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Educational Qualification Experience :

S.No 1 Particulars

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The task was designed according to qualification & skills of employee Good infrastructure facilities was made available (Furniture, canteen, vehicle parking, lighting) Superiors will communicate

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information, support the employees & expect feed back Promotions are logical & fair Fringe benefits are reasonable The job assignment is logically structured & clearly defined Team work is encouraged & duly recognized Healthy & friendly relations are there among the colleagues Loans on Childers education, marriage satisfactory The type of work is routine Superior prepare subordinates for responsibilities they are likely to take up in future. Retirement benefits leave encashment


& medical Reimbursements are quite attractive Performance appraisal system is based on objective assessment


Superiors help subordinates to 14 develop their individual worth & interest in the work Excellence of work & loyalty at team level are found in the industry Growth opportunities are open to all the employee which motivates them for higher responsibilities Top level management is more 17 concern about the welfare of the children & family of the deceased employees The type of work am entrusted is 18 enhancing my self worth in the industry Awards & rewards for better performance was provided I enjoy respect & recognition being the employee in this industry.



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SUGGESTIONS To boost up employee morale and enhance job satisfaction as to ensure overall performance the following suggestions may be made in the light of the findings arrived in the current study. 1. Policy measures with regard to work load, working hours and work pressures are to be initiated and pragmatically implemented for ensuring long term functioning of the industry effectively and efficiently. 2. Monetary packages are to be fixed and paid according to the cadre of the employees and come to the rescue of such families especially in the industry for upholding high morale among the employees. 3. Concrete endeavours are to be made while designing job in the public sector banks. If not the work efficiency of the employees that ultimately would affect the efficiently of the Industry. 4. Employees of Industry sector are to be imparted necessary skills and innovative methods to perform their job most efficiently. So that at least the employees of younger generation would be benefited and they will become assets to the banks in the long run. 5. Therefore, hopefully, the management of the banks of both the sectors should rethink their award and reward systems and policy measures are to be initiated to pay for the better performance, Thus, awards and rewards as intrinsic job factors would, undoubtedly have an impact on job performance of the employees of the Industry. 6. Efforts are to be imperatively initiated to make job more interesting with by safe guarding the personal life, ensuring retirement packages. 7. Morale surveys can periodically be made in Industry. Such morale information can be used to assess the training needs of group of people as a whole or of individual employees. Since morale information covers various aspects of employees functioning, it can also disclose where a particular employee lacks and necessary training can fill the gap. 8. More attention is to be paid to introduce necessary non-monetary packages, benefits and privileges to attract new employees and to retain the existing talented staff especially in the changing competitive environment. If not, there is a possibility of losing the potential and talented staff in the Industry.