acuity actuate acme accretion acclivity highestabolishquicklyupdistinguished by accede abstemious assist,deny;tooath;any abandon abscond abrogate abortive abnegateSharp

visionin;withoutan permission abjure Theauthorize;ofactorsize accomplice"meansto the abet abate "Torenounceactivate;giveputorsecret results influence to activity abandon To decreasedepartexpresstoinpossibleorsparingly ability to see subtle de Togrowthperception into motion; Lacktotoconstraint specific A underinasto An ascending degree inhibition Doneleveltoreduceor amount Ending moderation; consuming approval or in byslope authoritative incline Allegory allay alimentary algorithm aggregate affected aerie adumbrate adulation adroit admonishAccomplished; highlyjudge; in orvery aboutusually adjure To adjudicate ease, of insight, sum thesettlecharacters isolated adept "Sharpnesstototal;tounyieldingintensity"issue represent near adamant "Toappeal lessen, ahighunderstanding,anelevated,shrewd" dwelling" acumen "A nest built verydecreasewhichadviseskilledevents in theideas or concep tails Exceptionally skilledcompetent;air; ananddigestion"insincere" future Inflexible;caution;to forhint or mind; Fictional "Relating An give an the in or Thewarn or indication Phony; artificial to the "Excessive flatterynutrition, To act as work method admiration,a problem/equation established in food, solving Alliteration ts "The repetition of consonant sounds, usually at the beginning of Allusion words" "A reference, usually oblique or faint, to another thing, idea, Analogy amorphous amity "Friendship,correspondence or resemblanceto more than things that are es Ambiguity or person" The good intention" Lacking a definite form Uncertain or indefinite; subject between two one interpretation anomaly anodyne animus AnecdoteA feeling of sentially different illstory usedhardillustrate a medicine compared to the com Somethingof comfort; to classify; abnormal A source will is toa pain-relief point the author is making short that anthropomorphic Every pronoun refers back to a previous noun or pronoun Antecedent mon Giving human qualities or characteristics for inanimate Antithesis antiquated objects or animals opposition or contrast of ideas that anyoften expressed in ba An Too aged to be fashionable or useful in is way Apostrophe apostate aplomb aphorismSelf-assurance; poise lanced phrases or clausesof of a principle a religious faithor personified obje One who renounces in which A statement speechor defies an absent person figure Appositive apposite ct is addressed byword or well-adaptedfollow a noun or pronoun for emphasis or c A a speaker Extremely phrase that or appropriate arrogate arrears archipelago arcane arable appropriate apprise Little-known; secret; obscure; elusive or purpose; allocate without rig larity Fertile;Tolarge chain agriculture islands forgotten, neglected promise" "Overdue orinformgroup of job a or justification; Asuitablewithoutparticular notify;for a any authorization claim assign unpaid debts/bills; or Asyndeton Assonance assent askance "To agree,typethe internalwith a suchas ""and"" glance are repeated n ht With disapproval;proposal" in sideway's orsouds "When of for a rhyming A usuallyconjunctions (such which vowel ""but"") that would ormally connect a string of words, phrases, or clauses are omitted from a senten Attitude Atmosphere atavistic ce" "The emotionalof particular speaker place, scene, or event" "A characteristicaof a previous timeaor era; ancient, past" feelings feeling -or mood- of or piece of writing toward beatific ballast Wrong; short andas that to andto stabilize balk awry avuncular stopaskewortruerefusecharacteristics of an uncle; state of celestial aver autocratTo declarestructurecalmness continue pertaining to a kind and warm a subject, person,as idea"the helps joy; A dictator Exhibiting Regarded blatant blasphemious bilious berate beneficient behemoth beget bedraggle becloud To produce asobviouswet to make soiled;usually clearoffensive, rude becalm "ToscoldTo blurantothesickly limp; less visible happiness soothe; to halteffect;and ""bring about""" orincreature "Very orreprimandto size/power;ordirty Ill-tempered; and easilyof Cursing; obsure; Relating gigantic disrespectful monstrous an Somethingextremely in Dilapidated;kindness harshly; progress noticed, inconsiderate bovine bombastic blithely manner" RelatingMerrily; lighthearted ornot significant at(sluggishness or dulln "Superior-sounding, but carefreeof a cow all; lofty in style" to cows; having characteristics manner captious cantankerous calumny cacophony mentionfalsekeeper pile in timesmooth empty manner to cache bursar burnish bucolic broach Totreasurerfor simpleto firststubborn, misrepresentationconfuse braggartA hidingRural; thedifficult,accusation;uncooperative personality"in an a ess) Aplace; stash ofjarring loud but To polish; very glossyaor faults; intending The unpleasant, money/funds "Having a boasts "An or who harmful Someone andmake mention noise" tendency the catalyst cataclysmic rgument "Some that speeds up and promotes significant changes, without b Extremely destructive; catastrophic caucus A restricted committee within a political party; a private committee con eing affected by any consequences" commute Colloquial colloquial cogent coagulate cloying circumvent circuitous chimerical chary cessation certitude censorous Languagewary;sarcasticorsomething critical celerityForcefulBiting;sicklypunishmentorhaltlessthat cede caustic "Vigilant,temporaryacompellingcondemn;or pause informal ference To surrenderchangeroundaboutspeechconvincing is one. (I. ""Scooter"" Li "Toavoid;veryaround Sappy; hasteorshy"andexcessive Informal To clot; Indirect;wording "Whimsical; Alogically;accusecommon to Assurancecauseorofthicken a Tending Slang sweet; Speed; togoimaginary, impossible"severe possessionpermanentlanguage to confluence conflagration Agreementortwo to express sympathy condole concord concomitant compliant complacent bby)" To grieve for; thingsalongsidetogether; the junction or meeting The act "Large, of occuring Existingdestructive Yielding; cooperative flowing something else Smug; self-satisfiedfire" Connotative place where the two meet The interpretive level of a word based on associated images rath Deductive declaim debacle dearth curt cumulative cull covert countervail coterie "Secretive,sudden,thatwomaninequalvoter" within coquettethe convergence convalesce ContrastAbrupt; An lackorloudlyof peoplecollapse manner continence contiguous contentious contemptuous constraint literalcloseopenlyrestraintsubstancesoradefeat; join intention constituentselect; singlegroupfear/dismayoruncooperative oran consternation Having theoutdisagreeable;blood-related bounds to a specific consanguineous terse; shortscarcity,contempt a illness/injury ortogether er than ToArgumentflirtatiouswithcitizen,withan similar purposeutter failure" To increseexpressingneighboring combine "A speakof;sameshown" rarity; insufficiency" rule Increasing; A act Theof orwords Thegraduallyprocess Oppositionscatastrophic Self-control;recuperate Sharing a reactseveral Quarrelsome;collective fromstops Scornful; when restrictspassioned Something boundary; ofamoving from general "Component/part;ancestry; force not meaning state with dispassionate Harmful aside;has thefalse afeelings; the subject disinterested To inhabitant;rabble-rouser strayteaching or disingenuous discrete discomfit diluvial digress diffuse Didactic Diction deride denizen demagogue defamatory example To laughAnbadmake fun of changeoneappearacecomposureinstructing Unaffected by reputation Unbiased; or to a purpose Misleading;the resident Distinct; widely; to spread lose Pertainingfairbias of words Writing toseparatecause to flood or impression Aat; leader; comparable or toof from not personally involved i turn which scatter giving author's choice or strong disconcert; doctrinaire dissident n something Rigidly believing religious without any regard for logic or pr Disagreeing with ain theoriesor political belief/system Ellipses elegy Stubbornly sad sternexpression" Elegy "A dour doleful A mournful,expressesa usually about the deceased" dogged Sullen thatperservering;or severe acticalitywork or gloomy;poem,sorrow of three periods; shows that words have be "Sad, mournful series Indicated by determinedly enjoin encumber emulate emoillent elude To direct oravoid;towithto skin"escape the withto imitate en omitted cleverlystrivedownequal ortoburdenorder detection of to strongly fo To weigh to evade;toexcel something; emphasis; "Soothing, esp. urgency; to impose with; equivocate eponymous epochal rbid Momentous; very significant book, place, or restaurant"deliberat To avoid following or to a "Dedicating one's namecommiting to one's orders; to be Euphemism Ethos "To shun sight or as ahorrible values" espy espouse Being an"A mildof; considering substitute distasteful" eschew "Refers To support of directionto marry ersatz To catchor unclear toethics,sounding expression that substitutes for a h ely disobedient to generallyorglimpseorit wrong or or imitation or avoid, artificialpleasant cause; euphenism arsh, indelicate, orinoffensive, pleasant idea" "An simply less agreeable expression that is said in place of a euthanasia that is deemed offensive" statement The practice of puposely ending the life of the terminally ill; exponent excoriate assisted suicideToperson orstrong disapproval of; to react scathingly of someth A express thing that is a representative or a symbol extrapolation To explain into demolish;elaboratelyto explain extirpate expunge expound Exposition ing Using known eliminate to organized describe Writing or speechand information to draw conclusions or make a h eraseout;data thatcompletely root or detail; is to destroy utterly extrude extrinsic ypothesis "To form or shape something by pushing or forcing it out, esp. t External; secondary; unessential facile facetioussmall accomplished; lacking sincerity or depth; done without great effo hrough aEasily opening"humorous Witty; Figurative fictive feral feign fecklessPertaining febrile To Language mislead;uses a language mislead imaginative creation fallacious pretend;to atending toof false impression of an imaginative compariso rt Fictional; fantastical; by intense emotions or activity Feverish; distinguishednotor that imply Ineffective; creature; pertaining to False; wild give deceive domesticated All worthless nilibuster f "To use evasive, obstructional tactics, esp. prolonged speech, i fitful "Alternately ceasing, lacking steadiness; marked by irregular bursts of n order to delay" Foreshadowing Marked by disrespectful in forego fodder flout Readily and dismiss of placed and work of value; raw material flippantTo precede; be ahead with contempt aof littleliterature to suggest what activity" scorn; toabundantly availablelightheartedness or casualness A purposeful hint fortitude formidable laterFearsome; causing worry; forgooccur do without; to refrain from inspiringallows one to overcome difficu may To Mental or emotional strength that awe and wonder in the narrative furlough fulsome frenetic fortuitous lties Abundant;frenzied orin an insincere manner to a soldier or pri A fortunate chance Frantic; absence Byleave offlattering break; usually granted heretical hegemony hedonist harangue grotto gregarious grandiloquence cavewho considerssensitivityspeech beliefs gauche gamely A galvanize small "Pompous, hidden motives fancy goalempty language" furtive Tactless;spiritedly long, tediousas ofbutorallies or soner Bravely;Sly;deliver aarouse awarenessor polishlecture" standards; opposi "Disregarding The with socialable One domination of general, "Toshock; to the one group a Outgoing; stately pleasure over its Tolacking social speech; accepted histrionics hiatus tional" "A gap or interruption in space, time or routine" exaggerated behavior Deliberate display of emotions for effect; Hyperbole husband hubris "Excessive,manage economically; to exaggeration is used to used to achieve somethingofpride orin whichuse sparingly or wisely achieve emph Tofigure A overly speech self-confidence" hypocrite asis One who displays a false impression of virtue; one who criticize Imagery ignoble s a weakness that oneselfpicture that moral standards; not noble in character A mental having low is Lacking oralso possesses conjured by specific words and associat Inductive imperious impassive take into ofmind;signs of urgent" imbibe ToArgument theCreating a caseemotion; expressionlessexamples and drawi ions "Commanding, demanding; by providing specific Devoid any absorb insular insolent insensate inherent ingratiate ng a conclusion based onfavorevidenceor depth soremote people, esp. with a narro "Characteristic of an theycharacter gain oneselfnaive, foolish" Insultingly deliberately as of "Lacking sensibility overbearingunderstanding; built-in Relating to arrogant; isolated, to To gain thethe essential provide of something;an advantage interregnum internecine interlocutor inter To insuperablebury Incapabledestructive;in discussion w viewpoint" A temporary being Mutually ofhalt ofovercome ordevastating of government One who participatesthe typicaldefeated to both sides or cont equally operations intransigent intractable intimation rol Uncompromising; unyielding; Not easily manipulated or refusing to abandon an extreme posit "A subtle, indirect hint" managed Irony ironic irascible inveterate inundateContraryFearless;produces andwas overwhelm with aflood of what is intrepidWhen a situationestablished,braveexpected is theaoppositeor attitude"ex ion Easily "Firmlyagitated flood;outcome respect to habit To cover withof what esp. withthat or opposite a or angered; hot-tempered extremely to Juxtaposition Disrespectfultoplace things a revolution" junta jocular jettison itinerant irreverent pected "A smallPlayful; placehumorous way ortounsettled for co When two from a gentle or "To discard, inthrow aside areunecessary Wanderingcontrasting after as(like a nomad);burdening" governing body, placed next each other lexicon levity lax laudable largess lampoon Overly casual; or ridicule withtermsothers who may kismet Destiny;Todictionary; of(of money)irony or sarcasm certain subject mparisonLoose; lenient;anegligentseriousness orrelating to a seem inferior or Afate Generous giving stock of to formality Deservinglack a humor praise libertine libertarian vocabulary "A who thinker, usually used in a disparaging manner; one witho Onefree supports individual rights and free will Metaphor loquacious Logos Flexible; figure as a controlling two of in an lithe The limber Moving ofable utmost grace; whichprinciplesocietyargument lilliputian licentious restraint"toof speech in by mannersunlike things are compared direc ut any moralusewithreasonunrestrained distinguished by effortless grace A Talkative Verythe Immoral; be shaped small Metonymy tly A figure of speech in which something is referred to by using th necromancy nebulous"The prevailingunspecific or undefined a work, deceased event" Mood e name of something thator dominant feeling itwith the scene, orin order to fors The practice of communicating Vague; is associated with of nihilism neonate nefarious ee the future A newborn child traditional values and beliefs are illogical and The belief that Extremely wicked or vicious the existence is useless; that belief that conditions in the social organizatio

with l onus meaningTo or opinion oscillate ornery Having anmorals or principles" like a pendulum. to Deserving supplied. original persuasion Stubbornlycreated byobscurethat have resistant toreinforce their in which a smell opportunistexpress anwho takes advantage opine A burden"Oneobligationor feeling of any chance to achieve an end.tostumpaside.excess.over. intricate" truculent trounce To tremulous transitory transient trajectory who To beatfluid. unsophisticated eristic A personTo forbid totoname for another person adopted by authors to con "A fictitiousillegal or harmfulusually authorizedoutlook.words" the hopes or plans conflict. magnificent reject group pandemic panache paltry palpablePitifully small orshowy manner oror felt. inunemotional ofan andimmense study sovereign. frolicsome. of languages texts. founder" rapid open extravagant pseudonym proxy of provicial proscribe proseLimited inas poetry)narrow. back. skill in the effecti The art of Rhetorical Devices ve manipulation and use of words "The specific language tools that an author uses to carr Rhetorical Question y out a rhetorical strategy (diction. inclination dishonestly remorse or Persona r emphasis" The character created by the voice and narration of the speaker Personification of a text A figure of speech in which ideas or objects are describ precarious potentate potable posit portentious pore polyglot politic Point plucky plebeian platitude plaintive pique ofCourageous.topublicknowledge in aagainst field rife ll argument abundant. commoners chance Crudereal of suffering causing "Anclose-knit ancient one Expressive or body remark" from amazement Having "Theoverused. pleasure and luxury Synonym Symbol Something conclusion for something else ed to create a newthat standshas the same. in vindicate exerciseclearbent influencereckless" deep. to r stint stasis A be sparing. belief.adaptpossessesandorthings philistine read studiouslycraftypersonalities animals.defame "Instinctive. strength and or poverty supersede superfluous sully subterranean stymie strident stratify block"Loud. Extremely To is undergone and or of one ut only yen literal sense climax of them" zephyr A gentle breeze one zenith The peak or with craving makes strong desire.unpleasantly noisy" or pollute. of tendency to brief exile repeal. meaning as anothe "A word that Tension tenet tenacious temporal tempestuous temerity tawdry tautological tantamount tactile Cheap. engaging support claim vociferous slander gradually. imagery. positionfromforce. coping provoke Lacking Foreshadowing. repeatservices "A return force. excess. recklessness" fee r word" "A principle. The particularworn or stability. attentively woe which A rulera coarse.deflectirritation authoritative. (opposed act punctilious Pun pugilismA identity" ceal theirplay on words "Concerned about precise. of a language. A effect Relating to persistent small group sounds that Unreasonablythemake oror Togovernmentto anything formerly known. stalwart squalid sportive attractive or desirableby diminishedpertaining to sports Filthy and outstandingdue to neglectendurance or body.utmostfun of a literary work or an author by wri Periodic peregrinate penury penitent penchant pellucid pecuniary peculateAn patronize patrician oppresive indiseaseof the main simplesinsunderstand Pathos ASentenceevident. harsh. convictionsrate" Everyday truth "Authentic. words gaudyin valuein andtouch Syntax The wayshowy. Agives scarce. or "Marked Playful. freefrustrate.disposition or mood. To haveor ofmoney Superior. secret. to restrict inintorequiredtolayers use allowance soul" Tostate of equilibriumaor inactivity obligation of an agreement or offer "Toarrange asbe tarnish Extra.thosefilled with" or disorder To relatingsweet onegloomy. slow to react Behavior that that lack of judgement or common Anxious nickname extreme well-paying alias full stay specious Speaker spartan nse "The narrator of aof truth but or drama" Highly self-disciplined poem. oropen Cold and steady mood. tout tortuousAttitudeflattersmanyhopes severely to short-lived Toneresponsibilities publicizebloatedgaining object.asummary "Distinguishedsend debt or Taking ordiscredit quicklyusually esp. false an backmanner" repose replete Repetition remuneration remission relegate refute refract recidivism recapitulate reactionary whoBitterorforsoundofor complete raze rarefy rapt rapacious contradict demolishorpresentdense"phrase in emphasisbehavior" rankle rancor pussiantRelaxation.sentimental Hypocriticallypronounceddevout the Irreverent Excessively to religion. harsh. seclude. possessing a title without the functions uncanny tutelage turgid Swollen from a withfight. extreme used cope unlawful.awithlanguages" phalanx To arouse assounkyor orperspectiveto orasdependentthings" values ed as having humanangerorfor factual.tohatredrepaylessbyagreedtoesp. terse TheblockHaving little strength.noisy"orto intellectual. or events the au seminal thor uses to create a scene or narrative" "Influential in an original. . easily perceived he surface "A grand. same another vernal Vitalitydeceptiveoffreshtotwoifharmful.wordsthe thehateful of a professionpalespring. able tions" Deeply absorbedopinionsorresentmentafterapperance.or condition to cause set underground Syllogism sybarite surmount supplant eplace" A form of deductive reasoning in which pieces of evidence are us Toperson dedicated toto take the place of conquer or overcome replace by force. with wily wield "Undisciplined. and sedition secular seamy savant saturnine Satire A satiate "To sanctimonious parts. extremelyless significance to an event or thing th vernacular veritable verbose veracity vehemently variegated usury untoward"The practice bylending money at ordinary colorsspecialized language an it deserves Wordy ofdistinguished withanwith people. ominous. increase in quantity occur in the near futurebyinclination declaration or illusion.occuring. complex.not defeat awere vituperate gain Talkative. supernatural Ancient.object orexpressionhardened orlayers oust ostracize change into ossify To remove aexcludeor to becomebyofapraise"by common aspects g beliefs or feelings bone. toreal.highpolitics" luck. thwart. mind. clause at the end an travel on toward. providing a path for Simile "A simian Apelike. To title toplacewords indiverse set a palace.separate out stipulate taintTo specifytotodividethan or force a share or as inferior.with extremefullest or holy certain rostrum "Of in orderlow achievemoralpersons. weakof estra defeat tenuous "Concise.need particularrebellionor doctrines" world saccharinepersonAn elevatedofoccurence. brief.begineffectively condition of construction. or nearly the same. payillnessto losses purloin "Onemake"Todeliberatelybyoralightor degreeinforgentle manner" pundit To tear down.sacred salient Unpleasant. people.for profess or clai to Ablesteal. images. secruty managing characteristic presage preciptous circumstances Something that foreshadows or predicts.qualities multiple toorwho personality onwonder phlegmatic assume speakerwho disregards intellectual explanationpower philologyView "Apersonorof drinking in.persistentwords stubborn holds all of the control else An resembling sense of aorturns. loudly Disposed and guidance shaken Trembling.twiststemporary. to vary between opposin opprobrious ittle regard forDisgraceful. spoken argument to Markedwithfirm determination rhetoric to in moralastandardsforpurpose"speaking to excess the au Not or mock ideas. unecessary expectation a firm hold to thwart Theme To central prevent mood. separate" further developments" angelic apesspeech that compares one thing with another u Sweet. blatant style. sleight of hand prestidigitationTonaturalfor acceptancelineage. story is Shrewdorin resentment writings. adjacent virulentDryly humorous.considered of common promotes pertaining Selection thority of Detail "The specific words. incidents. to apparel "Unreasonable Relatingturbulentfoolish disregard Equivalent persist Producing ato time orcling to.having the charact A grow "Anoffer primitive Wastefullycleverly nature. genuine" of emotions or Difficultlanguage intensitydifferent illegally high Zeugma wry worst winsome "When Feltmissles. Thereview blame doneword Paymentby with intensitybehavior."To set figure of seragraphic sequester commonly usedapart. aretoexcitement accepted keepingdanger. towardsor desire events. twisted to shape visceralSicklya to abuseunrestrained.Causingoftoairworkcondescension towards. tangible. a criminalbad purport "TocauseTolesseningrob"ainconservatism. or to expose" speaking or writing effectively. b "Loud.agitate ororartistictoldor certain Suitable sluggish. criticize leisure goods reiteration or Rhetoric revile "To resplendent resolutebackcriticizeart and logicseverewritten or to verbally abuse" persuade. emotional" vim vilify Toflightadvantageverbally. pertaining to sophomoric solicitous sojourn sobriquet sinecure sing the words ""like"" or ""as"""orvisit of desire.more compliance Hidden. accurate details about codes or conven Boxing resilient rescind requite reprove reprehensible Abundantlyortake correct. Powerfulrecuperate intocancel" rare. existing briefly Passing to time. cantankerous Toirritable shameful swing back and forth palimpest palatial paean Oxymoron"A tribute. fo Expressingtakeof An use Clear "Presents Relatinganaristocratic liking. orfor the sake of argument overa Strategy "The way an author organizes words. used round or in wax wanton A wan voluble Related wordpower poisonousberate volley Clever. or pact aeffect by members of a group" "A feelingarranged or ofsentence forthe reader or audience Tending Pertaining sensation repetition Stormy. dull. handle or by Accuracy.orblame.aseasily becomeor in shoes vicariouslyincreaseorenergyspeakingof gunshots malignant. ls because of theor idea to the point.satisfy aplatform usedsignificanceto the general sacrilegiousridiculelearning. seem supernatural. perceptive extravagantly Short-lived. deceptively Having the effect story. a feeling of what might Steep prosaic propensity promulgate proliferate progenitor proffer prodigal primeval preternatural Straightforward. A question that is asked syntax)" sentences.aextreme poverty tobyof fromsentence. bounce "The by splendid Brilliant.director in creativity. easilyas Understatement unconscionable When an author assigns unfair or unjust ely unsettling Unscrupulous.expressionor consent underneath t An contradictory having one eject Pertaining Two song. of buy the ting a comic imitationfeelingresources. flight today Onepraise orpathor defeat ofandmovingadvantages or favorseerie or strang or So Guardianship.over a vast geographic area and affecting a large numbe Occuring being touched style" Capable of worthless Parallelism paragon Paradox paradigm panegyric r of people A seeming contradiction that in factperfection thetruth syntacti Anmodel or profile a that Elaborate praiseas ofmodelrelies or the use of literary used example technique excellence on reveals some same Parody An trim pariah "Toeffortoff ridicule or make importance pare paramount outcastto the of the reduce" cal structures Supreme. thefootoror sorrow for atoevoked pathogenicsympatheticlackmeaning pity or compassionfavor offensesartistic work patent Obvious. anger banish.non sequitur nomenclature n are intended to make destruction goodnames A system of scientificnot follow through logically from anything statement that does or desirable Onomatopoeia oligarchy olfactory obstinate obfuscate obdurateNew novel said and notconfuse.(pen name).Aoutside ofexecuted trick Existingknownin lacking preference make ancestor by production of forefather. from or atmosphere of the work" titular of Existing in title only. Charming. Thesharp followed belligerent "Having intimid. creative way. eager A temporaryor joborimmaturity andrequires little or no work se Displaying concerned. Marked Varied.actually being false.

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