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Crafted Prayers for Australia Here are the Crafted Prayers in the order of the events.

Crafted Prayer for Perth - 2011 Father - Thank you that you surround Perth with Your winds of joy. We declare over the Prophetic Wisdom delegates: - Permission to go forward in acceleration, transformed by Your love - Grace to come up higher in rest and peace - Your passion to dig deeper into truth and revelation - Joy in the discovery of Your true nature - Vision to see their true Kingdom identity Thank you that Graham carries ~ divine knowledge that releases encounters with You ~ the message of Your heart to Your beloveds ~ clarity to what You imagine for the people of Perth We declare Your joy, Your strength and Your peace in abundance for Graham.

Crafted Prayer for Byron Bay - 2011 We rejoice that You come to Byron Bay as the Prince of Peace. We delight in Your true, joy-filled nature. You open the door that makes anything possible and they run through with joy. We declare over The New Earth Tribe & this region: - Rest as their greatest weapon - A new, life-releasing song and a new creative sound - Expanded boundaries and abundant expectations - A higher, new level of partnership with heaven Thank you for this beloved band of warriors who are faithful, true and precious. Thank you that this is a time of renewal and glorious friendship for Graham & Theresa. We celebrate and thank You for all You are about to illuminate for New Earth Tribe and for Byron Bay.

Crafted Prayer for Brisbane 2011 Thank you Father that you are the Good Shepherd to lead and attend to your Sheep at Brisbane. We Celebrate the vitality of Brisbane and declare increase. Celebrate their favor, training & humility in Kingdom work; Welcome new upgrades for joyful, delighted identity; Charge Brisbanes future with boldness, courage, momentum & strategic wisdom. We bless Graham as an apostolic leader and Kingdom father with empowered: Discernment into the hearts Wisdom for strategies Understanding and communication of Your big picture And authority to impart true identity that releases authentic Kingdom vision.

Crafted Prayer for Melbourne 2011 Wonderful Father, We celebrate Your passion and delight for the delegates of the Deeper conference. We proclaim You as the Majestic Truth that launches them into a strategic year of maturity that leads to Kingdom power and authority. We declare: - Eyes to see Your amazing possibilities and relentless favor - Minds to be renewed and established in Your Brilliant Thinking - Passionate hearts that know Your permission and run with it - Courage to dream the really big dreams of Your heart Thank you that Graham is refreshed by the wells he uncaps in Melbourne. We proclaim Your strength, clarity and spirit of wisdom in abundance towards him. Thank you that he is carried on the waves of Your laughter and goodness. Crafted Prayer for Sydney & Dayspring 2011 We rejoice in Your joy over the delegates of "The Prophetic Art of Thinking Brilliantly". We declare: - Alignment with Your starting point of Christ in us, our hope of glory - Divine Encounters with Your glorious goodness - New Kingdom expressions and identity, revealed and embraced - Uncertain mindsets to become brilliantly certain of who You are Thank You that Graham stands under a outpouring of life giving revelation. We celebrate him as an empowered builder and establisher of Your Kingdom. Thank You that all who attend come under an open window of divine opportunity. We delight in what is really possible for Sydney and the community of Dayspring.

Crafted Prayer for Graham's Health Father, We thank You that You are faithful and intentional to heal. You are the truth that changes facts. We declare Graham to be on earth as he is in heaven, strong and brilliant. We proclaim Graham: - As Your Joy, rejoicing always - As a celebrant on an optimistic journey with the Holy Spirit - As a whole man in a good fight - A strong man of stamina and energy - A man who thrives on this battleground, He will leave with a 100% renewed mind, thinking like Jesus in all things

We bless his days of joyful vulnerability, when You are his enduring strength. We rejoice that You are Healing Love, Joy abounding and deep Comfort for Graham & Theresa. Thank you for these days of grace.