Some of the current news items about interest rates and the economy may leave you feeling a little apprehensive. But actually, network marketing is one of the few industries that is well placed to create positive opportunities. As we will show you over the next couple of pages, more and more people are now looking for an extra income. We’ve gathered together some key messages which will help you to sponsor and recruit new team members. By tackling current issues, we intend to prove to you that there’s really never been a better time to join the Opportunity. You’ll see that we’ve also included lots of press cuttings which are all about our distributors. By sharing your testimonials with newspapers and magazines, we can make sure that the benefits of Kleeneze reach the masses.

To keep you up-to-date, we’ll also be running a monthly ‘In The News’ section on the Distributor Support Arena. We hope you find this information to be a useful sponsoring aid. As always, please send any comments or suggestions to


You may well have read about the success of distributors in the papers; when they win a car, for instance. This helps other people realise that success is achievable with Kleeneze and that those looking for an extra income can really turn their lives around. In the last couple of months we’ve been inundated by press cuttings about our Budapest and Mauritius qualifiers – it’s fantastic to read all your great news and comments! These are just a small selection. 1. BUDAPEST 2006 Bill Deakin and Cressy Chapman “Whoever said we couldn’t stay in Cornwall and have a successful career should take a look at the Kleeneze Opportunity.” MAURITIUS 2007 Mike and Amanda Bibby

2. 3.


Andy and Vicky De Caso “Kleeneze has given us financial freedom in the long term as well as giving us the freedom to start a family.” Lynda and David Buchan “We’re not just working for today; we’re working for our future. We are helping people change their lives because it has helped us change ours.” Adam and Helen Wright

A selection of the stories you send to us are passed onto newspapers (with your permission) by our dedicated Public Relations agencies in the UK, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands, who want to make sure that the world shares your successes. Please keep your stories coming into To see these articles in full, please visit the Distributor Support Arena.


• • • • • • • • • • ‘Soaring house prices forced homeowners to borrow more money last month than any July since records began’ ‘Buyers about to take out a mortgage are being urged to check they can afford monthly repayments if interest rates go up again’ ‘It is the latest in a long series of household bills going up, such as average energy bills going up nearly £500 since 2003’ Source: The Daily Mail

‘First time buyers will continue to struggle to break into the market’ ‘Rising unemployment levels and unsecured debt levels run at an all-time high.’ ‘A rise in base rate from 4.5% to 5% would see the monthly mortgage repayment rise by £43.13 to £876.89’ ‘A 2% base rate rise would mean a further 6% dip in annual disposable income’ Source: The Sun Online ‘Inflation is still running well above the government’s two percent target’ ‘The Office for National Statistics warned there will be further upward pressure in the months ahead’ The report also advises people to consider saving so that they can benefit from the rise in interest rates Source: The Mirror Online

AFFORD PROPERTY AND SAVE FOR THE FUTURE For a householder with an average mortgage of £115,000, the quarter percentage rise means an increase in repayments of £18 per month, according to the Daily Mail. For many people, this means a greater concern about future rises and a desire to cut back on non-essential spending. For others, it is impossible to even contemplate taking the first step on to the property ladder. Working an additional few hours each week with Kleeneze is a simple way to earn some extra cash and relieve financial pressures. Earnings of over £50 per week are commonplace, meaning you could pay the extra £18 towards the mortgage (based on the above example) and still have £182 left over at the end of the month. Higher interest rates are good for savers, so this is the best time to put aside some money for the future or save for a house deposit in order to take that important first step.

• • ‘UK unemployment has hit its highest level for six years.’ ‘There were 1.65 million people classed as unemployed in the three months to May.’ Source: BBC Online

START EARNING IMMEDIATELY The numbers of people looking for work is increasing, so there are even more people who will be interested in the earning potential that Kleeneze offers. The great thing about the Opportunity is that they can start immediately, with no interview and no experience needed. For someone who is trying to obtain more household income and get by on a daily basis, this really does make all the difference.

Even if they choose to join Kleeneze while looking for other work, you can stress the benefits of flexible hours and the potential to improve their quality of life by maintaining a second income. STATUTORY WEALTH WARNING It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earning are easily achieved.

• • • •

52% of the population could survive just 17 days if they suffered an unexpected loss of income The average house in England and Wales now costs £199,184 Over 8 million workers (21%) have no pension provision

The average household now owes £7,754, excluding mortgages

• • ‘Personal bankruptcy continues to rise as households struggle with soaring bills and credit card payments’

‘The Bank of England heaped further pressure on households...when it increased the cost of borrowing by 0.25 per cent’ Source: The Daily Mail ‘With personal debt in Britain exceeding £1trillion, a record 100,000 people will go broke this year’ ‘Banks have confirmed huge increases in the scale of bad debts’ Source: The Mirror

• •

A BETTER ALTERNATIVE TO DEBT As these articles show, the rising interest rates have inevitably had a knock-on effect on credit card debt, with the cost of meeting repayments proving increasingly more expensive. But why borrow money when you can earn instead? The Opportunity provides a very simple and straightforward way to earn some extra income without interfering with other commitments. It’s a good way to keep out of debt in the first place, or alternatively can offer a way out for people who are trying to keep up repayments on credit cards and other debts. An extra £50 per week, for instance, could prove to be the much needed light at the end of the tunnel. Ultimately, however, there are no limits to earnings.

• • • • ‘35% of people say they have mixed feelings about their financial future’ ‘More than a third of Britons admitted...that they had no savings set aside for old age’

‘15% say they are “worried they won’t be able to make ends meet”’

‘38% of people now expect they will have to work beyond the age of 65‘

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE At retirement, most people generally receive one third of their salary – roughly the same as they were earning at the age of 20! The Opportunity provides one way for people to escape the traditional employment trap and take their financial future into their own hands. By building up their Kleeneze business and creating residual income, they may be able to retire much earlier. For people who are approaching retirement, the option to work flexible hours rather than the traditional 9-5 may be an attractive alternative for earning extra income. They can work fewer hours than they would in a typical job and ease into retirement gradually.

Distributor Andy Powell recently wrote into his local paper in answer to an article about pensions, and mentioned the kind of benefits available through Kleeneze as we’ve included here. The paper published his letter (see left) as a result. This is a very simple yet effective way of generating leads.

As a Kleeneze distributor you already have the solution to these issues in hand. You’ve already started to take control of your finances and plan for the future. Because you know what the benefits are, you’re in a great position to help others achieve a better lifestyle. The Opportunity is all about helping people!

• • • ‘Students leaving university owe an average of £13,500’ ‘The 4% drop in applications...indicates that some young people are deterred from going to university in the first place’ The report also advises students to get a part-time job: ‘According to the Association of Graduate Recruiters, employers tend to be impressed with graduates who can demonstrate good time management and financial management skills’. But they stress that it should not interfere with studies. Source: The Independent Online

A FLEXIBLE OPPORTUNITY FOR STUDENTS Student debt is another topic that has been widely publicised in recent months, with rising tuition fees and living costs. Reports show that students are increasingly working more hours to meet the cost of living.

If you know any students, mention that the Opportunity is flexible and fits around university study. Stress that there is no interview, they can start immediately and most campuses now provide free broadband, so it is easy to run the business on a day-to-day basis.

By earning extra money throughout university, they could reduce the amount of the loan and graduate with less personal debt than other students. They won’t have to compromise their studies and will pick up some valuable life skills (such as time and money management skills) which employers value so highly.

• • ‘Eight out of ten employees want more time with their friends and families’ ‘Employees said that a better work-life balance would allow them to pursue the arts, play more sport or learn a foreign language’ Source: BBC Online ‘There are obvious benefits to staying at home; no more delayed trains, and the chance to see more of your family.’ ‘Homeworking is a very flexible way to earn a living.’ Source: BBC Online

• •

• •

‘Work part-time from home so that you can create a sizeable income that continues to come in month after month.’ ‘It’s a great way for mums to earn a little extra pocket money’ Source:

ENJOY A BETTER WORK/LIFE BALANCE All the evidence points to the fact that people desperately want more flexibility and more free time for pursuing individual interests. We can help them to achieve this. The Opportunity is ideal for people who want to choose their own hours, prioritise family and spend time on other commitments such as day classes. Distributors can choose their own hours, be their own boss and leave behind the hassle of commuting. In fact, flexibility is one of the number 1 selling points, so make sure you stress this when recruiting new team members.

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