1 Introduction
1.1 Background
The purpose of this document is to define the features of the E-Commerce Website. Here registered user can buy various products with the help of categories. We will use as reference site.

1.2 Business Model
The site proposes selling of various products in the form of Promotions, Gift Certificates and Coupons posted by Business Members. Customers can purchase Gift Certificates at a discounted price and can view Business Members’ Profile and Sub-Sites. Customers are attracted to the website because of the access to local businesses’discounted gift certificates, printable coupons, and real-time promotions. It is a one-stopshop for finding a customer’s local products in a specified area. Individual businesses are given the capability to create and manage gift certificate, coupons and promotions. Revenue is generated when customers purchases gift certificates. Site administrator can manage the various products posted and can track all businesses’ products status in regards to purchases, refunds, number of clicks and number of clicks to print. Individual Business member’s will have the same capability with respect to their own products posted. The key capability is for individual business to be able to manage and update their posted products information such as title, image, price etc at any time.

Types of Users of the website are:

o Visitors (Non Registered member)
o o Customer (Registered member) Admin

1.3 Design Goals
The application consists of following main things: • Visitors Features o View Home Page

o Filter / Search Products (by location/zip code) o View Types of the Products o View Products o View Products Details (Details are viewed at the business member’s profile

o Sort Products o View Products Comments o Add Products to Cart
• Customers Features

o Login into the Website with authenticated User Name and Password o If not a Member? Register into the Website with required details
o Manage Account  Edit Profile Details My Products Manage Profile wall announcements (Separate tab on member’s profile, featured products are always on the front page)

 

o Give Reviews/comments for the Product /business
• Admin Features o o Login Manage Customer

o Manage Products
o Manage Orders

 o o o

Database information for each product sold per business Database information for all revenues generated

Manage Commission Manage FAQ’s Site Settings



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1.4 Front-End
• Home Page o User can view Advertisements and Banners on the Home Page

o View list of all the Products on the Home Page with Product Picture, Product
Title, Number of Comments etc… and option to view details of the Product

o Visitors can navigate through different types of the Products from the Home
Page by sorting and using filters. o Visitor from Home Page can Login or Register as Customer / Member or as a Business Members

Filter Products By

o Select Color o Select Price o Select Size o Date •
Search / Sort Products o o By Types of business (Food, SPAs, Services, Travel, Retail, Entertainment) Sort by (rating, most visited)

View Products

o View details of the Products with details like   
 Product Image Product Company name Product Title Number of Comments Option to view detail page of the Product (Goes to business member’s profile page to get the details on the Product)



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View Product Types (Redundant with Search/Sort Capabilities)

o Displays all the Products on the site Type wise o Display Products as a list, on selecting a Product, Visitors can view Product

o Listings of Products with image, Product Title, Company Name, number of
Comments, number Like Comments and option to view further detail page of the Product

View Product Details (Equal to viewing the Business member’s profile page)

o visitors van view details page of the Product with details like  
 Product Image Product Title Company Name Saving Percentage Option to Add to Cart

Clicking on the “Add to Cart” button, User can add Products to the Cart o Option to view the Cart

Visitors can also view Reviews posted by the Customers with details like Review Date, Customer Photo, ratings and description of the Review • Option to Post the Comment (Login required)

 

Refer to a Friend or Share the Product with the Friends (Login required) • Enter Friends Email Address

Visitors can also Buy the Product • Clicking on the “Checkout” button, Customer is redirected to the Cart and can Buy the gift certificate by first login in

View Cart: Customers can view Gift Certificates which he/she wishes to buy online

o User can view its shopping Bag with item details like Product Details with total
savings, sub total and total value

o Add / Edit / Remove Product from the Cart o Update Quantity in shopping cart
o Enter the Gift Certificate / Coupon Code to get the Discount



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 o

Enter Code

Proceed to Checkout by clicking on “Checkout” Button  Login into the Account • Not a Member, Register as a Customer

Customer Login

o Sign In: Customer enters into the account with authenticated username and
password. o o Forgot your Password; and recover password through mail when lost. Sign up? Sign Up linked to register page followed by registration form.

Registration: This section allows New Customers to create new registration account on the Site o Fill the registration form with all required fields   First name Last name Desired login name Choose a password Re-enter a password Security questions •     o o Answer

  

Your default city location Email address Birthday Profile picture

Submit Form Customer can also easily connect through Facebook

After creating login, Customer enters into his account with authenticated username and password and performs following tasks:


My Account  Edit Profile



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•  o Upload Photo 

View / Edit account details

Change password

User can upload his profile Photo

o My Products  
User from here can view list of Products purchased with details like Product name, purchased date and Expiration date View Product Type (similar to Home page) • • Gift Certificates Coupons

Sort Products by (similar to home page) • • Available Used Expired (all expired products shall be removed and posted to business member’s expired products Page/tab) • All

Buy Product: Check the details regarding billing address, shipping methods and payment gateway details and if necessary edit it. (Third party gateway is planned to be used)

o View Product description with its quantity, price and total price 
o o o User can update the quantity of the Product and recalculate the total price Enter Personal Details Enter Billing Details Review Order   View Total Order Summary and Billing Details Select Payment Method

o 

PayPal / Others

Order Confirmation Show confirmation of order with order details on the screen



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Alerts sign up: Visitors of the site can get messages about new products launch, new updates, site news etc (summary of products in the neighborhood, or products posted by individual businesses) o Visitor of the site will enter their Email address to get new updates about site

Service and Help o FAQ Category  List of FAQ’s

Static Pages o o o o About Us Contact Us Terms & Conditions Disclaimer

o Privacy Policy 1.5 Back-End
Admin panel is the back end of the application from where the admin can manage the whole site and its contents as well. • Login o Administrator may login into the admin panel with the authorized username and password to get access to this panel. • Site Map o • View Summery of the whole Admin panel

Administrators Users Management The administrator user section shows the list of admin users accessing the panel. The admin can search and sort the list. The admin can even edit and delete the existing record. o View Admin   o Search / Sort Admin users Change the Status of admin user (Active / Inactive)

Add / Edit / Delete Admin Users



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Customer Management: The Customer Management section shows the list of customers who have registered themselves on the site and admin has sole right to manage them. o View All Customers of the site

  o o

View number of products purchased Search / Sort Customers Change the Status of Customer (Active / Inactive)

Add / Edit / Delete Customers Send mail to the Customers

Product Category Management

o View all Category of Products
  o Search / Sort Category Change the Status (Active / Inactive)

Add/ Edit / Delete Category

Products Management: The Admin can view all Products that are being displayed on the site. Admin has full right to add/ edit the particular Products once placed on the site.

o View All Products 
 Search / Sort Products • Alphabetical Search

Change the Status (Active / Inactive / Open / Sold Out / Closed)

o Add Products   
Select the Product Type Add General Information about the Products Upload Image

o Edit / Delete Products



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Order Management: Admin from here can view all the products orders placed by the Customers and details of them like order status, add/ edit/ delete orders, billing/ payment details etc. o View all Order Detail    View Order Information View Billing/ Payment details View/ Change Order Status (Open/ Processing/ Cancelled/ Payment Process)  Search / Sort Orders • o o Alphabetical Search

Edit / Delete Orders Print Order Confirmation

FAQ Category Management o View all Category of FAQ   o Search / Sort Category Change the Status (Active / Inactive)

Add/ Edit / Delete Category

FAQ Management o View all FAQ’s  Search / Sort FAQ’s •  o Alphabetical Search

Change the Status (Active / Inactive)

Add/ Edit / Delete FAQ’s

Email Template o There will be different templates available for different occasion like Welcome Mail, Forgot Password.

System Settings (General Site Settings) o View / Edit all Setting of Website   General Settings Site Copyright Text



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  •

Site Control Panel Title Administrator Email ID

Static Pages Management o View List of Static Pages  FCK Editor provided

Log out o The Administrator can log out of the admin panel from the log out link given in the panel.



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2 Technical Overview
2.1 Production Environment
The final tested version of the application will be deployed in the production environment and will be available to the end users. This will also serve as the staging/QA environment before the first release/Beta of the application. You have to provide this environment with all hosting & domain names.

2.2 Development Environment
The development environment will be used for developing and testing future releases of the application. The version of the application deployed in the development environment will not be available to the end users and will be accessible only to the developers. The development environment will also serve as the staging/QA environment for subsequent releases of the application but will not be used for any performance related testing since the server configurations in the development environment are not intended to replicate the production environment and thus will not give an accurate measure of how the application would perform in the production environment. We will use our development server for this.



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3 External Interface Requirements
3.1 User Interface
This section describes some specific requirements regarding the intended user interface for the application. The details of the user interface design for each screen would be covered during the prototyping phase of the project. Seq. No. I1.1 I1.2 I1.3 Description GUI standards followed for all the websites under consideration will be based on the creative inputs provided by svnlabs. All websites will be developed for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 and higher All websites will be completely functional in the following web browsers: • • • • I1.4 Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0 and IE 8.0 Mozilla Fire fox 3.x Chrome Safari

Popup windows will be used only in places where it is important to keep the user on the main screen such as the Details screen. If the user has a popup blocker enabled, a message will be displayed asking the user to disable the popup blocker before continuing.


Client side scripting, AJAX controls will be used wherever required but without making the pages too heavy to load. On screens that display lists (such as the search result pages), a pagination control will be displayed that will allow the user to browse through multiple pages of information rather than scrolling vertically. The pagination control will be developed so that pagination attributes such as maximum items to be displayed per page, maximum number of pages to be displayed, etc. will be easily configurable by the website administrator through a properties file.



A confirmation message will be displayed to the user prior to any kind of delete activity on the websites. The delete action will be carried out only if the user confirms the delete action.



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3.2 Software Interfaces
This section describes the connections between this application and other specific software components. Seq. No. Description Areas of application using this software Entire Application Entire Application


The website will be built using the software PHP and MySQL database with Open Source Magento / Oscommerce Any fatal error in the website that prevents the user from using the website will be notified to the website administrator by email


3.3 Project Quotations
Seq. No. 1. 2. Technology Magento (GUI/HTML included) OS-Commerce (GUI/HTML included) Amount Rs. ***** Only Rs. ***** Only

Thanks & Regards, Sandeep Verma Mobile: +919928673578 Skype: svnlabs Email: Web Home:

Concentrate → Observe → Imagine → Launch



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