M.Tech in Material Science & Technology, 2011 B. E. Mechanical, 2009 Email: Mobile No: 09900527885/08041573616

To work in a globally competitive environment on challenging assignments that shall yield the twin benefits of job satisfaction and a steady paced professional growth.

Academic Profile
Sl. No 1 2 EDUCATION M.Tech Material Science B.E. Mechanical BOARD/UNIVERSITY National Institute Of Technology, Calicut (NITC), Kerala R. L. Jalappa Institute Of Technology Bengaluru YEAR OF PASSING 2011 2009 % / CGPA 8.37 71.6

Technical Skills
Programming Language Operating Systems CAD/ Analysis tools Drawing Tools Office Tools Hands on experience Areas of Interest :C : Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS : Basics of Pro-E, Catia V5, Ansys-10 : Solid Edge -18 and Auto Cadd-9 : Microsoft Office 2007 : Metallurgical Microscopes, NDT machines & Mechanical Testing Equipments. : Metallurgy, R&D, Manufacturing, Design

Company Experience in terms of Project
B. E. Project Title: Design of test facility for an Aircraft Hydraulic pump Role: Team head for project at Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd Engine Division (HAL) Bengaluru. Duration: 06 Weeks

Nature of Project: Development of Test Rig Tools used: Solid Edge Drawing tool.

11th & 12th March 2011. (080-41573616) Mobile: 09900527885 I declare that the above-furnished details are true according to my knowledge.M. Good team player. Listening to music. Willing to learn new things. Secured All India Rank of 2690 in GATE 2009. Co-curricular activities and Achievements     Volunteered and organized various college level programs such as Aventura and Santhasa at RLJIT Bengaluru.No. Published a paper in National Conference on Recent trends in Manufacturing Technology RTMT 2011. 28th & 29th April 2011 at Indian Institute of Metals (IIM). Presented and bagged 1st prize award for paper titled “Effect of Retrogression & Reageing on mechanical properties of AA7449 alloy” in LACOM-2011. believe in self. Committed to work. 5th phase Yelahanka New Town Bengaluru. Major Strengths     Highly enthusiastic. Hindi : S/o A K Gopasetty S-HIG-B-8. explore new areas and meet challenges. at Anna University Chennai.114. Date: Place: Bengaluru SHARAN KUMAR GOPASETTY . Personal Information Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Marital Status Nationality Languages known Permanent Address : 22/12/1987 : Raichur : Male : Unmarried : Indian : English. Gardening and Meditation etc. Trivandrum Chapter. H. Hobbies Browsing. Kannada. good interpersonal and communication skills.Tech Project Title : Effect of thermal treatment on the Mechanical properties and Corrosion behavior of AA7449 alloy from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Foundry & Forge Division Bengaluru Duration: 1 year (June 2010-May 2011) Nature of Project: Optimization of Mechanical properties and Corrosion behavior of a newly developed patented AA7449 alloy. 4th cross. Reading novels.

Intergranular Corrosion Test and Exfoliation Corrosion Test. In view of these. Thus in order to obtain the optimum mechanical and corrosion behavior properties from a forging produced with AA7449 specification precipitation hardening behavior of AA7449 aluminium alloy was studied. Owing to the limitation of optical microscopy in characterizing the precipitation process. One of the export customers has placed an order for “platform forging” using a newly developed Aluminium alloy AA7449. where this forged part is used over the hub of an aircraft engine. age-hardening behavior and processing of AA7449 aluminium alloy in open literature. there is no detailed information on the response of heat treatment. their orientation and the morphology through Scanning Electron Microscopy. Later the heat-treated samples were tested for corrosion behavior viz. Foundry and Forge Division Bengaluru. Usually this material is used in T6 temper condition. Further. it is thought appropriate to study the age hardening behavior of this alloy. and evaluation of raw material followed by various heat treatment trials for the basic understanding on the effect of solutionizing time and precipitation treatment to obtain improved mechanical properties. . AA7449 aluminium alloy has the greatest potential to replace other aluminum alloys such as the first developed alloy in 7XXX series say AA7075 and AA7150 because of its high specific strength and better stress corrosion resistance due to the presence of copper.M.Tech Project Thesis Abstract EFFECT OF THERMAL TREATMENT ON THE MECHANICAL PROPERTIES AND CORROSION BEHAVIOR OF AA7449 The project was conduced at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. which includes characterization. an attempt is made to study the formation of various precipitate zones.

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