Cathryn Ste.

Marie 100 Vincent Road North Troy, VT October 20, 2011 Reeva Murphy Deputy Commissioner Child Development Division, DCF 103 South Main Street 2 & 3 North Waterbury, VT 05671 Dear Deputy Commissioner Murphy: I am writing to you on behalf of my colleagues and fellow early childhood educators across the state that look forward to collaborating with the division in order to revise regulations in our field. This summer, hundreds of providers, representing 106 towns in every county of the state, completed a survey regarding the existing regulations. Providers unanimously agree that meaningful provider input in the rewrite process will result in stronger, clearer regulations and ultimately better programs for children. Through our union, Vermont Early Educators United, we now have the capacity to engage statewide participation in this process from all care settings, and are eager to do so. In August, you met with a delegation of my colleagues, Sonja Raymond and Heather Hasset. At this meeting they were told that the Child Development Division would be hosting regional meetings across the state this fall. They were told that the Division would propose a process at these meetings by which providers and stakeholders in the field could collaborate in the rewrite process. Here in North Troy, fall is quickly slipping into winter, and we have not heard that these meetings have been scheduled. We are cognizant that it has been a hectic fall for the entire state, due to Tropical Storm Irene and the flooding that ensued. But we do not want to miss this important opportunity to collaborate on something as important to the daily operation of our programs, as these regulations. My colleagues and I are eager to find out when the Division plans to reschedule these regional meetings, and begin the process of rewriting the regulations as previously discussed. We appreciate you taking the time to inform the provider community, and look forward to partnering in order to strengthen the current regulations.

Deputy Commissioner Murphy October 26, 2011 Page 2 As discussed in the August 28th meeting with Heather and Sonja, we would like to meet with you directly to share the outcome of our VEEU sponsored survey. The survey process has created a discussion amongst a large number of our colleagues about the process of gathering and integrating provider input that is truly representational of the profession. We think it’s important to provide our feedback to you ahead of the process, in the effort to have transparent communication. We also believe this dialogue will work to eliminate any potential barriers in broad provider participation. We will select a provider delegation to meet with you based on your availability and the availability of the provider spokespeople. We look forward to your response, and trust that together we can continue to enhance the safety and quality of education and care that we provide to Vermont’s children.


Cathryn Ste. Marie Member, VEEU-American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO Governor Appointed Member of Building Bright Futures State Council

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