======== Subject: Project Gutenberg Newsletter [March] From: "Michael S. Hart" <hart@prairienet.

org> To: "Project Gutenberg mailing list" <gutnberg@listserv.unc.edu> Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 19:39:28 -0600 (CST) Happy 600th Birthday!!! to Johannes Gutenberg, born February 23, 1400! This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter--Wednesday, February 23, 2000 Etexts Readable By Both Humans and Computers Since Before The Internet [Usually sent the first Wednesday of each month, delayed if by relay.] Main URL is promo.net Webmaster is Pietro di Miceli, of Rome, Italy *Check out our Websites at promo.net, and ask me for our FTP servers.*

This is a major Newsletter, containing quite a bit of news, indexings, requests, etc. You will shortly receive one with the subject listed: Project Gutenberg Needs You!!! If you don't have any interest in suporting Project Gutenberg just hit the delete key without even opening it. . . . The Year 2000 Is Now Complete On Project Gutenberg Servers, #2450 Completed! Project Gutenberg now accelerates once more, moving from the 36 eTexts/month production level to 40 eTexts per month for at least the next 22 months!!! Here are the details: [Yes, my sentences are still too long. . .Michael]

December 2000 takes us up to Etext #2450, and is now nearly complete, except for a few slots that have been reserved. . .say 1% of the total slots, so we really have more like 2425 eTexts now posted. . . . For the year 2000 these Etexts were produced at an official rate of 36 per month, but we managed all in all to average 40 eTexts per month; and since we are now 10 months ahead, we are shifting to an official rate of 40 eTexts per month, which would take us to about eText #3,333 by the end of 2001, with a total of about 15,000 of these eTexts available worldwide from our various friends and competitors in the eText world. 40 eTexts per month is 480 per year, and 880 over the next 22 months from March, 2000 to December, 2001. Thus we should get about to a collection officially numbering 3,330 by the end of December, 2001. This is about 1/3 of our original goal set 30 years earlier in 1971, because we were anticipating a greater willingness for producers of public domain eTexts for sharing such eTexts not only with the world, but with each other. However I must admit that it never occurred to me how the various eText producers were not going to be very cooperative with each other in building a collection of eTexts anyone could post on any server in the world. OK. . .so I'm somewhat of an Idealist. . .what else is new?!?!?!?!?! 2450 + 880 = 3300 We have added 15 more since, up to 2465. ***

Table of Contents: Requests For Assistance Headline News Comments About Our New Files Index Listings for the New Files Notes from Edupage and News Scan A HELP! Message From the Project Gutenberg General Counsel [This is a personal request for you to help her by sending a bit of email to the press on her behalf, I have included the email addresses so you won't even have to surf to some sites she has listed, unless you want to. More below. ******* Requests For Assistance *** Can anyone find pre-1923 editions of Rafaiel Sabatini's: Saint Martin's Summer or Historical Nights Please email Polly Stratton <pstratton@mindspring.com> and cc: me *** We have posted: The History of Herodotus Volume II Can anyone find us Volume I Please email John Bickers <jbickers@ihug.co.nz> and cc: me *** Any news from our people working on Burton's 1001 Nights??? *** We have a new request for: Ibsen's The League of Youth From: svepavle@sezampro.yu [Please cc: me] And old requests for: Age of Reason, Tom Paine

Johannes Kepler's "Somnium" Machiavelli's Renaissance comedy "The Mandragola" Voltaire Mendel *** Pixel size for a graphic link would be about 45 x 140. Would anyone like to make some for Project Gutenberg? *** Does anyone know where to look through all the old UseNet [Newsgroup] archives. . .would LIKE to browse them, not just do keyword searching. . . . Please reply to me and cc: Douglas Bowman <bowman@math.uiuc.edu> ******* Headline News *** NEW SEARCHABLE ROGET'S THESAURUS A searchable thesaurus incorporating Project Gutenberg e-text of Roget's Thesaurus (edition 13a) is now available. The author, Andy Green based in London, has made it available as freeware. He says, "I originally built the searchable thesaurus as a tool to be used in my project to develop a natural language parser. Later I added the Windows front-end so it could be used independently." The application uses a full-text index to allow users to search the thesaurus for any word. Results are displayed in a layout that has the look of a printed page, with the word searched for highlighted in red. The Windows application can be downloaded from the site that also documents his natural language parser project - http://www.cogitoergosum.co.uk. *** From: Dan Lazarus (dlazarus@fatdrive.com) I have been using the Gutenberg site for the past few months and noticed through the newsletter that some folks have had problems storing and accessing digital books. I just webloaded a copy of Moby Dick to my free web based storage and email (anyone can sign up for one at www.fatdrive.com). By doing so, I can access this digital book along with all my other files anywhere, anytime. And, with the click of a button, I can share my favorite books with friends. [Dan said you can get 55M of storage, and an email account, all free of charge. ******* Comments About Our New Files I have placed the entire listing in chronological order this time, instead of putting those from next month at the end. I hope this

makes it easier for you who make your own indices from this file. Let me know if you would prefer it back the other way. ******* Index Listings for the New Files Mon Year Title and Author [filename.ext]#### *****A "C" Following a Project Gutenberg Etext Number Indicates Copyright**** Jan 2001 Carmen, by Prosper Merimee [Basis of Carmen Opera][carmnxxx.xxx]2465 Jan 2001 History of Florence and...Italy, by Machiavelli #4[hflitxxx.xxx]2464 Jan 2001 The Prophet of Berkeley Square, by Robert Hichens [tpobsxxx.xxx]2463 Jan Jan Jan Jan 2001 2001 2001 2001 Dona Perfecta, by B. Perez Galdos/Trans by Serrano[donapxxx.xxx]2462 The Lady of Lyons, by Edward Bulwer Lytton[EBL #6][ladylxxx.xxx]2461 The Madonna of the Future, by Henry James [HJ #28][mdftrxxx.xxx]2460 Trent's Trust & Other Stories, by Bret Harte [#16][ttaosxxx.xxx]2459

Jan 2001 Sermons on the Card, by Hugh Latimer [srmcdxxx.xxx]2458 Jan 2001 Stories by English Authors in Italy, Scribners, Ed[sbeaixxx.xxx]2457 Also see our Stories by Enlish Authors in France, Germany, Africa, etc, etc.] CONTENTS A FAITHFUL RETAINER, by James Payn BIANCA, by W. E. Norris GONERIL, by A. Mary F. Robinson THE BRIGAND'S BRIDE, by Laurence Oliphant MRS. GENERAL TALBOYS, by Anthony Trollope Jan 2001 The History of Herodotus V2 by Herodotus/ Macauley[2hofhxxx.xxx]2456 [Note: This is V2, we do NOT have V1, and this is G. C. Macaulay, not T. B.] Jan 2001 History of the Catholic Church, V 2 by MacCaffrey [2hcthxxx.xxx]2455 Also see: Nov 2000 History of the Catholic Church, by J. MacCaffrey [hcathxxx.xxx]2396 Jan Jan Jan Jan Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec See Sep 2001 2001 2001 2001 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 The Silent Bullet, by Arthur B. Reeve[AB Reeve #2][sblltxxx.xxx]2454 Beyond, by John Galsworthy [John Galsworthy #3][byondxxx.xxx]2453 Shavings, by Joseph C. Lincoln [shavsxxx.xxx]2452 Caught In The Net, by Emile Gaboriau [Gaboriau #5][cnnetxxx.xxx]2451 Boyhood, by Leo Tolstoy/Tolstoi [Leo Tolstoy #8][boyhdxxx.xxx]2450 The Common Law, by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. [#3][cmnlwxxx.xxx]2449 The Colored Cadet at West Point, by Henry Flipper [ccawpxxx.xxx]2448 Eminent Victorians, by Lytton Strachey [mnvctxxx.xxx]2447 An Enemy of the People, by Henrik Ibsen [Ibsen #3][aeotpxxx.xxx]2446 Letters on England, by Voltaire [Voltaire #1][ltengxxx.xxx]2445 Oxford [City & University], by Andrew Lang[AL #25][oxfrdxxx.xxx]2444 The Story of the Mormons by William Alexander Linn[tsotmxxx.xxx]2443

2000 History of the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson[Pres][hioajxxx.xxx]2442 2000 The Burgess Animal Book for Children, by Burgess 2[babfcxxx.xxx]2441 2000 The Naturalist on the River Amazons by Henry Bates[notraxxx.xxx]2440 2000 History of England, James II> Vol. 2, Macaulay[#9][2hoejxxx.xxx]2439 also: 1998 History of England, James II> Vol. 1, Macaulay[#2][1hoejxxx.xxx]1468

Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec

2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000

Daphne, An Autumn Pastoral, by Margaret Sherwood [daphnxxx.xxx]2438 They and I, by Jerome K. Jerome[Jerome Jerome #23][theyixxx.xxx]2437 The Marriages, by Henry James [Henry James #25][tmrgsxxx.xxx]2436 The Crimson Fairy Book, by Andrew Lang [Lang #24][crfryxxx.xxx]2435 The New Atlantis, by Francis Bacon [F. Bacon #2][nwatlxxx.xxx]2434 Donal Grant, by George MacDonald [G MacDonald #9][dgrntxxx.xxx]2433 Barchester Towers, by Anthony Trollope[Trollope 6][btowexxx.xxx]2432 Is Shakespeare Dead? by Mark Twain [Twain #16][shkddxxx.xxx]2431

Dec 2000 Romantic Ballads, by George Borrow [Borrow#7][rmbddxxx.xxx]2430 Dec 2000 Lost Face, by Jack London [London 90-96][lstfcxxx.xxx]2429 Contains: Dec 2000 The Wit of Porportuk, by Jack London [London #96][lstfcxxx.xxx]2429 Dec 2000 The Passing of Marcus O'Brien, by Jack London[#95][lstfcxxx.xxx]2429 Dec 2000 Flush of Gold, by Jack London [London #94][lstfcxxx.xxx]2429 Dec 2000 That Spot, by Jack London [London #93][lstfcxxx.xxx]2429 Dec 2000 To Build a Fire, by Jack London [London #92][lstfcxxx.xxx]2429 Dec 2000 Trust, by Jack London [London #91][lstfcxxx.xxx]2429 Dec 2000 Lost Face, by Jack London [London #90][lstfcxxx.xxx]2429 Dec 2000 Essay on Man, by Alexander Pope[Alexander Pope #1][esymnxxx.xxx]2428 Dec 2000 The Patagonia, by Henry James [Henry James#24][patgnxxx.xxx]2427 Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec *** You have been reading excerpts from Edupage: If you have questions or comments about Edupage, send e-mail to: edupage@educause.edu To SUBSCRIBE to Edupage, send a message to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.EDUCAUSE.EDU and in the body of the message type: SUBSCRIBE Edupage YourFirstName YourLastName You have been reading excerpts from NewsScan Daily Underwritten by Arthur Andersen & IEEE Computer Society If you have questions or comments about NewsScan send e-mail to Editors@newsscan.com To subscribe or unsubscribe to NewsScan Daily, send an e-mail message to NewsScan@NewsScan.com 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 The Diary of a Man of Fifty by H. James [James#21][dmnftxxx.xxx]2426 A Bundle of Letters, by Henry James [James#20][bndltxxx.xxx]2425 Black Bartlemy's Treasure, by Jeffrey Farnol [bbtrexxx.xxx]2424 Anecdotes of Johnson, by Hesther Lynch Piozzi [andsjxxx.xxx]2423 Introduction to The Compleat Angler Andrew Lang 23[alcmaxxx.xxx]2422 The Beggar's Opera, by John Gay [Gay1][bgoprxxx.xxx]2421 Unterhaltungen deutscher AusgewandertenGoethe [30][7untrxxx.xxx]2420 Unterhaltungen deutscher AusgewandertenGoethe [30][8untrxxx.xxx]2420 La Dame aux Camelias, by Alexandre Dumas [8damexxx.xxx]2419 Oldport Days, by Thomas Wentworth Higginson [#2][oldptxxx.xxx]2418 Okewood of the Secret Service, Valentine Williams [valenxxx.xxx]2417 The House of Pride &c., by Jack London [London#89][hsprdxxx.xxx]2416 The Mutiny of the Elsinore, by Jack London[JL #88][swolfxxx.xxx]2415

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A HELP! Message From the Project Gutenberg General Counsel [This is a personal request for you to help her by sending a bit of email to the press on her behalf, I have included the email addresses so you won't even have to surf to some sites she has listed, unless you want to. More below. "I've just come back from getting convicted of the crime of having wildflowers in my yard instead of mowed grass, and I may end up in jail on account of it. The town I live in (Elsmere) has been hassling me for years, because I sued them over voter fraud in an election a few years back (and before that they were mad that I ran for Attorney General on the Libertarian ticket in 1990), and this is the latest thing they've done to me in their campaign to run me out of town -- I've never even had a traffic ticket, and now I've got a criminal record with jail time on it. The people in the probation office today said the local newspaper (The News Journal) would like to know about this, because it has been running articles about the corruption in Elsmere for years, and it's been getting worse lately (a town manager who embezzled money from the town to fund her campaign for State Treasurer, a pedophile on the police force, a fireman fired for associating with gay people [for which the ACLU is suing], and a speed trap that's been a statewide scandal for years, just to name a few). I know you're busy, but this is my life here. Would you please put out a message for people to e-mail (or write or fax) the local or the national media and tell them what Elsmere is doing to me is outrageous? I'm filing an appeal of my criminal conviction, and a groundswell of media attention would really help." K. Kay Shearin, Project Gutenberg General Counsel Media info is below: "The ones that don't have a contact listed have buttons to contact them or make comments. Please, please, please try to start a cascade of messages to some of these sites, You may give them my access numbers: 302-995-6028 (phone & fax) and poach@ezol.com" "I just had a phone call from the News Journal reporter covering this story. His name is Adam Taylor, his e-address is ataylor@wilmingt.gannett.com " and the following: newspaper, Wilmington Delaware

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