Knotted Openwork Stole

A free pattern by; Cindy Greenslade Materials: 12.5mm (17 US) needles 1 ball Bernat Satin Wine 221yds (or any yarn for gauge) 21 yds yarn for fringe Crochet hook Gauge: 4 pattern repeat= 4 inches Finished size: Without fringe 64”long X 32” wide Pattern: Cast on 42 sts Row 1 (all WS rows): Purl Row 2: K 2,* YO, K3, pass 1st st on RH needle over last 2 sts* repeat pattern between *13 times, K1 Row 4: K1, * K3, pass 1st st on RH needle over last 2 sts, YO* repeat pattern between *13 times, K2 Repeat above 4 rows until desired length and end with a purl row. Fringe: For each fringe cut 9, 12 inch lengths of yarn and with crochet hook bring through at corner of stole with WS facing. Pull through ½ of fringe yarn and knot. Do this at every other knot (more often for more fringes) for a total of 7 fringes on each end of stole Copyright Cindy Greenslade OCT, 2008 Revised June 11, 2011

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