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PHOTO: Room 6 are loving their bright new room. Thank you to the families that helped with the shift during the holidays.

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OCT 26


Welcome back to the short, sharp Term 4! It was great to see everyone back looking rested with a smile on their faces. Welcome also to Logan and Jaydon Hunter from Limehills School and their parents Dana and Kenneth. All classes are straight away getting into this terms learning both in the foundation areas of numeracy and literacy and in our enriching curriculum of our inquiry. This term we are focussing on Communicating through the Arts with 2 key understandings underpinning the learning programmes across the school. At the different year levels there are key concepts identified by the teachers which will help develop that particular key understanding. These get increasingly more complex to reflect the expected curriculum level of achievement as you move through the school. The 2 key understandings and their related key concepts for Term 4 are: Key Understanding 1: There are key elements that develop practical knowledge which we use to communicate ideas.

The following concepts to develop this understanding at the different levels are: Year 0 & 1: Observe and participate Year 1 & 2: Participate and apply Year 3 & 4: Apply and communicate ideas Year 5 & 6: Apply, communicate ideas and justify the use of key elements. Key Understanding 2: We can work together to communicate a shared idea. The following concepts to develop this understanding at the different levels are: Year 0 & 1: Year 1 & 2: Year 3 & 4: Year 5 & 6: listen/share consider/negotiate empathise facilitate others

levels of their classroom. It is this progression that is then used to make a judgement on the individual's achievement back to the overall key understanding. So, when you see the same key understandings on your children's reports remember that the stated achievement is based on a progression which is appropriate for their expected level of curriculum achievement for them and their class. This scaffolds our enriching curriculum learning across the school and helps ensure consistent expectations of progress and achievement across the different levels of the curriculum and our classrooms which are showcased, or exampled to you. Keep an eye on the classrooms 'News & Views' for how this will be done this term! Regards Tim

It is important to note that the expectation of achievement for each Key Understanding is appropriate to the curriculum level/s expected for the different learning groups we have across our classrooms. In their teams our teachers take these key understandings and the ensuing key concepts and develop a progression of achievement of what that particular key concept would look like at the appropriate curriculum

Kia tu Pakari

From strong foundations we grow and stand tall together

PHOTO: Lauryn and Angus welcome Lucy and Amelia on their first new entrant visit to Room 2 today while they were writing about what they did in their holidays.

Baby Sitter Available: Baby Sitter available, ex student, reliable. Ph Makaela 2157922 Gladstone Tyres & Mags: Get the school rewarded - $5 back to the school on every tyre purchase drop a copy of your invoice into the school Roslyn Bush Playcentre: AGM to be held Tuesday 1st November 7.30pm at Roslyn Bush Playcentre (corner Lorneville-Dacre Highway and Roslyn Bush-Kennington Rd). All welcome. Housekeeper: Experienced house keeper available. Trustworthy, honest Ph 2358469

Pet Day Reminder: School News:

Thank you: to the White and Robertson
Families for looking after our aviary during the holidays. This is really appreciated. If you would like to help look after the aviary during the summer break please contact the office. If we get 5-6 families on the roster it means that it only needs to be done twice a week.

Camp Update:
In five weeks time the Year 6s will be launching into their trip to Borland Lodge that we have called, Adventure Camp! The theme for the camp is about having new experiences and being brave. We are planning an action packed 4 days that will challenge the students and put them out of their comfort zones. It should be a great time of preparation for next year! We are now able to confirm the costs for this years camp and the details have been sent home in a letter with the year 6s. You can make payments from today at the office and we would like these to be made before the end of week 4. Please see us if you would appreciate paying this over a slightly longer time period. Also, please note the dates for the Camp Meeting (for all parents) in Room 8 this Monday (31st) and also the meeting for the camp helpers on the 10th November. Thanks.

DVD Orders: Myross Bush Media

Awards night DVDs are available for $5 per copy. Please send your order in an envelope marked DVD.

Class Photos: A reminder that these

will be taken tomorrow morning by Geoff Horrell Photography. We will send the order forms home as soon as they arrive. At this stage we do not know what order the classes will be taken.

Just a wee reminder that Pet Day is on the horizon, you will have today received the Pet Day booklet, with all the information and programme of events. Always popular is the Market Day Pantry and Kids Corner, and for these to be a success we request for families to please donate at least 3 items towards this. (check out the Pet Day booklet for a list of suitable items). Please note the Pet Day return slip is due back at school by next Wednesday 2nd November. Questions or volunteers for help. please call Bronagh Hegan 230775 or Kaye Tuffley 2179672. Thanks so much Friends of the School

Lost: Has anyone found a Myross Bush

size 8 pull over that was lost last term and was probably taken home by mistake. Please send to the office if you find it at your place.

Board of Trustees:
A reminder that nominations close for 2 positions on the Board at 12 noon Friday 4th November. If you have lost your nomination form there are further copies available at the school office.

DAVID WHITE BUILDING Experienced Qualied Builder of: New Homes Residential Extensions and Renovations Farm Sheds etc... Phone 0274351490 or A/H 2304984

Week 1 Term 4
Room 1 have settled into our temporary abode in the activity center while our classroom gets a makeover. We are excited to be learning how to play cooperatively with others through games and use these skills to work together to create and express our ideas through the arts. Some will choose drama, music, dance or visual arts to do this and we will share our results with you later in the term. Room 7 Oscar - I was amazed at all the cool colours in our room Hannah - When I walked in I loved the look of the fluffy walls Sarah - It is great to be back in our new classroom and it seems so much bigger! Kirsten - This week in maths we are looking at shapes and I found out that a shape with 16 sides is called a Hexdecagon Room 7 all love their new, colourful learning environment- what a transformation! Feel free to drop in for a look at our amazing classroom. This week in maths we are learning about 3D shapes and on Friday we will be making an interesting shape using toothpicks and winegums. If you could please supply 12 winegums and some toothpicks, it would be much appreciated- hopefully they might make it home without being eaten!! Thank you, Mrs Wilcox. Room 8 Kaitlyn, I'm looking forward to pet day because I'm going to bring my lamb, Spongebob. I can't wait to see all the other pets that people bring. We're writing a tribute to Richie McCaw for winning us the world cup. Everyone is saying a big 'Thank you' to him for being so resilient and we're hoping to send it to the All Blacks media manager. We hope he sees it! Mr Herring Assembly
You are welcome to come along and see the class rooms in action from 2.15pm onwards. Assembly is programmed to resume next week.

Room 3 The class are all happy and relaxed and seem to have had a restful holiday. We are having a big push with basic facts at the moment. All children are working on a set of flash cards at their level. These are to be practised daily and should only take 2 or 3 minutes. On Friday we are having a dress up day because the class have worked hard to stay on task and focussed all week.

Room 4 It's great to see everyone looking refreshed and keen to learn after their break. We have a short action packed term. This week the children are writing holiday recounts. We are beginning our inquiry with an 'Arty Party' on Thursday. During this the children will get to experience each of the arts (visual, dance, drama and music) and then decide which one they would like to develop their knowledge and skills in. We love our newly finished room. It's so exciting to be in such a beautiful new classroom, Ashley. I like the fluffy walls with all the bright colours, Danja. We like the bouncy, soft carpet, Blake.

Senior School:

As part of our inquiry this term some children from the Senior School will be selected to participate in an extension art group beginning in Week 3. Our goal is to create a mural for the Activity Centre and we will require lots of good quality paint. Could you please have a look round at home for any unwanted tins of paint and send them along to school - please make sure they are water based. If you have any questions please contact me at school or

Room 5 Welcome back :-)With our room looking fantastic, and our new Inquiry underway Room 5 are buzzing. Cassie - I am so excited to be back at school. I am really going to enjoy our inquiry this term. Emma - I can't wait to perform on pet day. Paige - I am glad to be back at school. I love school. Will - I'm so excited to defend our rugby challenge with Room 6. Thomas - We will win the rugby challenge.. Please look out for our class notice with 'Whats on' in our room for the term. This went home yesterday. Have a great week.

Out of School Sports:

Well done to: Jaidene Marshall who was selected to be part of the Southland representative team going to the NZ National Gymsports Championships in Timaru next week. Aleisha Elliotte who competed in the National Championships for Synchronised swimming where she placed second for her figures and her Dolphin team routine was also second. She was one of the youngest competitors there. Andrew Fleming, Ben Clixby, Bradley Corbett, Oscar Patterson for winning the Football South 11th grade Tournament over the School Holidays Their Southland Team won all 6 games

Room 6 have moved into their new room and are very excited about it! Thank you very much to the 7 parents that came to help over the holidays to move in, it was much appreciated. We are having a big push this term on number knowledge and essential words lists. There is now an essential words list in the children's homework books. Parent assistance in working through these lists would be much appreciated.

from the classroom

Room 2 Welcome back to our final term! It's great to see the children well rested and ready to learn! We are beginning our inquiry into communicating through the arts, working together to explore and create with music, art, dance and drama. Please hunt out any sun hats that may still be at home - they are compulsory from next week! We all need drink bottles at school, especially as the weather gets warmer.

27th (Thurs) Class Photos

1st (Tues) Board of Trustees Meeting

19th (Mon) End of Term 4

Updated 26th October 2011

31st (Mon) Camp Meeting 7.30pm for all Year 6 parents

4th (Fri) Nominations close 12pm for Board of Trustees Elections.

5th (Sat) 9am Working Bee A general tidy up of the grounds before Pet Day on Monday. All welcome. 6th (Sun) Pet Day donations can be dropped off between


7th (Mon) Pet Day

Board of Tru stees Nomin ations close o Friday n 4th No v at Noon. Workin g Bee S at 5th

Dont forget ...

10th (Thurs) Camp Meeting for Parent Volunteers for Camp 7.30pm 21st - 24th (Mon - Thurs) Year 6 Camp

2012 Term Dates

Term 1 Wednesday 1 February to Thursday 5th April (Easter) Term 2 23 April to 29th June Term 3 16 July to 28 September Term 4 15 October to 17th December