A Call to A.R.M.

S (All Revolutionary Minded Sojour[ner]s) The Spiritual Truth of our Time "Gather ye sojours of peace, gather ye drummers of fate; gather ye promoters of will - gather ye children of strength. Topple, down the pillars of hate, topple down the pillars of can't, topple down the pillars of weakness; topple down the ways of bondage" - Ephraim J Davis The Rise of the American Autumn. . . .A Poem, By Ephraim J Davis On September 17th I watched the sun come up over the horizon. Isolated, surrounded by inviting yellow hues, it rose without objection, without obstacles, it rose with brilliant intent; yet there was no change. The air surrounding me remained cool, my breath floated from my lips in white projections, tickling my eyelids as it did; still it rose. From my perch on the roof of my building I waited, turning from side to side anticipating the clouds predicted by the weatherman to engulf it, snuffing it out. They soon came, but they lacked thickness, they lack depth, they lacked privilege – thus they surrounded but could not diminish the brightness of the sun – for it still rose. That day, the sky remained blue, though the clouds became overbearing at times extinguishing the suns rays, with great defiance they reappeared, more vibrant and stronger than they had been before. They had risen! The clouds defeated in purpose still fought them, but there they were. Uncompromised and unfazed. I felt amazed to have witnessed this struggle. But the air remained cool, flooded with the mark of autumn; the change of seasons entrenched afar somewhere in the distance; the sun had not brought it, but it had called to it. I feel asleep that night after the sun had dipped below its Earthly boundary; confident that it was not gone nor forgotten just awakened someplace else. It was still rising, I thought, it would always rise! – Dedicated to Occupy Wall Street and The Occupied Territories What Must be Said. . . .The Truth, The Call! They want us at each others throats, the wealthy, those leaders that we did not elect. They want us fighting to secure the scraps they have left for us. This is why their political parties have been down playing the Occupations, this is why they have been spreading money to police organizations and political campaigns across the country; they are buying the repression they hope to use as a lynch pin to spark a riot. They’re already speaking about Anti-Semitism, Racism, and degradation within the Occupation Movement. Limbaugh’s assertion that the people at OWS are “human debris” is its dog whistle. ‘They are less than you’; he is saying; ‘They are worse than you. You are true Americans because you don’t protest, you don’t stand up for anything unless I tell you its okay to do so’. This is their strategy. Divide and conquer, it’s worked so many times before. Black vs. White; Brown vs. Yellow; Red vs. White; The Haves vs. The Have Nots; The Have Nots vs. Themselves; Unions Workers vs. Non Union Workers; Public vs. Private – The Puppets vs. The Puppets. They will use old tactics; psychological profiles, bribery, threats, character assignation, whatever they have to use to maintain their power. Theirs is a well played drama complete with pawns and they know the script, they wrote it. They will use Al Sharpton, MoveOn.org, UPS, Paypal, Visa, Unions or whatever company or whatever public face they have to; all to keep us shattered and segregated from one another. We must not think freely or be allowed to entertain a thought they haven’t scripted for us. We must not be allowed to assemble. For assemblage is the key to community, to innovation, to real democracy and to real governing. This is the threat to them, to their power. Thus behind the scenes they will threaten the leaders of unions, they will pay the cops, pay politicians, they will buy the silence of the media, they will block the web traffic to emails and websites. They will shut down the funding streams of truth-telling sites like Wikileaks! They will work to give the appearance of supporting free speech while subverting it. In the process they will isolate leaders, manipulate laymen and bring the movement to its frustration point – if we let them. They, the wealthiest of our society, the misled stratified troops of the “middle class”, the uninformed police officers of our nation; need us to be violent since that is all they picture us to be. For decades they have been told that progressives, revolutionaries, communists, socialists, anarchists, non-associates and all non-capitalists are violent; that all these people want to do is violently tear down what they, the real Americans, have built up. They have been told that we will beat them, kill them, kill their families and declare war on their society all for

the privilege and purpose of power. But this was a lie. The fact is, this is their, the elites, course of action; power is their modus operandi. That is their answer to the world’s problems. They are the repressors, they are the suppressors of popular will; they are the dissectors of community; they are the puppet masters who must control for fear of losing themselves. That is who they are, manipulators, destroyers, authoritarians. In their minds, they are the Gods and we are their toys. I don’t say this lightly – I’ve thought long and hard about this. But they must be exposed and we must be willing to go where they tell us we cannot go. We must be willing to speak the spiritual truth of our era; capitalism, collectivism is in the final stages of death – attempting to save it will lead to repression, oppression and deep conflict – going beyond it will lead to balance, stability and adaption to a destabilize yet inviting environment. To turn back, to reconstitute this failed system is to promise death to our species. The only hope for the planet is this recognition. Do not judge this lightly. It is a cry from the spiritual wilderness that is our collective minds, from the ancient mind to the present day scholar. We fear the new only because we have been told we should fear it! But don’t fear it, embrace it – fearing this truth, is fearing yourself. In closing I recall your attention to the poem I began this article with and ask of you the following. . . Don’t blot out the sun; believe that the darkness, the cold that surrounds you is a product of circumstance. Know that the warmth is still there, it will always be there for it is within you. You are the bringers of that sun; with out you the clouds reign over the landscape and the destiny of humankind drowns in their shadows. Thus you must rise; you must shine bright for the world to see. You must be willing to confront those clouds bringing their darkness to an end. For that is the way we will save ourselves – through the rising force of our sunlight’s speaking together, chasing away the cold depths of autumn for the bright optimism of spring. Ephraim J Davis

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