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Some friends of mine think that I am a masochist since I will frequently listen to American Family Radio whenever Im in my car.

American Family Radio is the talk radio network for the American Family Association, also known as the AFA. For those of you who have never heard of it, the AFA is a right-wing Christian organization that actively fights against equality for gay people, pornography, and abortion. The AFA has been labeled as a Hate-Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization. One of the reasons I listen to American Family Radio is because I like to keep tabs on what the fundamentalist religious right is doing, particularly because they are so adamant about imposing their views onto the rest of the world. Sometimes it is unbearable to watch AFR, as it is the most bigoted, hateful, ignorant, and deceitful programming that I have ever heard. It even makes Fox News look Fair and Balanced The AFA has a history of calling for boycotts on certain companies such as the Gap for not mentioning Christmas in their stores enough, Hallmark for making same-sex wedding cards, and McDonalds for having one of its directors being on the board of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. The Boycott on McDonalds was short lived as most of the hicks who listen to AFR couldnt resist not getting their Big Macs and McNuggets. Now that the history lesson is over, I want to get to my main point. I was driving home from work one fine afternoon and I tune in to AFR and hear them talking about how Christians are being oppressed in America because prayer is no longer in schools and because gay people are being allowed to get married, because mosques are being built around the country and many other reasons. This is a pattern that I see very often amongst the religious right which is extremely funny to me because Ive noticed that the fundamentalist Christians will scream oppression whenever they are not allowed to oppress others. Well I unfortunately have some bad news for the religious right. This is not your country.

This is OUR country. Now by our, I dont mean just for the secular people I mean our as in everyone.: Christian, Muslim, atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, everyone. In a multicultural melting pot like the United States, the only way to remain fair to everyones belief is to take the middle ground, the secular route as to not take preference to any religion so as to not offend religious minorities and the non-religious. It makes perfect sense if the religious-right was to take a moment to think about I, but then again, I guess that is expecting too much out of them. If due to your religious belief you have a problem against pork like the Muslims and Jews do, then dont eat pork, dont expect everyone to ban pork just because you cant eat it. If you dont believe in Gay marriage or gay people being allowed to be gay like a lot of religions believe, then dont get married to a person of the same sex, but dont expect people who dont hold your beliefs to follow your traditions.