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THE CATHAYAN ARMY……………..................3 THE ARMY OF CATHAY……………………...24
THE EMPIRE OF THE DRAGON………………4 Lords………………………………………………26
Timeline of Cathay………………………………….8 Heroes……………………………………………...28
Warriors of the East………………………………..10 Core Units………………………………………...30
Diary of Pieter Dietrich……………………………11 Special Units……………………………………...32
CATHAYAN ARMY SPECIAL RULES………14 Rare Units…………………………………………34
Swordsaints………………………………………..18 Magic weapons...………………………………….36
Living Shadows……………………………………19 Magic armour……………………………………..37
Celestial Dragons………………………………….19 Talismans…………………………………………38
Magistrates………………………………………...20 Enchanted items…………………………………..38
Lowborn…………………………………………...20 Arcane items………………………………………39
Warclad……………………………………………21 Poisons……………………………………………40
Gospodar…………………………………………..21 THE MYSTERIOUS MAGIC OF THE EAST..41
Foo Statues………………………………………...21 The lore of Day…………………………………...42
Thunder Dragons…………………………………..22 The lore of Night………………………………….43
Ronin………………………………………………22 OF THE EAST…………………………………..44
Phoenix…………………………………………….23 High Magistrate Tziet, Lord of Thunder………….44
Cloud Dragons……………………………………..23 Chuganao the Artificer…………………………....46
Warhorses………………………………………….23 Kaichan, the Shadowshroud………………………48
Noble Warhorses…………………………………..23 Of Nippon………………………………………...50
Of the Steppes…………………………………….52
Of the Provinces…………………………………..54

Written by Stefan Barton-Ross

Source Material by Games Workshop ltd.
Illustrations by Randal Linbourn and others.
Cover Illustration by Randal Linbourn
Graphics by Stefan Barton-Ross
Pre-Production and Concepts by: Peter Orfanos, Ruben Malingré, Ian Hawkes,
Stefan Barton-Ross, Stefan Blokker Gomez
Special Thanks to: The Hammer and Anvil and Warseer forums, ANU Wargames
Society, Ben Smith Whately, Håkan Emmer Granqvist, Tim Pennington, Doug
Newton-Walters, Mitchell Smith
The land of Cathay is a great and varied mass, from the barren masters of the blade and martial honor, the Celestial Dragons,
and sweeping plains of the Eastern Steppes to the hot, humid inhuman creatures who kill with naught but their living bodies,
jungles of the south. Cathay is a capricious and introverted and the Living Shadows, stalkers of the night and darkness, who
nation, dedicated only to its own survival and the protection of end life with insidious poisons and silent steel. Behind these
its domains, and the wrath of the Dragon Throne falls fast and masters of battle come the endless armies of Cathay, teeming
furiously upon any who should threaten it. hordes of Lowborn commoners and peasants, led and directed by
the mysterious Magistrates, the consort-councilors of the
The Cathayan army is as diverse as its native land. A horde of Celestial Emperor himself
simple and fairly weak troops is backed up by graceful and
deadly elites. Powerful characters are rallying points in the In battle the army of Cathay is a fragile and temperamental force
Cathayan army and their fearsome presence in the Cathayan line that is difficult control and almost impossible to master yet
is more than enough to strike fear into the heart of most foes. deadly when wielded by the subtle hand. The many dark forces
The Cathayan army can represent many forces, from the ill- that threaten it have caused the Empire of the Dragon to develop
equipped yet determined militia of Cathayan peasant villages to a style of battle that changes with the winds, flowing around the
the deadly entourage of the Celestial Emperor himself or a enemy, destroying them with impunity and retreating like the
diverse mix of both. The martial power of Cathay stems from tide. The warriors of Cathay fight in a completely different way
warrior ‘Houses’, martial institutions dedicated to the arts of war to those of the Old World and their generals cannot rely on
and death. Their aspects are as many as the weapons of the solidity and strength. Cathay does not shatter the enemy with a
world- from warriors who deal death with mighty blades to lithe hammer; it reaches in, subtly, and plucks out the foe’s still
assassins who disembowel the enemy with razor-sharp daggers. beating heart with the force of lightning, leaving the still warm
The multitudes of lesser Houses are dwarfed by the three great corpses of its foes to sink into the bloody soil.
houses, the first of the hundred to be created. The Swordsaints,

This book is divided into the following sections:

The Empire of the Dragon

This describes the origins and culture of Cathay, its boundaries
and the way in which they interact with the other powers of the
Warhammer world. It also includes a timeline of events in
Cathay, stories and other important and interesting pieces of
information related to the east.

The Celestial Host

This section contains details on the various Cathayan formations
and their roles and duties on and off the battlefield. This section
also contains the various special rules that are associated with
the Cathayan army and tactics advice for the budding general.
This section also includes conversion guides and a gallery of
Cathayan models.

The Army of Cathay

This section contains the full army list of Cathay, including
magic items and new magic lores, allowing you to create a
devastating army of the orient.

Of the East
This section includes some of the mightiest and most exotic
characters to ever walk the lands of the east as well as a variety
of variant army lists allowing you to field themed armies from
across the length and breadth of the orient.
" #
masters utterly, for those who do not quickly vanish, having
incurred the wrath of the ancestors, and are never heard of again.
Far from the civilized lands of the Old World, across the Those masters are the Magistrates, who themselves are the
forbidding peaks of the Worlds Edge Mountains lies a great servants of the great Celestial Emperor himself, the godhead and
landmass that occupies much of the globe. For miles upon ruler of Cathay
hundreds of miles it is desert, interrupted only by the odd oasis,
nomad settlement, or great pillar of Chaos-warped stone. Few
dare travel through those forsaken wastes, for the dangers are
many. The chief reason to venture into these desolate lands lies It is believed that the first men to set foot in Cathay were from
farther still across tracts of jungle and barren plains. From across the kingdoms of Nehekara, that ancient empire that was the
the desert comes a tempting whiff that few can resist. The sharp birthplace of humanity. Against all odds, settlers successfully
scents of spices, the delicate odor of silks and exotic fabrics and made the terrible journey through the Dark Lands and Mountains
the decadent meanderings of sickly perfume. All of these of Mourn to the lands of the east. There they settled, content
emanate from the distant Empire of Cathay. Of the hundreds of with the richness of the land, and from them sprung all the
merchants who have made the perilous journey across the peoples of Cathay. Soon, their own culture began to develop
monster-infested steppes of the east, few have returned, yet the separately from the realms of the west and, as they shaped the
ones that do bring such amazing tales and vast riches that others new land, the new land shaped them. As they spread and
invariably risk the dangerous voyage. The arrival of a train from explored Cathay further, settlers found the
the Silver Road is something that island of Nippon off the coast of Cathay and
happens rarely, but when it does it there too, the seeds of civilization were
shakes the markets of nations. There is planted. Then came Nagash. Just over a
something for every man, woman and thousand years before the coming of Sigmar,
child in the Old World in the bazaars the rise of the great necromancer plunged the
and markets of Cathay: perfumes and world into turmoil and split west from east. It
silks for the opulent upper class, was in this year that the first of the Celestial
amazing metals for workmen and Emperors seized power from the increasingly
soldiers to shape, deadly and insidious corrupted council of nobles and elders that
poisons for assassins and foods and governed Cathay. The few trade caravans that
spices that burn the mouth or are had kept Cathay in touch with the west
deliciously sweet. Those who survive disappeared as all out war ravaged the
the passage to and return from the kingdoms of Nehekara and Araby and Cathay
realms of the Celestial Emperor become grew even more distant from them. Since then,
so rich that they are never in need of the Empire of Cathay flourished and as the
anything again. The Cathayans years rolled on Cathay became one of the great
themselves care little for the nations of the world.
machinations of the Old World, yet
even they are sometimes drawn into the
web of conflict that blankets the globe in turmoil.

The islands of Nippon are the true source of many of the greatest
artisans and warriors of Cathay. While small in comparison to
Cathay is a huge land, as varied as it is vast, changing from open great Cathay, Nippon creates a huge proportion of its skilled
plain to dense jungle to rugged mountains seamlessly. While the smiths and workers. The size of Nippon and its richness of
peoples of Cathay are not so numerous as the myths of the Old culture have created a people of exceeding skill. In ages past
World make them out to be, they still number in their thousands Nippon and Cathay were sworn enemies, yet over time the
upon thousands. The vast majority of these men and women live increased predations of Chaos and the attacks of the Dark Elves
simply, in what those who see them from an unlearned forced the two nations into at first a shaky and then a rock steady
perspective would most likely view as abject poverty, possessing alliance. Nipponese smiths provide the weapons and skills which
only their tools and simple mud houses. The Lowborn, as these arm the elite of Cathay’s warriors while the vast agricultural
people are known, are devoted to their homeland and will fight capacity of Cathay provides food for the smaller, poorer Nippon.
with their bare hands to protect it, for they believe in their Nippon’s armies are tiny in comparison to Cathay, yet the lords
of Nippon maintain an elite army of well equipped, highly
trained warriors ready at a moment’s notice to repulse any who
should threaten her shores
$ % ( &% )
At the spiritual heart of Cathay lie the Mountains of Heaven, a The Silver Road winds its way like a glittering promise across
small yet unreachably stark and tall range of mountains. the wastes between the Old World and the Far East. While
Foremost of these is the mighty Ho-Huan, the great pillar technically not a single road, but a conglomeration of many
whereupon sits the Great Flame of Cathay and the Celestial magically warded passages, the Silver Road still forms the most
Palace of the Emperor. Upon their western flanks lie lush forests secure method of land travel from the West to the East. The
which sweep up the tall slopes like a carpet of deep green. Upon Silver Road travels down from the Border Princes, following the
their western slopes lie the hundred great Houses of Cathay, and World’s Edge into the badlands, where it turns east for the first
below them the mighty city of Weijin, the capital of Cathay. The time. The pass through the World’s Edge is reasonably safe, but
Mountains of Heaven form a natural ring that surrounds Mt. Ho- from then on the true perils begin. Winding between the Ash
huan, forming a final, nigh impenetrable defense against Ridge Mountains and the Plain of Bones in the Dark Lands.
invaders. Only once in the history of Cathay have its peoples From there it passes on to the relative safety of Pigbarter and the
been driven to this mountain citadel, and in that final battle the Plated Rock. The Silver Road then splits into two distinct paths-
servants of the Great Flame first came forth to aid the humans the Ivory Road which passes through the Mountains of Mourn
who worshipped them as gods. and the Spice Route that passes along the coast of the Sea of
Storms, preferring to risk the insidious predations of the Dragon
Isles than the more brutish dangers of the Ogre Kingdoms. When
# !& the lucky few to ever reach Cathay find themselves on the
eastern slopes of the Mountains of Mourn, they have finally
The Great Flame is a relic of millennia past, a mighty beacon of reached the land they seek. While danger is still rife in the
the Old Ones, who created many such watch-fires to stabilize the western deserts of Cathay, Living Shadow patrols and Lowborn
world against Chaos. In the first great assault of Chaos upon the are common in those lands and most caravans who reach that
world, most of these fires were overturned and snuffed out by point reach Weijin intact. All that remains then is to trade their
the legions of darkness. Only two survived- the Flame of wares and make the return journey…
Asuryan in Ulthuan, though it was so battered by the assault of
Chaos it was reduced from a furnace to a simple bonfire, and the
Great Flame of Cathay. Whether this was because of its physical # $
inaccessibility or because of the creatures that now inhabit it is
unknown, but above the clouds, the mighty Flame of Cathay still During the first great Cathayan battles against Chaos, Nippon
drives back the darkness of Chaos. Around the Flame for around and Cathay were forced to defend themselves as one. As a mark
a mile, the energies of Chaos are held at bay and their corrupting of respect between the one time enemies, a hundred of Nippon’s
essence can touch nothing. Creatures born in its influence are finest warriors offered their services to the Celestial Emperor of
perfect, untarnished by the blemishes and maladies caused by Cathay. As the east was rebuilt, they formed the Hundred
Chaos. The Flame is perpetually guarded by creatures it is Houses of Cathay, warrior institutions without peer. While loyal
believed it created solely for that purpose- the Phoenix. Birds of to Cathay in the extreme, the Houses exist first and foremost for
flame and raging heat, they are concerned only with the battle itself. Warriors of the Houses are taken from their parents
protection of the Flame, yet they have often aided Cathay in her at birth and raised in an environment of constant hardship,
wars, ensuring that the people who protect their mountain training their bodies and minds constantly for war. They learn to
domain do not succumb to the darkness and leave it once more manipulate Chi- the raw, uncorrupted energy from which the
defenseless Realm of Chaos is created. While the Magistrates and western
magic users shape the external winds of magic, the warriors of
the Houses shape this internal power instead. This allows them
& & &' to perform amazing feats of endurance, speed and skill
impossible for a normal human. Combined with their training
Of all the creations of the orient, the palace of the Celestial and the finest of Nippon’s weapons and armour, the Houses
Emperor, where sits the Dragon Throne, and the Never-ending produce the some of the finest mortal warriors in the world. The
Stair are the greatest. Built by sorcery and alchemy, it sits upon power of the Houses is always at the disposal of the Emperor but
the clouds, hundreds of feet above the peak of Ho-Huan. when they are not needed, House warriors are just as likely to
Reached only by a paper-thin walkway known as the Never- travel the world seeking battle as to train in their lofty
Ending Stair, the Celestial Palace is a place of eternal wonder. monasteries and temples high in the Mountains of Heaven. The
Cloud Dragons tilt and dive above its faerie gates and the men and women of the Houses are as far removed from their
Magistrates, guardians of the Emperor, stand guard before it, or commoner brethren as men are from Daemons. Their bodies
climb onto the great platforms above the clouds from where they course with arcane power and their minds are inhumanly
observe the heavens. The palace provides a lookout from which focused, unable to even conceive of a life outside of battle. They
the Emperor can observe all who come and go in Cathay and a view the Lowborn as little more than animals, creatures only fit
lofty abode from which their decrees can speed, bringing orders to provide the little sustenance they require and utterly
from on high to every part Cathay, whether they be tokens of expendable in the pursuit for perfection in battle. Many times the
favour or the death warrants of thousands. Houses have used Lowborn as little more than target practice
and living sacrifices on which to practice their deadly arts
# !
The name of the Druichi is spoken as a curse in Cathay, for the
empires of the east suffered terribly under the sadistic gaze of
the Dark Elves. Hundreds of thousands of Cathayans have been
dragged screaming to the pits of Naggaroth and many more have
been left mutilated in the wake of Dark Elf raids. For more than
a millennium Cathay and the Land of Chill have been bitter foes,
and wars and raids between them have been common. Cathay is
a vast source of slaves for the Dark Elves and they take great
pleasure in capturing the subjects of the Celestial Emperor to
work in the mines of the Land of Chill. Yet the Houses of
Cathay do their best to ensure that every raid against their
country is paid for in blood, with Living Shadows destroying
temples and outposts in Naggaroth and forces of Swordsaints
and other more upfront Houses conducting raids off the
Nipponese fleets, freeing slaves and slaughtering as many
Druichi as they can before retreating before the Dark Elves can
retaliate. It is this mutual hatred of the Dark Elves that has
caused the Phoenix King and the Celestial Emperor to become
such staunch allies.

The ill-fated city of Dunyang in the north of Cathay has been a
thorn in the side of the Emperors since its founding. For the first
time in history, greed at the wealth to be found in the desert
overcame the loyalties of the Lowborn of Dunyang and they
( revolted against the rule of the Emperor. Though the city itself
was ultimately destroyed, the Dunyan rebels, as the survivors of
The realms of the Celestial Emperor are not the utopic land that battle came to be known, were not. While most are greedy
depicted in the fanciful tales of travelers returning from the east. and are interested only in wealth, some have fallen to the
Like all nations, Cathay feels the icy touch of Chaos strongly, worship of Chaos, and the Dunyan have become one of the
with attacks from the north smashing against the Great Bastion greatest threats to the stability of Cathay, spreading the faith of
almost weekly. The jungles of Southern Cathay are dark and the Dark Gods to the weak and easily tempted. The Magistrates
terrible places, inhabited by fearsome monsters and the ever- have little tolerance for those caught with the Dunyans, and they
present Beasts of Chaos. While the forces of the dark powers are and any they have associated with are put to the sword as an
the greatest threat to the peace of Cathay, another force just as example to all loyal subjects of Cathay.
dark and terrible inhabits the east: the Thushi. Spirits of nature
have always existed throughout the world; though they are
mostly neutral towards the material races in the Old World, with )
the notable exception of the spirits of Athel Loren, these nature
While some of the power of Cathay comes from its might of
spirits are far more sinister in the lands of Cathay. These are the
arms, it’s most powerful asset is undoubtedly trade. The exotic
spirits known by the superstitious Lowborn as Thushi, dark
materials that the lands of Cathay produce are in high demand in
spirits inhabit every corner of Cathay they are the essence of the
other kingdoms and empires throughout the world. Even the
land itself- the trees, rocks, mud, water and earth itself all pulse
high elves regularly use Cathayan silks and metals for their
with their influence. The worship of ancestors evolved as a
clothes and weaponry. There are two routes to Cathay that are
direct counter to the predations of these spirits- the Lowborn
used by the inhabitants of the Old World. The first is evidently
believe that their ancestors who still linger in the spirit world can
the Silver Road, but some traders prefer to risk the treacherous
hold off the attentions of the Thushi, and do so eternally as they
waters of the Sea of Storms and the dark creatures of the Dragon
wander the world in which they once lived. Lowborn pray to
Isles and Isles of Elithis and make the passage by boat. Like the
them and offer tokens such as incense and food and weapons to
great caravans of the Empire, these sea convoys are often more
make the eternal war easier for the spirits of their forefathers and
heavily armed than a war fleet. Conglomerations of ships, built
in return, those spirits are believed to keep their descendants as
together and constructed into veritable towns on hulls, bristling
safe as they can.
with cannon and a small army of men are seen sometimes in the
harbors of Cathay, unloading tonnes of materials into the
marketplaces. Though not as large as the Black Arks of the Dark
Elves, these floating cities are some of the most powerful vessels
upon the seas, and indeed many have been re-fitted to fight in
the navies of the world.
While Cathay has no official standing military, every citizen of
the realms of the Emperor is ready to fight and die for his or her
land should the needs arise. The Lowborn of Cathay form the
great mass of these forces, going to battle with little but their
clothes and tools, fanatically hurling themselves upon the foe
under the watchful eyes of the Magistrates. Some of the
Lowborn populace, however, is wealthy enough to afford a
simple suit of armour and a forged weapon. Often these are
regarded as treasures, handed down from father to son, along
with the ancient art of their use. These Lowborn go to every
opportunity to practice with their treasured possessions so in
times of battle they can fight more effectively. Known as the
Warclad, they are the primary defensive army of Cathay and,
accompanied to battle by their less disciplined brethren, they
form the core of the Cathayan army. While their combat prowess
is mediocre, their numbers are vast and the Magistrates care not
should a thousand die, for there are always more to take their
place. In stark contrast to the Lowborn, the warriors of the
Houses form the crème of Cathay’s army. Their forces form an
elite corps who support the Lowborn, hunting down the deadliest
enemies and performing roles that the Lowborn simply cannot,
such as assassination and line breaking. As well as these ultimate
warriors, Cathay can draw upon the beasts and guardians of her
lands, from mystical temple dogs to ancient dragons, creating a
host so grand and terrifying that many a foe has fled before the &
battle even commenced rather than face the wrath of Cathay
While the harshness of the east prevents most attempts to cross
it, the few who do make the journey successfully bring amazing
tales with which to regale their friends and anyone else who
might buy an old veteran a drink. They tell of living statues of
stone, commanded by the Magistrates through unspeakable
magicks, of beasts that walk masked, appearing human until they
uncover their true faces. Stories of Dragons, thin and serpentine,
that are wingless yet fly with magical grace and of the Phoenix
that guard the Great Flame upon unapproachable Ho-Huan.
Stories of the Ronin, children of the Emperor who roam Cathay
seeking out evil, and their greatest member, Yin-Tuan, said to
have killed a hundred hundreds of the enemies of Cathay before
he disappeared and would have given equal battle to Sigmar.
They tell of dark spirits of Chaos and nature, of hobbling
creatures of the night surrounded by men of earth and clay and
the terrible keening of the Nightserpents.
Since time immemorial the tales of Cathay and the East have
regaled generation upon generation of Old Worlders, tales so
fanciful that even the wise cannot believe or justify them. For
that is the nature of the east. It is a land of shifting, ever-
changing beauty and danger. A land of light and darkness, of
riches and poverty. Far to the east, across mountain, forest and
desert, the Empire of the Sunrise has held many a man
spellbound and the minds of those few chosen who make the
journey successfully are changed and never the same again.
& Shiunni moves her palace from Weijin and takes the court up
onto Ho-Huan.
Devastation caused by the collapse of the Old Ones’ polar
The Endless Stair is completed and the Celestial Palace begins to
gateways causes the land that links what is now northern Lustria,
take form. An increasing number of peasants begin to revere the
Nippon and Cathay to sink into the world pond. Mountains of
empress as a living god.
Heaven are thrown up around the Cathayan Flame by the
massive forces unleashed.
Elves re-establish links with Cathay and begin trading. Cathayan
-2320: silks fetch a high price in Ulthuan and elves are willing to trade
Estimated first time of arrival of humans in Cathay, probably
Ithmilar and other rare metals and weapons, allowing Nipponese
explorers from Nehekara and Araby. They settle on the Jade
weapon-smiths to achieve even deadlier blades. The legendary
River near the modern fortress-city of Anlu.
smith Kanomo was said to have forged a sword that could cut
Over the next hundred years settlers found the port of Lohai, and
through solid rock, even before it was enchanted.
the cities of Chingbao and Weijin, the latter is later to become
the capital of Cathay, founded on the slopes of the Mountains of
Celestial Palace completed.
-713 to -90:
The Age of Peace. Cathay enjoys its second golden age and
Destruction of channeling stones in Athel Maraya causes a
flourishes, with a population reaching into the excess of twenty
massive flux of chaotic energy to the north of Cathay and a
horde of monstrosities descend from the Eastern Steppes. They
are stopped by the colonists at the Jade River.
The greatest Magistrate to have lived, Mica, predicts the birth of
a man who will be both savior and bane of humanity in western
Human explorers from Lohai discover Nippon.
lands. Speculates that the twin tailed comets that have marked
-1896 to -1163: important events throughout history are in fact remnants of
The golden age of Cathay. The council of lords pays Nehekaran
great, world protecting spells cast by the Old Ones. With every
mages to create the Silver Road.
comet fall, the forces holding Chaos at bay are weakening.
Nagash attacks the Priest Kings. He also sends forces to Cathay.
A massive Dark Elf fleet that had been exploring the eastern
Undead raze Hsijing, political upheaval in Cathay and Nippon
coastline raids eastern Cathay breaking the peace. Over a
see the council deposed and Onashinu, the first Emperor, seizes
hundred thousand Cathayans are taken captive
-1164: Mica sees the twin-tailed comet heralding the birth of Sigmar
Nippon declares independence from Cathay and blockades Lohai
and sends Living Shadows to gauge the potential of this savior.
and Heyang. Onashiu orders the construction of the Great
Living Shadows witness Sigmar at the battle of Blackfire Pass
-1040: and are amazed by the warrior. The leader of the band, Zaharan,
The first attacks of Chaos worshipping men fall upon outlying
resolves to follow Sigmar and protect him. He sends a group of
Cathayan settlements. Hsijing is rebuilt.
Shadows back to Cathay to report
Onashinu receives a man claiming to be able to foretell the
Battle of the Yellow Marshes. A Tzeentchian mage leads the
future. He takes the seer, named Oziumo as his advisor,
cat-beasts that haunt the hinterlands of Khuresh to destroy the
founding the order of the Magistrates.
Living Shadow Watchtower of Leng
-1036 to -1034:
Great battle against Chaos. Hordes of Chaos strike to the gates
Zaharan sees Sigmar destroy the Skaven horde. He now believes
of Weijin. Nipponese join with Cathayans and Phoenix to defeat
Sigmar is too powerful to be a force for good and infiltrates into
them, ending the growing enmity between the nations and
the Empire camp during the night after the battle, attempting to
beginning a period of staunch alliance that has lasted to the
assassinate Sigmar. He is killed by the Unbeorgen chieftain as he
modern day. The greatest outcome of the alliance was the
attempts to slit his throat. Sigmar’s attempts to determine the
founding of the Hundred Houses in -1034
identity of his attacker fail.
The Empress, Shiunni makes a pilgrimage to the forbidden line
Emperor Karu bans the use of prisoners to test the sharpness of
on Ho-Huan with her child to give thanks to the god-birds. The
a new blade. Captured foes and occasionally even innocent
Phoenix allow passage to the Empress who passes up the
Lowborn were lined up and the sword was swung, the amount of
mountain and is cleansed of the taint of Chaos.
heads fully severed being used to measure the sharpness of the
-998: sword. While officially outlawed, this practice continued in
Orcs use the Silver Road to attack Cathay, aided by Hobgoblin
some areas of Nippon and Cathay up the present day
allies. Shiunni orders the Houses to respond and they slaughter
the Orc horde with an army of only a tenth their number.
Magistrates begin the magical enhancing of the Great Bastion in
However, the Orc survivors who return to the Old World tell of
response to a predicted attack
the kingdom of testing, where Gork and Mork have placed the
deadliest warriors for Orcs to hone themselves against.
201: 2000:
Chaos attack predicted by the Magistrates takes place. Three Gospodar culture is assimilated into Kislev and becomes a part
marauders attempt to scale the Great Bastion to seek the glory of of the conglomeration of northern and eastern tribes.
their patron, Khorne, but are killed by Suri, the wife of the 2370:
Wanbao calligrapher with her hair comb. Horde of Saykantha defeated at Weijin by the Emperor Jain at
361: the cost of his own life and those of hundreds of thousands of
The ill-fated towns of Dunyang and Chen Pap are founded in the Lowborn. The plague that follows kills thousands more.
Warpstone Desert to mine precious minerals from the sands. 2415:
Magistrates issue a warning to the settlers that their plan will Marienburger merchant Klaus Veinburger discovers a sea route
fail, but the greed of the Lowborn overcomes their loyalty and to Cathay from the Old World, beginning the modern age of
they continue to build Cathay
373: 2415-present:
Swordsaints sent to destroy Dunyang. The Swordsaints suffer Modern age, the Gusu dynasty continues. Trade with the old and
heavy casualties against rapid, effective missile fire but, furious new worlds flourish and the military power of Cathay waxes.
at the cowardice of the townsfolk, eventually scale the walls and Many skirmishes with Dark Elves, Skaven, Orcs and ogres
butcher all who oppose them. The Dunyans, as they became continue but no major invasions occur
known, flee into the steppes. 2498:
563: Nai dies and passes the throne to his son Bo Gusu.
The Emperor Majei’s second son disputes his older brother’s
right to the throne. Eventually this sparks violence and Yazu, the
younger, attempts to murder his brother, Jiuze. Jiuze escapes and
Yazu is brought before his father and begs for forgiveness. Majei
expels Yazu and all his younger siblings from the palace, telling
them to learn to fight for Cathay instead of endangering it. They
become the first of the Ronin
Representatives of Phoenix King Aethis of Ulthuan arrive in
Cathay to negotiate an increase in trade between the countries.
Jiuze approves and, after the elves pay their respects, gifts them
with spices and returns greetings of good will to the Phoenix
King. He vows to come to the aid of Ulthuan should they need
assistance against the greatest foe of both, the Dark Elves.
A group of fifty Lowborn is caught associating with the Dunyan.
They and the remainder of their village and families are executed
and their remains distributed throughout Cathay as a warning
Peasants in the north become increasingly rugged and nomadic
due to frequent Chaos attacks. They begin to almost live in the
saddle so that they can flee and harass larger Chaos hordes. They
are called the Gospodar, or saddle-men, by those in the more
southerly regions of Cathay and become feared light horsemen
The First Skaven attack in Cathay is repulsed by the defenders of
Hsijing. They disappear before the Cathayans can determine the
extent and location of the new threat, believing that Skaven were
limited to the Old World.
Gospodar nomads begin to migrate into the west as Chaos
begins to leak more strongly onto the steppes, corrupting them
Marco Colombo travels the Silver Road and discovers the full
greatness of Cathay, bringing tidings to the Old World of
limitless wealth and opportunity
Yin-Tuan, the greatest human warrior known to man, is born to
the Celestial Emperor Wu.
Emperor Wu receives the first non-Magistrate or house visitors
to the Celestial court, Ricco and Robbio. They are declared pure
by the Phoenix and admitted an audience in the throne room
Before Karashi could follow their fate a cry rang out from just in
front of him and he felt the men and women around him begin to
Karashi fingered the haft of his grain flail nervously, watching move. He turned just in time to see the Chaos infantry break into
the solid black line of the worshipers of the dark gods advance, a charge and, as he saw them making for the distinct form of the
slowly, to the beat of their hell-forged drums. All along the Magistrate standing in the ranks of the Swordsaints, loyalty and
Cathayan line Lowborn from the villages of the north tightened duty took control of his mind. Hefting his flail, he broke into a
their ranks. Here and there, village chiefs and wise men stood sprint, feeling his friends and family around him do the same.
proud in the front line, ordering their brothers and sisters into They smashed into the Chaos line and were hurled back by the
formation. Karashi glanced to the right and watched his village’s chosen of the dark gods, the man in front of Karashi was ripped
Warclad brace themselves, lowering their long spears. Karashi in half by a brute twice his side, his body pinned to the Chaos
could see his father in the second rank, steadfastly gazing at the champion’s shield. Karashi’s flail dented the dark one’s helmet
wall of evil that marched towards them, showing no sign of but he too was shoved backwards by the force of the warrior’s
emotion. Next to the Warclad, a small regiment of Swordsaints retaliation. Desperately he brought the shaft of his weapon up
brushed shoulders with the Lowborn warriors, their lacquered and blocked a downward swing of his sword, but the force of the
armour shining in the mid-day sun, their swords resting in their blow shattered the wood and drove Karashi into the ground. He
scabbards. The House warriors were motionless, inhumanly still, felt his sister leap over his prone body as the Chaos warrior’s
focused only upon the advancing enemy. Karashi felt an boot descended on his leg and snapped it like a twig. Karashi
involuntary shudder pass through his chest at the thought of screamed. He saw a gauntlet reach down and grasp his throat,
fighting those warriors. He had only seen the men of the Houses dragging him into the air. He stared into the face of a tusked
fight once before, and it had been far away. He still had warrior; his thick armour slicked in blood and heard hoarse,
nightmares, even all these years later. He was snapped back to insane laughter from behind the closed helm. The Chaos warrior
reality by a grunting roar behind him. Two Thunder Dragons raised his axe and Karashi flailed against his form helplessly.
struggled against the leather muzzles that kept their sharp- The axe swung forward and stopped, inches from Karachi’s face,
toothed maws shut. The brave Lowborn who controlled the a thin line of glistening metal forcing it back. The Swordsaint
beasts shied away as one of the lizards thrashed in its restraints, stepped forward, faster than Karashi could follow and drove his
holding their goading sticks ready in case it should lumber blade two handed into the warrior’s chest. He felt the hand
towards them. around his throat weaken and he slumped to the ground, agony
screaming through his broken leg. Above him, the Swordsaint
ducked under a brutal swing and parried a second blow with his
sword, one handed, as he drew his second weapon and plunged it
through the warrior’s eye slit, all in a split second. Karashi saw
the Swordsaint push into the next warrior, followed by his
brethren, their blades weaving through flesh and armour alike.
Then, the Chaos warrior he had just killed toppled, crushing the
air from Karashi’s lungs, and he knew no more.

Karashi woke, the scent of death heavy in the air around him.
Weakly, he slid out from under the massive corpse of the Chaos
warrior and raised himself on his elbows, pain spreading from
his leg as he realized where he was. All around him lay the
detritus of battle. Corpses of Lowborn and Chaos warriors
littered the ground around him. Off to his right the massive
corpse of a Thunder Dragon lay, surrounded by still smoking
armoured forms. A Lowborn crouched next to the corpse and, as
Karashi looked around; others were to be seen, slowly pacing the
battlefield. He heard a foot fall next to him and looked up. His
father stood there, still grasping his spear in one hand, blood
flowing profusely from his other arm, shattered by a terrible
blow. Without speaking he dropped the weapon and hoisted
Karashi to his feet. He heard the old man’s voice in his ear
“Come on, the medicine man will see to you.” His father’s
voiced trailed off into a grunt of pain.
In the distance, Karashi saw the Swordsaints, already marching
back to their mountain monasteries, accompanied by the
Magistrate they had guarded. In the air, crows had begun to
circle, their black forms blotting out the burning sunset.
has actually spoken a word to any of us yet, and I’m beginning
" " ' to wonder if they are not dumb. Whoever they are, their presence
is, however little, reassuring
14th of Morrisleb
Will these infernal mountains never end? Our caravan has 22nd of Morrisleb
labored for almost three months among these godforsaken peaks, I must take some of my early words back. The ogres in our
half my men have died and the rest are exhausted. If it weren’t caravan seem to find the newcomers intimidating. I don’t know
for the ogres we hired in Pigbarter I’d guess we would have been how a fully armoured twelve foot tall ogre can be intimidated by
dead ten times over by now. From what I’ve heard, the fool an unarmed peasant in sackcloth, but they hang back around the
running this caravan, Johann, is letting the ogres eat the corpses rear of the caravan now, as far away from the Cathayans as they
of our men that died in that last ambush to keep them with us. I can. All I can get out of Gorgut is something like ‘devils’, he
pray to Sigmar that I’m not next seems to have become remarkably taciturn, though that may be
due to the lack of fighting in the last few days and hence the lack
18th of Morrisleb: of fresh meat. You can always trust an ogre to never think past
We fought off another ambush today. My men are exhausted and his stomach, though the prospect is slightly alarming, as now I
I don’t think the few that are left will be any use if we are am faced with the opposite dilemma that if we don’t find
attacked again. I’ve tried to warn the merchants, but they’re hell something for them to eat, we might find ourselves on the wrong
bent on getting us all killed. Gorgut, the Maneater in charge of side of an ogre’s gut plate. I just hope the Hellblaster on the war
the ogre guards, has told us we’re only a few days from Cathay, wagon is intimidation enough for them not to rebel; it’s a
but I don’t think we can hold out that long. Why did I ever agree miracle the damned thing still works up in this temperature.
to this fool scheme? But, I won’t despair. The star of Sigmar still
shines above us, and that alone gives me the strength to continue 24th of Morrisleb
At this rate we might make Cathay by the end of Morrisleb. The
20th of Morrisleb: Cathayans are still walking alongside our caravans. I’m
Today, as our caravan passed through a mountain passage we beginning to award them the same awe as Gorgut. I haven’t seen
came in sight of our prize, Great Cathay. I can see why the them eat or sleep since they joined us and they show no signs of
merchants are excited, the sight of that land makes me feel slowing.
slightly more hopeful already. Gorgut told me this morning that
we were entering the lands of the Daemon-men. I have no idea 25th of Morrisleb
what he’s talking about, but there was a note of awe in his voice. I’ve seen many sights in my life; I was at the battle of Fellwinter
If whatever lives among these crags can frighten an ogre, I very Pass. I marched with the Emperor during the Dark One’s march
much hope our caravan does not meet them. My few surviving upon Middenhiem. I have fought men, Orcs, ogres and even the
friends deserve to live, though should they die, they might find living dead. But I have never seen anything like what I saw
hell relaxing compared to what we’ve gone through. today. Our caravan was passing through a fairly open part of the
hills between the Mountains of Mourn and Cathay, in sight of
21st of Morrisleb: the edge of the Khureshi jungles when we were attacked by a
We were passing through the final pass before the descending band of ten ogres, led by a huge brute carrying a massive and
road into Cathay when the caravan halted. I came down from our wickedly sharp sword. Gorgut and his two remaining followers
war wagon to find out what the problem was and observed a rushed to stop the attackers before they reached the merchant
group of men standing by the roadside. Despite the temperature, caravans. I quickly gave orders for the war wagon to be wheeled
they were wearing only what looked like simple sackcloth, and I around so that its broadside faced the rapidly approaching scrum
was surprised that they had not already frozen to death in these of ogres and then leapt down from the wagon to join my men.
inhospitable parts. One who appeared to be the leader of the The Cathayans, meanwhile, had turned and had begun to sprint
motley group, certainly an individual of terrific build, to say the rapidly towards the ogres. One of the beasts gave a kind of
least, approached Johann and gestured for him to receive a piece frightened bellow and disengaged from the pack, and I was soon
of parchment. Our merchant prince accepted the document, to find out why. The five remaining ogres who had managed to
though I noted that he kept two of my men very close at all break through Gorgut and his companions barreled towards the
times. At least our journey taught him to be careful. In any case, Cathayans, who showed absolutely no signs of fear. As the ogres
his concerns were misdirected. Apparently these men were sent hit the line of men I expected them to be trampled into the
by one of the aristocrats of Cathay, the Magistrates as Johann ground. On the contrary, almost faster than I could blink, the
refers to them, to escort us down into their land, to the city of men darted through gaps in the ogre scrum, diving between legs,
Hsijing. While I don’t doubt these men’s endurance and one even jumping a full seven feet in the air over the leader’s
worthiness as guides, I was not afraid to tell Johann that what we shoulder. The marvels did not stop there. I had seen them strike
really needed were fresh escort troops. The merchant seemed no blows, but the ogre to the rearmost of the group tottered and
under the impression that the Cathayans thought these fifteen collapsed, almost knocking one of his fellows to the ground. He
men were force enough to escort us. Folly, they carry no was plainly dead, but what had killed him? The Cathayans
weapons or armour and while I must admit they are all rounded on the ogres, and I momentarily caught a glimpse of
physically the equal of any hard-bitten knight of the Reiksguard their leader’s face. Nothing has ever frightened me more. He
or state guard of our homeland, they could not hope to defend us was utterly expressionless, but his eyes, his eyes were glowing
against even one ogre unarmed. Still, I am merely a warrior and like a Daemon’s, shining with a deadly blue light. His hands
I obey my orders. I offered space in our caravan for these men, were dripping with red, and as the energy touched the snow it
but they seem quite happy to walk all day alongside us. Not one
hissed and leapt into little pockets of steam. But the sight only more than the few men and single artillery piece we had
lasted a moment before the Cathayans launched themselves into remaining to stop those demons. I doubt even the great walls of
the stunned ogres again. I saw one man kick one of the ogres in Altdorf could hold them back if they were determined to batter
the leg, which buckled as if it had been struck by a cannonball. them down.
As the ogre toppled towards him, the Cathayan stepped icily to
the side and smashed his hand straight through the ogre’s skull. 30th of Morrisleb:
His bare hand. Even now, writing this, I can hardly believe it. He We were attacked again today! So close to Hsijing I would not
stepped back, hand dripping with blood, and twisted under the have believed it. This time it was not ogres, but beasts of the
clumsy swing of one of the other ogres before attacking yet dark gods that ambushed us dropping from the trees as we
another. The attackers were butchered. Gorgut and his ogres passed through a patch of jungle. Johann, riding in the open on
ripped apart four of them and, before we even had a chance to top of his caravan, was disemboweled instantly by the mask-
join the battle, the Cathayans had slaughtered the rest. Only the wearing leader of the creatures. I saw the carcasses of the beasts
leader remained, using his massive blade to admirable effect and of Drakwald in 2523, during the siege of Middenheim and these
just keeping the darting Cathayans at bay with a series of creatures were utterly unlike them. The beasts and mutants of
massive sweeps that caught one of the men in the chest and my homeland are weird and ungainly hybrids of goat, cattle and
almost ripped him in half. Seconds later the Cathayan leader man, but these lithe creatures were more akin to the hellcats of
returned to the fray, ducking under a blow that would have the grey mountains or the great white lions of Ulthuan of which I
ripped our war wagon in two and leaping up, kicking the ogre’s have heard tell, with great flowing manes and wicked claws. I
wrist and sending his sword flying. The ogre lashed out, gutted the first cat-beast to rush at me with my dagger but was
knocking him to the ground, and tried to smash the man again denied the chance to kill the next as one of the Celestial Dragons
with his good arm. The Cathayan looked up and, as the ogre’s seemingly appeared out of nowhere in front of me and delivered
face neared him, opened his mouth and breathed a gout of pure a crushing punch to the creature’s shoulder before whipping out
fire into the beast’s face. I could scarcely believe my eyes. Truly a blindingly fast kick that sent the creature flying backwards to
these were the devils that Gorgut spoke of. The ogre reeled crumple against a tree like a rag doll. I glanced around and
backwards and the Cathayan got to his feet. Leaping onto the witnessed the wholesale slaughter of the beasts by the
Ogre’s shoulder as one of his brethren smashed the creature’s Cathayans. A flash of colour caught my eye as another beast,
leg; he grasped the ogre’s boulder-like head in his arms and, bigger than all the others stalked from the treeline, pointing a
with a sickening crunch, snapped its neck like a twig. The Ogre gnarled claw at one of the monks. A pulse of colours that defied
toppled, slowly; face down in the slushy snow. And the the mind rippled over him and he dissolved into a seething mass
Cathayans, without a word, collected their injured brother and of iridescent sludge. At the death of one of their companions,
marched back to the front of the caravan, leaving Gorgut and his two of the monks including their leader turned and faced the
kin to loot the corpses, take the choicest cuts of rank ogre flesh shaman, darting out of the way of a second blast of sorcery
and burn the remaining parts of the carcasses. which caught poor Karensi full in the chest. The next blast was
true but the Celestial Dragon leader simply raised a hand and a
27th of Morrisleb: blast of his own shattered the shaman’s bolt into a thousand
Thank Sigmar, Ulric, Taal and every other deity worth my brilliant shards. The beast didn’t have a chance for a fourth spell,
humble praise! We have reached Cathay, the empire of the he was lifted bodily by the other monk and hurled at least fifty
Phoenix, the land of the rising flame glistens before us and we feet, his broken body sagging, impaled upon a Bloodthorn plant.
are yet alive! After all our trials our efforts have paid off. Gorgut A bestial screech signaled the death of the creature that had
and his companions have left us today, their bond fulfilled, killed Johann and the remaining beasts, cowed by the seeming
taking with them a fair part of our remaining provisions. We invincibility of the Celestial Dragons, ran for their lives back
parted with them gladly, as Johann has informed us that Cathay into the jungle. Several of the Cathayans followed them for a
is bountiful and game and fruits aplenty are to be found here. short distance before returning to the caravan. We buried
How the merchant knows this I do not know, for the Cathayans Johann’s body by the wayside; the merchant had made his first,
who still accompany us still have yet to speak. Their never- and his last, journey.
ending silence is beginning to frighten me. I was almost afraid to
have Gorgut leave, as his presence reassured me slightly. At 31st of Morrisleb:
least I can trust his oath We finally arrived in Hsijing. We were greeted at the gates by a
richly garbed individual who told us he had been offered to us to
28th of Morrisleb: translate and be our guide in the city by the Divine Magistrate
I discussed our self appointed escort with Johann over the Sehi-Juan, whoever he is. Our ragged caravan was led to a
evening meal today, and he is just as amazed and worried by simple yet clean inn and I myself stood guard until my men had
them as I am. According to him they are monks of the Order of enjoyed a well earned wash and drink. It is a miracle I survived,
the Celestial Dragon, one of the warrior ‘Houses’ of Cathay. He and had we not had those demon-monks then I doubt we would
told me that these men spend their entire existences dedicated to have made it at all. I admit freely that I will be treading carefully
war and battle and as such do not have any spoken or written around this Magistrate, lest I myself end my days at the hands of
language, which explains their continuous silence. However, those, those creatures… for men they are not. The group ran off
even more frighteningly, Johann warned me that the Celestial the moment we had reached the safety of Hsijing’s gates, having
Dragons have been known to attack caravans on occasion, at the been handed a scroll by our guide. I can only pray that we never
will of their Cathayan masters, and that I should be ready in case meet them again.
of betrayal. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it would take a lot
Spit Lightning
' & Thunder Dragons can spit arcing forks of lightning. This is an
attack with a range of 15” and no penalties for range or moving
$& and shooting. Each Thunder Dragon may shoot up to 4 times per
shooting phase and the shots are resolved with a strength of 4
and ignore armour saves.

Seer The Balance

Magistrates are gifted Cathayan philosophy revolves around balance between the
Thunder Dragons are
prophets and seers and pleasures and pains of life. This balance is inherent in all sentient
ponderous creatures that never
can often tell the creatures in the form of Chi. While Chi is magic uncorrupted by
move at more than a slow
enemy’s movement the dark forces of chaos, it still reflects the natural impulses of
lope. A Thunder Dragon may
before even the enemy sentient creatures- love and hatred, pain and bliss and so forth.
never move more than its
is aware of what they These aspects of Chi are those manipulated by the warriors of the
basic movement (4”) a turn. It
will do next. For each Houses to manifest their superhuman ability. However, the
charges 4” and if it fails the
Magistrate in your army manipulation of Chi creates imbalances in the balance of magical
charge, it will still move the
you gain a single re-roll energy in the area. This is generally not particularly dangerous, but
full 4”.
(Lord Magistrates grant if one aspect of Chi is represented in much greater quantities than
two re-rolls) that can be others, it creates rifts and currents in the winds that can suck huge
Battle of Wills
used on any dice roll, amounts of magic out of the area.
At the beginning of the
including the roll to go The balance of Chi in a Cathayan army is represented by The
Cathayan player’s turn, each
first, table sides and so Balance rule. There are three types of units that affect the balance
unit of Thunder Dragons must
forth. These re-rolls can take a stupidity test on 3d6,
negate miscasts and Yan units: Yan units manipulate the lighter more defensive aspects
discarding the highest roll (if
cause irresistible force. of Chi. They convert one power dice from the pool into a dispel
there are any handlers, you
may use their leadership).
Devotion Neutral units: Neutral units use all aspects of Chi, but are
Additionally, if a test is failed,
Lowborn are utterly powerful enough that slight specialization still upsets the balance.
d3 handlers are removed as
dedicated to the Before the battle you may choose whether a neutral unit either acts
casualties. Shooting attacks
Emperor and his as a Yan unit or a Ying unit for the course of the battle. Once
against the Dragons hit them
Magistrates. If a chosen, you may not change during the battle.
on a 1-4 and the handlers on a
Magistrate or lord Ying units: Ying units primarily wield the darker, subversive
5-6. Allocate attacks in close
Magistrate is in the aspects of Chi. They convert one dispel dice from the pool into a combat as normal. If no
front rank of a unit with power dice handlers remain, take a
Devotion, they become The balance of Chi may change over the battle, as units are monster reaction test as
stubborn. If, for any destroyed. A unit that has been wiped out or is fleeing without normal.
reason, the Magistrate hope of rallying does not convert dice, but in any other case still
leaves the front rank, does so. Warrior Incarnate
they lose stubborn Naturally, if there are no dice in a pool, you may not convert any Ronin are trained by all the
into dice in the other pool. houses and are undoubtedly
Stony some of the finest and most
Foo Statues are Duty unto Death skilled warriors in the
creatures of rock and All Cathayans are unwaveringly loyal to the Celestial Emperor and Warhammer world. Ronin
stone, near impossible his Magistrates. In addition, the common folk of Cathay see the have the Swordmasters,
to destroy with swords warriors of the houses as being akin to spirits of vengeance and Otherworldly Speed and
and axes. Foo Statues death and their presence will often inspire them to stand against Poison Use rules, as well as
have a ward save equal almost impossible odds. The general of the army- whether he is a the Above all Others rule.
to the strength of any Magistrate or a representative of the Houses, is a focal point for
hit on them. For this devotion and so units within 6” of the general may re-roll
example, should a Foo failed psychology tests. This applies only to Cathayan units- Dogs
Statue be hit by a of War do not benefit from this rule.
handgun (strength 4) it
will have a 4+ ward Above all Others
save. Foo Statues will The warriors of the houses know they are far greater warriors than
always have a 6+ ward any of the Lowborn and so are not greatly affected if the common
save, however, warriors of the armies of Cathay flee or are butchered. After all,
regardless of the give peasants sticks and expect them to fight and that’s what you’ll
strength of the attack. get! All models from the three houses ignore panic caused by
Due to their bulk, Foo Lowborn, Warclad, Gospodar Horsemen, Lowborn Skirmishers
Statues are also unit and Thunder Dragons
strength 2.
Ronin are despised by Cathayans almost as much as they are by
their foes. Ronin try and stay out of sight as much as possible for $ +$ +$ ,
their presence can both frighten and anger the inhabitants of
Cathay. A Ronin who begins a turn within 6” of a friendly Cathayan Longswords:
Cathayan unit must make a leadership test or flee directly away Cathayan Longswords are wondrous blades created by
from them (and if at all possible staying at least 6” away from the finest artificers of the world of elf-silver and dwarf-
other friendly units). He will automatically rally at the end of steel, bathed in magical saps and balanced to feel
this move. In addition, Ronin cause Terror in all friendly units of almost weightless in the hands. These finely crafted
Lowborn, Lowborn Skirmishers, Gospodar Horsemen and swords can be used either one handed or two handed.
Warclad. The normal rules for testing for Terror apply as if the One handed they count as hand weapons and two
Ronin was an enemy creature that caused Terror. handed they give the user +1 weapon skill, +1 initiative
and armour piercing.
Blaze attack
A wrathful Phoenix burns with a furnace heat that ignites and Magistrate’s Staff:
scorches anything that draws near. At the beginning of each The Magistrate’s staff is his badge of office, used both
friendly shooting phase every unit, friend or foe, with a model to defend himself in battle and increase his magical
within 6” of the Phoenix take d6 strength 4 hits with the flaming potency. Two handed weapon that gives the bearer +2
rule. In addition, the Phoenix’s normal attacks count as fire to his armour save in close combat. Once per game, the
attacks. staff may be used to add a single dice to a casting or
dispel attempt by the Magistrate
Phoenix are near impossible to destroy and even if they are Volley crossbows:
killed, they will eventually burst back into flame and life. A Volley crossbows are simple bamboo contraptions
Phoenix has the regeneration special rule. In addition, so potent designed to be used on the run. They lack range and
is their ability to heal, if the Phoenix is killed, place the model power but can be reloaded and fired accurately and
on its side. At the beginning of each of your subsequent turns rapidly on the move.
roll a d6. On the roll of a 6 place the Phoenix back up with d3 Range: 18” strength: 3 special rules: multiple shots x2,
wounds remaining within 6” of the point where she ‘died’. The no penalty for moving and firing.
Phoenix may act normally that turn. Flaming and fire attacks do
not remove a Phoenix’s ability to regenerate Keiyou cloaks:
Keiyou cloaks are magical garbs used by the Living
Fire immunity Shadows which allow them to catch and soar upon the
A Phoenix is immune to any fire attack (Therefore fire attacks winds of magic. These magical garbs allow the wearer
do not remove their regeneration). Note that this only applies to to fly.
purely fire attacks (fireball spells, Warpfire Throwers and so
forth). Sashimonos:
Sashimonos are back mounted banners carried by
Scalding breath swordsaints. They are favoured by these warriors for
Cloud Dragons can breathe a deadly combination of scalding they do not restrict the ability to fight and provide a
steam and pure magic energy against which there can be no highly visible rallying point. Sashimonos count as a
defence. This attack counts as a normal breath weapon with a unit standard but are carried by the unit champion. They
strength of 3 that ignores armour saves and counts as magical. are not captured if the unit flees, but are instead
captured if the bearer is killed in a challenge. A Great
Insubstantial Sashimono is the same; however it counts as a battle
A Cloud Dragon exists partially in the realm of Chaos, its body standard instead of a regimental standard and does not
misty and ghostlike. As attacks have a chance of simply passing take up a hand
through the dragon’s body without causing any damage, it has a
5+ ward save

Crushing Charge
Noble Warhorses are known for their thirst for battle and ability
to aid their rider. They rear and smash their weight down upon
their foes, adding their own weight to the momentum of their
rider’s blows. On the turn they charge, Noble Warhorses give
their rider a +1 bonus to their strength.
Poison use:
(* ) All attacks by Living Shadows, ranged or close combat, count as
$& , Poisoned as described in the Warhammer Rulebook. Magical
weapons carried by Living Shadows do not have poisoned
Killing blow attacks unless specifically stated. Living Shadow characters who
All Swordsaints benefit purchase poisons from the poisons sections may only poison
from the Killing Blow mundane weapons, and the new poison will replace the original
special rule poisoned attacks. Characters with more than one type of poison
must choose which one to use at the beginning of each turn.
Swordmasters They must then use that poison for the remainder of that turn,
While the Swordsaints but may switch at the beginning of the next turn even if in
use only a select few combat.
weapons, no one in the
world can match a Kill the weak, respect the strong:
Swordsaint with those arms. Swordsaints will always strike first Living Shadows will always Fear enemy with higher unit
in the first turn of combat, even if they were charged. Note that strength than them, regardless of whether they cause Fear or
this is overridden by any magical means of striking first. If the Terror themselves. This does not apply if the enemy is fleeing.
enemy also has a skill that allows them to always strike first, the Living Shadows who are charged by a unit with higher unit
model with the highest initiative will strike first. In addition, a strength than them will flee automatically if they fail their fear
Swordsaint may choose to use his Cathayan Longsword one check, but may move and shoot normally on the turn they rally.
handed and not use any other weapon or shield. In this situation,
the Longsword counts as a hand weapon as normal, but the Leadership:
Swordsaint will gain +1 to hit. Note that these advantages still Living Shadow characters may only join and lead Living
apply if the weapon being used is magical, though the normal Shadow units.
restrictions still apply (you cannot gain the two hand weapon
benefits with a magic hand weapon and a mundane one for Spellcasting:
example, nor will you gain the +1 save in close combat if using a Living Shadows draw their magic from Chi and so may cast
magic weapon and mundane shield and so forth) spells while wearing armour.

Leadership: Swordsaint characters may only lead Swordsaint

units or units of Lowborn, Lowborn skirmishers or Warclad, and
& &" $& ,
only if these units do not possess any form of missile weapon. Otherworldly speed
Celestial Dragons have a 5+ ward save
Spellcasting: Swordsaints draw their magic from Chi and so
may cast spells while wearing armour. Unarmed warriors:
Celestial Dragons count as having an additional hand weapon as
they can use both of their arms (and their legs) in battle and will
-% ( ) * $& , always gain +1 to hit. However, they may never use weapons or
armour of any kind (including magical weapons such as the
Scout: Flaming Sword of Rhuin) and may not purchase any kind of
May Scout as described in the Warhammer Rulebook. magic item.

Skirmish: Immune to psychology:

Units of Living Shadows fight in a Skirmish formation Celestial Dragons are Immune to Psychology as detailed in the
Warhammer Rulebook

Breathe fire:
Celestial Dragons can expel a volatile blast of raw magic that
ignites as it leaves their body and becomes a gout of fire. This
attack counts as a ranged weapon with a range of 8”. The fire’s
strength is equal to the strength of the Celestial Dragon and,
obviously, counts as a fire attack.

Celestial Dragon characters may only join Celestial Dragon
'& &
(* )
The Swordsaints the oldest and one of the three greatest Houses
of Cathay. Warriors of blade and honour, the Swordsaints are
found throughout Cathay, fighting her enemies with unmatched Firstborn 4 6 3 5 4 3 6 4 9
skill and dedication.
Warbreather 4 5 3 4 4 2 5 3 8
The Swordsaints were the first of the Houses to be founded and
Cho-La, their original Firstborn, was the first to bend his knee to Swordsaint 4 4 3 4 3 1 4 1 8
the Celestial Emperor. Over the millennia, the Swordsaints have
Kensai 4 4 3 4 3 1 4 2 8
created fortresses and training monasteries in every corner of
Cathay and, numerically, are probably the largest House. The Hatamoto 4 5 3 4 3 1 4 2 8
Swordsaints are also probably the most identifiable of the
Bladeservant 4 5 3 4 3 1 4 3 8
Houses, with their prominent bamboo and lacquer armour and
crests, as well as their signature curved Longswords. They are
the image of the Houses to the common folk of Cathay, as they
are generally the most visible in battle, regiments of Swordsaints Special rules: Swordsaints (gain all of the special rules of the
forming rallying points for the Lowborn warriors that make up Swordsaint House)
the majority of the Cathayan battle line, and the Swordsaints
themselves take to this reverence well, it is not entirely
uncommon to see a Swordsaint leading units of Lowborn or
teaching them some simple techniques and skills before a battle.
They, unlike the two other great houses, have a deep bond with
the common folk of Cathay and that bond is reciprocated
devotedly by the Lowborn.
Like all House warriors, Swordsaints are taken from their
parents at birth and are expected to train from the moment they
are born. While infants are obviously incapable of focused
training, they are taken and raised by a senior Swordsaint. In
their junior years they receive tuition and care by their ‘parent’
in return for their aid in performing simple maintenance and
cleaning of their parent’s armour and weaponry, valuable
experience for when they are given their own equipment for
battle. As the young Swordsaint ages, his training will become
longer and harder and he will, when the time is judged right, be
given his own armour and weaponry and become independent.
He will then sleep with others his own age under the sky in the
central square of the monastery, further strengthening him
against hardship. Finally, after his tests to become a fully
fledged Swordsaint succeed, he will be given his own quarters
and personal heraldry. It is this independence yet reliance on
both peers and masters that give Swordsaints their beliefs and
effectiveness as a House.
Unlike the other two great Houses, the Swordsaints do not
control their own domain, yet of all the houses they contribute
the most to the daily safety of Cathay. Swordsaints provide
guards of honour to important Lowborn and Magistrates, should
they be required to, and they are steadfast and inhumanly brave
in defence of their charges. Swordsaints are also often the first of
the houses to bolster the Lowborn in battle, regiments of finely
clad warriors standing side by side with the more rag-tag
warriors of Cathay, giving them both a focal point for their
devotion and an unflinching anvil upon which the endless
warriors of Cathay can smash their foes. Some put this down to
nobility and honour, yet it could hardly be so, for like all men
and women of the Houses they are warriors first and only.
Swordsaints who show particular bravery may be incepted into
the ranks of the Hatamoto, personal bodyguards to the Emperor
and his Magistrates.
&% )*
The Living Shadows have become synonymous with darkness mighty confrontations can be felt for miles around, as the sun
and fear since they began dealing death for the Emperor. Using darkens and unearthly mists rise from the suddenly freezing
subterfuge and terror as their weapons, they go unseen until the ground. Howls and screams split the air and the noises of death
time is right to strike, often leaving only corpses as a testament herald the beginning of the fight. It is this power over their Chi
to their passage. The Living Shadows are also the most that defines the Living Shadows- they are the most gifted
mysterious of Houses, rarely seen in pitched battle. Most often shapers of that mystical force of perhaps all the Houses and its
their forces will form patrols or scouting forces along the application is instrumental to their success in battle. The Living
borders of Cathay, halting or alerting the populace to incursions. Shadows have been observed to train for over sixteen hours a
The battle garb of the Living Shadows varies, but is inevitably day- a feat that would soon kill a normal man. It is only their
dark- grey, deep green, midnight blue or black robes. Their mastery of their internal magic that allows such feats of
blades are often lacquered black so as not to glint in the darkness endurance and creates such utterly dedicated warriors.
as they approach their foes, and their armour is glossy black or
dun. When they appear on the field of battle, they attack where M WS BS S T W I A LD
the enemy is weakest, without warning, and often with the aid of
Chi-sorcery manifested by the more experienced warriors, Firstborn 5 5 7 4 4 3 7 5 8
overcoming positions with bitter speed and ruthlessness. Warbreather 5 5 6 4 4 2 6 4 8
Occasionally a single Living Shadow or small band will be
tasked with the destruction of the enemy commander and, Living Shadow 5 4 5 3 3 1 4 1 7
equipped with the deadliest poisons of the east; they more often Nightblade 5 4 5 3 3 1 4 2 7
than not easily accomplish that task The Living Shadows are,
like all their houses, extraordinarily dedicated to their art, and of Wind Shadow 5 4 5 4 3 1 5 1 7
all the houses, they emphasize personal skill- duels, sometimes Monkey Warrior 5 4 5 4 3 1 5 2 7
lethal, are common among Living Shadow novices attempting to
prove their worth to their masters. Even the older, wiser Living
Shadows will often resolve conflicts with Chi battles. These Special rules: Living Shadows (gain all of the special rules of
the Living Shadow House)

& &"
The Celestial Dragons are the most alien of the Houses, for as described it, to battle with the Celestial Dragons is to battle with
they ascend through their training they leave all that makes them death itself. Celestial Dragons are often not content with mere
human behind- anger, pain, hatred and every other human training and actively seek out battle. If not defending Cathay,
emotion is forfeit, the Celestial Dragons are incomprehensible to groups of monks will often travel the world, hiring themselves to
the normal man. While the monks of the dragon do not use any caravans on the Silver Road, helping defend Ulthuan for the
forms of armament or armour other than their fists and feet, this High Elves or simply becoming Dogs of War. Wherever battle is
reliance on simplicity allows them to focus on their Chi. Unlike to be found, there the Celestial Dragons go. However, should the
the Living Shadows who focus their Chi primarily outside of call to defend their homeland ever reach them; their return is
their bodies, the Celestial Dragons manipulate it from the inside, swift- for they can run for days upon end faster than even the
harnessing it to heal wounds, strengthen blows and increase their greatest athletes of Tilea. In some rare situations, a Celestial
speed until they are merely blurs of death. The Celestial Dragons Dragon has taken some mighty warrior under his wing and
are by far the most distant from the populace- aloof and taught him a few of the secrets of the House, recognizing the
concerned only with their own amelioration and ability to battle, potential for the chosen warrior to achieve enlightenment, but
the ultimate warriors performing the ultimate art. Strangely, the these cases are rare and, for the most part, the Celestial Dragons
Celestial Dragons have been known for some of the most heroic remain distant and cold to the world, existing only to kill.
and selfless actions in Cathayan history- saving several
Emperors and Empresses from certain death at the cost of their M WS BS S T W I A LD
own lives and defending towns against overwhelming odds. The
monks of the Celestial Dragon believe in spiritual enlightenment Firstborn 5 6 6 5 5 3 6 4 9
and ascension to the spirit world in finest fashion can only be Warbreather 5 5 5 5 5 2 6 3 8
attained through perfection as a warrior. This quest to be the
greatest fighter possible drives them and infuses every aspect of Celestial Dragon 5 4 3 4 4 1 4 2 8
their lives and culture. They leave their humanity behind as Abbot 5 4 3 4 4 1 4 3 8
babies and, as the few survivors of combat with the monks have

Special rules: Celestial Dragons (gain all of the special rules of

the Celestial Dragon House)
The Magistrates are the Emperor’s advisors, consorts, generals councilors and, while he keeps representatives from the Houses
and the leaders of the cities and provinces of Cathay. They are always on standby to guide him in military affairs, for minor
both gifted diplomats and mages, able to predict the future with issues the Magistrates are expected to not only be cunning
astounding accuracy and determine how to change it. tactically, but understand battle on a personal level. Like all
Magistrates are often the generals of Cathayan armies, directing Cathayans, the Magistrates are fanatically loyal to the Emperor,
the Lowborn in battle and aiding them with their own heavenly even more so because they have seen his glory and know that the
magicks. As symbols of the Emperor’s might and focal points Lowborn legends of the Emperor being able to draw rain from
for the devotion of the Lowborn, Magistrates are commanding the sky and cause new growth to spring from barren ground are
figures on the battlefield, surrounded by a tide of devoted not just legends, but true
guards, ready to lay down their lives in a second for their master.
Though, like most wizards, Magistrates are not great warriors, M WS BS S T W I A LD
their exposure to the cleansing presence of the Great Flame and
their custom of using honor duels with their staves to solve Lord Magistrate 4 4 4 4 4 3 4 1 9
disagreements and misunderstandings, Magistrates have Magistrate 4 3 3 3 4 2 3 1 8
surprised many an enemy with their ability to do battle. The
Emperor values both wisdom and physical prowess in his
Special rules: Seer

- *
Lowborn is a term used to refer to any of the people of Cathay Lowborn are fanatical in the defence of their homeland as failure
who are not Magistrates or members of the Houses. The term means both death and, far worse, dishonour in the eyes of their
can be a little deceiving, as some Lowborn are actually quite masters
aristocratic and wealthy, however all citizens are regarded
equally and all must fight for the emperor in the same capacity
should he or one of his representatives call for it. By far the vast
majority of Lowborn are extremely poor, living off the land with Lowborn 4 2 2 3 3 1 3 1 6
only their farming tools and livestock as their possessions. The
Warrior 4 2 2 3 3 1 3 2 7
former are kept in excellent condition, for without their tools,
they would almost certainly starve, and those tools also couple Skirmisher 4 2 2 3 3 1 3 1 6
as weapons in case of invasion. Lowborn will often aid the
Magistrar 4 2 3 3 3 1 3 1 6
Magistrates in administrative roles and as enforcers of the law
and the will of the Emperor. These individuals are known as
‘Magistrars’. Lowborn generally go to battle in a seething mass Special rules: Devotion
of irate peasants armed only with sickles, scythes, grain flails
and other simple implements. While most will die, many an
enemy has been overwhelmed by the sheer number of men,
women and children throwing themselves upon them. Village
chieftains are often the heads of a great extended family that
makes up the entire village and are at the front of their brothers
and sisters as battle is joined. While they can never match the
sheer lethality of the Houses, they are often grizzled veterans of
Beastmen and Dark Elf raids and steadfast in battle, a calming
influence on the initially brave but easily panicked Lowborn
they command. As with all warriors of Cathay, the
'& )
A few of the more well to do Lowborn, primarily the heads of Ogres and Orcs, and across the eastern seas sail the ever present,
families and merchants, can afford more elaborate equipment sadistic Dark Elves and ferocious Norse. Even more sinister are
and some even own a treasured family sword and suit of armour, the foes that come from the dark and terrible jungles that sweep
handed down from generation to generation. These men (for across Southern Cathay- beasts of the dark gods and terrible
women are rarely seen in their ranks) are known as the Warclad, shambling creatures of mud and clay led by cackling Daemons
and are the closest thing Cathay has to a standing army- they surrounded by wailing swarms of Thushi, the evil spirits that
train daily with their weapons and are ready to do battle in infest Cathay, march from the sinister jungles. Against these
defense of their towns or country and a moment’s notice. They hordes the Warclad must stand on their own or with only the
are the pride of their village and are generally only the fittest and assistance of their less battle-hardened kin as the Houses do not
heartiest of men, strong and tanned from years of hard work in deem such minor threats as worthy of their attention.
the fields and steadfast of mind from their constant training.
While they are often armed with treasured Longswords, Warclad M WS BS S T W I A LD
will also sometimes carry reinforced grain flails or lengthened
trenchers that they use as glaives to batter their way through the Warclad 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 8
enemy’s defences and carve through their guard. Warclad form Warborn 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 2 8
the first and often only line of defence against the frequent raids
on the borders of Cathay. From the Mountains of Mourn come

# )
The Gospodar are a hardy people, driven to the brink of collapse people and, like all Cathayans, will lay down their lives without
by the constant predations of Chaos and the Ogres. Centuries hesitation for their Emperor
ago, a great migration of the Gospodar people took place,
splintering them into three groups- some traveled north and M WS BS S T W I A LD
became ensnared by the dark gods, others traveled west and
settled in the land of Kislev where they now form a good part of Gospodar 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7
the people of that nation, but some remained true to their Chieftain 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7
heritage and remained on the plains of northern Cathay, outside
the protection of the Great Bastion. Constantly under threat, they Warhorse 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5
have learned to live in the saddle, ready to flee at a moment’s
notice, but should they be trapped or find a weakened foe, they Special rules: Fast Cavalry
are merciless and bitter fighters. Most Cathayans view the
Gospodar as little more than savages, with their crude weapons
and hide clothes they certainly look it, but while the culture of
the Gospodars is fierce and warlike; they are also an honorable

! ( $
Foo Statues are some of the strangest defenders of Cathay. They both mundane and magical- Sabretusks, wolves, dragons, horses
are statues that, for the most part, stand guard outside the and cattle have all been seen amongst their stony ranks. In battle
temples and cities of Cathay but the Magistrates long ago learnt they fight like their living counterparts, charging and pouncing
the art of animating them in times of need and since then have with surprising speed and crushing the skulls of their foe with
perfected the enchantments required to do so. When the armies the inevitability of stone
of Cathay go to war, it is not uncommon to see these arcane
constructions loping with disturbing grace alongside the M WS BS S T W I A LD
marching men and women. While possessing the durability and
strength of stone, they move with startling agility and could Foo Statue 8 4 0 4 4 1 4 2 8
almost be mistaken for real animals if it weren’t for their
grotesque, Daemonic faces of the statues and the creepers and Special rules: Stony, Immune to Psychology
mould trailing from their legs. Foo Statues represent creatures
$) "
Thunder Dragons have long been a common sight in the armies understood by the savants of the Old World or Cathay. The
of Cathay. Originating in the Mountains of Mourn, these large, Dragon’s natural inclination to unleash a deadly blast against
carnivorous lizards were domesticated by Cathayans for anything that stands in front of it makes it equally dangerous and
protection against Beastman Raiders and other foes that useful to the armies of Cathay
regularly assail the villages of Cathay. They are thought to be an
offshoot of the Mere Dragons that inhabit the northern M WS BS S T W I A LD
Mountains of Mourn. Unlike their lithe relatives, Thunder
Dragons are stocky and well built, with layers of tough hide Thunder Dragon 4 4 4 4 5 3 1 2 5
under their scales, designed to keep them warm in the sometimes Handler 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 8
bitter mountains. Stubborn and slow, Thunder Dragons seem to
be less than ideal predators and they would be, if it weren’t for
their ability to generate a massive discharge of lightning through Special rules: Thunder Dragon has Spit Lightning, Battle of
serrated plates in their throat. This charge can be controlled Wills, Sluggish, Scaly Skin (5+)
somewhat by the Dragon, though the process of doing so is little

The Ronin are a secretive order of warriors despised by the a match for even the deadliest of foes. Born in the influence of
common folk of Cathay. All of the sons and daughters of the the Great Flame their bodies and minds are perfect and, with the
Celestial Emperor except for his or her heir are taken by the skills of all the Houses behind them, Ronin are the greatest
Houses when they are born, but unlike normal House warriors mortal warriors in existence. Yet unlike, the men and women of
they are trained by each and every House, learning the skills of the Houses, Ronin still feel those emotions that the Houses
all of them. While this is required of them by the Emperor, the distance themselves from- love, loyalty and regret. The life of a
rivalry between the Houses means that they look upon the Ronin Ronin is lonely and they are sustained only by their duty, for to
as despicable and traitorous individuals, no matter how all others they are shadowy creatures of the night who come in
honorable or kind they are. This hatred has rubbed off onto the silence and leave only the steady drip of blood in their wake, as
commoners of Cathay and so wherever the Ronin go, doors are devoid of thought or feeling as the Daemons of Chaos
barred and gifts of food are placed upon doorsteps to ward off
the prowling warrior. The Ronin are dedicated to removing M WS BS S T W I A LD
internal threats to Cathay such as Skaven infestations, corrupted
Lowborn and Chaos cults. While Ronin work alone or, very Ronin 6 7 6 5 4 3 6 4 9
occasionally, form small bands of warriors, they are nonetheless
Special rules: Warrior Incarnate, Solitaire, Scout
The Phoenix are the guardians of the Great Flame of Mt Ho- a beacon which Chaos cannot penetrate, the Phoenix are the
Huan, beings of awesome magical power and unsurpassed grace antithesis of all Chaos and its creatures, though there is nothing
and beauty. While physically a Phoenix is only a little bigger other than speculation on this subject, as even to the Emperor
than an eagle, they have the ability to create a massive aura of and his Magistrates the Phoenix are aloof and majestic
flame around themselves in the shape of a far greater bird,
appearing to be many feet larger in size when roused to anger. M WS BS S T W I A LD
The Phoenix rarely interfere in the wars of Cathay, but in times
when the great flame itself is in danger, or its future is at stake, Phoenix 3 6 4 4 5 5 10 4 10
the Phoenix will fly forth from the peak of Ho-Huan like fiery
comets to bring death to the foes of Cathay. The Lowborn Special rules: Blaze Attack, Rebirth, Fire Immunity, Fly, Cause
peoples of Cathay view sighting a Phoenix as an omen of good Terror
to come and protection against evil and the Phoenix feature
heavily in Lowborn art and craft as a symbol of hope and virtue.
Scholars have theorized that, coming from the Great Flame,

& $)"
Cloud Dragons, or Mistwyrms as they are sometimes known, are through, warping and destroying anything it touches. For
a race that inhabits the ever-shifting clouds that surround the millennia, the Cloud Dragons have existed in peaceful
peak of Ho-Huan, shielding the lands below from the light of the cooperation with the Emperor and his Magistrates who inhabit
Great Flame. These eternal clouds form lairs for the Cloud the same clouds and sometimes the creatures will advise them or
Dragons, who are light and magically potent enough to rest upon even allow themselves to be ridden into battle.
them. Cloud Dragons are not actually true dragons, and while
they manifest many of the abilities of the draconic race- flight, M WS BS S T W I A LD
the ability to use their breath as a weapon and an ancient, primal
cunning, they are limbless and serpentine, more akin to snakes Cloud Dragon 6 5 5 5 5 5 3 5 8
than lizards. The Cloud Dragons, of all beasts, have the closest
bond with the realms of magic, their bodies existing partially Special rules: Fly, Cause Terror, Scalding Breath,
within it so they appear intangible and often blows or shots Insubstantial, Large Target
directed at them will pass straight through without causing the
Dragon any harm. Cloud Dragons can also open a tiny rift to the
realms of Chaos and exhale the boiling energy that seeps

While the Houses have the pick of the warhorses of Cathay, it is

not uncommon for richer Lowborn and Magistrates to possess M WS BS S T W I A LD
riding steeds which, as Cathayan tradition dictates, are trained to
carry their master into battle should the need arise. Warhorse 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5

The Houses have access to the finest artificers, weapon smiths
and armour forges of the orient and most also possess stables of M WS BS S T W I A LD
the finest warhorses in Cathay. Many of these regal creatures
have the blood of Elven steeds running in their veins and the fire Noble Warhorse 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5
of Araby in their eyes. When they are given to their master they
will often form a devoted friendship and in battle the combined Special rules: Crushing Charge
might of mount and warrior is frightening to behold
The purpose of this army list is to enable players with vastly Special units
different armies to stage games which are as fair and evenly Special units are the best of your warriors and include more
balanced as it is possible to make them. The army list represents unusual, specialized troop types. They are available to your army
its capabilities on the tabletop. The higher a model’s points in limited numbers
value, the better it is in one more respects: stronger, tougher,
better Leadership, and so on. The value of the army is simply the Rare units
value of all the models added together. As well as providing So called because they are scarce compared to your ordinary
points costs, the list also divides the army into its constituent troops, rare units represent powerful monsters, unique units and
units. The list also describes the weapons and optional deadly individuals
equipment that troops can have and occasionally restricts the
number of very powerful units an army can include. It would be
very sill indeed if an army were to consist entirely of Magistrates
or Phoenix. The resulting game would be a frustrating and Both players choose armies to the same agreed points value.
unbalanced affair, if not a complete waste of time. Army lists are Most players will find that 2,000 points is about right for a battle
employed to ensure that this does not happen! that will last an evening (2-3 hours at a leisurely pace).
Whatever you agree, this is the maximum number of points
available to you. You can spend less and will probably find it is
/ & impossible, or at least difficult, to use up every last point, most
Army lists enable two players to choose armies of equal points 2,000 points armies will therefore be something like 1,996 or
value to fight a battle, as described in the main body of the 1,999 points but they are still 2,000-point armies for our
Warhammer rules. The following list has been constructed with purposes
this purpose in mind
Once you have decided on a total points value, it is time to
The list can also be used when playing specific scenarios, either choose your force
those described in the Warhammer Rulebook, or others
including ones invented by the players. In this case, the list
provides a framework which the players can adapt as required. It
' '
might, for example, be felt necessary to increase or decrease the Characters are divided into two broad categories: Lords (the
number of characters or units allowed, or to restrict or remove most powerful characters) and heroes (the rest). The maximum
options in the standard list such as magic items or monstrous number of characters an army can include is shown on the chart
mounts. If you refer to the Scenarios section of the Warhammer below
Rulebook, you’ll find some examples of this kind. Army Max. Total Max. Max.
Points Value Characters Lords Heroes
& 0 Less than 2,000 3 0 3
The army list is divided into four sections: 2,000 or more 4 1 4
3,000 or more 6 2 6
Characters 4,000 or more 8 3 8
These represent the most deadly and powerful individuals in
Each +1,000 +2 +1 +2
your army, extraordinary warriors or skilled leaders such as
Firstborn and Magistrates. These form a vital and potent part of An army does not have to include the maximum number of
your force
characters allowed; it can always include fewer than indicated.
However, an army must include at least one character: the
Core units general. An army does not have to include lords, it can include
These units are the most common warriors. They usually form
all for its characters as heroes if you prefer. At the start of the
the bulk of the army and will often bear the brunt of the fighting.
battle, choose one of the characters to be the general and make
Every army includes core units, as there is a minimum required sure that you let your opponent know which one it is
For example, a 2,000-point army could include a Swordsaint
Firstborn (who counts as a Lord and a Hero), a Magistrate
(Hero) and a Celestial Dragon Warbreather (Hero) (i.e.: 3
characters, one who counts as two choices and takes up the Lord
" *
Troops are divided into Core, Special and Rare units. The Dogs of War are troops of other races prepared to fight for
number of each type of unit available depends on the army’s money, food, or some other reward. The most common type of
points value, indicated on the chart below. Dogs of War are the Regiments of Renown. The two terms are
both used to describe mercenary units, both work in the same
Army Core Special Rare way in the army list
Points Value Units Units Units
Less than 2,000 2+ 0-3 0-1 A selection of such regiments is available as part of the Dogs of
2,000 or more 3+ 0-4 0-2 War range of models produced by Games Workshop (as well as
several new sets of rules produced by the Cathay Studios). The
3,000 or more 4+ 0-5 0-3
descriptions and rules for these units can be found in White
4,000 or more 5+ 0-6 0-4 Dwarf magazine and are compiled in the Warhammer Annual
Each +1,000 +1 minimum + 0-1 + 0-1 and Warhammer Chronicles books, while new ones related to
Cathay can be found in the Book of Day and Night
In some cases other limitations may apply to a particular kind of The rules for individual Regiments of Renown detail exactly
unit. This is specified in the unit entry which armies may take them and which army list choices they
use up. Most Dogs of War units take up a Rare choice, but some
count as Special choices, or may take up more than one choice.
This is detailed in the individual rules of the unit itself
Each unit is represented by an entry in the army list. The unit’s
name is given and any limitations that apply are explained

The characteristic profiles for the troops in each unit are given
in the unit entry. Where several profiles are required, these are
also given, even if, as in many cases, they are optional.

Unit sizes.
Each entry specifies the minimum size for each unit. In the case
of core units this is usually ten models. In the case of your other
units, it is usually less. There are exceptions as you will see. In
some cases, units also have a maximum size

Weapons and armour.

Each entry lists the standard weapons and armour for that unit
type, the value of these items is included in the points value.
Additional or optional weapons and armour cost extra and are
covered in the Options section of the unit entry

Listed here are the different weapon, armour and equipment
options for the unit and any additional points cost for taking
them. It may also include the option to upgrade a unit member
into a champion. See the appropriate section of the Warhammer
Rulebook for details.

Special rules.
Many troops have special rules which are fully described
elsewhere in this book. These rules are also summarized for your
convenience in the army list. It would be a long and tedious
business to repeat all the special rules for every unit within the
army list itself. The army list is for every unit within the army
list itself. The army list is for presenting game rules. Wherever
possible we have indicated where special rules apply and, where
space permits, we have provided notes within the list as
‘memory joggers’. Bear in mind that these descriptions are not
necessarily exhaustive or definitive and players should refer to
the main rules for a full account.
- ) Swordsaint Firstborn Points/model: 215
The Mightiest men and women of
Cathay come from the ranks of the
Houses and the order of the
Magistrates. They are figures that Firstborn 4 6 3 5 4 3 6 4 9
inspire terrific devotion and loyalty in
Note that a Swordsaint Firstborn counts as a Lord and a Hero
their warriors and are deadly and
flamboyant presences on the
Weapons & Armour: Cathayan Longsword

Magic: A Swordsaint Firstborn is a level 1 Wizard. He can use spells

from the Lore of Light as described in the Warhammer Rulebook, or
the Lore of Day (see pg 42)
(wordsaint Firstborn are mighty
warriors who shine with glorious
power as the cut a swathe through the
• May be upgraded to a level 2 wizard (+35 pts)
enemy in the heart of battle. Able to
match a vampire or Chaos lord in • May choose light armour (+3 pts), or heavy armour (+6 pts)
pitched battle, they are some of the and may take a shield (+3pts)
deadliest warriors in existence • May choose an additional hand weapon (+6 pts)
• May choose a mix of magic items from the Common or
-iving Shadow Firstborn are most Cathay Magic items lists with a maximum total value of 100
often felt rather than seen, a dark pts.
presence shrouded by ethereal mists • May ride either a Noble Warhorse (+18 pts) or a Cloud
or hidden in suddenly darker terrain. Dragon (+300 pts)
They are the most proficient, maybe,
of all the house warriors at shaping Special Rules: Swordsaint, Yan unit (20mm base)
Chi externally and can summon up
deathly shades to augment their own
ferocious fighting ability Living Shadow Firstborn Points/model: 245
Firstborn 5 5 7 4 4 3 7 5 8
Note that a Living Shadow Firstborn counts as a Lord and a Hero

Weapons & Armour: hand weapon

Magic: A Living Shadow Firstborn is a level 2 Wizard. He can use

spells from the Lore of Death or Shadow as described in the
Warhammer Rulebook, or the Lore of Night (see pg 43)

• May be upgraded to a level 3 wizard (+50 pts)
• May choose light armour (+3 pts)
• May choose an additional hand weapon (+6 pts)
• May choose throwing stars (+6 pts)
• May choose a mix of magic items from the Common or
Cathay Magic items lists with a maximum total value of 100
• May choose a Keiyou Cloak (+45 pts)

Special Rules: Living Shadow, Ying Unit (20mm base)

Celestial Dragon Firstborn Points/model: 320
- )
There are a maximum number of
lords that can be fielded and this
varies with the size of the army (see
Firstborn 5 6 6 5 5 3 6 4 9 page 24)
Note that a Celestial Dragon Firstborn counts as a Lord and a
elestial Dragon Firstborn are awe-
Hero choice
inspiring figures, mystical flames
licking from hands and feet and a
Weapons & Armour: Fists and Feet (count as two hand weapons)
deadly, magical light glowing in their
eyes. They can kill with the lightest of
Magic: A Celestial Dragon Firstborn is a level 1 Wizard. He may
touches and break through the
choose spells from any of the basic eight Lores of Magic as described
hardest of armour with a single well
in the Warhammer Rulebook
placed strike
agistrates are not all equal in rank
• May be upgraded to a level 2 wizard (+35 pts)
and some are personally favored by
the Emperor or Empress. These
Special Rules: Celestial Dragon, Neutral unit (20mm base)
exceptional individuals are often
close councilors or consorts to the
leader of Cathay and are worshipped
as semi-deities by the common folk of
Lord Magistrate Points/model: 200
Characters’ steeds
M WS BS S T W I A LD Here are the profiles for the steeds
that can be ridden by Cathayan
Lord Magistrate 4 4 4 4 4 3 4 1 9 characters. Full rules for these
creatures can be found in the Cathay
Weapons & Armour: hand weapon Bestiary

Magic: A Lord Magistrate is a level 3 Wizard. He can use spells from Warhorse
the Lore of Heavens or Light as described in the Warhammer M WS BS S T W I A LD
Rulebook 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5

• May be upgraded to a level 4 wizard (+35 pts) Noble Warhorse
• May Choose a magistrate’s staff (+15 pts) M WS BS S T W I A LD
• May choose a mix of magic items from the Common or
8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5
Cathay Magic items lists with a maximum total value of 100
pts. Special rules: Crushing Charge
• May ride either a warhorse (+15 pts) or a Cloud Dragon
(+300 pts)
Cloud Dragon
Special Rules: Seer (20mm base)

6 5 5 5 5 5 3 5 8

Special rules: Large Target, Terror,

Fly, Scalding Breath, Insubstantial,
(50mm base)
Swordsaint Warbreather* Points/model: 85
Heroes are less powerful than lords
but are still deadly fighters and great M WS BS S T W I A LD
leaders, essential building blocks for Warbreather 4 5 3 4 4 2 5 3 8
an army. Heroes perform diverse
roles, from leaders to warriors to
generals and are important to the Weapons & Armour: Cathayan Longsword
success of your force
*ARMY GREAT SASHIMONO • May be upgraded to a level 1 wizard (+50 pts), if upgraded
One Swordsaint Warbreather may may use the Lore of Light from the Warhammer Rulebook or
carry the army Great Sashimono for the Lore of Day (see pg 42)
+25pts. • May choose light armour (+2 pts), or heavy armour (+4 pts)
and may take a shield (+2 pts)
A Swordsaint Warbreather with the • May choose an additional hand weapon (+4 pts)
Great Sashimono cannot be the • May choose a mix of magic items from the Common or
army’s general Cathay Magic items lists with a maximum total value of 50
Note that a Swordsaint Warbreather • May ride a noble warhorse (+12 pts)
carrying the Great Sashimono can
choose equipment and magic items as Special Rules: Swordsaint, Yan unit (20mm base)

(wordsaint Warbreathers are

inspirational figures whose armour
and weapons shine with inhuman Living Shadow Warbreather Points/model: 135
light and whose bodies ripple with
barely controlled power. In melee M WS BS S T W I A LD
they become whirlwinds of silver and Warbreather 5 5 6 4 4 2 6 4 8
gold, shining avatars of the
destruction of their foes.
Weapons & Armour: hand weapon

-iving Shadow Warbreathers are Magic: A Living Shadow Warbreather is a level 1 Wizard. He can use
sinister and lethal, even more so than spells from the Lore of Death or Shadow as described in the
their less experienced brethren. Adept Warhammer Rulebook, or the Lore of Night (see pg 43)
in the arts of sabotage and poisoning,
they rarely need to battle their target Options:
face to face but even if they must, few • May be upgraded to a level 2 wizard (+35 pts)
foes are a match for their blades • May choose light armour (+2 pts)
• May choose an additional hand weapon (+4 pts)
• May choose throwing stars (+4 pts)
• May choose a mix of magic items from the Common or
Cathay Magic items lists with a maximum total value of 50
• May choose a Keiyou Cloak (+45 pts)

Special Rules: Living Shadow, Ying Unit (20mm base)

Celestial Dragon Warbreather Points/model: 180 There are a maximum number of
Heroes that can be fielded and this
M WS BS S T W I A LD varies with the size of the army (see
page 24)
Warbreather 5 5 5 5 5 2 5 3 8

Weapons & Armour: Fists and Feet (count as two hand weapons) elestial Dragon Warbreathers are
fantastic warriors whose very bodies
Magic: A Celestial Dragon Warbreather is a level 0 Wizard. He may boil with power. Able to smash, burn
choose spells from any of the basic eight Lores of Magic in the and pulverize anyone who stands in
Warhammer Rulebook their way, it is a brave warrior indeed
who confronts the Dragon’s callous
Options: wrath
• May be upgraded to a level 1 wizard (+50 pts)
agistrates are the advisors of the
Special Rules: Celestial Dragon, Neutral unit (20mm base) Celestial Emperor, seers and
aristocrats that rule over Cathay with
guided hands. They are the wardens
and governors of provinces and when
those provinces come under attack
the Magistrates are the first to
organise and first to lead the defences
Magistrate Points/model: 80
Magistrate 4 3 3 3 4 2 3 1 8

Weapons & Armour: hand weapon

Magic: A Magistrate is a level 1 Wizard. He can use spells from the

Lore of Heavens or Light as described in the Warhammer Rulebook

• May be upgraded to a level 2 wizard (+35 pts)
• May Choose a magistrate’s staff (+15 pts)
• May choose a mix of magic items from the Common or
Cathay Magic items lists with a maximum total value of 50
• May ride a warhorse (+15 pts)

Special Rules: Seer (20mm base)

Core units are the most common and
prolific troops in a Cathayan army,
forming the bulk of its fighting force Lowborn Points/model: 4
and numerical strength
Lowborn 4 2 2 3 3 1 3 1 6
-owborn form the largest part of the
defenses of Cathay. Unskilled in the Warrior 4 2 2 3 3 1 3 2 7
art of war, they nevertheless present Unit size: 20+
a serious threat to those who
underestimate them: numbers, Weapons & Armour: hand weapon and additional hand weapon.
makeshift but none-the-less effective You may exchange the additional hand weapon for a spear or halberd
weaponry and furious devotion to for no extra cost.
their masters more than making up
for their lack of military skill Options:
• Upgrade one Lowborn to a Warrior for +12 pts
arclad are the strongest and • Upgrade one Lowborn to a Musician for +6 pts
bravest members of the Lowborn
populace who train regularly with Special Rules: Devotion (20mm base)
well crafted equipment. While lacking
the fury of Lowborn in battle, the
Warclad form the backbone of
Cathay’s standing military, a well
equipped and efficient fighting force
that is always ready to defend
Warclad Points/model: 4
Warclad 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 8
Warborn 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 2 8
Unit size: 10+

Weapons & Armour: hand weapon

• Upgrade one Warclad to a Warborn for +4 pts
• Promote one Warclad to a Musician for +6 pts
• may be equipped with Cathayan Longswords (+2 pts), flails
(+2 pts) or halberds (+1 pt)
• may be equipped with light armour (+1 pt)

Special Rules: (20mm base)

Gospodar Horsemen** Points/model: 14
M WS BS S T W I A LD There are a minimum number of Core
Gospodar 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 units that can be fielded and this
varies with the size of the army (see
Chieftain 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 2 7 page 25)
Warhorse 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5
Unit size: 5+
hough the great majority of the
Weapons & Armour: hand weapon and short bow Gospodar people have already
migrated west, troupes of the
Options: nomadic horsemen are still common
• Upgrade one Gospodar to a Chieftain for +14 pts throughout Cathay, especially in the
• Promote one Gospodar to a Musician for +7 pts north, their old homeland. Their
• may be equipped with spears (+2 pts) services are often called upon by the
• may be equipped with light armour (+2 pts) Magistrates to harass enemy
formations or act as message runners
Special Rules: Fast Cavalry (Cavalry base) and scouts

-owborn are sometimes given the

task of preventing crime or hunting
down transgression. Trained in the
use of Cathayan volley crossbows as
Lowborn Skirmishers** Points/model: 4 well as their makeshift weapons, in
battle these men and women provide
M WS BS S T W I A LD close support and protection for their
Lowborn 4 2 2 3 3 1 3 1 6 brethren, attacking enemy scouts and
weaker troops
Magistrar 4 2 3 3 3 1 3 1 7
Unit size: 10-30
**: You must have at least one unit of
Weapons & Armour: hand weapon Lowborn for each unit of Lowborn
Skirmishers and Gospodar Horsemen
Options: in your army
• Upgrade one Lowborn to a Magistrar for +5 pts
• Promote one Lowborn to a Musician for +5 pts
• may be equipped with additional hand weapons (+1 pt)
• may be equipped with volley crossbows (+2 pts)

Special Rules: Devotion, Skirmish (20mm base)

( ' &/
Special units are more suited to Swordsaints Points/model: 12
specific roles on the battlefield and
as such are not found in every force. M WS BS S T W I A LD
They are rarer than core troops as the Swordsaint 4 4 3 4 3 1 4 1 8
skills they possess are much more
difficult to find Kensai 4 4 3 4 3 1 4 2 8
Unit size: 10+

Weapons & Armour: Cathayan Longsword, light armour

(wordsaints were the first of the
Houses of Cathay to be formed- Cho- Options:
la, the founder of the house, was the • Upgrade one Swordsaint to a Kensai for +12 pts, who may
first to offer his services to the be equipped with a Sashimono for +12 pts
Celestial Emperor Onashino and • Upgrade one Swordsaint to a Musician for +7 pts
since that time the Swordsaints have • may be equipped with additional hand weapons (+2 pts)
become one of the greatest military • may be equipped with heavy armour (+2 pts) and/or shields
institutions of the world. (+2 pts)

he Living Shadows were the third of Special Rules: Swordsaints, Yan Unit (20mm base)
the houses to be created, and the
name of their founder is shrouded in
darkness like the warriors of Living
Shadows, who go unseen until the
time is right to destroy their foes
utterly and with freezing
Living Shadows Points/model: 14
mercilessness M WS BS S T W I A LD
Living Shadow 4 4 5 3 3 1 4 1 7
Nightblade 4 4 5 3 3 1 4 2 7
Unit size: 5-15

Weapons & Armour: hand weapon

• Upgrade one Living Shadow to a Nightblade for +14 pts
• may be equipped with additional hand weapons (+2 pts)
and/or throwing stars (+2 pts)
• may be equipped with light armour (+1 pt)

Special Rules: Living Shadows, Ying Unit (20mm base)

( ' &/
There are a minimum number of
Thunder Dragons Points/model: 80 Special units that can be fielded and
this varies with the size of the army
M WS BS S T W I A LD (see page 25)
Dragon 4 4 4 4 5 3 1 2 5
Handler 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 8
hunder Dragons often serve as
Unit size: 1-3. Each Thunder Dragon includes 3 Handlers
strong points in a Cathayan line,
protecting it against heavy cavalry
Weapons & Armour: a vicious bite and very bad breath. Handlers
and monsters while providing an
carry a variety of whips, goads and prods that count as a hand weapon
additional bit of muscle and tooth
when the enemy closes. However,
Special Rules: Breathe Lightning, Battle of Wills, Sluggish, Scaly
Thunder Dragons are temperamental
Skin (5+) (Dragon: 40mm base, Handler: 20mm base)
by nature and it often requires a lot of
skill to actually keep them pointed at
the enemy

he house of the Celestial Dragon

Celestial Dragon Monks Points/model: 19 was the second house to be founded
by the great warrior Te-huan. Of all
M WS BS S T W I A LD the founders, Te-Huan was the only
native Cathayan, though he lived in
Monk 4 4 3 4 4 1 4 2 8
Nippon, and as such he named his
Abbot 4 4 3 4 4 1 4 3 8 house after the symbol of his
homeland and new master. The
Unit size: 5+
Celestial Dragons are the most
feared warriors of Cathay and their
Weapons & Armour: Fists and feet (count as two hand weapons)
reputation is justly deserved
Foo Statues stand guard outside the
• Upgrade one Celestial Dragon to an Abbot for +15 pts
cities and temples of Cathay, waiting
to be animated in times of need, gifts
Special Rules: Celestial Dragons, Neutral Unit (20mm base)
of food and incense often lie about
their feet, as if to appease the
slathering hunger and lust for battle
that is awakened in these magical
creatures when their masters go to
Foo Statues Points/model: 27
Foo Statue 8 4 0 4 4 1 4 2 8
Unit size: 5+

Weapons & Armour: Stony claws and teeth

Special Rules: Stony, Immune to Psychology (Cavalry base)

/ Swordsaint Hatamoto Points/model: 32
Rare units are the most uncommon
and powerful units in the Cathayan M WS BS S T W I A LD
army, from superhuman warriors to
devastating monsters, rare units are Hatamoto 4 5 3 4 3 1 4 2 8
not often seen on the battlefield Bladeservant 4 5 3 4 3 1 4 3 8
Noble Warhorse 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5
Unit size: 5-15
atamoto are the personal
bodyguard of the Celestial Emperor Weapons & Armour: Cathayan Longsword and light armour
or Empress when they venture
abroad. Mounted on the finest Options:
warhorses in the east, their charge • Upgrade one Hatamoto to a Bladeservant for +20 pts, who
can overcome even the fell warriors may be equipped with a Sashimono for +20 pts
of Chaos with decisive ease • Upgrade one Hatamoto to a musician for +10 pts
• Any unit may be equipped with heavy armour (+2 pts) and/or
nd Shadows are the finest of the shields (+2 pts)
Living Shadow house. Equipped with
cloaks and robes of the finest silk, Special Rules: Swordsaints, Yan unit (Cavalry base)
enchanted to catch the very winds of
magic, Wind Shadows swoop down
from storm clouds and black mist to
end the lives of their foes
Wind Shadows Points/model: 24
Wind Shadow 4 4 5 4 3 1 5 1 7
Monkey Warrior 4 4 5 4 3 1 5 2 7
Unit size: 3-12

Weapons & Armour: hand weapon, Keiyou Cloak

• Upgrade one Wind Shadow to a Monkey Warrior for +18 pts
• may be equipped with additional hand weapons (+3 pts)
and/or throwing stars (+3 pts)
• may be equipped with light armour (+1 pt)

Special Rules: Living Shadows, Ying Unit (20mm base)

Phoenix Points/model: 310

Phoenix 3 6 0 4 5 5 10 4 10
A Phoenix counts as 2 rare choices.

Unit size: 1

Weapons & Armour: Fiery wings and a diamond hard beak

Special Rules: Blaze Attack, Fly, Terror, Fire Immunity, Rebirth

(50mm base)
Ronin Points/model: 220
There are a maximum number of
Ronin 6 7 6 5 4 3 6 4 9 Rare units that can be fielded and this
varies with the size of the army (see
Unit size: 1
page 25)
Weapons & Armour: hand weapon

he Ronin are warriors without equal
• May choose a Cathayan Longsword (+12 pts) and/or
in Cathay, and are tasked with its
throwing stars (+6 pts) and/or an additional hand weapon (+6
protection against infiltrating Chaos
cults and other insidious threats to
• May choose a shield (+4pts) and/or light armour (+4 pts) Great Cathay. No mortal man can
• May choose poisons from the poisons section of the magical best a Ronin in single combat, for
items list up to a maximum value of 50 pts they are perfect humans who have
spent their entire existences
Special Rules: Warrior Incarnate, Scout, Solitaire, Neutral Unit preparing for battle in mind, body
(25mm base) and soul

athay draws mercenaries and Dogs

of War like moths to a flame, the
Dogs of War Points/model: Variable riches it promises luring thousands of
mercenaries to the glittering east. In
Dogs of war are mercenary units you can hire to supplement your
times of need, the Magistrates will
army sometimes part with a few of the
riches of their land in order to gain
You may opt to choose a unit of dogs of war as a rare unit choice, the services of these sell-swords
unless otherwise stated in the Dogs of War unit’s special rules

Cathayans may hire any normal dogs of war regiments and the
following regiments of renown:
Arsanil the Dragonlord, Truthsayer, Fenbeasts, Gilead & Fithvael,
Gotrek & Felix, Bearmen of Urslo, Braganza’s Besiegers, Marksmen
of Miragliano, Leopold’s Leopard Company, The Alcatani
Fellowship, Ricco’s Republican Guard, Pirazzo’s Lost Legion,
Vespero’s Vendetta, Al Muktar’s Desert Dogs, Birdmen of
Catatrazza, Bronzio’s Galloper Guns, The Cursed Company,
Golgfag’s Ogres, Gryphon Legion, Bugman’s Rangers, Long Drong’s
Slayer Pirates, Lumpin Croop’s Fighting Cocks, Malakai makaisson’s
Goblin Hewer, Ruglud’s Armoured Orcs, Tichi Huichi’s Raiders,
Voland’s Venators.
In this section the common magic items are listed first (see the Warhammer Rulebook for a complete description). They are followed by a
list of ‘Cathay only’ magic items. These items can only be used by models from this book and must be selected within the points
limitations set by the army list section. Note that all the rules for magic items presented in the Warhammer Rulebook also apply to the
‘Cathay only’ magic items

Blade of the Silver Moon 100 points

' Living Shadow only
May only be carried by the army’s general
Sword of Striking* 30pts
The Blade of the Silver Moon is the most potent weapon in the
Weapon; +1 To Hit.
Living Shadow armoury, a blade of dull but deadly power. The
moon can be seen constantly reflected in its blackened blade and
Sword of Battle* 25pts
it creates a terrifying mist around its bearer, allowing him to
Weapon; +1 Attack.
strike unseen and fill his enemies with dread
Sword of Might* 20pts The character receives +3 Attacks
Weapon; +1 Strength. Contains bound spell, Shadows of Death, power level 4.

Biting Blade* 10pts Cho Liu’s Claws 75 points

Weapon; -1 Armour Save. Living Shadow only
These razor-like fighting talons drip with a venom deadlier than
Enchanted Shield 10pts any else known to the Living Shadow house. Said to be the fangs
Armour; 5+ Armour Save of a mythological Zhiguai known as ‘Cho Liu’ they allow the
bearer to enter a trance in which he can pounce on his prey with
Talisman of Protection 15pts a flurry of blows.
Talisman; 6+ Ward Save
Two hand weapons. Always wound on a 2+. On a roll of 6 to hit
while using this weapon, the character gains a further attack that
Staff of Sorcery 50pts
phase. You do not get another attack from a second six rolled
Arcane; +1 to dispel
Dispel Scroll 25pts
Stars of Ji-lao: 45 points
Arcane; automatically dispel an enemy spell
Living Shadow only
Caked in the blood of foes of the Living Shadows, this set of old
Power Stone 25pts
and unusually large throwing stars is a deadly weapon in the
Arcane; +2 dice to cast a spell
hands of any bearer. At their user’s bidding the stars split in
mid-flight, peppering the enemy with small disks, or grow to
*Note that any weapon purchased by a Swordsaint will become
huge proportions, becoming a discus of cannonball-like
a Cathayan Longsword in addition to its other abilities
proportions that can shatter stone and cleave a man clean in
Throwing stars. The bearer may throw up to D6 of the stars per
'* , shooting phase, or alternatively throw a single star at double his
Blade of the Golden Sun 100 points
Swordsaint only Spineripper 40 points
May only be carried by the army’s general. Living Shadow only
Forged by the founder of the Swordsaints himself, the blade of The Spineripper is a cruel and jagged short sword forged with
the golden sun is the traditional armament for the greatest spells of trickery and deceit. It is guided by some unseen force
Firstborn of the Swordsaints. In battle it becomes into the vital centers of its victim and many have ended their
a brand of fire, weaving incandescent arcs through air and flesh lives with the Spineripper embedded deep in their backs.
alike, emboldening the allies of its bearer with its glory
The character gains +1 strength and +1 attack when attacking
Cathayan Longsword, attacks with this weapon automatically from the flank or rear of a unit or character. Note that
wound and count as flaming. skirmishers and single models on foot do not have a flank or
Contains a bound spell, Ancestor’s Courage, power level 4. rear.
Obsidian Dagger 30 points
Living Shadow only
This lustrous black dagger radiates a powerful field of anti-
magic, defeating magical protections and unerringly seeking the
victim’s heart.
Ignores ward saves. Armour saves are taken as normal.

Fang of the East 25 points

Swordsaint Only
The Fang of the East is thought to be created from a tooth come
from the first of all dragons. Brought to the orient by a great
warrior of the Swordsaint house, the fang was fitted with a
handle and carved with arcane marks of cleaving. Huge and
wickedly sharp, it fills its bearer with the strength of its previous
owner. ' $
Cathayan Longsword. The character automatically wounds on a
roll of 5-6 to hit. Armour of the Great Flame 65 points
Swordsaint Only
Blazing Stars 25 points This armour flickers with everlasting flame, woven from magical
Living Shadow only fibres that have been consecrated in the great fire itself; it turns
These throwing stars burn with a cold light, a searing and the bearer into a walking beacon. Flames lick out from his
deadly weapon that, when thrown, ignites and smashes into its body, melting incoming blows or turning them aside.
target with the force of a falling star.
Light armour. Any Armour Save the bearer would normally
These throwing stars bestow +1 strength and flaming attacks have becomes a Ward Save. For example, if he would normally
when using them. have a 4+ Armour Save, he has a 4+ Ward Save instead. This
includes bonuses for being mounted and those for using a hand
Blade of Vengeance: 20 points weapon and shield in close combat. Note that the ward save
Swordsaint only replaces the armour save and is not in addition to it. The
This sword is one of the older heirlooms of the Swordsaint character is also immune to all flaming attacks.
house, dating back far into the mists of time. Thought to have
been owned by the mad Warbreather Nakashima Makoto who Gleaming Darkness 50 points
went on a rampage after his brethren were slain by a Chaos Living Shadow only
warband. He cut his way through the midst of the enemy,
Made from fibres of the Jarga plant, renowned for its onyx-like
receiving a score of wounds, but he seemed to recover them as if
shine and tough, flexible stems, the Gleaming Darkness is
he consumed the vitality of the foes he fought. Only when the
further enhanced by weakening juices that cripple all those not
battle was long over did he succumb to his wounds.
inoculated against them, simply by breathing the smallest whiff
Cathayan Longsword, for every three wounds (saved or of poison.
unsaved) dealt by the bearer he may add one to his own wound
total up to double his starting total. Light armour. Subtract D3 strength from all close combat hits on
bearer. Make this roll at the start of each combat phase to
Blade of the Sky 10 points determine the effectiveness of the armour against all attacks for
The blade of the sky is one of the oldest heirlooms of Cathay, it that phase
crackles with power, drawing on the power of storms and stars
and wracking its victims with vicious energy, especially lethal The Tarnished Scales 50 points
against large beasts and other monsters Swordsaint only
If carried by a Swordsaint, this weapon counts as a Cathayan The tarnished scales are said to have come from a huge
Longsword. An unsaved wound caused by this weapon becomes Thunder Dragon. Forged by Nipponese master smiths by
2 wounds on a 4+ fastening the scales to enchanted leather, this armour is
legendary for its ability to absorb impacts.
Heavy armour, ignore first unsaved wound (before multipliers)
The Crest of Dawn 25 points
The Staghelm 40 points Swordsaint only
Swordsaint only A symbol of the triumph of light over darkness, the crest burns
A great helm of lacquered metal and wood, decorated with two with a powerful light that destroys Undead. Daemons also are
huge antlers, the Staghelm imbues the bearer with a spirit to destroyed by this potent icon of purity, their hellspawned forms
match the fighting stags that bound and duel across Cathay each no match for the wash of cleansing light.
year in a spectacular battle for glory. Any Undead model or Daemon that lies in base to base contact
6+ save that combines with other armour. The character gets +1 with the character at the start of the magic phase must make a
weapon skill and +1 attack. leadership test or suffer a wound. All Undead and Daemons
within 6” also suffer a -1 penalty to their leadership.
Ice Dragon Hide 35points
Living Shadow only
Made from the hide of the great dragon Isthil, this suit of ' )
armour imbues the natural properties of the ice dragons that
inhabit the Mountains of Mourn into a human bearer. A Hindon Feather 70 points
freezing aura encompasses the wearer, chilling his opponents Swordsaint only
and sapping their will The Hindon are gigantic seabirds that live off the eastern coasts
of Cathay. Occasionally a feather of one of these majestic
Light armour. Enemies in base contact with the character suffer
creatures is found and, due to its extreme receptivity to magic, is
–1 to their initiative. In addition, any enemy unit in base to base
enchanted with powerful spells. Often worn by Swordsaints as a
contact with the character suffer a -1 penalty to their leadership.
helmet plume or hilt decoration, it makes the bearer seem to be
larger and more powerful than in actual life
& Any wounds caused by the bearer are doubled for the purposes
of combat resolution only, so 2 wounds would become 4 in
Token of Celestial Favor: 65 points combat resolution for example
Occasionally the Celestial Emperor will be so pleased with the
exploits of his warriors that he may grant one a token of his
The Gem of the Heavens 50 points
favour, a symbol that the Emperor is with them. These items are
Bound Spell: Power Level 5
not idle, for they glow with magical light and inspire all near
The gem of the heavens is an ancient sapphire enchanted by the
them to even greater feats of valour. celestial court. Inside the gem is visible a tiny model of the night
Every Cathayan unit with a model within 12” of the character sky and, if one looks closely, images of times yet to come fly past
gains +1 leadership one’s eyes.
Contains a bound spell: second sign of Amul.
Pendant of Jade: 50 points
Made from pure jade, the stone of nature, vitality and healing, Sukri’s Veil: 50 points
this pendant replenishes the vigor of its wearer, green energy Living Shadow only
flowing from the stone to knit wounds and heal fractures as they The veil of the widow Sukri, a feared Living Shadow assassin
are caused. who was killed by a Keeper of Secrets is one of the most potent
The character gains regeneration. relics of the Living Shadow house. Saturated by her own Chi and
that of the dread Daemon, the veil is imprinted with her last
Crown of Swords: 35 points expression of revolting horror and it constantly whispers dark
This halo of whirling blades stops and deflects strikes aimed at threats to the corrupt, terrifying those who look upon it.
its wearer, even blasts of magic or cannonballs are smashed Bearer causes terror
aside by the relentless whirling of the blades
5+ Ward Save. Any enemy model in base to base contact at the The Bronze Ring: 35 points
beginning of the combat phase suffers an automatic strength 2 Swordsaint only
hit. Any wounds caused by this do count towards combat The bronze ring is an heirloom of the Swordsaint House. Worn
resolution by the original Firstborn of the Swordsaints who was stabbed
through the heart, lung and liver but fought on regardless and
Mask of the Devildancers 30 points only fell when his foes were defeated, this ring endows a portion
Originally discovered in the Mountains of Mourn, the Mask of of his spirit to the bearer
the Devildancers is thought to have come from the hardy folk Any attacks that cause multiple wounds or would instantly kill
that inhabit the far south of those mountains, near to the Dragon the bearer such as cannon balls and the Violet fire of Tzeentch
Isles and Ind. Though ceremonial, the mask is enchanted and spell cause only a single wound instead.
twists and shifts with leering faces that bore into the mind and
fill the wearer’s enemies with terrifying thoughts
The character causes fear
Shroud of Deception: 35 points
Ming-Su’s Heart 50 points
Living Shadow only One use only
Woven with spells of enchantment and concealment, the Shroud The heart of the great warrior Ming-Su, preserved in a glass
of Deception fools the eyes of those who look at it, making themsphere for the ages, the heart still beats with anger against the
think their prey is much further away or difficult to reach. magic that struck its owner down. The heart lashes out with its
own energy when a spell is cast, halting it and blasting the mind
Any models wishing to shoot, target magic at or charge the
of the caster with feedback.
character must roll 2d6 and double the result. If the result is
equal or greater than the number of inches to the bearer then Counts as a dispel scroll. In addition, on a roll of 4+ the casting
they may target him as normal. If not then the charge, spell or wizard may not use that spell for the rest of the battle
shooting automatically fail. This does not affect any unit the
character is with, nor does it affect units that are immune to The Astrolabe 55 points
psychology Contained inside a small sphere of crystal, this set of magical
gears and spheres allows its owner to tune deeply into the
The Book of Day and Night 40 points mysteries of the winds and increase his understanding of the
Bound spell: Power Level 3
fickle tides of magic.
A large tome containing the wonders of the knowledge of
Cathay, the Book of Day and Night pulses with power. However, The character knows one extra spell.
the pages are random and change each time the book is closed, The character may choose his spells.
so even the wise can never tell what might come out
At the beginning of each of your magic phases, roll a d6: Bracers of Channeling 20 points
The bracers of channeling take the form of an intertwined pair
1-2 has no effect
of snakes that fit around the forearms of the bearer, their heads
3-4 contains one random Day Lore spell
resting flat on his palms. When he casts a spell, the mouths of
5-6 contains one random Night Lore spell.
The spell is determined by rolling a D6 as if choosing a spell. the serpents open, releasing more pent up energy to fuel the
The Shialan Torc 30 points Adds +1 power dice to the pool, useable only by the bearer
Living Shadow only- one use only
Bound Spell: Power Level 6
Created in Nippon during the early ages of the east, this amulet,
unlike western items using obsidian, focuses on the disruption of
material items rather than magic. Swords bend around the
bearer and he can make bowstrings snap or powder dampen at a
wave of his hand.
Contains bound spell, bane of forged steel

Robes of Purity 40 points

These robes were spun by silk beetles born in the celestial
palace. Untainted by Chaos, they form a barrier against magic
and corruption.
The character gains magic resistance (2)


Mica’s Star Chart 65 points

The fabled star chart of the Magistrate Mica, this sheet of
lacquered parchment covers in perfect detail the night sky,
allowing mages to better plot the heavens and draw from the
winds of magic that are linked to them
The character gets +1 the total rolled to cast spells and a further
+1 if he is using a spell from the Lore of Heavens.
1- % ( )* ) &2

Sandcrawler’s Sting 50pts

Brewed from the extracted venom of the deadly sand-scorpions
that live just under the surface of the deserts of Araby, this
poison is deadly with even the slightest nick. One quart of this
venom is enough to kill a human army and the Living Shadows
dip their swords fully just to be sure.
The bearer always wounds on a 2+.

Madness Juice 45pts

This poison sends a man mad in instants, making them believe
their comrades are their enemies. The few survivors of this
poison are often either simply put out of their misery, or kept
locked and chained in dungeons where their ravings will not
harm any of their former comrades.
When wounded, the victim will immediately make a full round & ) 3$ 45 &
of attacks against any unit they are a part of, using whatever
weapons the Cathayan player chooses. If the character is not in a
unit, he suffers an additional d3 str3 hits with no armour save. Quan-zela was one of the greatest artificers of Cathay.
He may then attack back if he hasn’t already. If the wound kills He lived during the times of the first Celestial
him then he naturally does not get to attack. Emperor, the great Onashino. Unlike his brethren in
Nippon, Quan’s weapon lay in his ability to craft
The Green Lotus 35pts deadly toxins rather than razored blades, and he did so
The most insidious of the poisons of the orient, the green lotus with such loving care that to each of his poisons he
makes the victim believe they have superhuman strength and gave a name as if it were one of his own children.
power while really they are wasting away visibly before their Foremost among these was Lotus Blossom, created
comrades. from the blood of chimeras and the bile of the great
serpents that live in the jungles of Cathay. So potent it
Once wounded the victim must make a stupidity test on 3d6, was that it had to be kept in a magically sealed vial lest
combining the results, each turn. In addition he must either issue the minutest whiff overwhelm the artificer as he
or accept a challenge every combat phase if it is possible for him worked. One day, as he toiled in his shop, a party of
to do so. Additional wounds have no further effect beastmen attacked his town and slaughtered the
populace, bursting into Quan-zela’s shop. Before they
The Magebane 35pts could lay their hands on him however, he shattered the
This is a rare poison that destroys the system in the cerebrum of lotus blossom vial in the face of the beastlord. Even
a sentient creature that allows him to harness the winds of today, nothing grows within several miles of that
magic. His training still allows him to drag the power in from village and, though men can travel through it with the
the winds, but no longer can he shape it with his hands and correct precautions, no Cathayan would risk doing so
mind. and raising the ire of Quan-zela’s spirit.
A wizard that suffers an unsaved wound from the character can
no longer cast spells, though he generates power and dispel dice
as usual.

Etsuchin 30pts
Etsuchin is a lethal venom extracted from the blood of mere-
dragons found in the northern Mountains of Mourn. It courses
through the body like wildfire and the victim inevitably dies both
quickly and painfully
The bearer gains killing blow
Of all the practitioners of magic of the Warhammer world, the therefore can be expended at one’s leisure. Chi is excreted by the
seers and Chi-masters of Cathay are some of the most souls of sentient creatures; it is magic at its rarest, basest form. It
mysterious and powerful. Both practice a form of magic that is is created by the emotions and feelings- fear, joy, pain, lust and
alien to most magic users. The Magistrates practice magic with grief are just some- and is quickly swallowed up into the realm
purified energy, cleansed of the taint of Chaos that soars upon of Chaos as it leaks from the body. The warriors of the Houses
the Winds of Magic. The warriors of the Houses practice magic learn to harness this power before it leaves their body, use it to
drawn from inside their own minds and bodies, a raw and strengthen their minds and bodies beyond what a human would
powerful force that can be as subtle as a caress or as blunt and normally be capable of. If some sages have commented that the
deadly as a sledgehammer. Neither of these magics is House warriors appear superhuman, they are correct, for they
comprehended by any who do not practice them, and even those course with magic, rolling and flowing around them and through
who are skilled in the art do not fully understand their skills. The them, urging muscles and sinew to grow iron hard and as
magic known as Chi to the warriors of the orient forms the core flexible as bowstrings. The greatest masters of the Houses can
of the philosophies of the Houses. It is an all permeating, all physically grasp this energy as it escapes their body and shape it
pervading presence that, when tapped, is as powerful as true into deadly spells in the same way as other mages, blasting their
magic. As its origins are internal, its use is more limited than foes with gouts of power or letting their essence flow into those
true magic, which can be drawn in almost limitless supply from around them, emboldening and strengthening them in battle.
the winds of magic and
- "
To randomly generate a spell from the Lore of Day, roll a D6 and consult the chart below. If you roll the same spell twice, roll again. Any
mage can swap one spell for Dayswords if you so wish. Note that Day Magic counts as High Magic for the purposes of determining
immunities/vulnerabilities and so forth.

D6 Spell Difficulty
1 Dayswords 4+
2 Xiao-lan’s Invigoration 6+
3 Ancestor’s Courage 8+
4 Icon of Battle 9+
5 Bane of Cowards 9+
6 Incarnation of War 11+

Dayswords Cast on 4+ Icon of Battle Cast on 9+

Calling upon his Chi, the warrior sends a whirlwind of brilliant As he rushes into battle, the warrior allows his Chi to stream
energy blades scything through enemies near him. The character from his body, becoming beams of brilliant light as it pours from
gains an additional d3+1 attacks at his basic strength and his mouth, eyes, hands and every other avenue of escape, turning
initiative in the subsequent combat phase. These attacks have all him into a living pillar of energy that terrifies his enemies
the normal benefits of any magic items or weapons the warrior is During the next combat the caster takes part in he gains an
carrying and take place before any combatants strike blows. additional +d6 combat resolution, exactly as if he had caused an
They do not, however, count towards combat resolution. additional d6 wounds. However, if he should die before combat
is resolved, the additional points are lost. If the caster has not
Xiao-Lan’s Invigoration Cast on 6+ fought in any combats by the beginning of his next turn, the
The warrior inhales deeply, infusing his Chi with positive energy effects of this spell are lost
before bestowing it upon himself or his comrades, strengthening
them against the rigors of battle Any single model within the Bane of Cowards Cast on 9+
unit containing the character or any other model within the Remains in play
character's line of sight within 6” gains +1 to his strength, Focusing his hatred of cowards who would use ranged weapons
toughness, initiative and attacks until the beginning of the next to attack his brethren instead of meeting them in righteous battle,
friendly magic phase. A model may not have multiple instances the warrior forms a magical shield around himself and his
of this spell in effect upon him at any one time comrades, creating a near impervious shield against the missiles
of the foe. The caster and any unit he is with gain a 3+ ward save
Ancestor’s Courage Cast on 8+ against missiles, including warmachines. This save is reduced to
Allowing his Chi to flow out of him while still pure, the warrior a 5+ against magic shooting (this includes magic bows, magic
creates a beacon for the spirits of his forefathers, drawing them missile spells, runic war machines and so on)
to him like moths to a flame. They watch over him and his
comrades, filling them with renewed courage and purpose Incarnation of War Cast on 11+
The caster and any unit he is with become immune to psychology Mustering up every ounce of Chi in his body, the warrior lets
and gain a +1 bonus to their leadership until the start of the next loose a mighty battle-cry, echoing through the hearts of his foes
friendly magic phase. and sending them fleeing or cowering in terror at the sight of
him. Every enemy unit within 12” and possessing line of sight to
the caster must immediately take a panic test or flee. Undead test
as if their general or hierophant has been destroyed and
Daemons test for instability. The amount of Chi required to
manifest this spell is such, however, that if the spell is cast
successfully, roll a d6. On a 1 the warrior has lost control of the
flow of his Chi and suffers a single wound with no armour or
ward saves allowed.
To randomly generate a spell from the Lore of Night, roll a D6 and consult the chart below. If you roll the same spell twice, roll again.
Any mage can swap one spell for Darkness Scythes if you so wish. Note that Night Magic counts as Dark Magic for the purposes of
determining immunities/vulnerabilities and so forth.

D6 Spell Difficulty
1 Darkness Scythes 5+
2 Otashi’s Weakening 6+
3 Shadows of Death 7+
4 Path of Shades 8+
5 Mist of Horrors 9+
6 Ends of Night 11+

Darkness Scythes Cast on 5+ Path of Shades Cast on 8+

Magic missile The caster releases a burst of Chi that breaks down the bonds
Sheathing his own weapons, the warrior creates blades of pure between the material and spirit world, stepping in amongst the
shadow that he hurls towards his foes, chilling them to the core spirits of his ancestors. Intangible as mist, he moves among the
and filling them with fear. Range 12”. The spell causes d3 enemy like a ghost. His blades, however, remain chillingly
strength 3 hits. If any unsaved wounds are caused by this spell, deadly. The caster becomes ethereal (cannot be struck by non
the enemy must take a panic test. magical attacks, can move through difficult or impassable terrain
as if it were open ground but cannot end turn in impassable
Otashi’s Weakening Cast on 6+ terrain) until the beginning of the next friendly magic phase. He
Releasing his Chi and allowing it to become corrupt, the warrior also becomes unbreakable for the duration of the spell or until
sends it flowing into his enemy, filling them with the he suffers a wound.
imperfections of Chaos, buckling their limbs and sapping their
strength. One enemy model within line of sight and 12” suffers - Mist of Horrors Cast on 9+
1 to their strength, toughness, initiative and attacks until the start Remains in play
of the next friendly magic phase. Multiple instances of this spell Calling up a terrifying mist, the warrior shrouds himself in
can affect a single model at once. Note that a statistic may not be cloying darkness that reaches out and grasps at foes, filling their
lowered below 1 with this spell and only one instance of the minds with dark thoughts and blackening their hearts with terror.
spell may affect a model at any one time The caster and any unit he is with cause terror. Unlike a normal
remains in play spell, the caster is free to cast other spells while
Shadows of Death Cast on 7+ maintaining this spell.
Remains in play
Summoning darkness around him, the warrior fills the air with Ends of Night Cast on 10+
sounds of pain and grief shrouding himself and his brethren in a Covering himself or his foes in blackness and brushing aside the
cloud of shimmering, twisting fear. The caster and any unit he is very strands of time, the warrior sends his comrades hurtling into
with cause fear. Unlike a normal remains in play spell, the caster a new position or leaves his enemy to stumble aimlessly in the
is free to cast other spells while maintaining this spell. dark. You may immediately move one friendly unit within 6” of
the caster. This is a normal move and subject to normal
restrictions (terrain, can’t march within 8” of an enemy etc). The
move can be used to charge, in which case the enemy may only
hold as a charge reaction. Alternatively the spell may be targeted
at an enemy unit within 6” of the caster. That unit may not
move, shoot or cast magic during the next turn, though they will
still fight in combat as normal.
0 6- ) $)
The great Magistrate Tziet is a figure both held in awe and form of the master of Khuresh, Tzaanor the black, Beastlord of
feared by all the peoples of the orient. He is the right hand of the Leng.
Emperor, agelessly wise and terrifyingly powerful. Of all human
mages, Tziet is the greatest of those who practice the magic of Even Tziet’s uncanny premonitions and predictions proved
the heavens, able to foresee events to occur centuries in the fruitless against the shadowy lord of the jungle and again and
future with unparalleled accuracy and even more able to call again the armies of Cathay struck and found themselves fighting
upon the fury of the sky to smite the enemies of Cathay. Like shadows while towns many miles away were burned and
most Magistrates, Tziet was one of the richer Lowborn of corrupted by the beasts.
Cathay, the son of a wealthy family of spice collectors who
inhabited southern Cathay, near to the borders of Khuresh. Eventually Tziet brought the murderous Tzaanor to battle and
Tziet’s family was killed when he was still an infant, slaughtered that clash was the like of none seen in the worlds, Old or New.
in their fields by the sinister beasts that occasionally strike out Lightning danced and thunder struck, twisting, chaotic forms
from the deathly jungles and wreak carnage among the common gibbered and sung through the air, melting men and turning
folk of Cathay. Tziet, blinded by grief and anger, took his flesh into writhing energy. Chara was struck by an incandescent
father’s scythe and pursued the beasts back into their homeland. bolt of energy conjured by Tzaanor and was near mortally
wounded. Furious, Tziet charged the beastlord, all the lightning
Few who venture into Khuresh return and fewer still return with of the gathering storm channeling into his staff, which split and
their sanity intact. Yet, against the odds, several weeks later, buckled with the sheer immensity of magical energy contained
Tziet returned to his village, one arm limp and bloodless and the within it. Throwing himself at Tzaanor, Tziet smashed his staff
other clasped tight around the blood-soaked hair of the head of downwards, crackling energy scorching flesh from bone, yet
a great beast, the leader of the creatures who had ravaged his before the blow could truly connect a dark cloud surrounded the
family. Tziet did not speak, though he allowed the village beastlord and his sinister masters spirited him away, leaving
shaman to dress and tend to his wound. The next day, he took a Tziet’s power to earth into the blasted ground.
horse and set out to Weijin.
The Beasts of Leng, seeing their leader seemingly defeated, were
Months later, the young Cathayan reached the foothills of the finally broken by the combined efforts of the Cathayan Houses
mountains of heaven and, riding steadily upwards, passed into and fled back deep into the jungle where even the Living
the forbidden reaches of the mountains. The Phoenix observed Shadows would not pursue them. Tziet returned to Ho-Huan,
his passage and, though they kill all who are not pure enough to nursing both his draconic companion and his vendetta with the
evil of Khuresh. To this day, Tziet and Tzaanor still dance their
pass into the influence of the flame, they did not strike, for they
saw into the young man’s soul, and while it was bitter and vengeful dance, ever shifting and changing to attempt to
consumed with the thirst for vengeance, it was pure, as pure as wrongfoot their all knowing adversary. Yet Tziet is not wholly
any Magistrate’s. Tziet ascended the never-ending stair and, consumed by his feud and there are many battles that have felt
finally, reached the gates to the Emperor’s palace where he was the presence of the High Magistrate, to the despair of the foes of
admitted to an audience with the God-Heart of Cathay. It is said Cathay. Tziet is a stern presence beside the Emperor, the right
among the Magistrates that that meeting was silent, not a word hand of his master in all things. He is an awesome figure to the
passing the lips of either man, yet when Tziet left the chamber, men and women of Cathay, a symbol of the divine leader of
he was carrying the great staff which is the Magistrate’s badge Cathay and his will and arm in the affairs of Cathay. He still
of office and his face was clear and no longer darkened. soars above the land on the back of his faithful dragon, Chara
and still the enemies of the Dragon Throne shudder at his
Tziet showed enormous talent for the celestial magicks of the tempestuous approach
Magistrates and rapidly out-distanced his peers in his ability to
follow the winding strands of the future among the stars. He
formed a close friendship with Chara, one of the great Cloud
Dragons that nest in the billowing mist that surrounds the peak
of mighty Ho-Huan. The great beast bore Tziet many leagues
upon his back and Tziet became a common sight above the fields
of Cathay, and wherever he went, rain and thunder surely
followed, causing crops to spring into supernatural growth or
the ground to turn to festering muck under the tread of the
enemies of Cathay. In under a hundred years Tziet had risen to
become the chief of the Emperor’s Magistrates and his foremost
advisor and it was then that his ancient vendetta with the beasts
of Leng returned. Rumor had spread of another attack by the
beasts upon Cathay and Tziet was seen marshalling the forces of
Cathay to strike back against the evil creatures. Yet, cunning
and wise though he was, Tziet had finally met his match in the
Tziet counts as a Lord, two Heroes and a Rare choice in a The Amulet of Mica
Cathay army. He must be used as presented here and may not be The amulet of Mica was created by that great Magistrate before
given additional equipment or magic items. Tziet must be the he ascended to the Dragon Throne and has since become the
army general traditional symbol of the High Magistrate, passed down over the
ages. It allows the bearer to control the magical energies of the
M WS BS S T W I A LD heavens with greater accuracy and project them in a field around
his body, warding off hostile blows. The amulet provides a 6+
Tziet 4 5 4 4 4 3 4 2 9
ward save. In addition, the bearer may store up to three dice in
Chara 6 5 5 5 5 4 3 5 8 the amulet in each of his magic phases, releasing them in the
next phase. For each dice stored in the amulet, increase the ward
save it bestows by 1. So, for example, if 2 dice are stored in the
Points: Tziet and Chara cost a total of 785 points (300 for amulet, the save it bestows becomes a 4+ ward save.
Chara and 485 for Tziet)
Magic: Tziet is a level 4 wizard who will always use the lore of
Chara is the faithful mount and companion of Tziet, both a
heavens. Such is his power that he knows all of the spells from
source of wisdom and a valiant defender of the High Magistrate
the lore of heavens and gains +1 to both his casting and dispel
in battle. Chara is a Cloud Dragon and benefits from all the
normal special rules of those creatures. However, Chara was
almost fatally wounded in a battle with the Beasts of Leng and
Special rules has never truly recovered from his wounds. Chara has one less
High Magistrate wound than a normal Cloud Dragon (included in his profile).
Tziet is the master of the celestial order of Magistrates and is the
However, this scarring has caused him to become even more
avatar of the fury and power of Cathay. He is regarded as a deity
misty and ethereal than a normal example of his race, so his
by the common folk of Cathay and every man and woman under
insubstantial ward save is increased from 5+ to 4+. If Tziet is
his command will do their utmost to fight to the very end under
killed, Chara will automatically pass his monster reaction test.
the gaze of their master. Tziet will always be the army general
and the range of his duty unto death radius is doubled to 12”. In
addition, any unit of Lowborn within 12” will automatically
benefit from devotion, regardless of whether they have a
Magistrate present in the front rank of their unit or not.

Master seer
Tziet is widely regarded as the greatest seer since the Magistrate
Mica, who first charted the heavens centuries ago. His
predictions are solid and often insightful, though they have a
tendency to be cryptic and puzzling to those not skilled in
deciphering them. Tziet’s presence grants three re-rolls which
can be used on any dice roll throughout the game, including
those for deployment, who goes first and scouts.

The Thunderstrike Staff

Bound spell power level 4
Tziet still carries his split and buckled staff from the battle with
Tzaanor. Far from decreasing its potency, the amount of magic
he channeled through the staff caused it to become permanently
charged with the power of the heavens, each strike leaving
crackling lightning in its wake and crushing the enemy with a
sound of thunder. The Thunderstrike Staff counts as a
Magistrate’s staff that contains a bound spell, Uranon’s
thunderbolt. In addition, a model struck by the staff may not
strike back that turn (note that this does not mean wounded. So
long as the staff hits, it affects the target).
$ '
Chuganao is an eccentric figure who has cut a dashing path Chuganao counts as two hero choices in a Cathay army. He must
across Cathay over recent years. While still a young man, he has be used as presented here and cannot be given any additional
defeated many foes of Cathay and is a much loved figure equipment or magic items. Chuganao must be the army general
amongst his kin, and is closely watched by the Magistrates of unless a Magistrate or Lord Magistrate is in the army, in which
Cathay. Chuganao was born in central Cathay and from a case you may choose between them.
young age had a love of flame and fire. In his boyhood, the
village artificer, a master in the creation of fireworks, sent out a M WS BS S T W I A LD
request for apprentices. Chuganao, full of enthusiasm, was the
obvious choice. The boy learned the trade remarkably quickly Chuganao 4 4 5 4 4 2 4 2 8
and soon equaled his master in his art. When Chuganao had
barely reached manhood, his master died and he became the Points: 170
new Artificer.
Magic: The art of the artificer requires many shamanistic and
Chuganao quickly became a respected and loved figure in his minor magical powers. As an exceptionally powerful creator of
village and those around him. Every year he would create a such artifacts, Chuganao counts as a level 2 Wizard who will
spectacular display for all who wished to come and watch, always use the lore of fire. Part of this power is true magic while
setting the sky alight with multicolored fire. As is so common in other parts are purely mechanical, while most is a mix of both.
Cathay, he was called to battle with his brethren and fought However, for simplicity’s sake, all the normal rules apply.
valiantly against the foes that assailed Cathay. In his second
battle, quick thinking saved his life as he was about to be ripped Special rules
apart by an angry ogre. Trapped beneath the beast’s foot, the The Tools of the Artificer:
artificer pulled a handful of his powder from a pouch and tossed Chuganao is armed with a variety of powerful fireworks, powder
it into the ogre’s face, momentarily blinding it. By the time it had bombs, flaming brands and other deadly accruements of his
recovered, Chuganao had lit a taper and he hurled it into the trade. In game terms, these can be represented in three different
face of the ogre. The powder coating its skin detonated with a ways
crack and the ogre toppled to the ground stunned, to be quickly • He has a ranged weapon with the following profile
overwhelmed by Chuganao’s comrades Range 24” strength 4 special rules: armour piercing, multiple
shots x3, shots count as flaming and magical
This marked the beginning of a change in Chuganao. As
dedicated to Cathay as any Lowborn, he began to explore ways • He has a thrown weapon with the following profile
of protecting his homeland through his art and soon began Range 6” strength 5 special rules: uses the small blast
creating weapons of deadly power. While his early inventions, template, models partially under the template are hit on a 4+. If a
and still some to this day, have a tendency of backfiring 1 is rolled to hit, place the template centered on Chuganao. Hits
spectacularly when the user least expects it, the Lowborn to from this weapon are flaming and magical
whom he gifted his weapons thought this risk was far preferable
to those of melee. Several years later, Chuganao’s village • In close combat, he counts as being armed with an
succeeded in defeating a band of Orcs without suffering a single additional hand weapon and his attacks are flaming and
death, unheard of in the annals of Cathay. This feat brought the magical
artificer to the attention of the Magistrates, as well as to that of
hundreds of Lowborn who flocked to join the artificer in his Oeku Powder
quest to create an invincible army capable of defending Cathay. This magical powder is drawn from the sands of the Warpstone
Desert. When thrown at the ground or shaken, it ignites with a
Soon Chuganao left his village and began traveling the lands of blinding flash. Chuganao may choose to use this powder at the
Cathay, lending a hand where and when it was needed. He was beginning of a close combat phase. For the remainder of that
instrumental in the defeat of Kark the Venomous, a feared Tenga phase both Chuganao and any models in base to base contact
Warboss and personally killed the Chaos champion Ts’ikuni with him will only hit on 6’s. A model which has a rule which
with a charge of powder. As he has traveled he has become allows it to hit on a specific roll or hit automatically overrides
known to the Houses who view him in a variety of ways, varying this
from cautious welcome by the Living Shadows, to whom he
gifted a variety of explosive powders that they have found most Army of the Artificer
useful in their shadowy work, to outright disdain from the Chuganao is accompanied by his Lowborn followers and is
Swordsaints who view his creations as both unnecessary and occasionally joined by House warriors in battle, though many
cowardly. Regardless of the opinions of the elite of Cathay, steer clear of what they see as a dangerous fool. The Magistrates
Chuganao continues his crusade, seeking out new methods of also keep a close eye on Chuganao, not trusting the ambitious
fighting and enemies to test them on. Lowborn to do what’s best for their country. If you use
Chuganao, your army list must conform to the specifications on
the following page.
- ) ' +$
Lord Magistrate Firestick
These crude weapons are none the less effective, lobbing small,
Living Shadow Firstborn (can take smoke bombs at +15pts) metal tipped fireworks long distances with huge force.

Range 24” strength 4 special rules: on a roll of 1 to hit, roll

again. On a second 1 resolve the shot against the firer. Shots
Chuganao the Artificer (compulsory) count as flaming.

Living Shadow Warbreather Powder bombs

(can take smoke bombs at +10pts) Small sachets filled with highly explosive powder, these unstable
and dangerous weapons are none the less devastating when they
0-1 Celestial Dragon Warbreather work

Magistrate Range 6” strength 4 special rules: thrown weapon. on a roll of

1 to hit, roll again. On a second 1 resolve the shot against the
firer. Shots count as flaming and you may re-roll failed to wound

Lowborn (any unit of Lowborn may be armed with Firesticks at Smoke bombs
+2pts/model, replacing their normal weapons) Small incendiaries Chuganao devised as gifts for the Living
Shadows, these charges detonate throwing up clouds of smoke,
Warclad (any unit of Warclad may be armed with Firesticks at allowing their users to escape unscathed. If a unit or character
+4pts/model) carrying smoke bombs breaks from combat and the enemy elects
to pursue, they must roll a 4+ to do so. If they fail, they count as
Gospodar Horsemen (chieftain may upgrade his spear to a having restrained pursuit.
Firelance for +15pts. On the first turn the unit charges he gains
+3 strength and his attacks count as flaming and magical)
Firelance thrower 95pts
Lowborn skirmishers (unit may be equipped with Powder This weapon fires sharpened metal spikes coated in flammable
Bombs at +4pts/model) chemicals. As the weapon is fired, the bolt passes through a
flaming torch and ignites, becoming a devastating, crackling bolt
( ' & of destruction. The Firelance Thrower follows the rules and
profile for bolt throwers and is crewed by two Warclad with
hand weapons. Shots from the Firelance Thrower are strength 8,
Living Shadows (may purchase smoke bombs at +2pts/model) flaming and magical. However, if a 1 is rolled to hit, one of the
crew is instantly killed as the bolt somehow manages to explode
Firelance thrower (see below) or transfix him.

Thunder Dragons Cluster launcher 155pts

The cluster launcher launches a firework that soars into the
Foo Statues enemy, trailing dazzling sparks. When it impacts, it showers
smaller explosives over a wide area, saturating the enemy with
devastating fire. The cluster launcher follows the rules for stone
throwers and is crewed by 3 Warclad with hand weapons.
However, it is strength 5/10 and uses the large blast template,
0-1 Celestial Dragon Monks does not ignore armour saves and hits count as magical and
flaming. The cluster launcher also uses a special misfire table.
Ronin 1-3 KABOOM: the rocket explodes in the launcher. Place the
template directly on top of the machine and resolve like a normal
Wind Shadows (may purchase smoke bombs at +2pts/model) shot
4-5 Whizzzz… BANG: the shot is a dud and the opposing
Cluster Launcher (see below) player may immediately fire the cluster launcher as if it were his
own, representing the rocket veering wildly off course and
wreaking havoc. If this result occurs again, you fire the launcher
again, etc
6 Phutt…: the rocket is a dud and does not fire. The crew (very
carefully) removes the rocket from the launcher and the launcher
suffers no further ill effects.
7 ' 6 ( )* $)
Kaichan was once a Firstborn of the Swordsaints, a shining Kaichan never returned to the Swordsaint monastery, but it is
hero of Cathay who destroyed many threats to great Cathay. He told around fires at night that, sometimes, on the eve of a great
personally destroyed the Ogre tyrant Gorag, routing a host of battle a dark figure, swathed in black mist, appears between the
ogres that would have otherwise engulfed western Cathay. He Cathayans and their foe, sword held at the ready to deal death
dispatched the Daemon prince of Tzeentch, Kri’nylgalth, after it to the hated foes of Cathay. Whether Kaichan is still human, or
managed to defy the aura of the great flame and came nearly to whether he has become as a Daemon or Thushi none can tell,
the upper slopes of the mountains of heaven, at the doorstep of but one thing is for sure: the arrival of the Shadowshroud on the
the Mountains of Heaven. Kaichan rode against the Daemon field of battle means slaughter of the greatest magnitude is
prince himself and split its carrion neck in two with a mighty bound to follow
blow. As it dissolved back into the ground, leaving a shifting
stain, its final curse echoed through his mind. Kaichan counts as a Lord, a Hero and a Rare choice in a Cathay
army. He must be used as presented here and may not be given
Kaichan’s last battle as the master of the Swordsaint House was additional equipment or magic items. Kaichan may not be the
the greatest Cathay had seen in millennia: the horde of the army general
Chaos champion Sayhkantha, himself a disgraced Swordsaint,
and the Bloodthirster Mal’khari swept through Cathay, pillaging M WS BS S T W I A LD
villages and even cities in a tide of blood and slaughter. At the
very walls of Weijin, Kaichan gathered a host of Cathayans. Kaichan 4 7 3 5 4 4 6 5 10
Almost the entire Swordsaint House stood proudly around him
and Jain, the Celestial Emperor personally directed almost a Points: 480
quarter of a million peasant-soldiers into their battle lines. The
host of Khorne thrust like a spear into the heart of the Cathayan Magic: Kaichan is a level 2 wizard who can use spells from the
army, sending men flying and regiments the size of entire armies lores of Shadow or Death. In addition, Kaichan counts as a Ying
of the Old World fleeing for their lives despite the exhortations unit for ‘The Balance’ rule.
of the Magistrates. Kaichan’s Swordsaints struck back, the most
finely honed human warriors of the world battling against Special rules
ancient, malevolent entities and hulking warriors infused with Cursed
the power of the dark gods. Eventually, the numbers of the Kaichan was cursed hundreds of years ago by the malevolent
Chaos horde began to tell on the Swordsaints and they were Daemon Kri’nylgalth, destined to walk the world seeking his
pushed back slowly, killing hundreds of Chaos worshippers and death until the very end of time. Kaichan may never join a unit
Daemons for every yard of ground they gave. and is not deployed in the regular manner. Instead, keep him off
the table and at the beginning of your turn two roll a d6. on a 4+
At the pinnacle of the battle, Kaichan challenged Sayhkantha Kaichan arrives. If he does not, roll at the beginning of your
and slew the champion in single combat. Mal’khari bellowed in third turn, arriving on a 3+, etc. He arrives automatically on turn
anger as his champion fell and leapt into the air to destroy the 5. Place Kaichan in anywhere on the battlefield and roll a scatter
impudent human. As the giant Daemon descended on Kaichan, a dice and 2d6, moving him the requisite distance (if a hit is rolled
bolt of pure power smashed into it, rending its arm from its he is on target). If this move takes him into contact with an
body. Jain, filled with the purity bestowed by the great flame, enemy, he counts as charging the closest facing. If the move
blasted the Daemon again and again, but he alone was not takes him off the table he counts as destroyed. he may move and
enough to stand against its awesome power and he fell, ripped cast magic as normal on the turn he arrives, but may not charge
into shreds by the Bloodthirster’s axe even as it dissolved back unless forced to by the scatter.
into the realm of Chaos. The hordes of Khorne were defeated,
but hundreds of thousands of Cathayans had lost their lives, The Shadowshroud:
including over half of Kaichan’s Swordsaints and his Emperor. The Shadowshroud is a writhing, boiling mass of dark mist and
vapour that continually surrounds Kaichan, both concealing him
Kneeling on the field of battle, bodies stretching for kilometers and protecting him from harm. The mist writhes as if with a
around him, Kaichan felt the full blast of his failure and drew mind of its own and sends out tendrils of darkness to claw at the
his sword for the last time. As the blade found his heart, a cloud hearts of Kaichan’s foes. Foes attempting to strike Kaichan
descended on the Firstborn’s brow. As his life poured out to
suffer -1 to hit. The shroud also serves Kri’nylgalth’s evil
mingle with those of his brethren, the curse of Kri’nylgalth did
its hideous work. His battered but still shining armour rippled purpose, never allowing Kaichan a clean death, always he is
and contorted, trapping the blood that flowed out and turning painfully overwhelmed and vanishes, only to appear again days,
deep red with the vital fluid. Kaichan’s soul itself was trapped in months or years later. Kaichan can never suffer more than a
his body and, as the tattered remnants of the Cathayan army single wound from an attack. Blows that do multiple wounds or
watched in despair, the golden armour and blazing sword of instantly kill their target cause only a single wound instead
their champion turned to sinister black and he disappeared in a
cloud of black vapour.
8 & -
Once a Swordsaint, Always a Swordsaint
Kaichan’s curse did not dull his fighting abilities, if anything
they were increased dramatically by the raw mutating power Of the many battles with the Dark Elves of Naggaroth, Cathay
coursing through him. Kaichan still has the Swordmasters and remembers few with such bitter triumph as the Battle of Lohai.
killing blow special rules, and may still cast spells in armor. the Dark Elf corsairs struck without warning, taking advantage of
other rules that apply to Swordsaints do not apply to him dark mists and a moonless night to evade the eyes of the many
guards upon the shore. Silently they surged into Lohai, but the
She’li, the Singing Blade silence lasted only moments as the air filled with the screams of
Once a beautiful weapon of power that shone even in darkness Lowborn being dragged back to the corsair ships and the
and fluted keenly as it was swung through the air, She’li was, crackling of fire as it leapt high from thatched roofs. The city
like all of Kaichan and his possessions, twisted by the curse. would have been utterly razed if it were not for the Wind
Now it shrieks and wails as he strikes down his foes, biting Warriors of the Barien House, who saw the fires from their
through their bodies with deadly force. She’li ignores armour monastery and descended like a storm upon the Druichi. Yet
saves and, due to its unearthly voice, Kaichan causes Terror. even the might of the houses was too little to stem the tide and,
as battle was joined in earnest, the warriors of Cathay were
The Blood Armour pushed inexorably back, abandoning their homes and families as
This once handsome suit of heavy lacquered armour is now they went. In the midst of battle the dark mists descended once
thickly coated in centuries old blood and gore, glowing a dull more and an unearthly, ululating shriek filled the air. The Dark
red under the whirling mists of the Shadowshroud. The armour Elf Highborn leading the attack turned only just in time to see a
was twisted to a parody of its former self by the curse and now it blood red, shrieking blade surge from the blackness as Kaichan
seems to draw the blades of Kaichan’s enemies to it, not caring ripped off the elf’s head. Kaichan cut a bloody swathe through
whether it is his blood or theirs that stains it. Yet every gout of the elves, who fled in terror at his approach. In the end the mists
blood that pours from Kaichan’s cursed body is magically that had allowed the Dark Elves to approach undetected proved
replaced, so that even transfixed with many blades he will never their undoing as they floundered in the darkness, unable to
weaken from loss of blood, though the pain is evident upon his return to their ships or fell from the cliffs around the harbor. Not
wasted face to those few who have survived long enough to see a single Druichi survived and, when the mist lifted in the
it. The blood armour gives Kaichan a 5+ save and regeneration. morning and the last embers of the fires revealed the full
However, enemies may re-roll missed ‘to hit’ rolls when magnitude of the slaughter, Kaichan was nowhere to be found
attacking Kaichan in close combat.
Nippon is a land to the east of Cathay, a counter to the teeming
masses of the mainland. Long ago, Nippon was founded by
- )
settlers from Cathay but split from the mainland and became an
independent nation. Cathay and Nippon were sworn enemies for Shogun
a long period and battles between the two powers were
commonplace. However, mutual need brought the two nations Swordsaint Firstborn
together during the great battles against Chaos, culminating in
the first battle of Weijin in -1034 and the founding of the Living Shadow Firstborn
Hundred Houses as a token of friendship between the two
nations. It is from Nippon that the greatest warriors of the east
originally hailed, men who dedicated their lives to the ideal of
enlightenment through eternal battle. The hundred of these who Swordsaint Warbreather
dedicated themselves to training the Houses of Cathay were
regarded as the greatest of the warriors of Nippon and both Living Shadow Warbreather
nations agree their commitment is a debt that can never be truly
repaid to the island nation. From Nippon also come the most 0-1 Celestial Dragon Warbreather
masterful human weapon and amour-smiths in the world and the
majority of the armour and weapons used by Cathay are forged
in Nippon

Nippon is a lush land varying from a gentle, green south to 1+ Nipponese Warclad
sheer mountains and dark pine forest covering the north of the
islands. Most of Nippon’s population live in the fertile Nipponese Warclad cavalry*
southlands of Nippon and live a mostly sheltered life, far from
the troubles of the world, Old and New. Nippon is far from a Swordsaints*
safe country however, and like the entire world they suffer many
predations. Beasts of Chaos haunt the northern forests and Living Shadows*
mighty Dragon Ogres sleep high in the crags of the mountains,
coming down to wreak havoc among the population of Nippon in
times of storm. Nippon is also fairly close to the eastern coasts
( ' &
of the lands of Naggaroth and suffers constant raids from the 0-1 Celestial Dragon Monks
Dark Elves, who take great delight in inflicting constant
suffering on the humans of the East. To live in Nippon is a mixed Wind Shadows*
blessing for, while the land is fertile and the seas bountiful,
giving the population the luxury and time to pursue other crafts, Swordsaint Hatamoto*
they are more often than not the crafts of death and war as
Nippon must constantly protect her riches. The cities and ports
are ringed by high walls, constantly manned by eagle-eyed
sentries and ranks of bowmen. Weapon-smiths create weapons
of devastating power to hold back the tide of enemies that seek Ronin
to take Nippon from her people and the great navy of Nippon
patrol the coasts, sleek ships loaded with warriors and High- 0-1 Phoenix**
Elven crafted bolt throwers ever ready against the threat of the
Norse and Druichi. In the temples of Nippon, master-senseis Stormhurler Repeater Bolt thrower
train and mediate constantly, waiting for the opportunity to test
their skills in battle and Cathayan House warriors stand *: you may only have one of each of these units per unit of
alongside the men and women of Nippon, ready to defend the Nipponese Warclad in your army
land from which their ancient arts originated.
**: you may only field a Phoenix in battles of 3000 points or
A Nipponese army may be fielded as a variant of the standard more
Cathay army. It consists of several new units as well as normal
Cathayan ones. Unless otherwise noted, all normal restrictions
and special rules apply. Note that these lists have not been as
thoroughly playtested as the main Cathay list, so you should
certainly ask your opponent’s permission (more so than when
fielding a standard Cathayan army) when fielding this list.
Shogun Points/model: 115 Warclad Cavalry Points/model: 12
Shogun 4 5 5 4 4 3 5 3 10 Warclad 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 8
Warborn 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 2 8
Weapons & Armour: none
Warhorse 8 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 5
• May choose light armour (+3 pts), or heavy armour (+6 Unit size: 5+
pts) and may take a shield (+3pts)
• May choose an additional hand weapon (+6 pts) or a Weapons & Armour: hand weapon , light armour
Cathayan Longsword (+12pts) or a spear (+6pts) or a
halberd (+6pts) Options:
• May choose a mix of magic items from the Common or • Upgrade one Warclad to a Warborn for +12 pts, who
Cathay Magic items lists with a maximum total value of may be equipped with a Sashimono for +12pts
100 pts. • Promote one Warclad to a Musician for +6 pts
• May ride a Noble Warhorse (+18 pts) or a warhorse • may be equipped with Cathayan Longswords (+3 pts)
(+12pts) or spears (+2 pts)
• may be equipped with heavy armour (+2 pts)
Special Rules: (20mm base) • may be equipped with longbows (+3 pts)
• one unit per army may be upgraded to Shogun’s Guard
Inspirational leader: Shogun are the political and social elite of for +2 pts and gain +1 WS and +1 BS
Nippon and imbue an iron-clad stoicism in their men. One
shogun in the army must be the general. If a Shogun is the Special Rules: (20mm base)
general then the range of his ‘duty unto death’ radius is doubled
to 12” Light cavalry: units of Warclad Cavalry with an armour save of
5+ or worse are fast cavalry

Nipponese Warclad Points/model: 4 Stormhurler Bolt thrower Points/model: 65

Warclad 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 8 Bolt thrower - - - - 7 3 - - -
Warborn 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 2 8 Warclad 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 8

Unit size: 10+ You may include up to 2 Stormhurler Bolt throwers per
Rare selection
Weapons & Armour: hand weapon
Unit size: 1 bolt thrower and 2 crew
• Upgrade one Warclad to a Warborn for +6 pts, who Weapons & Armour: Warclad have hand weapons and light
may be equipped with a Sashimono for +10pts
• Promote one Warclad to a Musician for +6 pts
Special Rules: (crew have 20mm bases)
• may be equipped with Cathayan Longswords (+2 pts),
Spears (+1 pt) or halberds (+1 pt)
Repeater Bolt Thrower: the Shiutagi, or Stormhurler, bolt
• may be equipped with light armour (+1 pt) or heavy throwers used by the armies of Nippon, were created in imitation
armour (+3 pts) of the mighty Eagle’s Claw bolt throwers of the High Elves. It
• may be equipped with longbows (+3 pts) counts as a normal bolt thrower; however instead of firing
• one unit per army may be upgraded to city guard for +2 normally it may instead fire 5 strength 4 armour piercing shots.
pts and gain +1 WS and +1 BS

Special Rules: (20mm base)

The Eastern Steppes are a bleak and barren land, sweeping
plains blending into jagged tundra and frozen lakes. The - )
northernmost steppes are almost entirely populated by the
worshippers of the dark gods. Across the blighted landscape, Gospodar Khan
monoliths and Icons of Chaos dot the landscape, rearing like
jagged claws from the ground and stretching into the turbulent Living Shadow Firstborn
sky. Still, there a few hardy people who live in the north- the
remnants of the once great population of Gospodars still eek out Lord Magistrate**
a ragged existence from the bare plains, farming when they can
and hunting and trading with southern Cathayans when they
have to. While most of the Gospodar migrated into the south or
west after Chaos began to encroach more strongly upon the
steppes, those that remain are undoubtedly the hardiest of that Gospodar Clan-Chieftain
proud people. However, their life is fraught with peril, for even
if they escape their physical foes, the ever-present taint of Chaos 0-1 Swordsaint Warbreather**
lingers over the steppes like a cloud and the whispers of
Daemons are always in the ears of those who yet live there Living Shadow Warbreather

Faced with the reality of commonplace raids by worshipers of Magistrate**

the dark gods, Orcs, Hobgoblins and even Ogres and far from
the protective might of the Houses of Cathay, the Gospodar have
become adept nomads, taking what they can from the ground 2+ Gospodar Horsemen
and fleeing when raiders approach. Horsemen nigh born in the
saddle, the Gospodar people shift through the Steppes, ever Gospodar horse archers*
evading those that would seek to destroy them. The more warlike
Gospodar sometimes band together and give battle to the
raiders, and all of that people fight like wild beasts if their
caravans and supplies are threatened, yet it is only when Cathay ( ' &
herself becomes involved that the Gospodar truly go to war.
Many times in the history of Cathay forces have ventured into Living Shadows*
the deep north seeking to prevent the predictions of the
Magistrates coming to pass or simply to avenge the losses of Gospodar Hearthguard*
Chaos incursions. When this occurs, the Gospodar are often
used as scouts and guides among the shifting wastes of the
steppe, and as deadly flankers and archers in battle.

The Gospodar way of war revolves around harassing the enemy Ronin
until they are confused and disorganized before striking with
decisive force. Simply crafted yet sturdy chariots are often 0-1 Swordsaint Hatamoto
ridden to war with supreme skill by the chieftains of the
Gospodar, supported by keen eyed horse archers and noble Wind Shadows*
cavalry. More often than not, they are aided by wandering bands
*: you may only have one of each of these units per unit of
of House Warriors training in the wastes, whether they be Living
Gospodar Horsemen in your army
Shadow, Wind Warrior, Eagle Knight or Swordsaint.
**: these characters must purchase a Warhorse, Noble Warhorse
An army of the Steppes may be fielded as a variant of the
or Cloud Dragon as a mount
standard Cathay army. It consists of several new units as well as
normal Cathayan ones. Unless otherwise noted, all normal
restrictions and special rules apply. Note that these lists have not
been as thoroughly playtested as the main Cathay list, so you
should certainly ask your opponent’s permission (more so than
when fielding a standard Cathayan army) when fielding this list
Gospodar Khan Points/model: 125 # )
Gospodar chariots are light but sturdy chariots ridden by the
Khan 4 5 5 4 4 3 5 3 9 chieftains of the Gospodar. The champions of units of Gospodar
Warhorse 8 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 5 Horsemen, Gospodar horse archers and Hearthguard may be
upgraded to ride a Gospodar chariot for +35pts. The chariot
includes a second crewman armed with a spear and bow.
Weapons & Armour: bow, hand weapon and horse Chariots that are included as part of a unit of cavalry may march
move along with the unit and all Gospodar chariots Count as fast
Options: cavalry. However, they only inflict d3 strength 4 impact hits.
• May choose light armour (+3 pts), or heavy armour (+6 The chariot bestows +1 to the existing armour save of the crew
pts) (so a champion with a 5+ save would have a 4+ save)
• May choose a Cathayan Longsword (+12pts) or a spear
(+6pts) M WS BS S T W I A LD
• May choose a mix of magic items from the Common or Chariot - - - 4 4 3 - - -
Cathay Magic items lists with a maximum total value of
100 pts. Crewman 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7
• May ride a Noble Warhorse (+6 pts) or a Gospodar Warhorse 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5
chariot (+35pts)

Special Rules: (Cavalry/Chariot base)

Gospodar Horse Archers Points/model: 17
Horsemaster: the Khan of the Gospodar are masters of both the M WS BS S T W I A LD
minds and bodies of their horses. Regardless of how he is
armoured and what he is riding, a Khan counts as fast cavalry. Gospodar 4 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 7
In addition, units of enemy cavalry mounted on Warhorses, Chieftain 4 3 4 3 3 1 3 2 7
Chaos Steeds, Brettonian Warhorses and Elven steeds within
12” subtract 1 from their movement, as the Khan can control Warhorse 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5
their fears and longings with but a sound. Horse mounted units
joined by the Khan also add 1 to their movement while he is part Unit size: 5+
of the unit. This is not cumulative.
Weapons & Armour: hand weapon and bow

Gospodar Clan-Chieftain Points/model: 75 Options:

M WS BS S T W I A LD • Upgrade one Gospodar to a Chieftain for +14 pts
• Promote one Gospodar to a Musician for +7 pts
Clan-Chieftain 4 5 5 4 4 2 5 3 8
Warhorse 8 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 5 Special Rules: Fast Cavalry (Cavalry base)

Gospodar Hearthguard Points/model: 25

Weapons & Armour: bow, hand weapon and horse
Options: Hearthguard 4 4 4 3 3 1 3 1 8
• May choose light armour (+2 pts), or heavy armour (+4
pts) Hearthmaster 4 4 4 3 3 1 3 2 8
• May choose a spear (+4 pts) Warhorse 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5
• May choose a mix of magic items from the Common or
Cathay Magic items lists with a maximum total value of Unit size: 5+
50 pts.
• May ride a Gospodar chariot (+35pts) Weapons & Armour: lance, heavy armour, hand weapon and
Special Rules: (Cavalry/Chariot base)
Horsemaster: The Clan-Chieftain always counts as being Fast • Upgrade one Gospodar to a Chieftain for +18 pts
Cavalry, regardless of what he is riding. Horse mounted units • Promote one Gospodar to a Musician for +9 pts
joined by the Chieftain also add 1 to their movement while he is
part of the unit. This is not cumulative. Special Rules: Fast Cavalry (Cavalry base), Immune to
psychology (may still flee as a charge reaction)
% '

By far the greatest mass of Cathay is farmland, ranging from

hills to plains to jungle. Populating this vast mass of land are
- )
the innumerable Lowborn populace of Cathay, who earn their
existence by farming grain, vegetables and gathering the Lord Magistrate
produce of the jungles such as Silk and Kiro-fruit. These rural
lands are rarely visited by the warriors of the Houses and it is
mostly up to the Lowborn to defend their own settlements,
though they are often aided by the Magistrates in their duties. Village Chieftain**
The Land of Cathay is dotted with temples to the ancestor gods
and the Celestial Emperor and wards against the malevolent Lowborn Shaman**
Thushi that inhabit the east. Watchtowers with burning signal
fires are placed at regular intervals along the roads and among Lowborn Artificer**
the villages, ever ready to send word of attack. The Threats to
Cathay come from many forms. Skaven tunnels run under the Lowborn Alchemist**
Empire of the Dragon like a sinister network of veins and the
jungle is home to all manner of deadly creatures, from Daemons Magistrate
to Tenga, malicious forest goblins that live symbiotically with
the great spiders that nest in caves deep under the roots of the
jungle. Orc and ogre raiders regularly pillage their way through
the west of Cathay from their dens in the Mountains of Mourn 1+ Lowborn
and always the threat of Chaos hangs above Cathay.
These threats make life hard for the people of Cathay, who are
always prepared to defend their homes against any aggressor. Gospodar Horsemen*
Armed with their makeshift weapons and led by their village
elders and wise men, the Lowborn are steadfast in defence and Lowborn Skirmishers*
fight with near fanaticism when their homes and crops are
threatened. Naturally, this leads to many deaths as even children
will fight in the usually unequal battles and the grief the loss of
( ' &
siblings, wives and husbands causes has embittered many of the Foo Statues*
population, hardening them against adversity and giving them a
bleak outlook on life, only made worthwhile by the existence of Thunder Dragons*
the Celestial Emperor and as tribute to their ancestors.
Westerners have noted that those Lowborn educated enough to Village guard
converse with them often have a morbid sense of humor and a
bitter hatred of anyone who would threaten Cathay, so woe
betide the traveler that angers the spirits of Cathay by not
paying their passage along the roadside shrines.
An army of the Provinces may be fielded as a variant of the
standard Cathay army. It consists of several new units as well as 0-1 Living Shadows, Swordsaints or Celestial Dragon Monks
normal Cathayan ones. Unless otherwise noted, all normal
restrictions and special rules apply. Note that these lists have not *: you may only have one of each of these units per unit of
been as thoroughly playtested as the main Cathay list, so you Lowborn in your army
should certainly ask your opponent’s permission (more so than
when fielding a standard Cathayan army) when fielding this list **: you may purchase two of these characters for a single hero
choice or three for a single Lord choice.
Village Chieftain Points/model: 35 Artificer Points/model: 50
Chieftain 4 4 4 4 4 2 4 3 8
Artificer 4 4 4 4 4 2 4 2 8

Weapons & Armour: hand weapon

Weapons & Armour: hand weapon
• May choose light armour (+3 pts)
• May choose light armour (+3 pts)
• May choose a Cathayan Longsword (+8 pts), or a
• May choose a Cathayan Longsword (+8 pts), or a
halberd (+4 pts) or an additional hand weapon (+4 pts)
halberd (+4 pts) or an additional hand weapon (+4 pts)
or a spear (+4 pts)
or a spear (+4 pts)
• May choose a mix of magic items from the Common or
• May choose a mix of magic items from the Common or
Cathay Magic items lists with a maximum total value of
Cathay Magic items lists with a maximum total value of
25 pts.
50 pts.
Special Rules: (20mm base)
Special Rules: (20mm base)

Shaman Points/model: 45 Master Smith: for each Artificer in your army, choose one unit
of Lowborn, Skirmishers, Warclad or Village Guard at the
M WS BS S T W I A LD beginning of the game. That unit gains one of the following:
Shaman 4 3 3 3 3 2 3 1 6 armour piercing special rule on close combat attacks, +1 armour
save, champion gains killing blow. Characters that have joined
Weapons & Armour: hand weapon the unit do not gain the benefits.

Magic: A Shaman is a level 1 Wizard. He can use spells from

any of the basic eight lores of magic as described in the Village guard Points/model: 8
Warhammer Rulebook. However, a Shaman may only use the
first spell on the list. Do not roll on the table, simply choose the M WS BS S T W I A LD
default spell Village guard 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 8
Options: Watchman 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 2 8
• May choose a mix of magic items from the Common or
Cathay Magic items lists with a maximum total value of Unit size: 10+
25 pts.
Weapons & Armour: hand weapon, light armour
Special Rules: (20mm base)
Alchemist Points/model: 50 • Upgrade one Guard to a Warborn for +6 pts
• Promote one Guard to a Musician for +6 pts
M WS BS S T W I A LD • may be equipped with Cathayan Longswords (+2 pts),
Spears (+1 pt) or halberds (+1 pt)
Alchemist 4 3 3 3 3 2 3 1 6
• may be equipped with Volley Crossbows (+3 pts)

Weapons & Armour: hand weapon Special Rules: (20mm base),

Options: Bitter: the Village Guard are mostly Lowborn who have lost
• May choose a mix of magic items from the Common or their homes and families to raids and have little to do but attempt
Cathay Magic items lists with a maximum total value of to prevent the same occurring to their fellow Lowborn. They are
25 pts. embittered and often passionately hate those who ventured such
destruction upon them. Village guard are unbreakable if in close
Special Rules: (20mm base) combat (this includes psychology tests required by charging
enemies, though those not necessary to charge enemies) They
Alchemical weapons: for each Alchemist in your army, choose also suffer from hatred even though they are otherwise immune
one unit of Lowborn, Skirmishers, Warclad or Village guard at to psychology. Village guard may not be joined by characters.
the beginning of the game. They gain your choice of poisoned
attacks, magical attacks or cause an additional -2 armour save
penalty with their attacks. Characters do not gain the benefits