€[25] o Transitional National Council. Page 21 of 50 Council: “Some rebel leaders are wary of their [me jihadists] roles. ‘Many of us were concerned about thes 7/18/2011 .The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw..

and have betrayed former allies time after time.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. and bolstered in Afghanistan.S. Page 22 of 50 should choose to do so. Regardless of a Transitional Council 7/18/2011 . the mainstream media have casually started to speak ab Such betrayal should not be surprising. These acts of terrorism will b attacking Libya right now.voltairenet. to betray the Transitional C dispose of it like an outdated utensil. they Libya to fight terrorism in the future. W reserve to use against the Transitional Council in case it Africa. It is very likely that terrorist attacks in Libya in some form like they did in Iraq following invasion and occupation. Saddam Hus example and another is the Taliban government in Ka and its cohorts are deliberately keeping the Al cooperate with Washington and NATO’s objectives in they nurtured. the U. to use the Al-Qaeda card as a means to possibly justif The fourth aim of the talks about Al-Qaeda is to narrative for the chaos that will be unveiled in Libya as t operations mature. and coordinated by Washington and the same group of http://www... armed. This is why the Pen Qaeda presence in Libya.

Washington and NATO are now planning to use Al Sov militant Islamists that they themselves have moulded countries opposed to their agenda. presented as the truth. and op and utter deception. war is peace.voltairenet.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. such as Syria and Lib Arab countries. The been turned on its head. People have been blinded by a s http://www. being dea alive.. such as Egypt.. Killing is saving lives. implant a new generation of subservient Islamist polit The Insidious Nature of the Objective of Div Libya This war in Libya has nothing to do with saving lives. destruction is preservation. Page 23 of 50 The fifth aim is the normalization of cooperation by th NATO with the mythical Al-Qaeda figures that have b and engrained into the minds of their publics to justify t 7/18/2011 .. In the words of Robin Cook the former foreig of Britain Al-Qaeda is “originally the computer fi thousands of mujahideen who were recruited and trained from the CIA to defeat the Russians [sic.

N. and hatred have invariably come from the people who are no battlefield. Robert Kagan.. The International Criminal Court (I. Eliott Abrah Wieseltier. John McCain. What have humanitarianism. Hos http://www.. will never investigate these crimes or hold those r accountable. All the known advocates of Pentagon Others have been used as their pawns and Libya global empire demanded for this war to take place. the National Diabetic Research Centre. a pre-school.C U. Joseph Lieberman. incl Wolfowitz. most the lies.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. the first targets of the war were a mint dinars and food storage facilities. and William Kristo There has been a total infringement of internationa crimes and crimes against humanity have been com NATO in Libya. the Handicapped Foundation. A heritage building Italian period that hosted the offices the Down’s Syndrom a children’s centre.) being used against people or the bombing of civilian infrastructure? As an example that the war has nothing to political weapons being used against Libya.N. Instead the 7/18/2011 .U. John Hannah. Page 24 of 50 In this conflict most the propaganda. Crippled Children’s Foundation was bombed too.voltairenet. Security Council and the about the depleted uranium (D.C.

voltairenet. a hotel. a bus filled have Nasser University (a campus of Al-Fatah University conference hall with participants pushing for peace.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. including a comple medical oxygen production... The bombings residential areas. Lib forces. a Canadian frigate. The long takes the more indebted and entrenched the Transition will be in the services of Washington and Brussels. T and increasing its help to the Transitional Council battlefield. This is one of the reasons. Page 25 of 50 medical facilities have been bombed. which proved N Transitional Council forces. that despite the help of NATO the rebel forces NATO bombed the Transitional Council’s tank colum http://www. which were not being used to attack civili amongst the first targets attacked when the war was lau the same time NATO even released a video of the allowing offensive (and non-defensive) weapons Charlottetown. Even the so-called “friendly fire” NATO has deliberately prolonging the war and has been numbers. along with pushed back.€[27] What is happening in Libya is an insidious process taking place in subtle and gradual steps that are towards the objective of dividing the Libyans. 7/18/2011 .

Once again. Following classic military tact forces first resorted to the heavy artillery firing. 2011]. Page 26 of 50 towards Tripoli are suspect as being a deliberate attack the fighting. On Su 10.€[30] http://www.€[28] NATO has now bombed advancing Transitional Cou several times. internal political fighting amongst the T Many reports have described the conflict as intensifying The pro-Qadhafi forces mounted a fierce assault on Ajdab Saturday morning [April 7/18/2011 . which was f incursions by infantry troops inside the town. By afternoon. landing at Istanbul street in the city centre. causing panic amo opposition fighters. 2011 when its frontline volunteers were killed by NATO war p Council is also a facet in these bombings.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. B artillery barrage appeared to have dislodged them from th moorings.. The government said it had shot down two helicopters. 2011]. The Transitional Council has found it why NATO has been bombing its forces and has even b in a position where it had to apologize on April 2. NATO claimed that air strikes had destroyed 11 re ahead of Ajdabiyah.. NATO forces were pitching in with which seemed unable to silence the regime’s heavy guns. However.voltairenet. who chose to hastily flee in their vehicl Benghazi. As the battle raged. some among the opposition ranks stood th and managed to control the north-eastern access to the town. signalling the high intensity of the fighting on the well as in the air.

S. demands. and the E.voltairenet. media tried meet Qaddafi..S. Kurt Weldon. Weldon made the trip to coordination with the White House. Tripoli even http://www. a former member o gloss over Weldon’s visit running articles about how h At the onset of the fighting Tripoli accepted Venezue for mediation. and E. Page 27 of 50 In reality there is a virtual stalemate. an through different channels. The U.U. Tripoli even said that it ac initial March 2011 African Union ceasefire and reform p were ignored by Washington and its allies. not moving westward.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. The Israel another player that can be turned to by both sides in Liby Both Tripoli and Benghazi have talked with the U. unofficial positions. The id as both sides become more desperate they will also in turn to Washington and Brussels for a way out of the war more concessions to 7/18/2011 . which includes using ind Congress for Pennsylvania.U. The Transitional positions due to NATO support.. undermine Transitional Council rejected. went to meet with Libyan the start of April 2011.S. but has also been entrenched in it One objective of NATO is to control both sides. which the U.

€[34] The government in Tripoli has even put reconciliation march across the war zone in Libya was ev constitution. and the unrepresentativ negotiations were also turned down by the U.€[31] Afterwards..voltairenet..€[33] A massive people’s initiat which received little press coverage outside of Africa countries. from Brazil and Nigeria to Malaysia themselves the claims against the Libyan government. Page 28 of 50 that the African Union. bu Arab dictators they call their allies.. and the E. the U. undermined again and the Transition rejected.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw.€[32] The repeated African Union proposal ca ceasefire.N.U.S. W voiced support for a negotiated settlement in Libya. and finally dialogue between both sides in democratic reform. pro foreigners. and the powers.S. inves most 7/18/2011 .. offers for mediation spearheaded by the Republic of So U. and the E. Tripoli again accepted Afric and a repeated African Union proposal for a ceasefire.S. NATO. the creation of humanitarian corridors.U.€[35] Tripoli even gave orders for the milita Misurata (Misrata/Misratah) and allow the local tribes to http://www. The Qaddafi family’s subsequent requests for been ignored by the U.

the political r started to show breaks in London.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw.€[36] During talks with Greece officials from L tried to use billions of frozen dollars to provide human plan obstructed and blocked by France. but As they did during the invasion of Iraq. Prime Cameron. David Davis..€[38] Baron told the British press that the wa has changed significantly: “When it was put before the H emphasis was very much on humanitarian assistance changed into a mission of regime change [in Libya] http://www. Conservative parliame the British Parliament. are starting to criticize their leader. 7/18/2011 .€[37] to the Libyan people on both sides of the conflict.voltairenet. Page 29 of 50 political order and security in the city and its su district.. such as John Baron.

The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw.S.. As Rome’s allies did more and more of its b character as a republican empire. The war also encompasses a entrench the control of the U.€[40 allies are in reality doing its bidding within a system Romans in Peninsular Italy turned into Rome’s early painstakingly tried to distance itself from the war.voltairenet. NATO is also in the the United States.. and the E.U. It has What is happening parallels how the alliance system l empire. Roman Republic began to become more and more defin evolving in this manner in regards to the modern global This war is not exclusively about controlling energy re the Libyan economy 7/18/2011 . over http://www. Page 30 of 50 Transitional Council sign in Benghazi declaring allegiance to the United States. The Geo-Politics of Dividing Libya are Broader Global Campaign What has to be clarified very clearly is that Washington want to have a visible presence in the war in North deliberately let its allies take the lead in the opera itself as cautious and reluctant to go to war.

Moreover. and Lebanon would also the Mediterranean Union. which will target Russia. The U.. which is a geo-political proj E.S.voltairenet. occup much of the European continent.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw.S. were unhapp Libyan project to develop and unify Africa. and Washington to control the entire Mediterranean.S. Page 31 of 50 balkanize the region. Armed Services Committee during a sessio the United States. the U.€[41] It is also no coincidence that the Director of National I mostly Libya that Russia and China were also “mortal their strategy of maintaining Africa as a provide told the U.. pressure and Turkey’s roles against Libya and Syria.U.S. Managing Libyan energ http://www.€[42] The war in Libya is also meant to the drive into 7/18/2011 . wants to manage Libyan oil as a keep what it sees as its junior Western European under guard and embedded within their alliances with W NATO is also a means of instituting an unseen U. Control over Libya. There already is a visible correlation betw Syria has been destabilized and the groundwork is un same. Syria.U. China. which conf unmanufactured resources. The Arab sister-republics of Lebanon and Syria Lebanon with the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) Central Asia. and the E.

in this case through NATO. NATO Africanus: An African NATO The war against Libya will also be used to create a military structure in Africa that will be tied to AFRIC speaking to the U. We incorporate regional coope pursuit of inter-operability.€[44] http://www.S.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. Africa Command seeks to foster on the co Africa]. Page 32 of 50 is also a means for Washington to try to put a muzzle a Chinese and even India. This is the kind of regiona to security that U. What General Ham wa saying was that the U.S.S. In General Ham’s own words: NATO-like military structure in Africa that would be subo 7/18/2011 . in all of our programs.S. Africa Command’s priority efforts remain building t capacity of our African partners. activities. military objectives. U. was planting the seeds of esta Washington. Senate Arms Services Committe Ham of AFRICOM pointed out that a military partner African states and support for regional organization in A strategic U.S. building the Coalition to address the situation in facilitated through the benefits of longstanding relationships operability.. an so our African partners are postured to readily form coalitions African security challenges as they arise..

These bases could be established at the stability to North Africa and as a means of protecting people in Benghazi. want to privatize the Libyan pu under the control of their corporations. into the African portion of Libya and used as a staging ground for a po the Transitional Council and justified as a means of The Destruction of the Libyan State Washington and the 7/18/2011 .S. opening for the U. On 2011 the Transitional Council declared that it had new Benghazi-based Libyan oil corporation and a ne bank under the auspicious of the Central Bank of Bengh would be responsible for all of Libya’s monetary policie new Benghazi-based institutions are an opening for an invasion and the colonization of Libya. NATO. takeover Libyan and control every aspect of the Libyan economy.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. and the E.. and NATO bases may also be established in against Sudan.U. Page 33 of 50 Libya is the crown of Africa and from Libya there is U.. could also be given cont http://www. which is controlled by Britain’s Hong Kong and Banking Corporation (HSBC). The Centra Benghazi..U.S.voltairenet.

in another sign of aid for Libya’s opposition by the wealthy Gulf state after sending to help confront Moammar Gadhafi’s forces. Page 34 of 50 Arab Banking Corporation. but it also criminal and a form of exploitation. Libyan oil will be used to finance weapons countries and corporations trading with the Transition Transitional Council will use the funds from oil sal receives to purchase weapons to fight the Libyan militar reported about this on April 1.€[47] http://www. but any potent stream would be a significant lifeline for the militias and militar battling Gadhafi’s superior 7/18/2011 . This act is not weaken Libya. Moreover. It was not immediately clear when the possible oil sales cou how the arms would reach the rebel factions.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw..voltairenet. 2011 saying: also violate the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). which could be used as an cord by Wall Street and Canary Wharf for infiltrating Libya The Benghazi-based Transitional Council is already process of exporting oil with the aid of Qatar from seaport of Tobruk (Tobruq) near the Egyptian border are all breaching international law. The Associ A plan to sell rebel-held oil to buy weapons and other supplie reached with Qatar.. a rebel official said Friday.

and Qatar have all recognized the T Council as the government of 7/18/2011 . Germany. Egyptian.voltairenet.S.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. NATO..€[48] The U.€[ giving to the Transitional Council. Turkey. Page 35 of 50 France.S. its goals are to end in a cannon fodder. At a minimum. are trying to manipulate the Libyan their advantages. The objective is to manipulate the Lib http://www. Italy.U. and their allies have also all working now to control the new institutions administered areas of Libya. The conflict in Libya has delibera the time being and to foment chaos across North Africa sniper attacks on both Libyan sides could be the wor British. various forms of recognition to the Transitional Council plan on profiting off the interests from the loans that the Two Parallel Administrations in Libya is a R The U. has Britain. and the E.. they are literally using the Libyan manipulated. French. The European Bank for and Development (EBRD) is also hovering over Libya pretext of furthering democracy amongst the Arabs. and Khaliji (Gulf) A destroying their country from the inside just as the provocateurs.

a member of Transitional Council was nearly on its deathbed to take a House of Lords is worth quoting about the timing of th intervention: “Without it.S. already has U. Benghazi would h and [Colonel Qaddafi] would have won. U. within hours. Turkish.U. and Italian diplomatic missions.. and the E. The gove Tripoli would keep everything from Tripoli to somew Misurata. British..N.voltairenet.”€[51] This was 7/18/2011 .The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw.. while the Transitional Council would get to adm the territory in the east running to the Egyptian border parallel Libyan governments are a reality right now. the U.S. E. David Owen. There have been discussions about portioning th between the regimes in Tripoli and Benghazi. French As mentioned earlier.. Page 36 of 50 former Yugoslavia did before their Yugolsav federation w and occupied. Qatari. insure the indispensability of NATO to an acquiescent T http://www. waited Libyan military had reached the doors of Benghaz was no mere coincidence..

are allies and w They are merely being played against one another.voltairenet. where Egyptian natural ga -Made River could be diverted to Israel from a pipelin through 7/18/2011 .The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. while they them oppose democracy and freedom in their own countries. it is being said Transitional Council will recognize Israel. Like South Sudan. Page 37 of 50 Israel and Libya The supporters of the Transitional Council accuse th regime of being supported by Israel.. together against the legitimate aspirations of the Arab Israel is also involved in this equation. Lévy has also http://www. openly supported by NATO and the Arab petro-sheikhdo in Libya have to realize that NATO and Israel. as wel Arabia and the Arab petro-sheikhdoms. The visit of Bern Lévy to Benghazi should not be overruled as also serv about an Israeli plan to establish a military base on interests. Libyan water from the deal between Israel and Egypt.€[52] Tel Aviv has sought to play both sides eastern border with Egypt have also been circulating fo What should also be considered is that just like the n to Israel for below market prices.

The vast financial holdings and sovereign funds major banks and financial companies.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. Page 38 of 50 the Transitional Council has told him that they intend to Israel. As a state Libya does not spend most its annu income. Libya is blessed as a rare case in regards the 7/18/2011 . and Western European financial sectors have be revenue..€[53] BernardBernard -Henri Lévy with Transitional Council (TC) leaders The Role of Banks and Currency in the War o Banks have a role to play in this war. As well as the ene this war..voltairenet.S. owns have been looked at as spoils of war by a large c http://www.

Chase. wo be supplemented through control of the vast financial Libya. The Libyan which means that the Libyans lost almost all their invest and Goldman Sachs would then try to work somethi giving Libya huge shares in Goldman Sachs.€[54] In unfathomable terms Sachs told the Libyans that 98% of the investment value Goldman Sachs had merely appropriated Libya’s money. J. Och-Ziff Capital Management Group and Lehma Holdings were all also holding vast amounts of Libyan fu The fact that Libya is rich is one of its crimes.S.S. Page 39 of 50 In 2008. the Carlyle Group.voltairenet. savings. and its allies to impose currency relationship in the world they would have to i countries like Libya are stripped of their financial a debt-free or accumulate any type of monetary savings.. In order for the U. Goldman Sachs was given 1. but the ne would fail in 2009. Nor was Goldman Sachs alone in tak money.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw.3 billion dollars Libyan Investment Authority. the Société Générale 7/18/2011 .. Any a save the U. Under this perspective no country can be allo http://www. needed it due to the global financial crisis. dollar or to establish a new global curre manipulate global currency rates in favour of the U.S.

The NATO attacks on Libya are not a effort.. The downfall of Libya has been throug invited themselves into bombarding Libya. It should be noted that according to Britain media information about Libya. There is an analogy that is worth mentioning regardles beliefs: the Devil cannot hurt people. media networks. This is what has happened in the case of the L fighting one another.. Libyans must stop fighting one another if the http://www.€[57] military. the war against Libya is one that c have happened if Libyans did not fight one 7/18/2011 .The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. There is no about it. Page 40 of 50 Libyans Must Stand United History has been warped. he gets people to another. there is an attempt to mono demonized as the aggressors by an unholy coalition Washington. which was immediately denied by Washingto At the same time. and the victims hav governments.voltairenet. This is how Washington and Jamahiriya. and major corporatio the first confirmed casualties were civilians killed by allies.

. Cara http://www. and Ira later include Lebanon may blossom as the Libyans begin their strategic options on the political and security levels realized that it has made mistakes and now knows that it and its allies. Ol that are opposed to U. Signs of Hope: Libya’s Promise of Tomorrow New Strategic Axis? The Libyans have realized that they need to continue African path and to follow a model of self-sufficiency and animosities may also be put aside with other Tripoli have also started thinking about the future. Algeria. Page 41 of 50 save their country.S. hegemony and opposed to NATO A strategic axis between Libya. a place in some sort of a global counter-alliance again equilibrium for itself in a geo-strategic concept that w A new strategic concept for the Libyans will als Venezuela and the Bolivarian Bloc in Latin 7/18/2011 . and Iran. China. They must also address the issue corruption..The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. Tripoli will eventually try to Russia. Syria.

. The people of Africa have also become Libya to the rest of Africa. Page 42 of 50 with Syria. The Libyan people have been reinvigorated sense of 7/18/2011 . the NATO bombings have helped b of Libya together too and have given the nation a new mission. Whe http://www.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. T insistence of Nabih Berri.voltairenet. and against Washington. Syria. and Iran th In France and Western Europe tensions are also rising declining France. Lebanon and Libya will also mend fences. Eventually. has been Libya’s staunchest supporter during war. They have been energized and a rev spirit has been stirred and awakened in the youth. but if a Al-Sadr will have to be resolved in Lebanon.. The upper echelons within of Musa Al-Sadr only remains between Lebanon and Lib including Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah. Gaullism may become reinvigo aware of the exploitation of their continent and the imp Most importantly. Both the diplomatic missions of Venezuela and been very active in showing their support in Tripoli. have tr antagonize Berri and the leadership of the Amal Movem the Shiite Muslim community of Lebanon. issue of Musa Al-Sadr as part of an effort to prevent d begins to form between Algeria. Libya.

the people of Libya will begin to clean house and Libya.U E. namely to end the war and to stop bombing Libya if bo been calling for political dialogue with an entire in chorus for months. This war has chiefly been against the Libyan people. soon enough the Libyans will challe become tired and faces many internal and external press also withdraw in August 2011.€[ corruption and the political practices that prevented within.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. refused to listen. been the Libyan military that has kept the country the Libyan people themselves and their resistance.€[ http://www.voltairenet. The worst enemy of all for the Libyans has been that see themselves as the masters of the world..€[59] France has even acce Paris and NATO refused to accept from the start of th Tripoli and Benghazi start political talks. It should also be noted that Prime Minister Silvio Berl also said that he was told that the war would end a significant statement by the Italian Prime Minister. Page 43 of 50 settles. but it has been the 7/18/2011 ..U. An population of Tripoli revolted against Colonel Qaddafi. As a promise.€[60] In reality.S. and the E. has now been forced to withdraw from the war. in waging a war of aggression against Libya. This also exposes the guilt of the U.

€[ Council as the government of Libya. The issue of suc Colonel Qaddafi was something that the Libyans about or largely ignored prior to the conflict in Libya.. but was intended t revolts against the Libyan 7/18/2011 . have shown their true colours too. Libyans are no longe http://www. The aim has been to instigate them again coordinating in the conflict. This was noticed in battles n and oil fields as possible before Libya has divided. This would ex NATO has deliberately been targeting and punishing t Qaddafi.€[63] city of Brega and is part of a mad dash to gain as muc context that Washington also now recognized the T The security of the familiar is gone.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. It means not start as a result of any revolts. Now this is something that has been pre Many of the corrupt people in Libya have also been ex these problems as they did before. bu something that has been addressed. If the war never ha is likely that there would have been a civil war in L Qaddafi left.. The Transitional Council forces and NATO are population. Page 44 of 50 cause and effect is very important here.voltairenet.

73.. 1975).: United States Government. and their families. [7] Eds. This inner recognition and will to cha NATO were to launch an invasion or increased its bo end history will judge the NATO war against Libya a Mahdi Darius N [1] Henri Pierre Habib.72. Politics and Government of Revolutionary Libya (Montmag Cercle de Livre de France Ltée. pp.. [5] Ibid. Now many of them are p fix their problems at home for the sake of saving the their society. p.voltairenet..The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. p.. [4] Ibid. [8] Ibid.. These people will not give devastating levels. [3] Ibid.68. Page 45 of 50 Libya is not perfect and many of the Libyan peop amongst the first to admit it. They face an uphill battl are willing to fight and to make all the sacrifices nee start of authentic change. The United Nation. The Western Hemisphere Relations of the United States 1951 (Washington. Fredrick Aandahl et al. http://www. [6] 7/18/2011 .70-71. [2] Ibid. better tomorrow. pp. Although the conflict is far from mistake and as the beginning of the end for NATO...19-20.C. D. p.

“Syrian protesters attack US embassy.S. Testimony on the current and fu threats to the national security of the United States. [13] Ibid.61 (the bombings are meant to cause regime change). July 1 [21] United States Senate Armed Services Committee. [17] Los Angeles Times. [10] Ibid. n.68.” Associated Press (AP). [14] Ibid. European Command an Command in review of the Defense Authorization Request for Fiscal Year 2012 Years Defense Program.. 1st Session. [22] Infra. June 30. 29 March 2011. p. 2010. U. p. p. “UK paves way for flight of Libyan defectors. 2011. “France defends arms Reuters. while being clea not constitute any form of immunity whatsoever.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. Page 46 of 50 [9] Ibid. p. we will discuss with o merits of removing the restrictions that currently apply to them.voltairenet. cit.20. [12] Ibid.68.S. the important details on Hague’s announcement and London’s position “Libyan ministers and officials who were prepared to abandon the regime would b respect and in accordance with our laws’. 112th Congress... he added. 2011. [19] Reuters.” The Guardian 2011. see the omission of the Italian Prime Minister that the NATO result of any revolt.. but are intended to cause a revolt in Tripoli against Colonel Q [23] Harriet Sherwood.19. 1 March 2011.” Op. “Libya orders US diplomat to leave: report. [18] Louis Charbonneau and Hamuda Hassan.” November 8.. Voice of America (VOA). p. “3 Western powers sending military advisors to Libya. [20] Ibid. “US.. 2011..61. ‘In the case of anyone curre by the EU and UN who breaks definitively with the regime. [16] U.2. “Revolutionary Libya.. Senate Armed Services Committee. [15] Ibid. 7/18/2011 . Syria Clash Over Ambassador’s Hama Visit Bassem Mroué.’” http://www. [11] Habib. 112th Congress.

March 23.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw.” The NATO Channel (May 24. “Gaddafi accepts African Union’s road map Washington Post. 2005. vice president and spokesman of th Transitional National Council. Congo-Brazzaville. April 10. [29] Tara Bahrampour.” The Hindu [31] Elle Ide. consisting of the presidents of South Africa. Mike M the videos producer and reporter. “Libyan rebels struggle to explain rift. Quoting from the article: 7/18/2011 . “Friendly Fire Rais Libya. 2011.” The Washington 2011. landed at Tripoli’s Mitiga airport after Nato gave their aircraft to enter Libyan airspace. July 8. April 8. [28] Stephen Fidler. 2011..” The Guardian (U. [27] “Arms Embargo – NATO Boarding. and we apologize. Mali plus Uganda’s foreign minister. Charles Levinson.K. “Italy recognizes Libyan opposition council. “Libya’s biggest tribe joins march of reconciliation to Benghazi. “The struggle against terrorism cannot be won by militar Guardian (U. 2011. and Alistair Mcdonald.’ said Abdul Hafidh Ghoga. and w happen again. I also was told by sources inside Tu that any people attempting reconciliation marches were attacked.. Because of the legal ramifications this video removed this video. Page 47 of 50 [24] Charles Levinson. “Libya: Gaddafi has accepted roadmap Zuma.” The Wall Stree April 2. [25] This information has been passed on through numerous sources on the g including members of the Non-Governmental Fact Finding Commission on the Cu Libya.” [30] Atul Aneja. [34] Ian Black.K. “Ex-Mujahedeen Help Lead Libyan Rebels. April 11. The planes were the first to land in Tr international coalition imposed a no-fly zone over the country more than two wee [33] Simon Denyer and Leila Fadel. 2011). http://www. “AU begins mediation as Qadhafi forces advance.). [26] Robin Cook. (U.).” Associated Press [32] Chris McGreal and Harriet Sherwood.” The Wall Street Journal. 2011. Transitional Council leadership statements to the international press abo its volunteers are as follows: “‘It was a terrible mistake.).voltairenet.K. On a personal note. 2011.

June 10. March 1.K.. [48] Scott Peterson. 2011. 2011.voltairenet. [38] The Daily Mail (U. “Libyan opposition says it has oil de Associated Press (AP). [43] Lebanon and Syria are already members and Libya is an observer mem scheduled to become a full member.. Senate Armed Services Committee. “No-fly zone plan goes nowhere as US. “Libyan Rebel Council Forms Oil Company to Replace Qaddafi March 22. [46] Al Jazeera.).S. [41] Discussion with Mohammed Siala (Libyan Minister of International Coope 2011. 2011. Page 48 of 50 [35] Maria Golovnina. April 4. 2011. “MPs rebel over Libya mission creep as Cameron. Libya adjusts Misrata tactics. Op. Africa Command in review of the Defense Authorization Request for Fiscal the Future Years Defense Program. 1st Session. [39] Ibid. Transportation U.).K. Senate Armed Services Committee. 7/18/2011 . 2011. Testimony on U. 2011. [44] U. recognizes Libyan rebel governm Science Monitor. Atul Ane allies mull ‘political solution’ in Libya. R urge caution. [42] U. “Libya pledges constitution but Gaddafi role unclear. April 8. 112th Congress. “Gaddafi regime staked £12bn on secre open peace talks. [36] Michael Georgy. 7 April [45] William Varner. 2011. 2011. [47] Brian Murphy and Adam Schreck. 2011.” The Hindu. “Italy rejects Qaddafi. Obam promise to keep bombing until Gaddafi regime is gone.” The Independent (U.S. “McCain visits rebels. 2011. 2011. whic and the European Union. Testimony on the current.” April 15. http://www. April 1.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw.” The Guardian (U.). April 5. [37] Solomon Hughes and Kim Sengupta. but Colonel Qaddafi changed his mind.S. “Libyan rebels ‘disappointed’ by NATO.S. [40] Julian Borger and Ewen MacAskill.K.

The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw. 2011. [58] Voice of America (VOA). March 4. “Libya’s Goldman Dalliance Ends in Los The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).S. As a note th Carey has to be carefully scrutinized. “U. [51] Ibid. “Libyan rebels will recognise Israel. “U.” Bollomberg. [62] Marc Champion and Joseph Parkinson.” March 22. Reuters. 2011. July 16. 2011.”Al Jazeera. April 21. [55] Ibid. Journal (WSJ). March 27. 2011. [52] Kim Willsher. “Berlusconi Opposes Libya Mission. Mirow Says. “France backs ‘political solutions’ in Libya crisis. 2011.. Nicolas Carey (who was expelled from Tripoli a immediately reappear in Misurata) also contributed to this report. Rome Cuts Invol 2011.” June 2.. July 7. 2011. [59] Agence-France Presse (AFP). rescue chopper shoots six Libyan villagers as they of downed Air Force jet. [57] The Daily Mail (U. 2011.voltairenet.K. “Libya leaders talk exit strategy.).. “Italy’s Berlusconi exposes NATO rifts over Libya. 2011. Page 49 of 50 [49] Daryna Krasnolutska and Agnes Lovasz. [54] Margaret Coker and Liz Rappaport. May 31.” July 14. [50] Alan Fisher. “Libya: Bernard-Henri Lévy dismisses criticism for leading Fran The 7/18/2011 . Bernard Netanyahu. “North African and Mideast Democra for EBRD Loans. [63] Associated Press (AP). 2011. “Coordinated rebel and NATO attack on Libyan oil government spokesman. [60] Agence-France Presse (AFP). [61] Lamine Chikhi et al. [53] Radio France Internationale. 2011. “Nato capabilities will be exhausted within 90 July 11. Recognizes Libyan Rebel Group. http://www.S. Fullerton. [56] Ibid.

voltairenet. Voltaire 7/18/2011 . www.The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Executed [Voltaire Netw.voltairenet. Page 50 of 50 Source : “The Old Imperialist Project to Divide Libya in Three has been Exe Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya... 16 July 2011.

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