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The International Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award was established in Finland in 1999 by the Wood in Culture Association (Puu kulttuurissa ry). The Award sta nds for architectura I excellence and is given to a person or group of persons whose work exemplifies a progressive and creative use of timber. The Spirit of Nat!lre Wood Architecture Award was first awarded in 2000 after which it is to be awarded every second year. In 2006 the recipient is Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. The Award is presented in Lahti's Slbelius Hall, the flagship of Finnish timber construction, The previous Spirit of Nature Award recipients are: 2004 2002 2000 Richard Leplastrier, architect, Australia Kengo Kuma, architect, Japan Renzo Piano, architect,ltaly














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Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture

Award 2006

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I tel.O._ . Tampere 2006 Wood in Culture Association. Peter Zurnthor and Rakennustieto Oy Hakennustieto Oy (Building Information Ltd) www.PUBLISHER Wood in l.fi PUBLISHING COMPANY LAYOUT Rakennustieto Oy Anders Adlercreutz Courtesy of Peter Zumthor Naming the Winner/Gareth Body of Wood/Catherine Griffiths. Box 1004 00101 Helsinki Finland phone +358 207 476 40D 4 -------.kennustieto. +358 50 381 9378· fax +358 9 68508820 woodinculture@smy.fi www.spiritofnature.fi P.ra.ulture Association Salomonkatu 17 A 00100 Helsinki Finland . PROJECT TEXTS TRANSLATIONS Schelbert PHOTOGRAPHS PAPER ISBN-13 ISBN-l0 PRINTED Cqurtesv of Peter Zumthor Munken Lynx 170g/m' 978-951-682-807-0 951-682-807-8 Tammer-Paino Oy.

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The electron ic flow of data in the veins of the globe I Net keeps th ings in constan t change.S 6 . beeuty anti continuity: Something ERKKI TOIVANEN Chairman Ad.. rd cfTrustees Finnish Forest Fou ndatlon Technology seems to determine the way we live our lives in the new mi. Finnish forests have provided a welcome source of income and created wealth and prosperity for the nation. MICHAEL HORNBORG Chairman Th e . Man kind's cultu ra I heritag e is fu ll of magnificent ori gina ti ngin forests. Throughout the centu ries forests have inspired artists of all qenres. :i:. us. works of art the Wood in CuIt" re Asscciation .llennium . Wood has been used as a means to economlca I a. That Spirit of Nature lives in wood. it is just as relevant for the present.. Most of all. They aII convey th e spi ri t. It is a renewable resource and its sustai nable use is environments lly friendly. The speed and scope of the cha nge have impacted societies around the world. They put us i n contact with the birth of life. Yet on the individual level we long for peace and tranqui Ility. The world's leading architects combine innovative uses of wood together with thousands of years of tradition for us to enjoy and cherish.Foreword .60. Skll fully util ised by craftsmen in the past.c of the nature a round. Touch it. it is very much appreciated and valued by those experiencing it in their surround ings. see its beauty and hear its sound. Timber is a versatile building material.ctivity in a multitude of ways. Wood brings a touch of subtlety and grace to the spaces we live in and the things around us. One might call it the Spirit of Nature. FINNISH FORESTS GROWING IDEA.iso ry Camm ittee of characterist!.

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architect chooses his clients and the work is carried out to the last detail ~n ---------- a valued architectural thinker. arid commission star' arch ltects arid their large offices to design similar landmarks from Peking to Rio and Sydney to Oslo. lll~. ~ - his -_.setects the materials.e~ardin9 qualities". the Swiss architect Peter lumthor.5here office to fill the coffee-table books published each year and he has even forbidden the re-publication of the out-of-prlnt without compromise. Zumthor became an appren~ce ca reer in the building eabi ne~~aker 8 . ~pio doesn't belong to this crowd. MIKKO HEIKKINEN Stat~ Arti5tP'of~S50r ArC" ltect SAFA Cho irma n of the jury "The spi rit of the time favours quantltative of an interview marking his birthday.ll_hlS hQ_mf. Metropolises and cultural.buildings~ a ~n~ JiI his ~orks. institutions compete for the world's attention. The recipient of the fourth Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award. lumthor's Haldens i in the canton of are insufficient buildings designed by his monograph on his worl. mega -experiences often disr. At the same time... writer and a worshipped teacher.either.fer ~~~ituatLon. Like all real architects.r " Naming the Winner . ~readcyat theaqe of fifteen. The Is ~!i!!2lt~RlU. Zumthor . exclaimed musician Ralf Goth6ni on the occasion The architectural side of the international arms race doesn't show many signs of abatement.J!f v Graubiind~Yi~aruJ. Wood has neverth~~~ad and he bega n his arch itectural ~-~ ~- --. Peter lumthar is one of the most sought-after lecturers.


informs all of the houses presented here._gtn of the available tree trunks. Four wa lis of beams placed one on to p of the other rnake the I iving room.. in l. The desire to live in rooms like this. There is that special feeling of being in a Romanesque church made out of mild limestone. ~ In our region. ~-~ . a room that is not simply dad in wood but made of wood through and through. of 'knitti ng' the beams to rnake a whole.a.- ood. these blockhouses are called Strickbauten. the desire to ~ armth in a room feel the physical closeness of wood. 10 . for example.r Body of Wood The living room of wood walls is a venerable tradition in the alpine home.J . Stone walls for the kitchen (rhaeto-romansh cno-da-teu = house of fire) and walls of layered beams for the living room are its salient features. ~ -- hou es.Jhe expression is redolent with the constructive process of puttil1g th ings together. and there is rna _e_..erates a sCpJe_ intimacy. The ---- length of the walls and hence the size of the room depend 01] the Itn.tspecial atr_llo~~ere of intimacy and - ~--. This constraint gen. there is that exposed feeling of being inside a glass pavilion.e Thoronet Abbey. There is a special feel to living in a room of solid joined beams. which were designed for different users and different places in the mountains. rather cold on one's skin.0~d. literally.

1 ~ .!~l JO) sJlnJ MJU ----.l41 <150101 pue lJllde IleJ 01 u!6aq u.o SlU[O[ J.J4 P.ldo .)4 6u!AIJapUn UO!pnJlSUOJ JO .lI.l41'5<1lnJ U!BlJ<lJ AJqo lsnw sairuaruis u!qe:> 601 'u!eJli l..JJ.l4J10U Alq)S!AU!5! 4J!4M 10 4JIl...)"!~ '.)]:t.l41 '6!q JO l!U~ <lJ!lUJ <141~U!qIlJ 001 ~!d.I"O<lJOVII'uO!pnJ1SUOJ )0 $lU.lAOW :JJnl!uJnJ III! ~ - - ~---- _______________ 5:lu!Of ..______ ..lZ!S.141JO slIBM .)W.141 ..liH JOJ 56u!U.lJI! s6u!uJdo .lw.l41 4J!4M 'SWBJq lelUOZ!J04 .l41lJJSS!P A.lJ. - m- pus Il!lU.lUJOJ .)4l J..6u !PI!nq .LL '.lPOOM P!105jD s.lS?qf"JOU !s"..U<lJSJ!nb 5U!eW<lJ mq 'u!eJ6 <l4~ 'J..)/\ <141U! 'u<ld~'lJ!eJ6 J4l SSOJ:>~W.llU.lsol 'SY!4S 6u!Pl!nq ~ 60IIBUO!1!PIlll It pue SlOOp .ls. .)4l 5! ..lldwll)Q J~ r\..lIn ~ .141JI 'P<ll!W!1S! SMOfJU!M s..l13 'Al!SS.-.l41146!.I!lJJdOJd J!p ~ '~J.!ld!Jupd <l4l1noqe J!1!4JJI! 6u!41JW05 5! ~ .IOP .lU 5!41 JO saouanbasuoa 1e:l!dAl '.)SmU! pUB dep<lAO '(6U!~JOMpOOM U! p. .lP ptre"'trO! JnJlSl.llIeJ aJe ~ 'Slu!of dBI-}1e4) 45noJ41 f.IlMJle4 P.~~AOW lIeM p.141 SB <lJue:l!p'ufi!s J!. ---------mo P<lljJOM~ JM 'S<lJnpnJlS pJJnouo4-<lW!l JSJ4HO SW..llqOJd pUB s..141 JO lJJjJJ .) J!seq 5.141JO .ue SliCi!l:>nJlslroTI4i POQM PUos JO 6U!~BW <14101 AlddB lB!p guo 511<1-:"5 ~U!l45 POOM JSne:gq pUB Jwes ..lJd s5U!PI!nq U.lJ<l4M 'slleM 601 .lu6!11l hIlI?lUOZ!JOLj10 SqWB[ MOPU!M pue JOOp IIlJIlJ.

each made out of four walls. corridors and stairs are located in the 'towers'. dissolve the outside comers giving the buildings their cha racterlstlc look. at intervals so that the spaces in between can be glazed. Large openings from wall to wall and floor to ceiling are created by placing small wooden towers. while finger joints in the interior form flat.. The oldfashioned half-lap joints with bearns.. a minimum of two wooden towers is requ ired in order to generate an expansive intervening space for glazing.~ dovetail joints for the exterior. formed by an abutti ng and a projecting wa II. Constructively speaking. Bracing the walls. where the solid wood construction can only accommodate small windows. while facilities like bathrooms. these become homogeneous wall slabs that can cantil ever a great deaI and carry a great deal of weight. The main living quarters are located in the glazed in-between spaces. Windows. Follow ing tl1is logic.overlappinqat I'onger used. This pri nd pie has become the spatial compositional principle of the ground plans. the corners are no 12 . To brace large walls and prevent horlzontal shifts from beam to beam. The new houses make use of two types of corner joints. . The need for large window openings yields a constructive prinl>iple of closed towers with open spaces in between. flush corners. kitchens. Corner joints. steel dowels have been inserted in the walls as needed.

....:. :::r ::::.a -< ~ ::::.. ..9: 0 ::I \Q 0 5' s... s: n .. i'i' 0 0 !" 0 ... ~ 0 0 0. Cl ... . c: N c:: n ~ _=i" 'A ::::J % III III C.. \C "C !» a. n> :!! <....0' ::::... VI 0 0 0 0 0. ..... :::r n :E q :::r VI :!! !!!... . :or ...: ..til . ::::. no 0.....n> 0 ::::J II> ::::......til . :. 0 . ?f c:: . ::::..' OJ ~ :s c ... ::::. . ::::...- ::::J '" a 0 :::r A s C..::::.0 0 ::::J 3 <p n> ::::..~ ..g.. .- '" .: 0 0 0.. V1 2.... 2....."C C. 0 ::I ::0 !» ::I VI 0 i'i' ::::.........:t VI 3 VI !» CT n> -< c A 0. ::::... ...... :E :s s n :::r 0.:ji ::::.::..-c < iii' n> . c.... VI '" a :s . ::::..OJ VI :t ~ .1 o· . Sn "'" ~ ::s . 3 ::::J .... 0 . 0 ::r Vi' \Q ::::J VI II> - <C 0. VI "C ~ ~ ...n iil n n -< s :::r ::::J 0 '" ..... c II> ? .. ::::...::.:! an VI ::0 OJ 0:. ::::..!!!...n> ::I ......... a ..iii' < ... 0::::J :::r -< 0. c.. 0:... ~ c:: ... .... 3 r: 5' VI ...' ::::.- . 0 ::::J 0.. v...3 n> n> "C iil VI c..iii' ~ ..... 0 s 0 n "C 0 ::::J ...~ a ::::. a CT '" :::!> :::r 5'. . . VI Y' \i I[ '" Q' "C 0. VI !» n A iil ... VI !!!.' "C 0.... \Q a :!! VI ~ s: .~ :E -< iii' n x "C . ~ I'll .. o: ~ 0' 0' v... n 0 0 n a 0.. n ::. I'll p. "'" .til iii' ~ ::I po 3 CT n> OJ -=t :A c:: s 0 E. . ~ . 0 :::r . :::r :.0' . '" :s c. A ::::J S. ::I VI ..:::I: :s zr 3 . !» VI VI -?: ::::J ::::J '" ::::...:t < n> 5' 3' a .... c: c.. "C ..! n til til I Q 0' 5' 'f' a ~ 0 m 0 0..::... VI 0 0....... .0 a ::::.c' 0 0 .. I n s OJ ~ 0 .. :E 5' v.. . "C ::::J A ::0 g n iii' Q g:: 3 ~ :::r A . .. OJ VI .. " :J.c' :t ::::.. \C VI [ VI :E VI C !» VI A ::::J \Q ~....r- '" v.... ::::..... :. ..... II> A !" :.... q ::l VI r A !» .=j' 0 :::r ::l......VI :t OJ c...: ... <.c' ....: ::::.::::. 0 <' '" -< ..' f _. ~ . \Q VI \Q :.....n> -c .. v. . Vi' !» .!!.I'll 2:!! II> 0 ::::J .... iii' 0 ::::J n iii' an ::::....- !!!... i'i' c...- 0 :::r . III 0 '" . 0 c: _... f3 .... ::I 0 N' iii' ::::. VI Q n> VI 3 0 0 VI 0 ~ r> c VI n ::::.. . OJ VI ::::J VI no ::::J 3 VI ::0 VI C...!» a CT E...VI . OJ ::I r') n "C n> ::J: 0 0.:j: S.......0 OJ VI VI 0CT VI ::::J :::!> 0 0 0 ....... ~ til "C !» )I.... 0 n ::I s... S'" ::::. '" '" 0' ...I'll 5' v... n> ...' 5' \Q 2. OJ 0 .: 0' C.' 0 ::::J A . -< .. ~ 5' ..:0 ..iii' a 0 CT 3 VI n n VI ... ..n 0. 0 !» VI n n r+ (C 0 ::::. ::I :...:0 VI N - ::I VI ::::J C. a. II> "C 0 3 ::::J 0' . a. III ::I "0 c. :!! 3 n ::::J 0 Y' OJ .. v..r: ~: :s 0 '" .. C.. ::::.. ::::. . c ::::J . '" iii' :.'" :.... 0 0 '" . ......3 . ::::.c ... .. . -< ~ '" .... .q !!!...' 5' 0 VI VI iii' s c.... .0 ::I ::::. ~" VI n < I ::::. n> ~ -< i'i' .."ti s c: n 0 ':P :s :!! 3 !!!.... .:l n ...- n> :::!> "C 0 '" .a .. .... '" .......C '" . ::::. r- . a ...- a c: E. c:: OJ ?f >:: 0 '" "C n s < zr ~ n> n> n> ~ .. ::::J ? 0 VI VI 0 N c .. @ 0' n> ::I ::::J :.. VI "C 0 c: '~ e.::::J \Q -::I '" c. .........



pictures of the landscape. Here on the ground floor behind the entrance. small children.The chi IdJen know which forests up in the valley provided the wood for thei r house and they saw how it was stacked to dry in the village lumberyard. Every doubie bedroom has its own stairs leading down to the cross-shaped living quarters below. den and living room (Stube). four all told. 16 . The completely glazed rooms with balconies aIso face all four directions: eat-in kitchen. dining room. The views of the landscape framed by the rooms a re impressive: pictures of the village.zi. for one of their child ren plus family. or rather bathing room. we were told by our clients Lilianand Valenti n1'u.central bathroom. Parents and children meet in the larqe. Stairs lead from the den down into the entra nee haII. The family's bedrooms. the seasons passing by. perhaps.ly dried in industria I ovens.Haus luzi was designed for a family with six. which is illuminated by two clerestories . 'Wood that has time to dry slowly out of doors is more suitable for building than wood rapid. are situated at the top of the house and face all four directions. The older children were involved in the building of their home.. in summer they hel ped their parents collect stones for the concrete and then saw how the concrete was polished and made into terrazzo for the bath rooms. there is a small apartment. It will be for the parents when they wish to move out of the living area above to make room.in the open space under the pitched roof above.



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..-- ..:. ENTRANCE 28 .. ~-..:.....:.+I...:__::~~~-=-~ I• _ 5.. ==='-----''-.:..:.~V1"'1 II_ON ~ I j VN..Jt DETAIL..----=-..::::..._1\.~~"'4i~--=-......I _::VO:_::___+-- .

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l£ _·"---'1'" ... .. :::=-- 1 -.._ .. Ie I-- I-- I-- -~ r-f'-- §J ~ ~ c- oi- - ~ f--- f-- f------ ~ V ~ ...-.. -.._. I - - ~ I ...-.



> 34 .. --__.

.5£ OOl: L 3 a 1O\f~ HltlO N J E:. . LJ § 1::::::::= == 1111111111111 ~ 1111111 111.. ".111111111111111 ~ ... . .:::. .- _ .. .._ •• - ~." "or.... .... -..!=:::= II UL II ooz' L 30'dJ\f~ J5\f3 --I . .-....


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the way she grew up. there is ample room for many guests: children.. the kitchen niche. Iives and works in VaIs. a small hamlet on the valley slope above the village. the hall with the large terrace facinq southwest. grandchildren. friends. which is situated 1200 meters above sea Ievel. these fourrooms echoed by the new bu ildi ng. grouped around it are the living area that looks out over the entire valley. The ground plan of the house is cross-shaped. Annatisa's wooden house will be built in Leis. the bedroom accessed by three steps via a narrow passaqe and. the smell of the landscape. And she has always dreamed of living in a house of solid wood. A large dining table stands in the centre of the house. On the grou nd floor where one enters the house. tower above the Baroque Chapel ofSt. That is not high enough for her. The personal living area is on the second floor. in front of the dining table. the special light. she has always wanted to live 1400 or 1500 meters above sea level. Nicolas at the 'hig hest point in the ham let. She loves the freshness of the atmosphere at this altitude. like proscenium stages facing the landscape. Like panorama platforms.." Annalisa Zu mthor. ou r cl ient. whose rhyth m of volumes and folded roofs is 40 .

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rr: \"'t7 '1"'11~ "l>t't"P' f\\ Ii 1~ ll'I"'.. i.\~L/ ~. 'P\.. fl RST VERSION 44 ..11 '5L 'L r r-~~ 't .. ~ bw \ SKETCH ES..s It ~ '1 Q f.~ /'r .

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J PLAN 2" FlOO R.. SECOND VERSION co <0 . d PLAN 151 FLOOR.k I ~(.'~O .~ 1'''' II'~ nO~U U l'. Fl RST VERSION 48 . -I • LJ !be:: ttJD ~I II' IIIIII I ~ u I I ~ 00 00 uu -_ V I! ownl ~ •t . SEeD N D VERSION SKETCH ES.

..l '"f ...- rv 1 e'----. _" --.::r --.9 ... :.if . . .3--) 0 .r " - ."... "t Ii \ ill _:.9 "------l) ~ ~ h~ ..::s' ::f A ~ - "J ~ _... ==F _...

.t· /1 \ L~ 50 . FIRST VERS I0 ill \ ((.. -I...\U. l. ( SKETCH ES.


SECTION. SECOND VERSION 52 .. SECOND VERSION ----- I--- .. . EAST FACADE. -=- . . .~~ I~ .- I --=.


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for people who wish or need to have more comfortable facilities. It ta kes an hour from the viii age of Barbian to reach it on foot. standing in the doorway with a traditional Briol is an Old-style mountain welcoming schnapps. The combination of such a view and life among the trees is such an impressive experience that we arch itects have to do Iittle more than provide a good place to be and enjoy. This is hideout for lovers of the simple 'freshness of summer'. Two of the parlours can be heated with wood stoves. Meals are served in the main building.. each of the small buildings consists of one main living room and a large outdoor deck that looks out over the valley with a view of the Dolomites. it will still be possible to use one or another of the small houses because there are wood stoves in the living rooms as well as small cooking niches. hotel. Situated at the edge of the woods to the west of the old guest house. with their own bathrooms and roomy service spaces. However. In the spacious rooms with large balconies. The Briol questhouse in Southern Tyrol. the modest bathrooms and toilets are in the hallway. After climbing through forests and mou nta in meadows. Both owners and long-term guests have no desire to change any of th is. was built in the year 1928 by the painter Hubert Lanzinger. we have designed five freestanding 't~ee houses' on stilts. for families with children or for small groups. The pill' dwellings among the tr~es are basically annexes of the main building. old-fashioned washing bowls and jugs of water are placed on wooden tables. Johan na and Urban von Klebelsberg. In winter when there's a lot of snow and the main 'BrioI' is closed.. The mountain guesthouse is at an altitude of 1300 meters. intended primarily for summer occupation. Italy. 62 . on e is greeted by th e owners of the establ ishment.


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vestibule anda small kitc.. 66 ..hen. Under the gallery fac.ing the mou ntain: the. .f "Galerie Gross" Four-bed unit with separate 'sleeping knapsack' and a gallery bedroom.

(\'~ -c. ~ '? .... '1.... ~I¥I ~~ lurL .h -s... e>rl. h L'1'\ \1' ~\ )~~'~l 1rt x...\ .. '\ --:..

.f "Mini" A large mom with four beds and a large balcony. more to sleep in than to live in.the smallest unit. 70 . surrounded on three sides by service spaces .

'" .nr 01\: I ~'So x. J ~Lbl... J L ~...- QL'~ \1 .So ~II . V /\ n\ l"" b'ol_. Dlt~l~nF -I 01. '...'Ii ' ..

72 .. two beds on the gallery and down below a double bed behind the living room (a mini sleeping arrangement for which I thank Kristian Gullichsen).f IIGa lerie Klei n" A side entrance with a small kitchen. a tall living room with an outdoor deck.

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Wood Buildings



Zumthor Studio
Haldenstei n, Swltzerla nd

Soqn' Benedetg Chapel
Sumvitg, Switzerland


Protective Housing for Roman Archeological Excavations
Chur, Switzerland

2000 Swiss Pavilion, Expo 2000
Hannover, Ger~any


Haus Gugalun
Vesarn, Switzerland

2007 Saint Bruder Klaus Field Chapel Mechernidi, Germany


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.ISBN 951-682.i f 9 789516 I11111 ~I~IIIIIII~ III 818070 .-807-8 RAKENNUSTJETOt www.rakennustleto .

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