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Introduction Business Description SWOT Analysis Marketing Strategy Financial Statement Forecasted Income Statement Balance Sheet Partners Income

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Break N WIN
We as a group of students from Limkokwing University will set up a booth which will provide a game service for students. The game will be made up of Empty drink Cans which will be set in a pyramid shape on a table. Each customer will be charged RM 3 for 2 chances, to hit pyramid shaped cans and make all the Cans to displaced. Upon successful completion of the game the customer will have a variety of gifts to select from. This report is consisted of forecasted Income Statement of our company along with the Balance sheet and the Partners income statement

Business Description
Companys Name Business Activities Startup Capital Service : : : Break N WIN Providing service (Game) RM 400 (100*4 partners)

: We are going to have fizzy drinks cans game. The customer will have to hit the pyramid shaped tins with a ball and displace all the cans on the table to win the Game. : We supply the Cans and ball from a wholesaler shop in pochong named Cycom All the LUCT staff and students 4th October 2011 1. Game service to be provided 2. Flyers and advertisement Materials 3. Companys signboard 4. Table, Chair and board stand


Target Market Business Day Date Booth setting

: : :

Booth Settings

Our booth will be set up the way shown in the figure above. The Table will have approximately 50 cans set up in pyramid shape. The participant or the customer will have to displace all the cans on the table in order to win the Game.

SWOT Analysis
The SWOT analysis for Break N WIN are: Strengths: - It is fully controlled by the partners of the business There is not much competition for the type of game our company is providing. In games limkokwing only offers billiards, so the chance of survival is more as we are offering an interesting game for the students. Break N win is affordable because of its low price per customer i.e. RM 3. So more and more students will give it a try. Is it Convenient for all the students, because during the lunch hour and also between class gaps students spend time in the Plaza of limkokwing. They can just have some fun playing Break N WIN during that time.


- The game will take time to set up cans every time a customer plays it. So the time duration between the games will be more. The growth of the business is limited, because this type of business cannot be operated everywhere The price of the game is affordable for the students, There are over 6000 students studying in Limkokwing. So the target market for our business is huge.

Opportunities: -


- our company has to compete with One world because it is the only place in limokokwing plaza that provide billiard game.

Marketing Strategy:
1. Flyer distribution before the business Day. 2. Every customer who participates will get a Pen with our company Logo on it. 3. Salesperson at the booth will encourage more people to participate. Break NWIN Forecasted Income statement 1 day Transaction RM Sales ** less: cost of goods sold Purchases (gifts, Cans) less: carriage in less: closing stock Gross Profit Expenses: Advertisement Promotional Items Depreciation of Assets Booth Rental Printing Net Profit RM 390 RM I year Projection* RM 142350

150 (10) 140 (20)

(120) 270

54750 (3650) 51100 (7300)

(43800) 98550

50 50 1 10 30

(145) 125

18250 18250 365 3650 10950

(51465) 47085

Gross Profit Ratio (98550/142350)*100 = 69.23 % Net Profit Ratio (45625/142350)*100 = 32 % * All the figures in 1 year projection column derived from multiplying 1 day transaction by 365 ** Sales is expected to be from 130 customers. Therefore sales is RM 3 * 130

Break N WIN Balance Sheet as at 31st September 2011 RM Assets Table Chair Current Assets Cash Bank Debtors Stock Less: Current Liabilities Creditors Financed By: Capital Add: Net Profit less: Drawings Cost 650 100 750 5000 15000 6000 7300 RM Accumulated Depreciation 300 65 365 RM Net Book Value 350 35 385



25300 25685

20000 47085 67085 (41400)


Partners Income Statement Saad RM Profit Sharing Ratio Jan-Jun (25% each) Jul-Dec (25% each) Private Expenses Stall Renovation Salary Interest on Capital Adjusted Income Less: Capital Allowance (80K) Statuary Income 5886 5886 120 500 800 70 13261 (2000) 11,261 Ruslan RM 5886 5886 140 500 800 70 13281 (2000) 11,281 Rizwan RM 5886 5886 100 500 800 70 13241 (2000) 11,241 Abdullahi RM 5886 5886 150 500 800 70 13291 (2000) 11,291 Total RM 47085 23543 23543 510 2000 3200 280 53075 (8000) 45,075

Profit and loss Private Expenses Stall Renovation Salary Interest on Capital Provisional Adjusted Income

47085 510 2000 3200 280

5990 53075

Provisional Adjusted Income less: Depreciation Cost of Renovation Salaries Interest on Capital Divisional Income

53075 365 2000 3200 280

(5845) 47230