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The first version up is Windows 1.


The history of Operating Systems

Table of Contents

Slide 1:-The History of Operating System

Slide 2: -The First operating system Slide 3: Slide4:-The Second operating system Slide 5:- Windows 2.0 Slide6:-Windows 3.0

Table of Contents
Slide 7:--Windows 3.1

Slide8:---Windows 3.11
Slide9:---Windows 95 Slide 10:---Windows 98 Slide11:--Windows NT Slide12:--Windows 2000 Slide :13---Windows ME Slide:14 ---Windows XP

This is the First Operating System it is called Windows 1.1 it was released in 1987

Windows 2.0
The second version of windows was called

Windows 2.0 it came out in 1987

Windows 3.0
The third version of Windows was called

Windows 3.0 in came out in 1990

The history of Windows

This is Windows 3.1 and the redesign logo of

Windows 3.1

Windows 3.11
This is Windows 3.11

Windows 95
The fifth version of is Windows 95 it was in 32

bit version it as released on August 24 1995

Windows 98

Windows 98 was released on June 25 1998 This is the Logo of Windows 98 It had more popularity because it was more stable

than Windows 95. It was released in June 25 1998

Windows NT
This is the logo redesigned logo and

background of Windows NT

Windows 2000
This is Windows 2000 it came out two years

after Windows 98 This is the redesigned logo of Windows 2000 And a new redesign desktop

Windows ME
This is Windows ME it was released in the

same year has Windows 2000. It has the same background has Windows 2000

Windows XP
Windows XP came out a year after Windows

2000 it was released in 2001 This is redesign logo and background

This is the sixth version

Windows Vista is the fifth version of Windows

it took seven years to develop Windows Vista after they started after the release of Windows XP

This is what Windows Vista looks like

This is the seventh verison of Windows

This Windows XP Media Center PC

This is the first Media Center PC that

Microsoft released it was Windows XP Media Center PC

This is the secound verison

This is Windows Vista Media Center PC it was

the second operating system to have entrainment on it .

This is the seventh version of Windows

Windows 7 is the seventh version of Windows

is developing right now it is going to taking Microsoft four years to make it. It is expedited to be released in 2010

This is how it is going to look like

This is the Windows that Microsoft is

developing it is going to look different by the logo is the same it has a redesign startup menu

This what Windows 7 is going to look like when it comes out new background and new desktop

New Redesign background workstation of Windows 7

Redesign feauture


and one new

This a new feauture Windows 7 can do

You can move around the screen with a

monitor that is a touch screen.