Log file locations in NetApp Data ONTAP

April 15, 2010 By rajeev karamchedu Leave a Comment Print this post The following list outlines the various log files and their locations used by Data ONTAP. In addition, ONTAP also uses syslogd daemon to log system messages (and uses the config file /etc/syslog.conf)

Messages: /etc/log/messages (symbolic link to /etc/messages) SnapMirror: /etc/log/snapmirror FlexClone: /etc/log/clone Auditlog: /etc/log/auditlog Deduplication: /etc/log/sis LACP: /etc/log/lacp_log Backup: /etc/log/backup and /etc/log/ndmpdlog FTP: /etc/log/ftp.cmd and /etc/log/ftp.xfer Shelf Messages: /etc/log/shelflog/shelflog_ata and /etc/log/shelflog_esh Volume Operations: /etc/log/vol_history Crash Files: /etc/log/crash/aggregates/<aggregatename>/ Performance Archives: /etc/log/stats/archives ACP: /etc/log/acp/acplog_master and /etc/log/acplog

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