rco100@pitt.edu Dear Ms. Rose Constantino: My name is Clarita Emmanuelle F. Reyes.

I am part of the University of the Philippines Manila Batch 2010 that graduated April of this year. I am now a registered nurse here in the Philippines. As you may know, there is a surplus of nurses here in our country. With the recent board examination, more than 30,000 nurses were again added to the increasing number of professionals seeking for a job. Although a lot may say that these nurses chose this profession because it is in-demand today, that’s not how I see it. Well, yes. In my case, when I entered university, I have a mindset that this profession will help me provide for my family. During that time, practicality consumed me. However, during the years of hard work and caring for patients while studying, my initial purpose for choosing this profession was slowly replaced by passion. I learned that being a nurse is truly a noble profession. A profession that needs manus, caput and cor, that is hand, head and heart, respectively. As a nurse, we should develop this inner sense of unconditional caring, by giving a hand to those in need, incorporating our knowledge in everything we do, and giving a tiny space in our heart while providing care to people. And with the experience that I’ve gained while studying, I was able to grasp the essence of nursing. When someone mentions nursing, the first thing that will appear in our minds is hospital. And I have to be honest that after receiving my license, my initial target is getting into a tertiary hospital and practice my profession there. But as of now, I am aiming to be part of the NBI medico-legal department. Why? Just recently, a friend of mine introduced a lot of nursing fields in which he thinks I can gain professional growth. According to him, I should think out of the box. Well, he is very much correct. There are a lot of opportunities for nurses like me; it’s just that we are confining ourselves to conventional nursing. After talking to that friend, I was inspired to pursue a career in forensic nursing. That is why presently, I’m trying my best to get into this field. However, it was just so sad that forensic nursing is not yet formally established in our country. With the increasing rates of criminal cases here in the Philippines, I think it would be better if we have forensic nursing here in our country. A lot of nurses need not to be confined in hospitals to practice our profession. And nurses like us will be of great help if we will just be given a chance. Even if I want to continue my studies in this field, lack of education opportunities here limits my ultimate goal. I tried looking up information regarding forensic nursing programs and I found that it is only offered in other countries particularly there in the US. I asked myself, why not try for it? However, when I checked on the different forensic nursing programs offered abroad, it was quite a shock because it involves a huge sum of money. And I was quite devastated because I really want to pursue this career; however, financial constraints hinder me from doing so. But then, I was able to visit this site, http://www.nursing.pitt.edu/faculty/facultydetail.jsp?primkey=rco100, and I read your profile. And I really want to say that I became a huge fan of yours after learning about your experiences. I really admire you, Ms. Rose Constantino. I believe that achieving everything that you have now had been a tedious process. What can I say; I really want to be like you in the future to the point that I want to be your apprentice. I am a dreamer, and my dream is to become a great forensic nurse. That is why I mustered all my courage to write this letter to you. You may think that I am a shameless person for sending this. But then, this dream is very precious to me. I’m willing to do everything to make this dream into reality. And there is no harm in trying. Ms. Constantino, the reason that I wrote this letter is to ask

Have a great day! Respectfully yours Clarita Emmanuelle F. Thank you very much Ms. I may not be the brightest nurse but what I can assure you is that I am a very perseverant person.you if there are some scholarships offered in University of Pittsburgh that can help Filipinos like me to continue education in the forensic nursing field. I’m just like a snail that was able to reach Noah’s Ark with perseverance. I would be very interested to apply for a scholarship in this field and I hope that there are some available. I am hoping for your kind consideration. I will definitely do my best to also achieve my dreams. Reyes University of the Philippines Manila College of Nursing Batch 2010 . Constantino for spending some time to read this letter of mine.

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