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Discourses 451 – 500

451. God never tries for anybody to love Him

God is not much worried about Nivrutti because it is His personal affair

God is not much worried about Nivrutti (identifying the present human form of God and
selfless service to Him) because it is His personal affair. In fact, God discourages
devotees in Nivrutti and in spite of opposition from God, devotees please God by their
extreme love to God. God is always worried about Pravrutti (establishment of Justice),
which is a peaceful balance of society. In Gita He told about His purpose of visit to
establish justice in Pravrutti only. He tries to establish Pravrutti only. He never tries for
Nivrutti, because Nivrutti is the affair of devotees loving God. God never tries for
anybody to love Him. He is only worried about the peaceful co-living of human beings in
society (Pravrutti). He encourages Pravrutti by giving gift of heaven.

He discourages people in Nivrutti and in spite of that if some strong devotee aspires Him
only, He allows the soul to be with Him in His divine service. Even the fruit in Nivrutti is
only service but in Pravrutti the fruit is heaven. Sri Satya Sai Baba always tried to
establish Pravrutti through His speeches and this shows the divine nature of God in Him.
Rama and Krishna always tried to establish justice in Pravrutti through continuous efforts
like killing evil demons. Rama was hiding Himself by dense ignorance and never gave
opportunity even to recognize Him as God. Krishna left Gopikas forever and discouraged

If you try to make somebody to love you, you are the biggest fool. Real love comes
spontaneously and grows tremendously in spite of your terrible opposition. If you try to
generate and develop love in somebody’s heart, such love is not true. How can you
advertise about the process of loving you and the consequent gifts to be given by you? If
somebody loves you, even if you discourage it by showing loss and misery, if still that
soul is loving you prepared for loss and misery, that is the real love. Shiva in disguise
discouraged Parvati about her love to Him in several ways. Therefore, God is always for
establishing Pravrutti in the society, since it is the issue of love between souls and He is
not involved in it. He never tries for Nivrutti because it is the issue of love of souls
towards Him.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

452. Pravrutti Vs Nivrutti

Pravrutti is rejection of unjust bonds before justified bonds. If you reject the love of a
prostitute before the love of your wife, it is rejection of injustice and voting for justice.
Hence, in Pravrutti, justice is basis and is the very essence. When you come to Nivrutti
(identifying the present human form of God and selfless service to Him), you are
rejecting wife before God. This appears to be injustice but on analysis, you can find that
this is your vote for highest justice as you have voted for higher justice in the above case
of Pravrutti. Hence, the basis of justice continues in Nivrutti also if you analyze deeply.

A person loving a prostitute and rejecting wife neither has the perfect knowledge of wife
nor has the perfect knowledge of the prostitute. Only in the ignorance of both, he says
that his love to prostitute is justice and his love to wife is injustice. Similarly, when you
do not have the knowledge of God and world, then only, you will feel that the worldly
bonds are more justified than bond with God. This is only due to your ignorance of both
God and world as in the above case.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

453. God is helping you million times more than your family

If you have to be grateful to your parents, wife and children, how much you should be
grateful to God on the same basis of help done to you? Since you have not realized the
help of God, you are less grateful to God. You have over estimated the help of your
family and you are more grateful to the worldly bonds. God is helping you million times
more than your family and His help is continuous for millions of births even though you
are not grateful to Him. The help from your family is limited to this birth and if you
analyze you will find that business is always hidden in your worldly bonds. Veda says
that any soul loves you since you are the means of its happiness (Atmanah kamaya….).
Hence, voting for God and rejecting worldly bonds is not violation of justice but it is
based on the same very very justice only.

Lack of deep knowledge and analysis makes it to appear as voting for God against
justice. But in fact, it is only voting for highest justice and rejecting higher justice. When
you reject prostitute before your wife, it is voting to higher justice against lower justice or
injustice. Justice and injustice are only comparative terms. If a bachelor loves a prostitute
and marries her as social reform, such love to the prostitute becomes justice only. Hence,
justice becomes injustice and vice-versa in different contexts. It is only a relative concept.
Therefore, establishment of justice means establishment of both Pravrutti and Nivrutti
(identifying the present human form of God and selfless service to Him). You can identify
the justice at every level through the torchlight of analytical knowledge. Therefore, if you
cannot identify justice in Pravrutti, how can you identify justice in Nivrutti? If you cannot
vote for your wife against a prostitute, how can you vote for God against your wife?

Hence, analytical knowledge and voting for justice continue without any change in both
Pravrutti and Nivrutti. Hence, Lord stressed on establishment of justice only and this
covers both Pravrutti and Nivrutti. The high justice becomes injustice before higher

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

454. Heaven is the fruit of Pravrutti and abode of God is the fruit of Nivrutti.

The higher justice becomes injustice before highest justice. To reject the lower justice
before higher justice is the very essence of justice and this is established by God (Dharma
samsthapanarthaya….Gita). When God said that you have to leave the justice before
Him, it means you have to leave the higher justice before Him, who is the highest justice.
There is no contradiction here.

Shankara served His mother in the highest place. He even diverted the river for her sake.
He gave highest place for her in Pravrutti. Since He is very much analytical in
discriminating justice and injustice, He rejected every thing and every body for her sake.
Veda also gives first place to mother. But with the same sharp analytical discrimination,
He rejected her before God and even cheated her to go out for God’s work. This is
highest justice and His importance to His mother is only higher justice, which is highest
with in the Pravrutti, since God doesn’t appear in Pravrutti. God establishes Pravrutti so
that it is a training for you to reject lower justice before higher justice so that in Nivrutti,
you can follow the same principle to reject this higher justice before the highest justice.
Hence, you will find on deep analysis that Pravrutti and Nivrutti are not contradicting
with each other.

The same principle and the same practice exist in both. If you have failed in Nivrutti, you
will also fail in Pravrutti. Once you have the power of discrimination through sharp
analysis, (Sadasat viveka as called by Shankara) you will succeed both in Pravrutti and
Nivrutti. Heaven is the fruit of Pravrutti and abode of God is the fruit of Nivrutti. Heaven
is the third world and abode of God (Satyaloka) is the seventh world. Without climbing
the third step how can you climb the seventh step? Climbing the third step is Pravrutti
and if you learn to climb third step, you will learn to climb the seventh step also. Up to
third step, God helps you because love to Him is not involved and it is only love between
the souls.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

455. God tries to oppose the love to Him because it is His personal issue
Love of God is far more compared to the love of family
Today, Justice cannot give a strong competition to God

Shri Baba tried His level best to establish justice of Pravrutti and a good society with love
flowing between all the souls of the world. He never projected Nivrutti (identifying the
present human form of God and selfless service to Him), which is limited to very few
only and God always keeps silent and if necessary even opposes it since it is the issue of
love towards Him and becomes His personal issue. Of course, that is of highest value and
is eternal.

But today, the souls have come down even from the third step by rejecting justice before
injustice. People are rejecting justice and voting for injustice due to lack of true
knowledge. You are voting for corruption and rejecting the justified way of earning
through hard work. You are loving others who are going to cheat you, rejecting the advise
of your family members. When you cannot discriminate the higher and lower planes and
truth and false in Pravrutti itself, how can you discriminate God from world in Nivrutti?
When you can’t leave corruption and favor justified earning in Pravrutti, how can you
sacrifice even your justified earning for God? When you cannot reject false friends and
listen the true parents and family members, how can you reject parents and family for

In the ancient time, people rejected false love and voted for justified family. They
rejected corruption and favored justified earning through hard work. Then God competed
with family and justified earning because the love of God is far more compared to the
love of family. But today, He need not compete with justice, which is already rejected by
injustice in Pravrutti. Today, Justice cannot give a strong competition to God. Only
injustice gives strong competition to God.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

456. Modern Arjuna & Modern Gopika

Now God has to cut the bonds of souls with boyfriend or pray, with unjust wealth
Though Nivrutti is eternal, God opposes it

Today Krishna need not ask modern Arjuna to kill his grandfather, since modern Arjuna
is already ready to kill grandfather for the sake of kingdom. Today Krishna has to ask him
to sacrifice kingdom for His sake. Today the modern Gopika has already sacrificed her
husband for the sake of her boyfriend and Krishna has to compete not with her husband
but with her boyfriend! Sages asked God to cut their strong justified bonds like bond with
wife or husband, bond with hard earned wealth like butter and bond with children. These
three are the strongest bonds called as Eshanas. God as Krishna attracted their minds
from all these justified strongest bonds and gave salvation from these bonds, when they
were born as Gopikas.

But today, the strongest bonds were different. The husband is already sacrificed in the
love of her boyfriend and the husband has already sacrificed the wife in the love of his
pray! The hard earned money is already sacrificed to give bribe to officials to earn unjust
money by corruption. The children were already sacrificed since the parents are roaming
in clubs.

Now God has to cut the bonds of souls with boyfriend or pray, with unjust wealth earned
through corruption and with clubs. Replacing them with justified bonds should cut these
unjust bonds. Hence, knowledge of Pravrutti is needed first. Justice is weapon by which
the unjust bonds are cut for the sake of justified bonds. Then Pravrutti is established.
Then the society lives with peace and happiness and heaven is the gift. But all this is not
eternal and every time effort is needed to maintain the cycle of happiness and heaven.

Hence, a few wise souls investigated the path of Nivrutti even without the interference of

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

457. Though Nivrutti is eternal, God opposes it

A few wise souls investigated the path of Nivrutti even without the interference of God.
The interference of God is only up to Pravrutti and He gives lot of encouragement in it.
Though Nivrutti is eternal, God opposes it, since it is the point of love of the soul to Him
and not the love to other souls. Love to Him is Nivrutti and Love to other souls of family
and society is Pravrutti. Of course, Nivrutti is also based on justice only, which is higher
than justice involved in Pravrutti. Still, God does not show interest in Nivrutti because it
is His personal issue and He is involved in it. If He supports it, even though it is justified
based on logic, it looks as personal interest and hence God opposes it. He is satisfied if
you love other souls and keep the balance of family and society.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

458. Shri Baba never encouraged Nivrutti

Shri Baba never encouraged Nivrutti and He always concentrated on the establishment of
Pravrutti only, since He is interacting with the masses only. Majority can come up to the
third step of heaven only at the maximum. Only minority can climb up to the seventh
step. Shri Baba concentrated on the majority always. He was giving speeches
continuously and shed sweat and blood for establishing Pravrutti for world peace, which
is the basic stage even for the minority trying for Nivrutti. Today His throat is severely
affected by the continuous speeches given to establish justice in this society. The entire
world should be grateful to Him for the peace existing in the world today. The peace of
world should have been powdered by this time if He did not come and work for it.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

459. God doesn’t mind even atheism provided the justice is maintained in the society
If God and hell are not accepted, the sin will grow to climax

Miracles only prove the existence of unimaginable God. Anybody including the demon
demonstrating the miracles is in the service of God to establish the existence of God to an
atheist. Miracles exist widely with God in human form, devotees and even evil demons.
Establishment of existence of original unimaginable God is the fundamental subject that
needs wide publicity and hence God has spread miracles in wide range. Once the
existence of God is accepted, the atheist becomes theist. This is the foundation step.

Even Shankara spent all His life in the first step only to convert atheistic
Purvamimamsakas and Buddhists. Existence of God is needed even to establish Pravrutti
through creating fear for hell. If God and hell are not accepted, the sin will grow to
climax in a slow and steady way. Atheists promise to follow justice even without faith in
God, but such promise is not having strong basis and it can be violated at any time. God
doesn’t mind even atheism provided the justice is maintained in the society. But there is
always a possibility of violation of justice if the hell disappears from the mind. When you
are provoked to do injustice, at least the concept of hell and God will control you to
certain extent. At least the percentage of people committing sins will be reduced. Of
course, the concept of God and hell is not bringing the percentage to Zero, but if that
concept is totally absent, by one day or other the percentage will be hundred.

For this point only, God comes down to establish His existence and there by create the
fear for hell so that at least the percentage of sin and injustice comes to a minimum level,
though complete eradication is impossible. God is not at all bothered to establish Himself
for the sake of Nivrutti. If the society runs completely on justice, He will not mind even if
all the human beings are atheists.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

460. Nivrutti is love to God and is His personal affair hence He donot force Nivrutti

God comes down only to establish the peace and harmony in the society and not to
encourage devotees for Nivrutti, which is His personal affair. In fact, He is not interested
in Nivrutti and only when few diamonds (devotees) are rigid in Nivrutti, He still
discourages Nivrutti by showing no fruit for Nivrutti. After all, the final fruit for Nivrutti
is only continuous service of God like a slave! If you still argue that such service is
highest bliss for you and cling to it only, He grants it in unavoidable situation only.
Brahmaloka is only a place of such slaves of God and no facilities exist there!

God created heaven with all extreme luxuries for the people who follow justice in
Pravrutti and closed the entire spectrum of knowledge with that only. Nivrutti is
investigated and invented by devotees only and was not announced by God at anytime.
God announced Himself as Father of heaven only in scriptures of all other religions. Only
in India, in Hinduism, devotees due to extra intelligence, called as sages, like Sanaka,
Sanandana etc., only invented Nivrutti and God became helpless in the final stage
because devotees were rigid in that line in spite of His hectic opposition.

The real bliss of the true love exist only in such path of Nivrutti. When somebody loves
you and becomes rigid in his or her love to you, in-spite of your hectic opposition, such
love is real and the real bliss comes to you and also to the other side also in such path
only. Hence, Nivrutti is justified with such specific nature only. If you take the case of
any devotee in Nivrutti, you will find either negligence or opposition of God and the rigid
devotion of the devotee standing firm and finally only the acceptance of God to such love

Prahlada was rigid in his devotion and God appeared only after a long time. Radha was
rigid and Krishna neglected her through out her life and she could get love of God as
Goloka only after her death. Hanuman was insulted in the end for his sincere service and
the fruit given to Him was not announced by Rama at any time. The fruit is that Hanuman
will get the post of creator in future. After all, future is always a future! You will find a
plate on the front of shops on which it is written that tomorrow only you will get the item
on ordain. Tomorrow always remains as tomorrow. But Hanuman is not worried at all,
because He never aspired for the fruit at any time.
Only we are worried about His future post, because we are always worried about the
fruit. He is living in bliss of devotion continuously without any aspiration for fruit. This
shows the real interest of devotee in God even though God discourages it.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

461. You are responsible totally in Nivrutti and God is not at all responsible

Shri Baba always concentrated on establishment of Pravrutti for a peaceful living of souls
with love and harmony in the society, since He interacted with the majority (masses) of
the society always. He is always engaged in the construction of the basic stage of the
society and if justice is not established in Pravrutti, Nivrutti also fails because it is also
based on the same justice. If you slip from justice, you will loose heaven and thus heaven
is not eternal. But the same risk is in Nivrutti also. If you slip from God, you will loose
His service. You can attain the heaven or God by realization through knowledge and
subsequent rectification in both Pravrutti and Nivrutti. God helps you in both to rectify.

But if you say that the taste of God is million times more than heaven and hence you
prefer Nivrutti, God cannot help, because God is God and heaven is heaven always. If
God multiplies the taste of heaven by million times, relatively the taste of God also gets
multiplied by million times. It is the inherent characteristic of God, because the infinity of
God always makes the bliss infinite. Heaven is always finite and hence the bliss of
heaven can never become infinite. Veda says that the bliss of God is several times greater
than heaven. God cannot change His own inherent characteristic and at the maximum He
can hide Himself with ignorance or Maya so that He will not come in contact with you at
any time. It is you, who investigated Him and found His taste in-spite of His running
away from you and terrible opposition to your efforts in reaching Him. You are
responsible totally in Nivrutti and God is not at all responsible. His responsibility lies
only in Pravrutti. The eternality of the fruit is also from your side only. After tasting God,
your mind is not for tasting any item other than God. God did not make the fruit eternal.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

462. The highest taste of God is inherent characteristic of God and is not by the will
of God. Miracles are easiest for God since the entire creation is His imagination
only. Veda says that the special spiritual knowledge (Prajnanam) is the identity
mark of God. Miracles are easiest for God since the entire creation is His
imagination only as nothing is impossible for you in your imaginary world.

Miracle proves not only the unimaginable nature of God but also proves the imaginary
nature of world. Miracle does not give the exact address of God, since miracles are also
seen in demons. Only knowledge gives the address of God. Krishna is named as God
(Bhagavan) only when He was delivering Gita. To convince and change the human being,
which is like the curved tail of dog, only God can do something. Hence, God alone can
preach directly. His all-pervading power can enter anyone to express a miracle. Krishna
preached Pravrutti to all in the court of Dhrutarashtra. But He preached Nivrutti- based-
Pravrutti only to Arjuna in person. He preached Nivrutti to Gopikas through flute as
secret since they were rigid in devotion. Krishna advised them strongly to go back to their
houses and never encouraged them. Seeing their firm faith, He interacted with them in
Nivrutti. The address of God is given by the special spiritual knowledge (Prajnanam) and
not by miracles. Miracles give only knowledge about the inherent unimaginable nature of
God. Except this one purpose, miracles are useless and are always harmful. They are not
useful to identify God since demons also show miracles. They increase the selfishness by
utilizing the super power for solutions of problems and they increase ego. Shri Baba
should be taken as God in human form not by His miracles but by the guiding knowledge
through His speeches. Veda says that the special spiritual knowledge (Prajnanam) is the
identity mark of God.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

463. Realize the Aim of This Human Life

I once again tell you to realize the main aim of this human life and forget the insult in the
side activity. For a student the education is the main activity and he should be upset if he
fails in the unit tests. But, he should not be worried, if he fails in a game conducted as an
extra-curricular activity in the college. All this worldly life is only a game of extra-
curricular activity only. If you fail in your efforts to achieve the grace of the Lord, you
shall get tension because the spiritual effort is the main activity and aim of this human
life. Othello killed Desidimona and ended his life also doubting her character and his
doubt was actually unreal. But I assuredly tell you that this entire worldly life made of
these unreal dramatic bonds is really unreal and even if Desdimona is wrong, if Othello is
a realized soul, he will neglect the total issue as an extra-curricular activity.

Love in free atmosphere alone is worthy and in a compelled atmosphere the hypocritic
love is useless. Before matter, energy is negligible because energy condensed is matter.
Before energy, awareness (soul) is negligible, which is the weakest form of energy.
Before awareness the feeling is negligible, which is only the wave of awareness.
Qualitatively matter and energy are one and the same energy. But quantitative difference
brings the negligence to be treated as almost unreal (Mithya). These bonds are feelings
only and you can laugh at these bonds as said in the Gita (karmabandham prahasyasi).

You need not worry about your worldly requirements if you are involved in the practical
service of propagation of divine knoweldge of God. Everything will be carried out in a
most wonderful way. You need not worry about anything!

You should concentrate on your main aim in this life, which is the pleasing of God in His
mission of divine knoweldge propagation. You can do that. For that you have to first read
the divine knoweldge and clear all your doubts. Then slowly you can devote time for
propagating the divine knoweldge by means which you are affordable to, like posting in
web sites etc.
If you are working for God, God will work for you to see your need are fulfilled in this
world itself. But your service to God should not aspire any thing in return.

464. The link between God and World is unimaginable

God is unimaginable. The link between the soul and world with God is also unimaginable
because a link between two imaginable items only becomes imaginable.

The actions of God are also unimaginable since the actions of imaginable items are only
imaginable. The only imaginable region is about all the items of the world and
relationships between those items and the dead boundary of this world (imaginable
region) is space. In this imaginable region there may be some temporary unimaginable
regions, which are not analyzed today but one day or other those regions will be analyzed
by the science. The unimaginable region for an ignorant person may be simultaneously
imaginable to a scholar like the technology of an electronic instrument. Of course, even
today, there are certain unimaginable regions even for scholars in the deeper planes of the
science of world. Such planes will be known to scholars (Scientists) after some time by
the grace of God, because such planes are within the limits of the space. The scientist is
misled at this precise point.

Some time back, he did not know certain deeper planes of the world. Now he succeeded
in analyzing those unknown planes. Due to this, scientist becomes blind with ego. Based
on this success, he feels that he will analyze the final truth of the unimaginable limits of
infinite space (world) in future on some day. This is not correct. The reason for this is that
the planes which were not known to him and which are now known to him are within the
limits of space only. Still, there are more deeper planes which are not known as on today.
In the case of these planes, I assure the success for the scientist because these planes are
also within the limits of space. But he should know that on any day he cannot cross the
dead limits of space and God is beyond such space.

Since God is the generator of space (Atmana Akashah..Veda), we can touch the edge of
God only in the unimaginable limits of the space. We can say that once we have touched
the limits of space we have touched God.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

465. Unimaginable limits of space are God

Let Me even say that the unimaginable limits of space are God. The scientist agrees the
existence of these unimaginable limits of space and therefore the scientists is agreeing to
the existence of God. Even the common man is experiencing the existence of these
unimaginable limits of space by seeing the space with his naked eyes. The scientists see
the space through the telescope and arrive at the same conclusion. The human
intelligence cannot cross the four-dimensional space-time model at any cost on any day.
The beginning and the end of the space (limits of boundary) are always untouchable and
unimaginable for the intelligence of even top most scientists.
If he crosses the limits of this space, certainly he can touch (Know) God who is beyond
the space or exists in the limits of space. The unlimited space stands forever reminding
the scientist regarding this eternal truth. Thus, the Universe is visible to all human beings
in all times exhibiting the unimaginable item through its unimaginable limits. This
Universe is a practical proof and the clear miracle of God available to all to declare this
basic concept for every human being on this earth. Nobody needs the demonstration of
any miracle other than this to indicate the unimaginable God. The miracles are not
available to all in all times. Even if some miracle is demonstrated, people may conclude it
as illusion or coincidence of events. But in this demonstrated example of unimaginable
limits of space, there is no such controversy. Moreover, in this miracle there is no hope to
disprove the unimaginable limits of space in future even according to the opinion of

There cannot be two or more than two unimaginable items. Hence, the unimaginable
limits of the Universe are showing only one unimaginable God directly to every human
being. Since, you do not perceive the limits of the Universe, you have not perceived God.
The existence of unperceivable limits establishes the unimaginable limits. The Universe
is exhibiting its unperceivable and unimaginable limits. This means that you have not
seen these limits. Hence, you have not seen the unimaginable limits, which are God.

But the existence of unimaginable and unperceivable limits is exhibited. This means that
the unperceivable and unimaginable God exists and His existence is clearly exhibited.
This Universe itself exhibits the existence of such God. From this, the conclusion is that
you have understood only the existence of unperceivable and unimaginable God but this
does not mean that you have seen or imagined God. Veda says “Asteetyeva
Upalabdhavyah” which means that you can know only the existence of the unknowable
God. Veda says that God is unperceivable and unimaginable (Na Chakshusha…,
Yasyaamatam…..). Gita also confirms that God is unimaginable (Mamtuveda

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

466. Scientists have established the existence of permanently unimaginable God

You have two regions of unimaginable nature. One is the temporarily unimaginable
region containing the deeper planes of world within the limits of the space and these are
surely going to be analyzed in future by scientists. The other is the permanently
unimaginable region, which exhibits the permanently unimaginable limits of space or
God. Hence, scientists have established the existence of permanently unimaginable God.
The unimaginable nature is the reason for wonder. Maya means wonder by its root word.
Hence, we have temporary and permanent regions of Maya. Even the magic show, which
creates wonder, is called as Maya, which is temporary since you can analyze it and know
it after some time. But the miracle performed by the human form of the Lord can never
be analyzed which is not magic and such divine miracle is a permanent Maya indicating
the permanently unimaginable God in the human form. Therefore, the miracle of human
incarnation and the unimaginable limits of space are one and the same in establishing the
permanently unimaginable and hence permanently wonderful God.

Since there cannot be existence of two unimaginable items, there is no place for Maya
and God together since both are permanently unimaginable. There can be several
temporary unimaginable items in the world just like two items of a magic show. On
realization the two items of the magic show give different imaginable technologies of
performance of magic. But the realization of various permanently unimaginable miracles
indicates only one unimaginable God. Therefore, in all the permanently unimaginable
miracles, there is only one God as the basis, who is permanently unimaginable.

Maya needs a medium of imaginable nature to exhibit its unimaginable nature. The
unimaginable limits of the Universe are exhibited by the imaginable Universe, which is
composed by imaginable items. Similarly, the unimaginable God is exhibited by the
imaginable human body, which performs the unimaginable miracles through imaginable
actions and imaginable items.

For example, when the human incarnation moves its hand and produces sacred ash, the
human form, hand, movement of hand and the final ash are imaginable items. With the
help of these imaginable items, the generation of ash from space is exhibited as the
permanently unimaginable miracle. Even the temporary Maya needs imaginable items in
the magic show for exhibition.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

467. Unimaginable God and imaginable human form

The unimaginable God needs the imaginable human form as a medium for expressing
Himself to His devotees. In the case of human incarnation of God also, you have only
understood the existence of the unimaginable God and you have not imagined the nature
of God as in the case of the limits of the Universe. You have only seen that the limits of
space are beyond the sight and this does not mean that you have seen the limits of space.
In all these examples, Maya (Unimaginable item) exists in the imaginable items to give a
proof for its existence just like the unperceivable electricity exists in the perceivable
metallic wire to give experience of its existence. The wire with electricity can be treated
as the electricity itself and there is no other way than this to perceive the electricity. The
electricity has to be treated as the wire containing electricity. But every wire is not

Therefore, the unimaginable Maya has to be treated as the imaginable world, which
shows the unimaginable limits. This does not mean that every imaginable item in the
world with definite limits is Maya. Therefore, this world can be treated as Maya
(Mayamtu Prakrutim….Gita). Here the word Prakruti stands for the world with
unimaginable limits and it does not stand for any imaginable item in the world with
definite limits. Similarly, the person charged by God (human incarnation) can be treated
as God but not every person. The world with unimaginable limits and human incarnation
with unimaginable miracles can be treated as God (Viswam Vishnuh.., Vasudevah
Sarvamiti…..) and this does not mean that the world or the human body of human
incarnation itself is God (Avyaktam Vyaktimapannam…Gita).

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

468. God does not exists in any imaginable item except Human Incarnation

The Maya in the form of permanently unimaginable miracles is seen in an imaginable

item of the world with definite limits like a particular human being called as human
incarnation and it is not in every human being. The Maya (Power of God) is also in the
unimaginable limits of the Universe but not in any item of the Universe except the human
incarnation. Thus, you see the evidence of Maya, which is a proof for the existence of the
God in the limited human incarnation and in the unlimited boundary of the Universe.

Krishna ( a past human incarnation) as finite human incarnation and His cosmic vision
with infinite limits simultaneously stand for this concept. The exhibition of the Universe
with unperceivable and hence unimaginable limits is the only aim of the Lord in showing
the cosmic vision to Arjuna (a devotee of God) (Nantosti…Gita). Such exhibition
indicates the unimaginable nature in the core of Krishna also simultaneously. Thus both
the vision of infinite cosmos and the vision of unimaginable nature through the miracles
in the human incarnation together prove that God is unimaginable in the limits as well as
in the core. This vision concludes that the unimaginable limits of the Universe and the
unimaginable nature of the human incarnation simultaneously. This vision gives
simultaneous conclusion also that any item in the Universe except the human incarnation
is imaginable and hence does not indicate the existence of God in any imaginable item
except the human incarnation.

The final conclusion of cosmic vision is that unimaginable God exists beyond (the limits
of) the Universe and God also exists in the human incarnation.

God in this human body of this Datta Swami gave this cosmic vision to two devotees
(Ajay and Sitamma) simultaneously during a divine discourse on the day of Gurupurnima
and asked both of them to explain their experience, who were keeping silent in a
gathering of devotees. The identification of those two devotees only from the gathering of
several devotees who were also silently hearing the discourse is also miraculous apart
from giving such vision. The cosmic vision (Vishwarupam) was given during the
discourse of Gita by Krishna. Hence, the miracles associated with miraculous divine
knowledge alone can be the indication of God (Yadyat Vibhutimat Sattvam…Gita).
Otherwise demons also perform miracles and hence miracles alone cannot give the
address of God. Of course, the miracles exhibited even by demons indicate the
unimaginable God but do not give the address of God in the demon. Since miracles serve
their original purpose of indicating the existence of unimaginable God, God grants
miracles even to demons. This satisfies the desire of demons and also the publicity of the
existence of unimaginable God in the world simultaneously.
At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

469. Miracle Vs divine knowledge

By miracles the existence of God is indicated and the miraculous knowledge gives the
address of God (Jnanitvatmaiva…Gita, Prajnanam Brahma…Veda). Among the
knowledge, love and bliss, knowledge is the most important sign since only knowledge
can guide the soul to the goal. Expression of mere love or bliss or both cannot indicate
God like the miracles. Without the proper realization, determination and practice will not
materialize and without practice no fruit exists. Mere love can be seen even in a prostitute
or a beloved darling who even sacrifices life for your sake. Such love does not guide you
to the goal in the spiritual path and it dips you more in worldly bonds.

Similarly, you can see bliss in drunkard or similar persons smoking and taking drugs.
They cannot guide you in the spiritual path because mere love and mere bliss cannot give
you any realization and determination to practice. Hence, persons who are simply
performing miracles and persons who are simply expressing reasonless love and bliss
without clearing your doubts and without showing the correct path through perfect
analysis are not the real human incarnations. Sometimes God incarnates only exhibiting
the miraculous power to destroy evil forces and such incarnations (Matsya, Narasimha,
Vamana etc.,) disappear immediately as soon as the purpose is over.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

470. One need not run away from the problems

The devotee can become the Lord in all aspects except the aspect of creation,
maintenance and destruction of universe. The other aspects are not at all disturbed due to
absence of the last aspect. Suppose a producer of a film is enjoying His own picture.
Though you are not the producer, you can enjoy the cinema in equal status with the
producer. You can enjoy just like the producer because you are enjoying the same cinema
without taking the laborious efforts of its production. Therefore you should not say that
since he is the producer, he is enjoying.

People often say that since the human incarnation is Lord, He can enjoy the tragic scenes
of the cinema. Do you mean that the producer only can enjoy the tragic scenes of the
cinema? Any spectator can enjoy the tragic scenes of the cinema. The only requirement
for such continuous enjoyment of comic and tragic scenes of the cinema is only the
realization of the nature of the cinema. If you know that the cinema is unreal, you can
enjoy even the tragic scene.

Whether the spectator is a producer of the film or an ordinary human being the
requirement for the continuous enjoyment of the cinema is only the knowledge about the
unreality of the cinema. Therefore you need not run away from the problems of the life
and leaving the theater is committing suicide. Therefore do not say that Rama, Krishna
etc are God and so could stand unperturbed during the difficult times in life. The
argument is completely wrong and what you lack is the knowledge of the reality of this
creation (forms and feelings) and not the producer-ship of this creation.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

471. The significance of rituals & purity of mind to recognize human incarnation

Devotees having full egoism and jealousy will never worship even a stone on this earth.
Thus they will worship only the formless energy or awareness or at least the energetic
forms like Shiva, Vishnu etc. which are available in the upper world only. They reject this
earth completely. People in Brundavanam thought of worshipping Indra, who is an
energetic form. Krishna wanted to introduce something on the earth and He introduced
the mountain, which is a collection of stones. At least let the people accept a formless
stone because they cannot tolerate the human form introduced into the stone for worship.

Salagrama for Vishnu and Lingam for Shiva are such formless stones, which are suitable
to devotees having very high level of jealousy to the human form. Somehow it is the
beginning stage because at least the material with which the human form is carved is
introduced. When the jealousy is slowly reduced, they can accept the human form
introduced into the stone. At this level the jealousy is pacified because the human form
introduced in the stone does not exist on the earth. Thus the statues of Shiva, Vishnu etc.
are accepted at this level. Somehow the concept of human form is introduced.

When the jealousy and egoism are further reduced, the human forms of past incarnations
like Rama, Krishna etc. are introduced. At this level also, the jealousy is pacified because
the human forms are not alive at present before the eyes. Somehow this is a better step
because devotees believe that God comes in human form. These three levels constitute
the worship of statues through rituals. If you analyze the rituals, they are the steps of
service to the human form. The training is given to worship and serve the human form of
God. Sankara said that the rituals purify the mind (Chitta Suddhi).

The purification of mind means only removal of jealousy and egoism completely from
the mind. When the purification of mind is completed, the devotee is ready to accept the
present human form of God. When the devotee deserves to meet the present human
incarnation, certainly He will have the fortune of meeting the Lord in human form.
Unless the devotee comes to this maturity, there is no use of meeting the human
incarnation. The human incarnation also behaves like a human being and will be meeting
so many ordinary human beings daily in routine. There is no significance for such

However, when the devotee achieves the complete maturity by enrooting the egoism and
jealousy, such devotee experiences God in a human incarnation in the very first meeting
itself. Hanuman experienced this in the very first meeting with Rama. If the mind of the
devotee is completely matured, the inner God in the human incarnation reflects
immediately in the pure mind of the devotee.
If the mind is tarnished by the black egoism and jealousy, the inner God is not reflected.
In such case even if the miracles are performed, there is no use. Even if the Lord pours
down the divine knowledge, there will be no use.

Therefore the people who are not purified through rituals cannot have the recognition of
the Lord in human form. The rituals are called as Karma (Training) to remove the egoism
and jealousy towards human form. Social service is also a way to achieve this in which
one serves the human beings so that the natural repulsion towards human form is
removed. For the God in the human incarnation every human being is equal. The
recognition depends only on the purity of mind. The sun reflects in clear water but does
not reflect on the charcoal. When the God is not reflected, the human incarnation appears
as an ordinary human being only. The Lord also will not try to impress all the human
beings about His divinity.

If the situation is plain like this, there is no problem, but some deserving devotees
recognize the Lord due to their pure minds. Generally the liberated souls who have
accompanied the Lord in His mission recognize Him spontaneously and straightly enter
into the service.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

472. Gopikas were the ugliest still Lord Krishna loved them

You may argue that you are bored with the misery in the world and therefore God should
stop the show so that God also need not have the problem of coming in human forms
with so many combinations of qualities. If the show is put off, God is certainly bored.
That is not the point here. Why don’t you enjoy the cinema continuously by sitting in the
theatre? You can enjoy even the tragic scene and you need not go out of the theatre when
the tragedy appears. You need not ask the producer to close the show. If you are going out
of the theatre, it is just your suicide. Anyway, death will come after sometime which
means that the final dissolution of the world comes where the souls are stored as inert
impressions in the inert energy. You can enjoy the life remaining in the second plane by
realizing the third plane (forms and qualities) as unreal. The boy need not commit suicide
if a beautiful girl rejects his love.

It means that he is not realizing the nature of the life and is running out of the theatre. If
he realizes that the forms are unreal, he can even marry an ugly girl who loves him. The
beautiful girl may have even good qualities. What is the use of those qualities when the
love to you is absent? God will not recognize the forms and qualities except the devotion
which is the love to Him.

Indra, the elder brother of Vishnu was attracted to the dancers of heaven for their external
beauty. He was always in trouble. His brother Vishnu in the form of Krishna was not
attracted to those dancers of heaven even for a second. He was attracted to Gopikas who
are not good looking and their ugliness is doubled since they were villagers without
fashions. The cow dung was the snow, powder, and sometimes was even their lipstick!
They were having a bad smell with sweat whereas the dancers of heaven were using the
divine flowers which have divine scents. Krishna was completely attracted to Gopikas
and gave them Goloka, which is above His permanent abode. What is the reason for His
unimaginable attraction towards such Gopikas, though He was so handsome and was
loved by 16,000 beautiful girls of the dynasty of kings? The attraction of the Lord was
towards their unimaginable love which is the devotion. Therefore the youth should realize
this and try to enjoy the life fully. They should understand that the real beauty is only

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

473. One should not pay the phone bill also and be on the road ?

When I analysed the story of Saktuprastha, one person asked Surya (Mumbai) that
whether he should not pay the phone bill also and be on the road. This is a very long
jump and it shows the fit of anger of that person by which the analytical faculty of
intelligence is blocked (krodhat bhavati …the Gita). Let him first realize that I have not
created a concept and then created a subsequent story to support that. It is a famous story
of the famous epic of Mahabharata written by sage Vyasa. Let the person put this
question to Vyasa. Moreover, I ask one simple question. Who asked you to be on the
road? Did any one compel you? You reject Brahmaloka and then the corresponding test is
also totally rejected. You want to become IAS officer on one side. At the same time you
shout, “Should I read up to midnight without even sleep?”. Fantastic. Who compelled you
to join the IAS coaching? You want the fruit but at the same time you don’t want the
difficulty in the path. You want to go to heaven in the path of roses, which only leads to
hell. The path to heaven is full of thorns. Choice is yours. No one compels you to join
IAS coaching.

The concept I have drawn from the existing famous story is quite natural and is clear.
This concept is Veda, which is stolen by the mis-interpreter who is representative of the
demon Somakasura. I am killing the misinterpretation – demon and uplifting the spiritual
knowledge from Bharatam, Ramayanam, which are considered as Vedas (vedah
prachetasat, bharatah panchamovedah) and Bhagavatam, which is the climax of Veda
(Vedanta). Somakasura means the wine evil. Selfishness and attachment to family is the
wine that is stealing the spiritual concepts. By this wine, people are robbing the money of
even poor good devotees of the society, today. From the story, you have to fix the
complete sacrifice (Sarvakarmaphala tyagam – the Gita) as the goal. Then, you will be
able to do some sacrifice atleast. If 100 marks is pass mark, everyone will secure at least
40 marks. If 40 marks are kept as pass mark, many score only ten or twenty only. Let the
goal be highest. Highest is the only absolute truth. Atleast realize the highest goal in
theory and put efforts to achieve it. At least in some births, you will achieve it. God
grants re-human birth for any soul who puts constant efforts. God will encourage you, if
you are really trying.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

474. Importance of Satguru or Lord in Human form

A devotee asked about the importance of Satguru.

Swami replied:

Satguru is needed for the correct guidance in the spiritual path, which is eternal. For
temporary worldly affairs there is no need of Satguru. The animals, birds etc., do not
require Satguru. They are constantly concentrating on the needs of the body and the needs
of their issues only and are never aware of God. The human beings, which are always
concentrating on the needs of the body and needs of their children only are no more
different from the animals. The basic needs are not covered here because just for the
basic needs there is no need of concentration through out the life. We find people who are
always engaged in constant work only even though the basic needs for future hundred
generations are attained. After some time, the human being becomes work-holic (like
alcoholic). In the beginning a little alcohol is taken as a medicine for appetite. Alcohol is
used in several medicines in little quantity. But in course of time, he becomes alcoholic
and goes on drinking alcohol in unlimited quantities.

Similarly, one starts the work for the sake of basic needs of the body and the needs of his
family. But in course of time, even if he has earned the basic needs for his future hundred
generations, the fellow is not pacified and continues to work and work till the last day of
death. Such work-holic fellow starts preaching that work is worship. Such human beings
are basically the citizens of the kingdom of animals. Even the animals do not work if
their stomach is filled.

But this human being earning without end is worse than the animals and therefore even
their citizenship in the kingdom of animals gets cancelled! Even the tiger kills the deer
when the tiger is hungry. But our fellow kills the poor innocent devotees also through
endless corruption even though he has earned for his future thousand generations!
Therefore the association of cruel animals also expelled the human being from their
association!! He goes on with endless corruption for the sake of endless comforts of his
endless future generations! Such souls are going to be thrown into the births of animals
and birds and in their case God is not angry at all. God is the father who fulfills the
desires of the children. When such human beings do not bend towards spiritual path in
spite of repeated preaching, the divine father finally yields Himself to the rigid desire of
the children who want only materialistic things permanently and hence they are given
births of animals which are always involved in materialistic world only till the death. By
taking birth in the kingdom of animals the human soul will at least learn to limit its
endless ambition as said above. Therefore, God is trying to uplift the soul even by
throwing it in to animals and there is no revenge here also. To reduce the intensity of the
ambition the soul is subjected to torture in the hell and here also God is for the upliftment
of the soul only.

Hence, the divine father is always working for the betterment of the soul only and there is
no place of revenge on His children in His heart. Such souls are condemned forever by
revolving in the cycle of hell and animals through constant training, which never ends,
and they are responsible for their fate. A permanently mentally derailed son has to be kept
in the mental hospital only forever and cannot be brought back to the house (Human
kingdom). There are certain good and learned souls, which are interested in the spiritual
path to gain the grace of the God. But the spiritual path is in confusion since several
human beings interpret the scripture of God in different ways. Only God has to give the
correct version of His own scripture.

For this purpose only God comes in human form called as Satguru to give correct
guidance in the spiritual path.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

475. Whether Topmost divine knowledge can be given to all?

Shri Ramanath asked that whether the top most knowledge given by Swami should be
confined to top most devotees only and not to general core of devotees.

Swami replied: It is true that the preacher should give the knowledge corresponding to
the level of devotees only. But if the top most level knowledge is given to all, there is no
harm because a theoretical goal can be set up at any level. The goal must be always
highest. The effort for highest goal will be certainly better than the effort for higher goal.
Every human being is eligible for the highest goal. If the teacher announces hundred out
of hundred as the pass mark, then even the below average student gets forty out of
hundred and passes the test. If the announced goal is only forty, the below average
student will certainly fail. You may fear that the below average student may be
discouraged by the highest goal. But we say that if the soul is in the path of constant
spiritual efforts, God will give any number of human births till the highest goal is
achieved. Therefore, every soul is sure to reach the highest goal one day or other if the
effort is maintained constantly (Na me bhaktah….Gita). Even if the goal is not achieved
in this birth, the Samskara (concept) of the highest divine knowledge follows the soul in
every birth, if at least the soul is convinced with the highest knowledge in this birth. In
the next birth, the rare chance of getting this highest knowledge may be or may not be
possible. But the highest knowledge kept in the brain only follows the soul as a weak
samskara to the next birth and cannot help in any effort. Butin this birth if the highest
knowledge is associated with constant effort (even though it fails) to be put in practice,
the highest knowledge will at least follow the soul as a strong samskara. Therefore, you
need not worry about the failure or success of your spiritual efforts in practicing the
highest knowledge. Even the failed efforts have their own value because even if practice
is a failure, the failed efforts will strengthen the samskara for the next birth, which will
have a definite possibility of practical implementation.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

476. Injustice winning in this world? Never!

Shri Partha Sarathi (USA) asked Swami about his financial loss continuously due to the
victory of injustice in this world.

Swami replied: The injustice will never win because if it happens so in this divine rule of
God, it is only blame to His administration. With the limited knowledge of this birth, you
cannot decide the justice. In view of all the previous births and the deeds in the previous
births, God gives judgment, which is perfectly justified in the wide range of all the
previous births. If you criticize God, God will leave you with the due justice as per the
cycle of deeds. If you are a devotee of God, God will compensate your financial loss
through some other way at a later date.

If you are wasting the present time in worry, the compensation of finance may be done
but you cannot have the compensation of the lost past time. Hence, you should take the
help of the spiritual knowledge and try to be happy even in the misery so that you will not
loose both time as well as money. If you are worried, you cannot concentrate on God and
your devotion also becomes week and your financial compensation in the future also gets
correspondingly reduced. Therefore, you must be brave in the troubles without any worry
and maintain the concentrated devotion to God.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

477. God Comes in human form in all places of the earth and in every generation

God comes in human form – in all places of the earth and also
He comes in every generation – that contains both good and bad.
If devotees of one generation are – favored by His direct visit,
God becomes partial for no reason, – God is not such mad!
Priests never accept human form – of God before their eyes.
They like the worship of models – that represent God indirectly,
So that the results of worship – indirectly come to them finally.
Priests did not give place for God – after Buddha in Kali age.
Buddha came in the beginning of Kali, – priests showed Kalki
At the end of this Kali age, – no human form till the end.

Similarly Christian priests – opposed Jesus when He was alive.

After Jesus, they say that – Jesus comes only in the end.
The psychology of priests – is the same in the whole world!
Krishna said that He will come – whenever He is required.
‘Jesus will come again’ means, – He will come in next generation.
If the guest says to you – that he will come again to you,
Does it mean that he will come – only once in his entire life?

In Christianity the soul after death – waits till the final enquiry.
In that case the soul meets God twice, – once in its lifetime
And finally at the time of enquiry, – this is justified, if no rebirth.
Every soul meets God in human form, – once while it exists
On the earth in the human body, - finally in final enquiry.
This is possible only if God – comes in every generation.
Otherwise, souls born - along with Jesus were only lucky,
Since they alone met God as Jesus – and in final enquiry.
All the other souls have only – one chance to meet finally.
This is again blind partiality, – God can never be blind.
Any priest in the world – does not like contemporary form
Because the benefits of service – to God should come to him.

This is possible only if God – is limited to symbolic models.

The human psychology is always – selfish and egoistic here.
Jesus told that He and His father – are one and the same.
This is Advaita, He told that He is – the son of God, this is
Vishishtadvaita stating that – son is part and parcel of father.
Jesus told that He is messenger – of God, this is Dvaita stating
That God is master and – Son of God is His servant.

Mohammad stressed on Dvaita, - since all souls are servants,

God is the master to be served, - then Son of God is not special.
This will remove jealousy of priests – towards the Son of God.
This will avoid crucifixion of – Son of God by priests.
Remember, Mohammad came – just after Jesus and tried
To avoid brutal consequences – of jealousy of priests on
The Son of God or contemporary – human incarnation in future.
Mohammad said that God – never becomes human being.
It is perfectly correct, – current is not converted into wire.
It only entered wire – God in flesh, Manushim Tanumashritam,
Mean that God entered human body, – not converted into human body.

Human body means gross body – with the liberated soul selected
By God for human incarnation, – the soul is a part of the body.
The soul is causal body, – the qualities in soul are subtle body.
The soul acts as personal assistant, – as inert as the gross body
Due to total surrender to God, – this soul is the Son of God.
Every soul has equal chance – to become the Son of God.
Every student has equal chance – to get the gold medal.
But in an year only one student – tops and gets gold medal.
The other students should not – hate the topper by jealousy.
The chance given was not – properly used by other students.
Neither God is partial nor – the topper should be blamed.
Still there is time, use it, – next time you may be topper.

Even during stay of God, – God is God and soul is soul.

Even in live wire, current – is current and wire is wire.
Wire is only treated as current – for all practical purposes.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

478. The human life is not meant for actions and enjoying fruits

Shankara concentrated very much on the concept of God, which is the sole aim of this
human life. The human life is very rare by itself and to get a second human life is more
and more rare. Other religions say that it is impossible. Most rareness and impossibility
are one and the same and on this point, there is no need of fight between religions. The
human life is not meant for actions and enjoying fruits. This is the main reason of
postponing the enjoyment of good results or punishments to other upper worlds (Bhoga
lokas) after this human life. People are worried when the results of actions are not seen in
this world at once. They think that this human life is meant for actions and enjoyment of
fruits only. The fruits can be given at another place and after this precious human life.
There is no hurry for that because that is not the main aim of human life in the eye of God
as the case of the Government.

The purpose of creating separate upper worlds and the purpose of postponement of
results to these upper worlds after human life is only for this. The time is meant for a
different purpose and this earth (Bhuloka) is meant to be the actual campus for doing
work of God to achieve the grace of Lord (Karmaloka). The word ‘karma’ in philosophy
does not mean ordinary worldly actions. It means only divine works, which are service to
God. To differentiate from worldly work, this divine work is called as “karma yoga”. The
word ‘yoga’ means achievement of God in human form, after perfect identification
(Brahma Jnana) for doing service (karma) directly. Service to temples or churches is
indirect, but, even that is greater than worldly work, because the concept of doing work to
God exists even in that type of representative worship. Something is better than nothing
and everything in the beginning is only something.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

479. Veda says that God alone does miracles

This world is just imagination of God.
Miracles are done by God and not by individual soul (Jeeva). Veda says that God alone
does miracles (Satyakamah…). The logic in this point is that this entire creation is just
His will only. This world is just imagination of God. You can do any impossible thing in
your imaginary world. You can also make somebody created by you in the imaginary
world to do anything. That somebody is able to do anything due to your will only. Hence,
if somebody is doing a miracle, that somebody is not doing the miracle. God, the creator
of the world is doing miracle through him. The will power is the material of your
imaginary world and is responsible for any action that is natural as well as supernatural.
Hence, for realized souls, who see every action as the will of God only, the miracle is not
a special action at all.

For realized souls, not only the actions but also the entire material of the creation is also
His will only. In such case they do not distinguish matter, energy, work and miracle. Only
ignorant people distinguish miracle from ordinary action that can be done by human
beings. They think that the human being can do such and such work and God is not
involved in it. For them only, miracle is necessary, which is the action of God separately
distinguished from the action of human being. This is the reason for the realized souls not
giving any importance to a miracle since they see every action and even the entire world
also as the action of God only.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

480. This entire creation is just work of God only

Even the human being itself is a work of God. Hence, the human being identified by the
life or mind or awareness is called as Paraprakruti. Prakruti means best work. Kruti
means work. The prefix Pra means best. This world is wonderful and hence is called as
Prakruti or best work. Within this best work, life or mind or intelligence denoting basic
awareness is again the best of best. Para means best. Paraprakruti means best in the best
work. Hence, the life itself is work. The awareness is the basic material of life or mind or
intelligence. In fact, awareness is the best special type of work done by inert energy
produced in the oxidation of food. This inert energy enters a special system called as
nervous system and does a special work and this special work is called as awareness. The
effects of this special work are desires (Samkalpa) and discussions of desires in various
ways (Vikalpa) constituting the field of mind. The final effect of this awareness or special
work is intelligence, which takes decision (Nischaya). The life is Prana or oxygen
maintained by the respiratory system that is needed to oxidize the food taken by the
digestive system. The life is in plants. The mind requires nervous system, which is
developed in birds and animals. The main part of nervous system is brain, which is well
developed in human beings. Even the inert energy is a form of work only. Matter, which
is a form of inert energy, is also work only. Hence, the entire creation involving matter,
inert energy and awareness is just work only. The work needs worker and the worker is
God. Hence, the entire creation consisting of inert matter, inert energy, plants, birds,
animals and human beings is just the work of God only.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

481. Miracles, Scientists, Atheist and God

Miracles are very widely distributed in the world to give proof for the existence of the
God to every human being, which is the basic requirement. If you pray sincerely in a
temple or even in open place, generally God gives you His answer through a miracle.
Many have witnessed this in their lives. Some times due to the inevitable fruits of your
past deeds, God keeps silent for some time and that time is used in your transformation.
Hence, scientists call this as probability or coincidence of events. Hence, God
demonstrates specific miracles in human form to meet this twisted interpretation of
scientists or atheists. Even devotees and even demons do specific miracles. God has
given a wide coverage for spreading miracles since it involves the very basic issue of His
Scientists have to accept the existence of unimaginable nature from the practical example
of unimaginable limits of this infinite Universe. Scientists may reject miracles but can’t
reject the unimaginable limits of space. One instance of existence of unimaginable entity
is sufficient to prove the existence of unimaginable God. The miracles act as supporting
evidences of the same concept.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

482. Sai Baba is recognized as God by divine knowledge

You may produce ash by hiding wet salt–powder in the hand. Shri Baba may produce the
same ash by materialization of will force. Since the ash is one and the same, you cannot
say that Shri Baba also must have hidden the ash in the hand like your self. Baba is not
recognized as God by mere miracles. He is recognized as God by divine knowledge
which is special and can’t be heard anywhere (Prajnanam), divine love expressed through
practical service, infinite bliss due to balanced nature by entertaining self in any situation
and miracles. Veda gives these four identity marks for human incarnation. Prajnanam
Brahma, Raso vai sah, Anando Brahma and Satyakamah are the four corresponding Vedic
statements that prove Him as God.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

483. The link between God (worker) and the world (work) is unimaginable.
In this work of God (world), the awareness (Chit) is the best work. If you say that
awareness is modified in to the world, science disproves it, since the inert energy is
modified into awareness. If you call God as the awareness, we have no objection but the
word used by you should not mean the awareness that is available in this world, which is
generated by the inert energy only. Then the word used by you has no meaning and hence
God becomes beyond the meaning available in the world, which means unimaginable.
Hence, the link between God (worker) and the world (work) is unimaginable. In the
world you are finding imaginable worker and the imaginable work only. The link
between two imaginable items becomes imaginable. The link between unimaginable God
(worker) and the imaginable world (work) is unimaginable because such example is not
available in the world. Hence, our logic and imagination is limited to the creation only
and not to the creator and not also to the link that is a process of creation. The creation is
imaginable even though its limits are unimaginable. The deeper planes of the creation are
also unimaginable even to the science today. You can’t say that even the creation also is
entirely unimaginable. If everything is unimaginable, the word unimaginable itself cannot
be generated. If something is known and something is unknown, the known and unknown
exist together. If the known disappears, the unknown also disappears because both known
and unknown are relative to each other.

Hence, God created the world and made the surface planes of the world to be known to us
so that the relative unknown also exists. Then only we can say that God is unknown or
unimaginable. If God and the link between God and world are unknown completely, then
we can start with the world and end in the world only. This is what is being done by
science. Science starts with world and ends in the world. Its logic is limited to the world
perfectly. If anybody tries to project the known item as unknown, science will object it
and we also must support science in this point. If you do some magic and say that it is a
divine miracle, science opposes it and we must also support the science and not the magic
projected as miracle. Therefore, you should be always scientific from all angles and try to
disprove any miracle as magic. But if you really fail to prove the miracle as magic and
still argue that the miracle is only magic, you are no more a scientist.

You are in no way different from a blind ignorant fool who believes the magic as miracle
since you are also blind ignorant fool believing the miracle also as magic. We should be
impartial to call both as conservative rigid fools of their blind beliefs.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

484. Science is noble in admitting unknown things

You should have always the open mind to analyze and accept the truth. You can prove the
miracles of fraud Babas as magic but you cannot say that the miracle of Sri Satya Sai
Baba as magic, which is being done since His childhood. Magic requires some training.
In that petty village of Puttaparti, in those days of childhood of Baba, who came to train
Baba in the magic? People should have noticed the training very easily and should have
recorded the fact which cannot be hidden in that small village. Science is noble in
admitting unknown things. Heisenberg is a noble scientist and winner of Nobel Prize,
who admitted the uncertain phenomena under the uncertainty principle. It is not certain
whether the electron is a wave or a particle. It has dual nature. Dual nature is not a precise
answer and admits the concept of uncertainty or unimaginable nature.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

485. The God of science

According to science, inert energy is basic material of this universe, which creates,
maintains and finally dissolves entire creation and is the God of science. The design of
the world doesn’t require the need of awareness because a long duration of time has set
up the design of world perfectly by the theory of probability. Scientists do not accept the
necessity of an intellectual agent to design this wonderful world as philosophers imagine
in Vedanta (Brahmasutras). If this is the end of the story, science could have easily
disposed the proposal of Vedanta and the scriptures can be easily concluded as poetic
imaginations of certain poets. It can be easily concluded that certain people have created
this poetry to exploit the society in the name of God. Anyone can easily believe science
and by this time the world should have been filled with atheists only and today, the
minority should be theists.

But surprisingly the majority is theists and minority is only atheists. The atheists say that
since majority is uneducated, theism exists due to possibility of easy exploitation of
uneducated people. But even educated people show majority of theists only all over the
world. What is the reason for this? The reason for this is that the unimaginable God is
showing miracles in the lives of several people to establish the existence of unimaginable
Not only this, the unimaginable God is exhibiting unimaginable miracles through several
devotees and also demons widely. Not only this, God is coming in human form and is
offering explanation of the miracles and concept of God. Genuine miracles are many in
the world and the minority of atheists is unable to dispose these miracles as magic. You
may write the correct answer through copying in the examination. Some body might have
also written the same correct answer without copying in the examination. Since the
answer is one and same, can you say that the other person who has written the correct
answer also copied necessarily? The product may be same but the methods of production
vary. Sodium chloride can be produced in several ways. You have produced it in one way.
I have produced it in another way. The end product is the same sodium chloride. You
cannot say that I have also produced in your way only.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

486. Some devotees consider Me also as human incarnation of God Datta

My miracles- Dattaswami
I am provoked to site another miracle of Lord Datta shown through this poor fellow (Me)
about cosmic vision. On one day of Guru Purnima, I was giving a divine discourse to a
small crowd of devotees in the house of Shri C B K Murthy at Vijayawada. The speech
went for three hours. In the middle of speech, I stood suddenly for five minutes closing
My eyes. I do such things spontaneously without any plan or awareness of any point
suddenly due to the will of God working through Me. I consider Myself to be most
undeserving for such reasonless grace of God on Me. I never claim Myself even to be the
dust particle of the divine lotus feet of God. After five minutes, I opened My eyes and
looked at two devotees sitting far from each other in the crowd. They were Shri Ajay and
Smt. Sitamma. I asked both of them to explain about their vision. I told that they should
say whether they had the same vision or different. Both have explained their visions
separately and both visions happened to be the same. The vision was the same cosmic
vision. Both saw the Lord with the entire Universe in Him standing before a golden
chariot and both saw Arjuna fallen on the feet of the Lord. Previously some devotees
were reporting visions on seeing Me.

Some were thinking that it might be illusion of mind. How both the devotees got the
same vision in the same time? How could I ask those two devotees only, when several
devotees were sitting there? You can’t dispose every thing by mere probability and
coincidence. It is by the grace of Shri Satya Sai Baba only, I give this divine knowledge
and if any merit or miracle is exhibited, the credit of it goes to Him only. If any defect is
exhibited, I own it. Some devotees consider Me also as human incarnation of God Datta.

But I sincerely feel that all My devotees are the real human incarnations of God Datta. I
feel that God Datta is testing Me through them regarding the effect of injection of ego
into Me through their praise. I know that God quits Me if the bad scented ego enters into
Me as in the case of Parashurama. Shri Shiridi Sai Baba always maintained God in Him
by resisting ego by always saying that God is the master (Allah Malik). Shri Satya Sai
Baba also maintained God in Him constantly by saying that every human being is God
already (Advaita).

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

Sri Dattaji: Can you please explain why Satya Sai Baba says every living being is God
already, but you have told that every living being is not God and God lives in a particular
human body?

Swami: Sai Baba, never stressed Nivrutti (which loving service to Lord in human form).
He preaches about Pravrutti and uses the technique of advaitins to pacify the egoism and
jealousy of devotees by saying that already they are God. By such statements, devotees
get encouraged to further listen and learn about God.

Shri Baba never encouraged Nivrutti and He always concentrated on the establishment of
Pravrutti only, since He is interacting with the masses only. Majority can come up to the
third step of heaven only at the maximum. Only minority can climb up to the seventh
step. Shri Baba concentrated on the majority always. He was giving speeches
continuously and shed sweat and blood for establishing Pravrutti for world peace, which
is the basic stage even for the minority trying for Nivrutti. Today His throat is severely
affected by the continuous speeches given to establish justice in this society. The entire
world should be grateful to Him for the peace existing in the world today. The peace of
world should have been powdered by this time if He did not come and work for it.

A few wise souls investigated the path of Nivrutti even without the interference of God.
The interference of God is only up to Pravrutti and He gives lot of encouragement in it.
Though Nivrutti is eternal, God opposes it, since it is the point of love of the soul to Him
and not the love to other souls. Love to Him is Nivrutti and Love to other souls of family
and society is Pravrutti. Of course, Nivrutti is also based on justice only, which is higher
than justice involved in Pravrutti. Still, God does not show interest in Nivrutti because it
is His personal issue and He is involved in it. If He supports it, even though it is justified
based on logic, it looks as personal interest and hence God opposes it. He is satisfied if
you love other souls and keep the balance of family and society.

Shri Satya Sai Baba told that He is catering the food with smile cooked by Shiridi Sai
Baba, who was furious. The cook will not allow any one to enter kitchen because you
will find the board of no admission in to the kitchen and you will find many to eat in the
dinning hall. You can understand the majority around Baba today and the minority around
Baba in Shiridi previously. Cooking means adjusting the truth of spiritual knowledge to
the tune of receivers so that people get attracted first and then slowly get into the truth in
course of time. Shankara, first, attracted the egoistic and jealous atheists by Advaita
through commentaries arguing with atheistic Buddhists and Purvamimamsakas and then
propagated devotion and total surrender to the converted atheists into theists.

Shiridi Sai Baba represents the adjustment of the truth to the frequency of existing human
beings like adjusting the tune before singing the song and Satya Sai Baba represents the
propagation of the divine knowledge like singing the song in the already adjusted and
subsequently fixed tune. Shiridi Sai Baba limited Himself to a small place and that time
was not with much developed science. Our elder generations were always without ego
and with lot of devotion compared to the present generation. Atheists were almost absent.
Hence, Baba was spreading devotion to Lord and total surrender to Him according to
Ramanuja and Madhva by saying always “Allah Malik” (God is the Master).

But today Baba covers all the world, which is with well developed scientific thinking and
widely spread atheism. The time and the range of coverage of space are different for
Baba today. Hence, you find plenty of miracles meeting the challenge of science and
atheism also. To pacify the ego of today, Baba has taken the weapon of Advaita of
Shankara since the present atmosphere is almost similar to that of Shankara. Baba tuned
His program in Shiridi to spread devotion, but by the time, He took another body the need
of that tune changed and hence Baba tuned His program again to the present day.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

487. God enters human body known as human incarnation

The human incarnation is God entering the human body as said by Gita (Manusheem
tanumashritam….). The human body consists of three sub-bodies. The first is external
gross body made of five elements. The second is internal subtle body (Jeeva), which is a
bundle of qualities. The innermost is the causal body (Atman), which is the pure
awareness or soul. Atman is like standstill water and qualities (Jeeva) are like the waves
in the water. Jeeva and Atman are inseparable. Atman can exist without Jeeva, which is
the steady soul in the meditation without thoughts. By effort, the thoughts (Qualities) can
be completely destroyed so that pure soul remains. This is the Nirguna-Atman (attribute
less soul) of Advaita Philosophers. But Jeeva can’t exist without Atman. When God
enters the human body, the Jeevatman, a jointly associated system of qualities and soul
together, which is the liberated soul exists there as the personal assistant. The Jeevatman
is only a slave to God and can be considered as almost living doll.

Veda refers this to the two birds living together on a common tree. The two birds are God
and Jeevatman and the tree is the gross body of Jeevatman. God is visiting guest in the
house of the liberated soul. God doesn’t come into mere inert gross body. God lives with
the liberated soul selected by Him from His family of liberated souls, so that the liberated
soul becomes happy due to visit of God. God and the liberated soul are homogeneously
united like two metallic components in a single phase of alloy. God pervades even the
gross body whenever it is required as in the situation of uplifting the hill. The human
being consisting of gross, subtle and causal bodies acts as a wire charged by current. The
live wire is treated as current for all the practical purposes and can be treated as current.
Hence, the human being is treated as God and this is the monism of Shankara limited to
the human incarnation and not to be extended to every human being. In human being the
soul and Jeeva are the two birds as per Shankara and in such case, you can call the Jeeva
as soul, but not as God. According to Ramanuja the interpretation is God and soul only
referring to the human incarnation.
At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

488. All about Creation

In Maha Pralaya the awareness in this world disappears because the awareness associated
with the initial (primordial) energy also disappears. This means, God is not willing to see
the cinema any more or to participate in the cinema. Then the movable items of cinema
have become immovable i.e. living items became inert items. All the souls have become
parts of the inert film. Everything has become the inert energy only (sat). Science also
agrees to this. Only God along with inert energy containing the inert design is left over.
This is the state of ?Ekaki? (alone) God is still in Saguna state only because the energy
along with designs covers God as ?Upadhi?.

The ?Nirguna? state (absolutely alone) of God, which existed before the first creation, is
never achieved because the inert film is never destroyed. Since everything except God
that exists is inert only, the state of ?Ekaki? is maintained as before the first creation.
Therefore the world exists as ?Sat? (inert energy) before and after the dissolution of
creation, where as during the existence of the creation, it exists as sat and chit.

When the sat is associated with the property of chit, the drama is alive as the running
show, giving entertainment to God. During Maha Pralaya, ?chit? disappears and
everything remains only as inert energy ?sat?. Therefore, before the second creation, the
sat existed along with the design (Avyaktam) which is not expressed. The absence of ex-
pression of the design is meant by ?Asat?, which was the word used for the same sat with
design. The second sat means that the design is expressed which means the cinema
started again.

The first stage is pure science. In this we analyze the nature (Prakruti) and conclude that
the womb of the mother is the root cause of the birth of the child. This womb is a part of
the mother only and is not the father, which is the chit or awareness. The child does not
realize the father as its root cause because the interaction of the father is a hidden secret
and should be only inferred (Anumanam) and not perceived (Pratyaksham). The biology,
which is the scripture and the inference are only the two means to realize the father as the
cause of the birth. Kalidasa says that the father can be understood from the inference
obtained from scriptures (Aaptavaaganumaanaabhyaam Saadhyam?). The soul as
awareness goes into its basic form, which is the inert energy in the time of deep sleep or
in dissolution state. This inert energy is Parashakti or Brahman or more specifically
referred as karya Brahman is the first item of the creation.

This is inert because it is under the control of its source, which is God (Parabrahman).
This is called as Mahat Brahma in the Gita, which is the first cover (Upadhi) of God. By
this, for the first time, the attributeless (Nirguna) Brahman or God becomes Saguna,
which means God is qualified by the medium. When the will or awareness enters this
inert energy from God, the inert energy generates the plan of world as issue. The Gita
says the same (Tasmin garbham?). This is concept of hidden Father and visible mother.
This is a joint approach of philosophy and science. One accepts both inference and
perception together. This is the concept of God and Para Shakti (first created inert
energy), which is charged by God called as Brahma and awareness-energy called as
Saraswati. Both these as creator and first creation are treated as father and daughter. Then
the entry of God into the energy is like the secret union of father and mother. The energy
then materializes into matter, which is Lakshmi (wealth). All materialized forms appear
as issues. The hidden father is not visualized by scientists. The theists agree the Father
and Mother as the cause of creation. They do not leave the perceived basis as mother but
accept the inferred Father.

Without understanding this inner concept, people have misinterpreted that Brahma
married His own daughter. The concept should not materialize totally in the given simile.
There is no object in the creation, which can stand as exact simile to God, the creator. If
you leave the science and travel with the philosophy only, the father-daughter concept
comes by which you can understand that God created even that first creation (energy).

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

489. Our feelings and unreal bonds of the world

A paper and pen are sufficient to give a certificate. Similarly the knowledge and devotion,
which are also made of nervous energy, are sufficient to attain the grace of God. The
attachment to wealth is also a bond like the bonds with your family members. You are
sacrificing your attachment to wealth and family members for the sake of God. Already
the wealth and your family members are the immovable and movable properties of the
Lord. For the sake of God, Shankara sacrificed the attachment to His mother and not
sacrificed the mother because she is already a part of the movable property of the Lord.
Similarly Gopikas sacrificed their families and butter (wealth) for the sake of the Lord
and here also sacrifice of their bonds is the point. All the game is only with these feelings
(bonds) which are almost unreal and not with real things. Therefore there need not be any
tension regarding the bonds. Your bonds with other souls are unreal compared with the
bond with God, just like the bonds in the drama are unreal compared with the bond with
the owner of the drama.

The dramatic bonds change from one drama to the other. Similarly the bonds with your
souls change from one birth to the other. The bond with God is real and eternal because,
even in Maha Pralaya (the final dissolution of the creation) the souls exist in God, which
are controlled by Him always. The Master-Servant bond exists always, which is the
essence of any other bond also.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

490. God-Subjective & Objective view points

This entire Universe is objective because the Creator is the subject and the Creation is the
object. Any item in the Creation is also object. The human body is the most convenient
object. Through such human body only the Lord should be meditated upon and should be
served. The subjective God (Creator) is beyond words, mind, intelligence, logic and
imagination as said in Veda. Gita says that if one approaches the subjective God directly,
he will end in misery (Avyakthahi Gatih Duhkham?). This verse in Gita means that the
souls having human bodies cannot worship the subjective God directly because such
worship leads only to misery. You cannot even imagine the subjective God. When the
approach is subjective, the mind is destroyed as said in Gita in the above verse. Only the
objective approach will give happiness because there is no difficulty in capturing the God
through an object. Since you are an object, you can capture the boundaries of another
object through your mind. Any object is within the four-dimensional space-time model.
The subjective God is beyond the dimensions of space and time. When you try to capture
the subjective God, the mind is unable to catch Him and undergoes lot of difficulties
leading into strain that destroys the mind. But when you experience God through a
human being you will not have any strain in capturing God who is identified with the
object. When the subjective God is not at all experienced, how His characteristic sign,
which is Bliss, can be experienced? You are not seeing the Sun directly and how can you
enjoy the heat or light? Even if the Sun is not seen directly if an illuminated lens by Sun
is seen, you are enjoying the light and heat atleast in small quantities in reality. When the
Sun is completely hidden by the clouds, neither Sun nor his heat nor his light is
experienced. Bliss is defined as the continuous happiness, which is infinitely intensive.
You may mistake sometimes the temporary happiness also as Bliss. When you have not
tasted the infinitely intensive happiness, you may misunderstand even a small shadow of
the bliss (happiness) as bliss itself. Moreover, the bliss of yourself is not the highest goal.
You must please the Lord and pleasing the Lord must be highest goal. Therefore, your
experience of the bliss need not be necessarily the pleasure of the God. The Bliss can be
obtained from materialistic things like drink etc. Only the divine knowledge followed by
the divine love and bliss can give you the identity of the Lord. But once you recognized
the Lord by the knowledge, love and bliss, your aim should be the service of the Lord
through which the Lord must be pleased. In service you may not have the bliss or
sometimes-you may have to face even lot of unhappiness. Jesus told that unless one
detaches even from his life for His sake, he couldn?t be His dearest disciple. But you
should feel all that unhappiness as your happiness if your unhappiness in terms of service
pleases the Lord. You must have patient analysis and power of discrimination in the
search of the truth. Your aim should not be the attainment of bliss but making the Lord
blissful through your service and sacrifice. If this ultimate goal is realized, the soul gets
the top most place in the heart of the Lord.

You have entered the heart of the Lord deeply through your proven love towards the Lord
in the very first step itself. The Lord wants sincerely to hold on you in the path of the
truth. The Lord does not want to use any super power in this matter because the path of
the knowledge and devotion should be spontaneous, natural and real. The final result of
the effort of Swami thus depends only in the power of your discrimination and on your
patience to analyze in search of the truth. You will have firm faith only when the divine
knowledge helps you as a fertilizer to germinate the devotion and also acts as a pesticide
to remove worm like attractions and illusions of Saturn, who always tries to take away
the sheep from the Lord like a wolf or a fox.
At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

491. The entire World is not Unreal

Do not worry about the sins of your close family members. Tell them once and help them
in the analysis. Do not hate them and resist their side attractions. Resistance will only
increase the attraction. You are promoting it indirectly. You help them in analysis and still
if they do not change neglect them. In this world, the souls and five elements are real but
the attractions or feelings, which are called as bonds are unreal. The actors, stage, dress,
lights etc., are real but the story and dialogues, which together called as drama, are
unreal. God, the absolute reality, is the source of both the reality and unreality of this

When I say that the world is a dream, you should not mistake it and confuse by thinking
that everything in the world is a dream. If you analyse your wife and child, their souls
and gross bodies are real. But their subtle bodies which are made up of feelings (gunas)
are unreal. The vessel (gross body) and the water (causal body) are real. But the waves in
the water (subtle body) are unreal, which constitutes the whole drama ? dream. All the
actors and the materials used in the picture shooting are real. Only the story, dialogues
and the feelings expressed like attraction and hatredness are unreal. The Advaita scholars
misunderstand here and say that the entire world is unreal.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

492. The student shall be hanged to death permanently?

Some people say that the Lord preaches with love and kindness in the world for
transformation. If the soul is not transformed, the soul will be thrown to hell permanently
at the end of this life. They say that the Lord should not punish the soul in this world.
This is exactly similar to say that you should preach the student and if the student fails, he
should be hanged to death permanently at the end of the period. You are not allowing
punishing with cane during the period. Therefore before the final punishment temporary
punishment must be also given to the soul. Before the final examination interim
examinations are also conducted. If the student fails in the interim examinations, there
will be a chance for the student to correct himself before the final examination. Therefore
interim punishments are part and parcel of the coaching before the final examination. The
Lord adopts different procedures of coaching in different regions based on the
psychology and attitude of the human beings. You should not criticize the procedure of
the Lord which is different in some other religion and region.

The Lord is universal but the human beings in the universe differ in their attitudes. The
same single Lord adopts a different procedure in a different region and such different
procedure appears as a different religion. A few criticize the Lord of other religion. You
are criticizing your own Lord of your own religion. The external behavior of the Lord
differs due to different internal and external behaviors of the human beings in this
universe. The external form, dress, language, food habits and culture of human beings
differ from one region to the other. Accordingly the external form, dress, food habits,
language and culture of the Lord also differ to suit that particular region. The internal
Lord and the internal essence of the same Lord is one and the same in His different
human incarnations which have come in different regions or religions.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

493. Spirituality, Secularism & Capitalism

Secularism really means that the same medicine is present in every cup and you can take
the medicine present in all the cups with equal liking. Secularism also means that you can
take the medicine from any cup and respect other cups with equality. But the present
secularism has ended in a horrible sense by which the medicine is not taken at all from a
single cup or all cups. Such sense is misunderstood or misinterpreted secularism.
Mahatma Gandhi prayed Eeshwara and Allah equally and that is the real secularism. But
in the present secularism you neither pray Eeshwara nor Allah nor both with equality.
Instead of such pseudo secularism, it is better not to have secularism at all. Let us like
one cup only and take the medicine from that cup. It is better that India remains as a
Hindu country and follow the spiritual knowledge of Hinduism sincerely. In the present
false secularism, India neither takes the spiritual knowledge from Hinduism nor from any
other religion. The government feels shy in uttering even the word God, which is above
all the religions like the medicine, which is not related with any cup.

Even in the concept of economic equilibrium of the society, the spiritual knowledge gives
the permanent solution. Capitalism is one extreme end and Naxalism is another extreme
end. In between these two lie the socialism and communism. Capitalism grows industries
by the help of a few rich people and by this several poor people earn their livelihood.
Naxalism takes away the concentrated wealth of this few rich people and distributes it
among the poor people by force. Socialism and communism try to achieve the same
result of Naxalism without force. But these systems have not given permanent solutions.
Duryodhana robbed the wealth of Pandavas. Dharmaraja requested Duryodhan to give at
least a little kingdom and he was like the socialism. The other Pandavas threatened
Duryodhan regarding the consequences of war like communism. Draupadi was highly
emotional to kill Duryodhana on the spot like a Naxalist. But all these were controlled
and guided by Lord Krishna who is the Lord in human form. When Krishna went to
Kauravas, He requested like socialism, threatened like communism and showed His
readiness to kill them through the vision of Viswaroopam like Naxalism. Therefore the
decision of the ultimate divine government is final and when the right time comes the
Lord Himself will become the Naxalist. In such case the present Naxalists are not
necessary like Arjuna. Therefore all the people should act under the guidance of a
spiritual preacher like Lord Krishna.

In fact Lord Krishna is the real capitalist who is the actual owner of this entire creation.
Thus the spiritual knowledge can alone bring the real solution since the Lord is the
ultimate authority. Dhrutarashtra who represents the human government supported
Duryodhana. But Lord Krishna who was the ultimate government destroyed still
Duryodhana. The capitalist tries to find out new ways to hide his wealth, when his wealth
is forcibly taken away. Some times the capitalists are discouraged and do not apply their
talent to grow the industrialisation. All these paths fail because they beat around the bush.
The spiritual knowledge directly hits the bird in the bush. The spiritual knowledge
emphasises the unreality of these worldly bonds. These family members were not related
in the previous births and will not be related in the future births. Therefore these family
bonds are present in this birth only and therefore they are temporary. Any thing that is
temporary is always unreal (Yadanityam tat krutakam?Sankara), (Nasato?Gita). The
dramatic bond, which is unreal before and after the drama is also unreal during the
drama. All the human beings, weather they are your family members or outsiders are
having the only relationship with you that is that they are your co-actors. You are
cheating an outsider and rob his wealth for the sake of your family members. Both
outsiders and the family members are equally related to you as the co-actors only. Why
do you cheat one co-actor and favour another co-actor and earn sin? Your family
members will not share your sin. They have not asked you to steal the wealth of others
and feed them by it. This was the answer given by the family members of Valmiki, who
was a robber. One day he tried to rob the sage Narada. Narada told him to go to his
family members and put this question. Lord Krishna started Gita with the analysis of self.

All the family members are related to this gross body only in which the blood flows. The
self, He referred in the second chapter of the Gita relates to the casual body along with its
subtle body. When you fix the word ?I? to the casual body along with the subtle body, all
the relationships with the gross body vanish. The Lord compared the gross body to the
external garment. This again reveals the unreality of the dramatic bonds that exist with
these family members. Such divine spiritual knowledge can only transform the rich
people and the solution for economic equilibrium becomes permanent. If you appeal a
rich man to follow the economic justice without removing his blind family attractions, it
is like reducing the temperature by applying ice on the body without killing the bacteria,
which are responsible for the fever. Even the realisation of the unreality of these family
bonds cannot make him active to continue with his work so that the poor people can be
fed. He may become inactive because the ultimate goal is not clear even if he finds all the
human beings equally related. The concept of existence of God and that He is pleased
when you work actively with a broad view treating all the human beings equal should
exist. Thus by following the path of justice and rejecting the injustice one can please the
Lord. Pleasing the Lord gives the encouragement. Without this concept the practice of
justice becomes dry and useless. This may gradually lead to the practice of injustice also.
Thus the kingdom of atheists without God finally ends in the injustice. The atheist will
not recognise the underlying divine government. He only accepts the visible human
government that established courts and police as executive system for implementing the
punishments given by court. Now the atheist will think that if he can mislead the court by
false witness and intellectual advocates, he need not fear for the injustice, which gives
more enjoyment by accumulation of wealth. He does not fear for God or hell. He fears
only for courts and police and knows how to manage them. At present the pseudo
secularism is almost like atheism.

In atheism you deny the God and in pseudo secularism you forget the God. Both are one
and the same as far as the final effect is concerned. The atheist often argues to show the
hell and heaven but I ask him one question, ?Have you shown me the entire space of this
cosmos and it?s boundaries to show the absence of the hell and heaven?? Of course my
question also ends with 50% probability for both existence and non-existence of the hell.
But if you practice the path of justice there is no harm to you even if the hell is absent.
But if there is hell and if you do not follow the path of justice you are harmed severely
(Nanyadasteeti?Gita). Thus the present system of pseudo secularism or atheism is a total
failure because the divine government is not recognised properly. Even when we conduct
the Independence Day celebrations we are neglecting the recognition of the help of the
Lord in achieving the independence. Mahatma Gandhi achieved the independence with
the grace of Lord Rama and he was always chanting that divine name. Remembering the
fighters for independence without the Lord is like praising the Pandavas for the victory in
the war without mentioning the name of Lord Krishna. When Jesus was mentioning about
the kingdom of God, a fighter for the independence of the Jews from Roman-rule
misunderstood that the new kingdom meant the independence of Jews.

He approached Jesus for the assistance in such fight. Jesus clarified him and the new
kingdom was meant for the revelation of the invisible divine kingdom. When that
ultimate government sanctions, anything happens in this world. Thus in every walk of
life, the Lord is neglected and forgotten. People think that praising the Lord is an
individual activity and not a public activity. The divine atmosphere is not created in the
public offices so that people forget God in the public places where their activities are
important. Remembering God at the home only is not affecting their activities because in
the home, they become inactive and take rest. Thus you have to extend the spiritual
atmosphere in every inch of the earth to remind the government of God that is
functioning everywhere and always. I was very much pleased to find the printed
statement on the dollar note, which says, ?In God, we trust?. On the currency notes, the
familiar pictures of God should be printed, which remind the divine administration. The
pictures of the heads of human government and other natural scenes should be avoided.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

494. Government of Lord & Government of World

It is the climax of ignorance to think that the spiritual knowledge is unrelated to the
present worldly affairs. People think that the spiritual knowledge is always related to the
upper world only and this shows their ignorance. The Lord is simultaneous ruler of this
world as well as the upper world. The Lord can grant any materialistic boon in this world
and also can give simultaneously the protection in the upper world. The Lord is also
involved in the social problems of this world because He is ultimately governing this
society also. There is His government underlying in the present human government as the
foundation. The present human government is like the castle seen above the ground. But
the government of the Lord is like the hidden foundation present inside the ground. Jesus
always referred this government of the Lord.

The absence of realization of the existence of this underlying invisible divine government
of the Lord, which was preached by Jesus again and again as kingdom of heaven is
responsible for all the present burning problems at the individual level as well as at the
gross level of the society. The human government is neglecting to propagate the
awareness regarding the existence of this divine government. In fact the divine
government also rules the human government. Perhaps the human government is feeling
about the loss of its prestige by propagating the presence of this ultimate divine
government. The awareness of the concept of this ultimate government of the Lord can be
propagated through education at the primary level. But the government especially in
India feels shy to introduce the spiritual knowledge in the education due to the so-called
secularism. Secularism really means that the same medicine is present in every cup and
you can take the medicine present in all the cups with equal liking.

Secularism also means that you can take the medicine from any cup and respect other
cups with equality. But the present secularism has ended in a horrible sense by which the
medicine is not taken at all from a single cup or all cups. Such sense is misunderstood or
misinterpreted secularism. Mahatma Gandhi prayed Eeshwara and Allah equally and that
is the real secularism.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

495. Ego

The soul develops ego during its lifetime by helping other souls. The ego is the most
dangerous snake that enters the self without your notice. The ego hides itself in the
subconscious state of mind and you will be feeling that you are not at all egoistic. It is
like a first stage of cancer, which is generally not noticed. Such hidden ego is smashed
when you kneel before God on your fore legs and beg for the basic necessities. The saint
practices this through begging the houses for food so that the concept of donor shall
vanish away. God alone is the ultimate donor.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

496. Always Be Contented with whatever you have already

God is the Lord for both Pravrutti (Obeying justice) and Nivrutti (Loving Service to
Lord). If the Lord is not pleased in Pravrutti you cannot please Him in Nivrutti also. The
fundamental requirement to please the Lord in Pravrutti is to have satisfaction at every
step. The contentment with whatever you have will always please the Lord. You must be
happy with whatever is already given to you by the Lord and you must always thank for
the past. You should not put your eye on the present or the future and put an application
to the Lord. Even if you have travelled from one place to other place you must thank the
Lord for having protected you during the journey. You have reached the destiny only by
the grace of the Lord. It is not sure that one will reach the destiny by a bus or train or

If any accident takes place you are gone forever. Everybody is under the influence of
strong ignorance and thinks that he has reached the destiny by his effort. Some people
think that reaching the destiny does not need any effort and it is just a routine thing.
Therefore, either you feel egoistic for your effort or you neglect the journey as a routine
matter, which does not require any effort. Both these are illusions. You have reached the
destiny by the grace of the Lord only. Therefore, in every stage you must remember the
Lord and express gratefulness to Him. By such behaviour the Lord becomes immensely
pleased and is encouraged to do every thing for you. Jesus always used to thank the Lord
in every small work also. He always thanked the Lord for the past and never was worried
about the present or the future. He thanked the Lord for the four breads already given. He
never was worried about the thousands of visitors who came to see Him and they were
feeling hungry. He never planned about the future consequence of such situation.

The Lord was extensively pleased and multiplied the four breads into thousands of
breads. Therefore, contentment with what already you have and thanking the Lord for
whatever was already given will please the Lord. You must thank the Lord even for every
respiration because it is only by the will and grace of the Lord the lungs are working and
the air is going in and coming out of the lungs. The heart beats and every beat is only by
the graceful sanction of the Lord. I find several people who crave for money every time
irrespective of what ever they had. They never attain the satisfaction at any stage of the
growth of their financial strength. God becomes displeased with such people and will not
grant further wealth because the fellow will never get satisfaction. There is no use of
granting any amount of wealth because the fellow is never satisfied. When the
satisfaction is absent he will not thank the Lord with full heart. Even if he thanks, it is
only for the future sanction.

Therefore, if you really wish to have the grace of the Lord to remove your present
financial crisis and poverty, the first step you have to take is to have satisfaction and
complete contentment with whatever you already have. You plan with the existing funds
and adjust yourself accordingly. If you have the will to adjust you can adjust to any
quantity of wealth. When the adjustment is done, you will have the full satisfaction. Then
if you pray the Lord you will not ask for any thing more because you are already
satisfied. In such case your prayer is not for the fulfilment of any desire. Your prayer
requires the Lord Himself and not any thing other than the Lord. Your prayer will be in
His praise only and not for any desire because you had the full contentment already. Then
the Lord gets real pleasure from you and will force His grace on you continuously. He
will rain wealth on you forever. The wealth will be multi-dimensional. Wealth does not
mean simply cash. Wealth means health, good children, good appetite for food and good
digestion, good sleep, perfect peace, and success in every effort, continuous courage,
knowledge and finally the salvation.

Goddess Lakshmi is in eight forms and one form is only cash (Dhana Lakshmi).
Therefore, if you really wish to get rid of the eight forms of poverty from your life and if
you really wish for the eight forms of wealth, the only qualification you have to attain is
the full contentment with whatever you have already. Gita says the same (Nitya
Truptah…..). Sankara was in such a state. When He praised Goddess Lakshmi, she rained
golden fruits. He did not take even one fruit from that heap. He desired for Goddess
Lakshmi and for Her grace, but He never desired for the fruit of Her grace. He derived
bliss from praying Her and from Her constant grace. The gold rained by Her does not
give bliss. It gives only tension and worry. It creates dissatisfaction always. It destroys
the contentment.

If you have ten gold coins you will aspire for one hundred. After getting hundred you will
aspire for thousand. There is no end for this. You will never achieve the contentment and
you will be in the stream of dissatisfaction till the death. Therefore, if you touch the
beginning of this chain, this infinite chain of wealth carries you away. If you do not touch
it you are always having the contentment. Sankara told that the poor fellow is always
fortunate (Koupinavantah Khalu Bhagyavantah). Sankara also told that the money would
lead to misery of dissatisfaction only (Arthamanartham…).

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

497. Longevity of Devotion

When you select a bridegroom, his longevity is very important apart from his beauty and
good qualities. If the longevity is not there what is the use of his beauty and good
qualities? Similarly excellent devotion on God may exist but how long the devotion
continues at that level is the most important point in the eyes of the God. Devotion,
which is very high in the beginning, should continue forever.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

498. Worldly Wisdom

Worldly wisdom is good for all worldly matters, but it is not good in spiritual matters.
You will win more and more in the world as you become more and more wise, but you
are becoming far and far from the God. Old people look less wise in the worldly matters
and you are mocking at them. You don’t know how much near they are to God.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

499. Reaction to Violence

When one throws fire on you if you throw fire against him in return, can your fire
extinguish the opposite fire? The fire thrown by you cannot pacify the injuries caused by
the opposite fire on your body. The injuries caused by your fire on the body of your
enemy will increase the strength of your enmity with him. If you throw water against his
fire, your water can extinguish the opposite fire. The water fallen on your enemy
generates repentance in your enemy and the enmity ends forever. A scholar shows love
as answer to violence. An ignorant fellow shows anger as answer to anger.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami

500. Human Incarnation is God All the Time

When you put on the switch the bulb glows. When there is not necessity the switch is put
off and the current is not flowing in the bulb. Similarly the human incarnation is
associated with power of God whenever it is necessary. In other times He remains as a
human being only. But in that stage also He is God because in that time also He
sacrifices Himself for the sufferings of His devotees. When He remains as a human
being He attracts the sins of His devotees and undergoes the sufferings. For such
sacrifice He is called ‘Datta’. Datta means He who sacrificed Himself for the sake of
other. Therefore the human incarnation continues to be God in all the times. He is either
associated with the power of God or He is sacrificing Himself for the sins of His

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness, Sri Dattaswami