January 3,201) The Honorable James L. Roberts P.O. Drawer 1100 Tupelo, MS3BS02-1IOO Dear Judge Roberts: [ would like to express my heartfelt concern about the welfare of Mr. John Daniel Rodgers. He is an inmate in the Walnut Grove Youth Correctional FacIJity in Leaks County, John was my neighbor in Amory, Mississippi for over seven years prior to his conviction in vour court in Monroe Count}' about one year ago. His MDOC number is 156821. 1 have known John and observed his behavior as he matured through the years since he was a student in the Amory Junior High School. He has always been an outstanding and respectful young man to everyone in our community. His dad has raised him with excellent family values in a single parent household. J observed John and his father spending quality time on many occasions. I am sure that the young man would have remained at home on the evening of the crime if his dad had not been on his twelve hour shift at work. John was a student who had to take special education classes due to his unique challenges in school. Administrators and teachers described him as one who was always cooperative, obedient and courteous. He also participated in sports activities. I saw him keep long hours on the practice field and floor. John became a victim of peer pressure and made a serious life changing mistake. He became an accessory to felonies by providing transportation to the three other young men that committed a break-in of an Amory residence. This fed to a harmful assault and burglary of the family who lived

P.O. BOX 1018 --MCKSON, MISSISSIPPI 39215-10



there, [ was told that John remained In the vehicle and did not enter the home and take part in the actual crimes. I know that this is not an excuse for what he did. 1 firmly believe that John is repentant and deserves a second chance to prove himself as a law-abiding citizen. This was his first offense and he deeply regrets the wrong he has done- He has learned an important lesson in life and wants a better future. I am not condoning his criminal actions and realize punishment is due in this case. It seems that probation and house arrest after a matter of time and special counseling would be beneficial to this young man. 1 am a retired teacher who now serves on the Judiciary A and the Juvenile Justice Committees In the Mississippi House, I have seen so many voung peopie who made unwise choices that have been detrimental to their lives. I believe they deserve a second chance in life and a new opportunity 10 start over and become a productive citizen. I humbly ask your .Honor for your serious reconsideration in John Rodger's case if the case is still open to review by you. 1 truly believe John would not be a repeat offender and would try to prepare himself to make a living. Thanks you for allowing rne to express my opinion, With highest regards, <fy


Jimmy G. Puckett, Mississippi House of Representatives

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