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AC-208 Combat Caravan

A New Irregular Warfare Capability

Robust Day/Night ISR solution now available with precision COIN capabilities Easily convertible from Clean Wing ISR to Armed Operation with Hellfire Missiles Ownship Targeting and Weapons Employment provided via Integrated Targeting and Fire Control systems Off Board Data Links provide Full Motion Video to ground stations or other aircraft Defensive Countermeasures Systems and Ballistic Protection Standard Live Fire Testing: October 2008

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Live Fire Testing: October 2008

Combat Caravan Features

ATKs STAR Mission System STAR Compact MPU Avedon 18 Color Display Integrated Fire Control System MX-15D EO/IR Sensor with Integrated Laser Designator and IMU AGM-114M/K Missile (Other weapons coming soon) Wing Hardpoint Installation Missile Pylon Integration AAR-47/ALE-47 Defensive Countermeasures System Ballistic Panels for Cockpit and Passenger Protection BMS A/G and A/A Data Link (Other data links available) VHF/UHF Communications Cockpit Tactical Displays

For information contact: Brad Hayes ATK Special Mission Aircraft 236 Citation Drive Fort Worth, Texas 76106 Work: (817)916-3319 Mobile: (682)429-8300 E-mail:

WPAFB Public Release: 88ABW-2010-3676

A premier aerospace and defense company