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September 30th, 2011 Senate Meeting #4 21st Senate

Call to Order: 7:03 am Roll Call: Everyone accounted for except for Brad Johnston Additions or Corrections to Agenda Approval of Agenda: Unanimous Approval Approval of Minutes: Unanimous Approval Executive Reports: Director of Public Relations: Jacob Schmidt Public Relations Assistant: Cori Jones - Advertising for our new executive staff position, Executive Financial Officer a. Advertising for our open senate position b. Preparing to switch over Butch Cougar to our ASWSU Vancouver page (Tabling for this will be going on this Tuesday and Wednesday, a sign up sheet is available on the exec staff door. Tabling will focus on using our student government computers to allow people to "Like" our page quickly and easily right at the table. We will also be promoting our many upcoming October events) c. Updating our website with staff images and statements (for those who have not submitted a statement yet, please do so by emailing myself and Cori) Director of Activities: Tara Currah Event Assistant: Cheryl Jones - Student Activities Board a. Planning a Pumpkin Carving Event on Oct 25 from 1400-1600 which will be a family friendly event b. I am also planning 3 different Cougar Football Events which are: Renting A charter Bus for student transportation to/from the Oct 22 game at Century Link Field and the tickets are on sale at the front desk now A Pullman Trip on Nov 18-20, and Selling Apple Cup Tickets for the Nov 26, 2011 game. - Partnering with Cougar Pride to plan Monster Ball on Oct 27, I will be helping out with the food, decorations, and advertising. - Cheryl has planned bowling which is on Oct 06 and will be Football themed. She has also been creating advertisements for all of our events.

Our Ticket Coordinator Becci has 3 Ticket Events planned which are: a. Disney on Ice which will be on sale in the cashiers on Oct 18 starting at 0900 and Oct 19 starting at 1300, b. Ebenezer Ever After which will be sold on Nov 09 starting at 0900 and November 10 starting 1300 and c. Regal Movie Tickets will be on sale on Nov 29 starting at 0900 Nov 30 starting at 1300. Our Diversity Coordinator Ashley is planning a Movie Night on Oct 20th at 05:15pm and will be showing the movie The Help there will also be beverages, popcorn and southern style desserts provided. Our Seasonal Events Coordinator Josh is partnering with the Rec Office to plan the Corn Maize/Bonfire on 28 Oct 2011. Tickets will be sold in OSI for $5 apiece and Josh will be in charge of running the Bonfire. We will have smores and hot chocolate at the bonfire. Our Community Services Coordinator Linda is planning a Volunteer Fair on Nov 15, she has contacted over 30 vendors and is waiting on their responses. the goal is to provide students volunteer opportunities that will last after graduation.

Director of Academic Affairs: Sara Seyller - First CSAB meeting was successful with Anita being awesome and filling in for a last minute vacancy (feel free to applaud her for not only coming but offering useful suggestions as well) - Library has confirmed they are hoping to extend hours of the library like last semester during the last few weeks of the semester to help students study I am looking to have a late night event for students to come to when they are studying as well Director of Leadership Development: Danielle O'Lennick - Currently, I am working on part two of my leadership series: Confidence. I have been meeting with Monica and we have been collaborating our ideas. The tentative date is Thursday, November 10th from 4-5:30. We are looking to have two speakers both of which would be free- hopefully. - I am also planning the next ASG meeting. - I apologize for my lack of attendance today but I will see you all at the next senate meeting. Thank you for your time. Director of Legislative Affairs: John Anthony Shahor - The Voter Rally went incredibly well, we have around 30 individuals register to vote and collectively over the days of tabling for the rally and the rally itself, 160 voter pledge cards were submitted. a. The voter pledge cards will be used to collect contact information to store and utilize and then they will be sent out allowing for them to arrive about a week before Nov. 8th, Election Day. - Video testimonials instead of a letter writing campaign. President: Audrey Miller - Working to determine how to go about submitting a formal proposal for funds from the Bookie Board, last year we received around $7,700. The proposal will cover budget gaps in things such as the Spring Gala so we may have things such as alcohol sold at the event.

a. I have agreed to using $3000.00 of the funds we receive from the Bookie Board to subsidize the Bachelor Ski Trip. I am generally still awesome. Connected External Affairs with Ox-Fam America, an organization which works to educate and raise awareness around hunger, poverty, and the increasing gap between socio-economic classes globally. Hopefully a hunger banquet will occur. Narek and I met with Cabinet! Working with Pullman to bring "Set the Trend" materials to our campus which is a campaign ASWSU and the other student governments will be working to bring to their campuses. This year the theme is, sleeping well to take care of yourself, "Goodnight Cougs."

Senate Reports Daniel Nguyen - Senate reports a. Due Wednesday prior to senate meeting b. RAC will be meeting at 9 am c. Met with Narek to come up with agenda Questions for student regent d. Met with Audrey and Robert Chu Talked about proposition 1 C-tran and bus route services Route 19 about to be cut Proposal going to be put on Clark County Election Issue that IS affecting students on campus Create senate resolution e. Senator Young resigned Left letter of resignation Campus affairs chair (Jenna Nelmark) - Lenders for volunteer fair - FASFA External affairs (Larsson Gepford) - Work with Jay on OXFAM a. Work on a food drive Finance Chair (Amira Ajami) - Informing students/RSO about the senate funding a. Writing up fliers How to write up funding requests Rules for transportation and travelling b. Completed a budget allocation plan No trend as far as proposed bills between fall to spring Divided student events pool per semester per senate meeting c. Monthly senate report

Whats been confirmed and whats been allocated

Old Business New Business Confirmation of Judicial Board Member Jessica Villasenor a. Major in public affairs b. Wanted to join ASWSUV Likes the diversity of the student population Foster relationships between the different age groups c. Hopes to accomplish better student population diversity Was interested in judicial board from the beginning d. Questions from Senators? None e. Senator Gepford motion Senator Nguyen 2nd f. Passed with a 9-0 vote

Bill 21.002 Anita Wagner (prime sponsor) $200.00 from students events pool for U of O QAC (Queer Ally Coalition) workshop Section 1: Travel Section 2: Refreshments Focuses on the acceptance of people with different sexual orientations a. Anyone who would can attend b. Psych club sponsoring with A-frames, fliers, and word of mouth Move to 2nd reading Senator Gepford Psychology Club representation a. Campus needs to have such a workshop b. Interactions between both communities c. Questions from Senators to Psychology Club representation Senator Gepford what was one of the most valuable things you learned? The discrimination against those people Senator Wagner what is the $162.00 for? Travelling to and from U of O Senator Wagner There are no speaker fees, just travel. Opened for discussions among senators a. Senator Nguyen: Remember the travelling by-law How much do we want to be remembered allocating Sees amount as within reason b. Senator Wagner: it is campus policy, certain amount per mile, for any travel. $0.51/mile. Does fit within the policy of the university.

c. Senator Karlsen: is there a policy with one van coming out to less than $122? Senator Wagner: no, the mileage from Eugene, here and back, is a lot of money. d. Senator Ajami: is there a campus vehicle? How are you going to accommodate? Theyre using their vehicles from U of O Senator Wagner: the U of O students are coming here e. Senator Nguyen: Could I get more elaboration on the university policy in regards of travel? Senator Wagner: consulted with Michelle to find out that $0.51/mile, sent an email out Covers more than gasoline f. Senator Gepford motion to vote Senator Nguyen 2nd g. Passed with a 9-0 Bill 21.003 Senator Gepford (prime sponsor) $2005.83 for Monster Ball October 27th, 2011 a. Community building experience by donating to Marthas Pantry Only non-governmental group b. Enhances communication between many groups and communities c. Pop culture d. Dance/costume competition e. Midnight: The Rocky Horror Picture Show f. Advertisements: Cougsync, A-frames, Koug radio Senator Karlsen move to 1st reading a. Senator Gepford 2nd. Anniella (Cougar Pride Club) a. Monster ball is becoming annual event b. Dance party Tarot card readers (4 not 2) Dance floor and food Working with Tarah to get things situated c. Last year was super successful Raised $400.00 for Marthas Pantry 250 people showed up Security for how late it goes Questions for Miss Levitt? a. Senator Karlsen learning from community members? Booths YWCA Cascades Project Planned Parenthood Marthas Pantry Everyone walks around and visits

Cougar Pride wants to promote education between the different communities and partners which will help bring awareness to the campus b. Senator Nelmark discount through company you went through, do you get that again? Was for drag show Are not asking for decorations, but using decorations from previous years that we have in storage Last year, no lighting, but only thing asking for decorations is lighting Senator Gepford amend the quantity from 2 to 4 tarot card readers, still is $500.00 Senator Nguyen 2nd Open for discussion among senators a. Senator Gepford went last year and was a fantastic time b. Senator Nguyen clarification: is overall amount the same as last year? Senator Gepford only about $100.00 more Senator Gepford call to question a. Senator Nelmark - 2nd Passed with a 9-0

Bill 21.004 Senator Valentine (Prime Sponsor) 261.63 for FBI recruiters a. FBI interested in speaking to students about the wide array of jobs that are available b. Want to educate the students on the recruitment process and the positions available Senator Gepford: move to 2nd reading a. Senator Nguyen: 2nd John Park (Beta Alpha Psi) a. Two special agents coming to campus b. Need to be well rounded and taking any/all majors c. Havent had FBI here in awhile, trying to re-establish ties d. Many students dont know that they can join the FBI Can take 6-9 months e. Want to provide refreshments Look professional to recruiters and it looks like we appreciate them Questions for Mr. Park a. Senator Nelmark: this event is next week, how have you been advertising? We have a-frames now Been partnering with many other teachers Flyers And word of mouth b. Senator Valentine: is the amount for food excessive? Average meetings in the 40s amount Opening to entire campus will open up for about 100 people c. Senator Nguyen: would it be appropriate or hold the event with integrity if we reduced the food amount by 20-30%. Can supplement with their own funds Problem can eat through their funds very quickly

d. Audrey miller can this be moved to a later date, has to be advertised for at least 2 weeks It cannot because it is a scheduled time that the FBI would be able to come out e. Senator Karlsen arent a-frames already up? Michelle needs to read co-sponsored by ASWSUV f. Senator Valentine seen an a-frame and what if it wasnt approved? Would have continued with the event with or without the funding It just helps enhance the event g. Senator Nelmark have you used any of your own funds? Providing water And have been providing for other meetings Open for discussion among senators a. Senator valentine this would be something good to bring to campus b. Senator Gepford can expect quite a few people, not just business, but biology as well c. Senator Karlsen clarification: are we able to pass this? Michelle yes you can pass d. Mr. Park - Apologize for short notice Senator Nguyen havent publicized very well and no information on forms, learning experience for us too e. Senator Gepford move to call to question Senator Nguyen 2nd f. Passed with a 9-0

Bill 21.005 Senator Connelly (prime sponsor) $261.63 for Bonneville Power recruiters a. BPA will be presenting 70+ major internships to all majors b. Many faculty and staff are already advocating to their classes Senator Gepford move to 2nd reading a. Senator Nguyen 2nd John park a. BPA will be coming on the 13th to speak to the campus b. Looking to hire roughly 70 interns across all majors for the following summer Paid ranging from $12-$20 Possible tuition assistance Within their major and in their interest Will be placed in the job after graduation c. Want students from local area d. Just had meet the firms Many are not aware of us here Think of us at a small satellite campus Trying to spread awareness within local community e. Roughly same amount ($261.63) 100 people would be a good guess f. Questions for Mr. Park

None Open for discussion among senators a. Senator Gepford need to put dates and times in bill b. Senator valentine what time is it at? John Park - 4-5pm c. Senator Nguyen were you expecting the same turn out for this event as the FBI event on October 5th? John park have had meetings with many other students, but specific majors Entire majors more than 100 people d. Senator Gepford this is on the 13th so you will have more time to advertise? It is a paid internship e. Senator Nguyen move to amend the bill by reducing the turkey and swiss roller platter from 3 down to 2 and the cookie platter from 3 to 2 Senator Larsson 2nd Passed with 6 yays, 3 nays Reducing the platters down from 3 to 2 f. Senator Wagner what are we reducing? Senator Gepford turkey and swiss down from 3 to 2, cookie platter down from 3 to 2 g. Senator Nelmark just know that we do have other funds coming in h. Senator Gepford move to vote Senator Nguyen 2nd i. Passed with a 8-1 vote

Announcements Student Regent Jake Bredstrand a. From Vancouver, WA b. Graduated from evergreen high in 2005 c. Went to Pullman, WA d. Grown to appreciate the Pullman campuses e. Fraternity Academics and social experience Career success down the road f. Volunteered for athletic department Athletic administration with graduate school g. ASWSUV Started in senate Work in executive staff Served as president in Pullman campus Membership of board a. Oversee the functions, money and property of everything b. Consists of 10 members, nominated by the governor

c. d. e. f. g. h.

9 serve 6-year terms Come from very different career aspects and have a lot of different experience At the end of the day, it is a business Meeting schedule meet at least 6 times through the calendar year Do have the meetings at the different campuses Committees Executive Oversee the by laws Performance reviews for the presidents at each university Make sure board is going about things the right way Academic affairs Student affairs Diversity Equity Student diversity and enrollment Student conduct issues External affairs Marketing How the public sees our university Athletics and economic development Government affairs Finance/audits Secure the economic stability of the university Accounting functions of WSU Physical buildings Employment Student fees Real/intellectual property Board a. President Floyd is at the head b. Regents have the background with the inside of what will be important for the future Regents a. RCW and Washington law Have control of university and how it functions Ability to establish new programs or taking away programs Grant students degrees, confer honorary degrees Adopt plans for new university buildings b. How does this position get selected? Other 9 are appointed Student position Jake is the 14th student Student government is consisted of a body that forms a committee Applications will be available around march Based on how many applications are sent in Current chair will nominate choices to the governor Essay questions, transcripts and grades will be looked over and then governor chooses Student Role

a. b. c. d.

e. c. d.






Full voting member except in cases of hiring a new president Entire group discussing throughout the committee Job is to represent the board in Pullman as well Provide student perspective Board acknowledges the students experience Goal is to make the students experience better All 6 institutions have a board of regents Wants to be sure that he is interacting with all the campuses and that he is available Senator Nguyen: what concerns or issues would be appropriate to bring to you? Programs are you worried about a program being cut or a new one coming? Student fees is the board going to encourage an increase? Enrollment Anything is appropriate Senator Karlsen: is it a year long position? Talk of pushing legislation to a 2-year term Technically 2 regents Serve as a member but no voting member 2nd year student would be a full voting member Could be highly difficult with students lives changing so much Senator Nguyen: are student regents typically grad students? No, mostly been undergrad Can be either or Narek: are meetings open to the public? Everything is open except for the executive session If there is every 6 people or more than, it has to be publicized Narek: do a lot of administrators come to these meetings? Many of the deans Many of the presidents Senator Valentine is there a stipend? Or paid? Tuition waived, but no salary

Public Comment at 8:00am No one Recognition Senator Nguyen: everyone that worked on 21.004 and 21.005 a. Thank you!

Office of Student Involvement Michelle McIlvoy Thank you to Jake for coming around! Lea Thompson (OSI marketing intern) working with student government and student diversity in publishing a monthly calendar of events

Different committees that are planning things, make sure Jacob Schmidt knows so they can be put on the calendar Roles as senate a. Additional training is needed b. What the training entails and things that we should know c. Know more about bills and what we can and cannot pass RAC Meeting a. A lot of confusion about the psych club request b. What does that communication line look like? c. Internally, lets figure out how to work it out? Several questions about Michelles role vs. Caseys role a. Work with you about what funding can be approved, where, etc. b. Work with Casey to determine if the club is available, if they are real, etc. More of the clubs advisor c. Try to use Cougsync to make sure clubs are active

For the Good of the Order Meeting adjourned at 8:31am