Brett O’Baker

Paper # 6 Empowerment

MAN 6245

For employees to feel empowered in the workplace, companies give their workers more autonomy which allows them to make decisions and be responsible for their areas of work. Listed number four on Fortune’s top 100 companies to work for, Google Inc. has become very successful by empowering its employees. At Google, innovation and creativity keeps their projects changing and improving (Google Jobs). This innovation and creativity is encouraged by the management, where they’re hoping the employees use this freedom to create new ideas and products to help improve the company. The rapid growth and success that Google has experienced through the empowerment it has given its employees is because of three main reasons: an increase in quality decision making due to encouraged participation and involvement, developing positive attitudes towards change and risk taking, and self-initiated growth. Positive participation is shown through the employee’s ability to organize project teams and to use their creativity to create new innovations. Their constant involvement in decision making results in better quality decisions throughout the company. Through these innovations, team members are also encouraged to take risk on projects. Because of the immense creativity held by Google employees, the high risk taken on these projects usually translates to high reward for everyone. Lastly, the company, as a whole, wishes all of its employees make goals of selfinitiated growth. Google supplies resource after resource to give its employees the opportunity to develop new skills and move forward in the company. Because they do not look mainly upon middletype management the growth they search for mostly through involvement and increased innovation. While Google has been listed as one of the most admired (Fortune), reputable (Forbes), and ethical (Ethisphere) companies in the world I think there could be some problems in the future for the company because of the amount of empowerment the company gives to its employees. According to psychologist Abraham Maslow, employees are in continuous pursuit of unsatisfied needs and their

Another problem that any company can experience through empowering it employees is allowing too much freedom to follow their own initiatives. The opportunity for improvement with one team member can and will leave some if not all of the others in the group feeling unsatisfied and possibly look into a change to a competing company. or a change in the company’s hierarchy. While this can be a positive thing for faithful. any waste of time through inefficiency can give competing companies a leg up on the race for innovation and success. When a company has deadlines and goals to reach as a whole it can become dangerous to allow organize their own goals and participation levels.Brett O’Baker Paper # 6 MAN 6245 needs differ in relation to the level of the need hierarchy they are in. Although Google does encourage growth. I think the success that has fueled the ways of the company will sooner or later hurt the company. it is usually through innovation and creativity and not so much through a promotion. management will not know how to jump in and properly lead it employees in the proper direction in returning to its dominance in technology. The self-willed employees that Google looks for to hire will create dissatisfaction with the minimal opportunity for promotions and may also cause them to look into competing companies in order to satisfy that need to improve their status. Especially with the technology industry moving at such a fast pace. . hardworking employees it can be very negative for the inefficient worker. Eventually when Google reaches the unknown and hits a wall of growth. The lack of middle-management and surplus of project team members conducting peer-evaluations can create problems when one looks to or is reached out for a hierarchal promotion.

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