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Employee Name Vitor Bacalhau Employee # 25245
Evaluator Name Hamilton Abreu BU#/RC BU155/RC389
Loan BU
Project Name Oni Project #
Date 11-03-2003 Perf Period 01-03-2002 to 31-03-2003

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Manage client relationships and develop future business with designated client(s). Support the
management of a system development project.

Key Performance Expectations

During this period, Vitor will primarily participate in the Client Management activities of the engagement,
with a special emphasis on the expansion of AMS's business at Oni and development of opportunities in
the area of banking. External efforts are to be concentrated in BANIF, Síntese (an through Sintese acquire
contacts in BTA, BNU, BFE and others), Caixa Central (Caixas Agrícolas, Rural Seguros, Rural

1. Functional Know-how - Improve technical and functional knowledge of Arbor/BP v.10 so as to provide
client with solid arguments for upgrading the system to this version. Update the Arbor/BP Out-of-the-box
Presentation to further strengthen the message. Aid the client's marketing group to make use of
previously unused features of Arbor readily available, thus increasing the effort involved in a migration to
other billing systems.
This expectation will be measured by the extent to which the client commits to a migration in result of this

2. Subject Matter Expertise - Support as and when necessary the existing work orders implementation
activities, participating in analysis and design as well as enabling the smooth handover of existing contacts
and relationships in this area to those taking over the responsiibilities.

3. Knowledge Management - Set up and manage an Arbor/BP Experts conference call, so as to enable
the sharing of knowledge, experience and assets accross all Arbor projects at AMS. Complement this
initiative by the creation of an Arbor/SIG group to be subscribed by Arbor experts. Create a repository for
storage of knowledge, documentation and assets and further enhance the cross-site sharing of know-how.
This will be measured by anecdotal evidence of success among Arbor projects, the number of subscribers
of the SIG and amount of corresponding use of this mail list and by the extent of sharing and reuse of
assets across sites.

AMS-wide Performance and Growth Evaluation Form 22-09-2004 1

4. Client Management - Develop diverse contacts with key personnel within the client organisation, as
well as the associated competencies, to enable the enlargement of the areas of business with the client,
leveraging AMS's expertise and products in other areas of the client organisation. Promote the
project/engagement within the client organisation to help ensure success.

5. Business Opportunity Management - Develop the necessary contacts and associated competencies
to enable the acquisition of business in other clients and areas of business. Increase the exposure of AMS
to the corresponding markets.

Vitor will maintain his seniority in the management of the engagement. The corresponding key
expectations are thus maintained, but with a lesser emphasis since this role takes second priority and thus
the expectations suffer a corresponding reduction. They are:

6.1. Reporting - Report to AMS Engagement Manager and Oni Client Managers. No matter of significant
importance or project achievement should go unreported to the Engagement Manager or to Client
Performance will be measured by the regularity and quality of internal status reporting and anecdotal
feedback received from the client.

6.2. Execution Management - Analyze new requirements, construct feasibility studies, design solutions,
estimate their level of effort and present work order proposals to the client. Plan, coordinate and manage
all activities of the project, ensuring the timely and successful implementation of all deliverables within the
planned timeframes. Plan and coordinate vacation, training and staffing needs. Build a trusting
environment, motivating the engagement members and obtaining their commitment to achievement of the
engagement objectives and of all commitments to the client.
This will be measured by: the smoothness of work schedules and team staffing changes necessary;
deviations to work plans or milestones not properly mitigated; general quality of the work managed as
measured by later detection of incidents; self and team's contribution to engagement-wide initiatives.

6.3. Risk Management - Identify project risks and issues that may prevent the accomplishment of
deliverables. Create respective contingency plans and mitigation strategies. Escalate to AMS Engagement
Manager any risks and issues beyond direct control.
This will be measured by the regularity of issue/risk identification, escalation and mitigation initiatives and
contributions, being that no issues or risks should go unidentified or be allowed to affect the project due to
lack of escalation or mitigation.

6.4. Performance Management - Create a trusting and supportive environment to enable AMS
employees to meet their performance expectations. Set and regularly review the performance
expectations for each team member. Consistently provide constructive feedback to project members on
their performance and obtain commitment and ownership to act on that feedback. Regularly provide a
formal performance review for each team member.
This will be measured by the number of timely formal performance reviews provided, and by anecdotal
feedback received from team members during salary and performance discussions.

6.5. Quality Management - Adhere and ensure adherence to existing quality standards. Regularly review
quality standards and procedures and enhance them to introduce quality or productivity improvements.
Provide regular feedback into the Oni Quality Plan.
This expectation will be measured by the contributions to the Quality Plan and by the number of
non-compliances resulting from quality audits.

6.6. Financial Management - Display an active interest for the financial status of the engagement,
together with a constant attention for opportunities to increase the volume of billable work and the
responsibilities of the engagement in the client. Decrease unnecessary costs and expenses of running our
business. Generally contribute and take ownership for achievement of the engagement's financial goals.
This expectation will be measured by the number and volume of business generated and by the regularity
of suggestions for reduction of unnecessary costs.

AMS-wide Performance and Growth Evaluation Form 22-09-2004 2

The roles for the individual in this assignment are
Business Developer
Project Manager

Other Roles (Data contained in this field is not available for query)

Changes to Expectations
During the assignment, the expectations of development of business external to Oni ceased in September
Additionally to the above roles, Vitor also takes on the role of Quality Manager of the engagement starting
in November 2002.


During the period under evaluation Vitor was able to significantly contribute to the engagement in the area
of Client Management. Vitor developed and maintained outstanding working relationships with some key
client personnel. He obtained, through his relationships, internal client information not readily accessible to
external consultants, in a regular and constant fashion throughout the year. Overall, he has shown an
innate ability to gain the confidence and trust of client personnel, and to maintain the relationships
developed. At his experience and responsibility level at AMS, this quality is valuable to help expand AMS's
areas of business at Oni.

Vitor has shown the ability to work with little to no supervision, and possesses the stamina necessary to
continually follow-up opportunities until closure is achieved. For example, based on negative feedback
received from a Marketing client in March 2003, about the cost of configuring tariff plans, Vitor took the
initiative to schedule a meeting with him to address the client's concerns. He devised an idea for
simplifying configurations, that required a re-configuration of tariff plans. Not being able to develop the
idea further with the mentioned client, Vitor presented the idea to IT, got their interest, helped the IT client
evaluate alternatives and finally achieved a sale of 140,000 Euros configuration work in December of
2003. Throughout, he was the only intervenient on the AMS side.

Besides the above opportunity, Vitor met and exceeded expectations in his handling of relationships with
CSG and informing Oni of new functionality available in Kenan/BP 11 (Oni committed to this migration in
Dec 2003), his sense of ownership of a Risk Management opportunity for which AMS is strongly
positioned to this day (Vitor was the main link between the client and AMS's expert, and the force driving
the opportunity ahead), supported the addressing of around 15 other opportunities ranging from IP
mediation to e-mailing billing details, participated in several business presentations to Oni and to other
clients, created a repository for concentrating Kenan/BP knowledge at AMS, supported a major proposal
for implementing a centralised client database at Oni, acted as Quality Manager (playing a major role at a
crucial time, in the adoption of the AMS Project Management Standards) and developed several
opportunities in the banking area. Besides the contacts and opportunities provided to him for follow up,
Vitor used some previous contacts to explore opportunities in banking -- he was able to dedicate himself
fully to each of the internal and external opportunities and to develop most to the point where the
opportunity was properly qualified.

Overall, Vitor continued to demonstrate the qualities, skills and attitudes previously shown, and
demonstrated clear growth in the maturity with which business opportunities were approached. He
contributed to the engagement in many areas, as and when necessary. He continues to be an example to
all around him and to personify most of the qualities that AMS expects from someone at higher levels of
experience and responsibility. I believe that Vitor will prove to be an invaluable contributor to AMS and to
our success in the future.

AMS-wide Performance and Growth Evaluation Form 22-09-2004 3


Growth Competency Current Level Target Level T/L Met


Other Competencies (Data contained in this field is not available for query)

Growth Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes Current Level Target Level T/L Met

Other Knowledge, Skills, or Attitudes (Data contained in this field is not available for query)


Establishment and development of key client relationships.
Outstanding levels of productivity, motivation and dedication.
Achievement of work-life balance.


Business development skills and attitudes.
Sense of ownership for AMS's business.


No specific areas need addressing. Vitor will most likely continue to develop his skills as required
for the challenges ahead of him.


Grew little or Grew Grew significantly
none at all as expected
Far exceeds expectations

Frequently exceeds X
Consistently meets
Generally meets expectations

Generally does not meet

Consistently does not meet
expectations (Unacceptable)


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Employee Name: Vitor Bacalhau Signed: Vitor Bacalhau Date: 01-04-2003
Evaluator Name: Hamilton Abreu Signed: Hamilton Abreu Date: 01-04-2003
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Evaluator Name: Signed: Date:

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