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Ford Contour Performance
BAT is very pleased to offer this line of components for the U.S.A. specification Contour, Mystique, SVT, Cougar and other European models of the Ford Mondeo lineage. This catalog features a product line that will continue expanding as development on new parts continues. On the next page you will find a helpful table of contents which we use to make you aware of when each section was last updated, and the status, until full completion is reached. Although this catalog is a work in progress you will still find a wealth of unique components (more than from any other single source) and most importantly - we inventory what we sell so items are available for immediate shipment.

BAT is a recognized Ford Motorsport USA and Ford Motorsport/Rallysport European dealer with over 30 years of experience of tuning European Ford automobiles. From Cortinas, Lotus Cars and Anglias during the 60's through the 70's with Pinto and Capri and into the 80's and 90's with Fiesta, Escort, Merkur and now Contour. Our expertise with building and racing 4 & 6 cylinder Ford powered cars includes Formula Ford, Formula Continental & Atlantic, SCCA Production, Showroom Stock, Auto-X, Improved Touring and Circle Track racing classes. We have a highly capable staff and you can confidently allow them to handle even your most difficult technical needs. Better still, our ability to buy in quantity, import products directly, and manufacturer speciality components assures you are getting the right parts at the right price.
BAT Inc. 7630 Matoaka Road. Sarasota, FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683


Ford Contour Performance
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Front Brake TECH

Contour/Mystique (1995-2000) 4 and 6 cylinder cars are all equipped with 260 x 24mm front rotors and standard size ATE calipers. Upgrades: Mintex pads with either standard or cross-drilled rotors are the least expensive performance upgrade. Another option would be to bolt on the Cougar or SVT brake setup, however, this requires buying calipers and rotors (expensive). A better option is our R/S big brake kit which allows for fitting the larger 278mm SVT type rotors with the standard caliper. We supply the required brackets and hardware with cross-drilled rotors and high performance Mintex 1144 pads.

BAT offers the Mintex line of high performance brake products

SVT (1998 to 5/1999) cars are equipped with larger 278 x 24mm front rotors and larger ATE calipers and pads than standard Contours. This brake arrangement is similar to what some of the 4WD Mondeos and other Cosworth powered Ford cars used in Europe. Upgrades: Mintex pads with either standard or cross-drilled rotors are the least expensive performance upgrade. We are also working on 4 piston caliper upgrades for use with the standard 278mm rotors as well as 300mm large rotor and caliper brake kits.

SVT (after 5/1999) also equipped with larger 278mm front rotors but with Cougar calipers that utilize the slightly smaller standard Contour pads (read Cougar below). Upgrades: Mintex pads with either standard or cross-drilled rotors are the least expensive performance upgrade. Another option is to fit the early SVT calipers and pads, again - expensive (although we hope to have a more reasonable source for the early calipers in the future) Cougar (1999-2000) are a combination of standard Contour and SVT brakes. They use the larger SVT 278 x 24mm rotors but with the standard Contour smaller size ATE caliper using a slightly different caliper mounting bracket to clear the larger rotors diameter. So Cougars benefit from having larger diameter rotors for increased braking leverage but do not have the larger pad/caliper combo from the earlier SVT. One would think this was a Ford cost cutting measure as the big calipers are quite expensive. Upgrades: Mintex pads with either standard or cross-drilled rotors are the least expensive performance upgrade. Another option is to fit the early SVT calipers and pads, again...expensive and really not much of a benefit.


BAT Inc. 7630 Matoaka Road. Sarasota, FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683

No other brake related upgrade will yield as much bang for the buck as upgrading to M1144 pads. Sarasota. Supplied pre-burnished for easy break-in. Front Brake Pads 95-2000 (all Contour. European E1/90 approved. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 . 7630 Matoaka Road. best performing.50 K417G $129. Front Pad Set Mintex A/F Front Pad Set Mintex 1144 K417AF $45. standard replacement pads available for Contour cars. Mintex 1144 is unmatched in terms of wear and fade characteristics with excellent "pedal feel". COUGAR (all).. These basic Mintex "street" pads actually outperform other manufacturers "performance" pads (most notably) PBR/Axis Metal Master a recent national magazine test.. Cougar & SVT after 5/99) -see pad drawing below for assistance Front Pad Set Mintex A/F Front Pad Set Mintex 1144 K420AF $41.50 K420G $109. Mintex A/F Brake Pads are the highest quality. For maximum effect match a set of Mintex 1144's with our premium drilled sport rotors and Aeroquip stainless brake lines. Mintex brand A/F "Abestos Free" semimetallic linings operate over a wide temperature range with very little fade or brake dusting.44) and excellent modulation throughout a very wide temperature operating range (up to 1200 degrees)..50 actual size scale 1:1 CONTOUR/MYSTIQUE (all).by Brake Compounds Mintex 1144 is a rally/race compound is perfectly at home on track or street offering a high coefficient of drag (. bushings. load springs) see next page for front brake parts listing. SVT (from 5/99) Front Brake Pads 98-99 (most SVT's before 5/99) Note: we have seen examples of cars produced before 5/99 that are fitted with the late type pad (see above).4 Ford Contour Performance Parts. Hardware Kits BAT can supply a full range of brake hardware for the ATE type front calipers (slide pins. This is the brake compound many European rally teams have used for years. In the under $50.50 actual size scale 1:1 SVT (up to 5/99) ONLY (SVT E0 & some E1) BAT Inc.00 a set category Mintex A/F has everything beat. Check the pad drawings carefully before ordering.

We usually recommend refreshing the caliper bushings when changing pads to keep everything optimized. two of each part are required to both sides. Caliper Bushings are made of rubber and are sensitive to heat causing less than optimal pin bushing clearance which has been known to cause a slight vibration (usually felt through the brake pedal) when the brakes are applied lightly. SVT. Ford. We would even like to go a step further.00 $225. This single piston sliding pin design is popular with many foreign car manufacturers (BMW. VW).50 Brake Specials Customers often comment about the great prices we offer on our high quality brake components. Caliper Springs serve both to locate and tension the caliper/pad assembly as well as anti-rattle duty.00 Brake Kits with Sport Rotors (Grooved & Dimpled) & Mintex A/F Pads These kits include 2 rotors and a pad set. Cougar Caliper Spring (1) -all except E0 SVT Caliper Spring (1) -E0 SVT only M420CP M420CB K420K7 K420K7A $16. and for the most part is pretty foolproof.00 $195. Cougar Caliper Bushings (2) -all We carry a full line of replacement brake hardware for the ATE Teves type front calipers used on the Contour.00 BAT Inc.000 miles or so. rather every other. For anyone interested in buying front and rear rotors and pads at the same time we have an even better deal. Complete 4 Wheel Brake Kits (Front & Rear) Brake Special (cars with 260mm front & 253mm rear) all Contour & Mystique -except SVT Brake Special (cars with 278mm front & 253mm rear) SVT (specify if E0) and Cougar K420SP K420SPA $189.00 $7. Sometimes customers are convinced the brake rotors are wrapped when only the caliper bushings require replacement. They usually hold up pretty well as long as they don't get bent up too badly or lost on removal.say 60.25 $14. however they have been known to have occasional problems.. Caliper Slide Pins (2) -all Contour.. SVT. 7630 Matoaka Road. We don't usually replace them with every pad change.25 $8. Shop around and you will find we have the lowest price in the nation on a full set of rotors and pads and we supply quality components not the typical low end "brand x" parts offerd by others.5 Front Brake Hardware Ford Contour Performance Parts. Caliper Slide Pins can be a problem when the pins become rusty or pitted and does not move freely within the bushing. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 .00 $245. Inspect the pins finish and replace as needed. We will supply front and rear European specification brake rotors matched with premium Mintex A/F brake pads (again both front and rear) all for one low price.usually hardware related as we will cover below. Sarasota. Front Brake Kit (260mm) Contour/Mystique i4 Cougar K420FG Front Brake Kit (278mm) SVT (specify if E0) & V6 Cougar K420FGA Rear Brake Kit (253mm) all with rear disk K420RG $195. All parts packaged to service 1 caliper. available front or rear -sold seperately.

00 a set category Mintex A/F has everything beat. REAR BRAKE COMPONENTS Rear Brake Pads 95-2001 (all with rear disk) . Performance upgrades for rear disk equipped cars would be to go with the Mintex pads and cross-drilled rotors and for rear drums upgrade to Mintex lined rear shoes.50 $25. Rear drum equipped 1995-96 cars are equipped with 203 x 38mm (8") rear drums.see drawing below Rear Pad Set Mintex A/F K420AR $39.6 Ford Contour Performance Parts.50 Hardware Kit K420K6 $20. but 1997-2001 cars are a mix of the 203 x 38mm (8") and larger 228 x 45mm (9") drums. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 . This is the brake compound many European rally teams have used for years..95 Rear Pad Set Mintex 1144 K420GR $119. These basic Mintex "street" pads actually outperform other manufacturers "performance" pads (most notably) PBR/Axis Metal Master a recent national magazine test. For maximum effect match a set of Mintex 1144's with our premium drilled sport rotors and Aeroquip stainless brake lines.95 (REAR) 228 x 45mm (9") OR 203 x 38mm (8") Shoe Size drawing not to scale ALL WITH REAR DISK actual size scale 1:1 BAT Inc. Brake Hardware BAT can supply a full range of brake hardware components for the ATE type front calipers (slide pins.00 $39. bushings.00 $14. Brake Compounds Mintex 1144 rally/race compound is perfectly at home on track or street offering a high coefficient of drag (. No other brake related upgrade will yield as much bang for the buck as upgrading to M1144 pads. In the under 50. Mintex 1144 is unmatched in terms of wear and fade characteristics with excellent "pedal feel". Mintex A/F Brake Pads are the highest quality.50 $25. Mintex brand A/F "Abestos Free" semi-metallic linings operate over a wide temperature range with very little fade or brake dusting. best performing. If your 1995-2001 car is rear disk equipped they are 253 x 20mm vented rotors and all use one size rear pad.44) and excellent modulation throughout a very wide temperature operating range (up to 1200 degrees). standard replacement pads available for Contour cars.. This is probaibly a manufacturing supply issue when the cars were built and the only way to determine which rear drum/shoe set is on you car is to check before ordering 10987654321 10987654321 10987654321 10987654321 10987654321 K420RA K420K5A K420R K420K5 K420WC Rear Brake TECH Rear brakes on the Contour/Cougar cars can also be confusing.95 Brake Shoes (check rear drum size) 8" Rear Brake Shoe Set Mintex A/F Rear Hardware Kit for 8" brakes 9" Rear Brake Shoe Set Mintex A/F Rear Hardware Kit for 9" brakes Wheel Cylinder (each) $39. 7630 Matoaka Road. load springs) and also rear hardware kits for the drum brake equipped cars.75 Wheel Cylinder (each) K420WC $14. European E1 / 90 approved.. Sarasota. Supplied pre-burnished for easy break-in.

Cross-Drilled* Front Rotor-Grooved* Front Rotor. $89. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 .E.00ea. Economy Brake Rotor (1995-2000 Contour/Mystique) Front Econo Rotor 260x 24mm Rear Econo Rotor 253 x20mm K425 K425R 28. Premium European Rotors. $89.Grooved* Rear Rotor. $144. $78. Sarasota.Drilled & Grooved Combo* K425A K425CD K425G K425DS $35.95ea.priced as each Premium Front Brake Rotor 278 x 24mm (1998-2001 SVT & Cougar V6) Front Rotor. This process also improves rotor cooling giving improved braking response and resistance to fade.standard Front Rotor.priced as each BAT Inc.00ea.Cross-Drilled* Front Rotor-Grooved* Front Rotor.95ea.25ea. All holes (drillings) are radiused to minimum thickness then rotors are rebalanced as the final process.00ea.Standard & Cross Drilled Our European Group-N rally specification rotors are made from "Carballoy" (a medium flake graphite fully pearlitic low phosphorous iron) manufactured to BS 1452 .Drilled & Grooved Combo* K425RA K425RCD K425RG K425RDS $35.. $ Rotors BAT inventories a selection of rotors to satisfy both the performance minded as well as the budget oriented customer. Looking for more of an upgrade? Cross-drilling brake rotors is an excellent way to increase brake performance. $95.00ea.priced as each Premium Rear Brake Rotor 253 x 20mm (all cars with rear disk) Rear Rotor.7 Ford Contour Performance Parts. *drilled and drill/grooved rotors must by purchased as (handed) pairs. $89. Theory being that centrifugal force will draw excess brake dust and expelled gasses from the pad surface through the drilled passages into the rotors vented cavity and out.00ea.00ea. $72. and although these rotors are inexpensive they are considerably better than the usual "white box" specials commonly found at discount parts stores.50ea. specifications.00ea. Which equates to longer life with more resistance to warping which is so common with lesser quality (Ford as well as other offshore low budget type) rotors. Premium Front Brake Rotor 260 x 24mm (1995-2001 Contour/Mystique) Front Rotor. The cross drilling process is handled by computer CNC milling equipment with holes arranged in a parabolic pattern giving an even sweeping effect to the pad surface ensuring maximum cooling with minimum noise and drag. 25. $99.00ea. *drilled and drill/grooved rotors must by purchased as (handed) pairs.1990 grade 180/220 standard.00ea... 7630 Matoaka Road.Drilled & Grooved Combo* K426 K426CD K426G K426DS $55.standard Front Rotor.Cross-Drilled* Rear Rotor.standard Rear Rotor. Econo Rotors Consistent high quality that meets or exceeds all O.00ea. *drilled and drill/grooved rotors must by purchased as (handed) pairs.

Sarasota. 7630 Matoaka Road.. Front hoses fit all Contour models. Our future offerings will include brackets to fit standard Contour type calipers and kits with lightweight aluminum calipers.50 supplied with groove/dimple rotors & Mintex 1144 competition pads BAT Big Brake Kit "B" K416B $419. rears fit all with rear disk brakes (see model years) we also include the special strut mount bushings. Brake Hoses (pair) 97> w/drum K419RDA $59. Mintex 1144 high performance or MIntex A/F street front brake pad set. strut mount bushings and any required "bumpers" for a proper secure fit.00 Aeroquip Brake Hoses BAT competition brake hoses incorporate a stainless braid exterior over a teflon interior to keep line expansion "flexing" to a minimum.00 supplied with standard rotors & Mintex 1144 competition pads BAT Big Brake Kit "C" K416C $349. Front Brake Hoses (pair) All Cars K419 $59.00 R.50 R.00 Rear Brake Hoses (pair) 97-2001 K419R $62.8 Ford Contour Performance Parts..50 $49. We have plans to incorporate Focus SVT 300mm front rotors into a number of new brake kits we have in development. Brake Hoses (pair) 95-96 w/drum K419RD $59.00 BAT Inc.00 supplied with standard rotors Mintex A/F street pads Focus SVT Brake Components With the release of the Focus SVT comes a plethora of performance parts just waiting to be swapped into other Ford models. Rotor Focus SVT 300mm (each) Pad Set Focus SVT Mintex A/F H426 H417AF $45. This greatly reduces the "spongy" pedal feel common with standard rubber brake hoses. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 . Increasing rotor "swept area" in this way will greatly improve stopping power (leverage) and help to reduce high brake temperatures that can cause premature brake fade and poor pedal feel. Our stainless lines are assembled from genuine Aeroquip AN-3 hose with premium (DOT approved) swage ends installed. All hoses include O.Front These kits allow fitment of larger (278mm) SVT front brake rotors to cars normally equipped with standard (260mm) rotors.50 Rear Brake Hoses (pair) 1995-96 K419RA $62. As for now we can offer some of the components to the DIY-ers out there who have been bugging us to release the Large Rotor Brake Kits. Kits include: 278 x 24mm sport (groove & dimple) or standard front rotors. custom caliper mounting brackets (utilizes standard caliper) & assorted hardware (fitment with most 15" wheels -some require slight modification) BAT Big Brake Kit "A" K416A $499.

For best results they should be used with sport valved (increased rate) European type struts only. We do not recommend increasing the front bar diameter on front wheel drive cars such as the Contour. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 .. We got involved purely by necessity as the recognize bushing manufacturers had little interest in making small batches of bushings for the "non popular" Fords we were interested in. See fitting notes below. Our bushing products offer unequaled quality as we use only the finest materials.we are currently importing sport tuned struts for the Contour/Cougar cars by the following European manufacturers. Sachs/Boge. and a 21mm for SE/SVT cars (normally equipped with 18mm). Swapping complete strut/spring assemblies between the model years is possible. This makes it a excellent candidate for suspension modifications to make an already good car handle even better. Springs. we don't see any real difference in the overall specification of the component. The 19mm bars are European Ford imports.We have been involved in manufacturing our own line of urethane suspension bushing products for over 15 years. Merkur XR4Ti & Scorpio and now the Contour. Sarasota. Bushings. So we invested in having moulds made and BAT currently offers a wide range of urethane products for cars like Fiesta.We recommend increasing the diameter of the rear bar only for better "balance". it is possible to use later 98-01 type springs with earlier 95-97 struts (the strut perch will allow the spring to seat well enough for proper function). Early strut assemblies utilize a "pigtail" type spring. 7630 Matoaka Road. For anyone considering swapping springs between the model years. Shore-A hardness Uniroyal 78-80 is our choice for precise control without harshness or noise. Capri.E. Later 98-99 strut assemblies use an open wound spring (diameters same at top and bottom). Cortina. but the amount of body lean is still greater than optimum. Front Struts. which we have tested for compatibility (fit and performance) on the US cars. Rear Struts.. BAT has developed a true sport spring application for the Contour which combines both lowered ride height with increased rate for optimal performance. For this we offer a 19mm bar upgrade for standard cars (normally equipped with 16mm). Installing a larger front bar would increase understeer which would not be desirable. these springs are marketed for use on newer cars with O. Lowering or "drop springs" are just that. Note: Cougar's use later 98-2001 Contour Struts. Our spring applications are not suitable for use with standard O. Bilstein and Koni. (stock) shocks so the car will look cool. Escort. With spring rates very similar to stock (usually no more than +10%). We have cars that have been assembled with our bushing products and used (raced) for more than 15 years without showing signs of wear or degradation.are different on 95-97 (early) and 98-2001 (late) Contour/Mystique cars.Although some manufacturers part numbers differ between early 95-97 and later 9899 cars. Struts. Most are European market products designed for the Mondeo. they lower the cars ride height for mostly aesthetic reasons. The handling benefit to this type of spring is minimal. Sway Bars.E.. shocks. BAT 210987654321 210987654321 210987654321 210987654321 210987654321 Suspension TECH The European based Contour platform offers fairly competent handling right out of the box.It seems common these days that aftermarket springs are being purchased more for "looks" than any road handling enhancement value. 21mm bars are a BAT produced item. as located on lower perch. This means swapping rear struts between early and late cars should not pose a problem. Spax. The lower center of gravity is a plus. and has some benefits depending on application and brand of components being used.9 Ford Contour Performance Parts. Fitting early 9597 springs to late 98-01 struts is not recommended as the strut perch has no provision for the spring "pigtail" end to seat.

50 each BAT Inc. Sport Spring Set 95-97 (6 cylinder) Sport Spring Set 98 > (all 6 cyl & SVT) Sport Spring Set 98 > (4 cylinder) Sport Spring Set 98-2000 (Cougar) Strut Boots w/Bump Stops K414A K414M6 K414M4 K414C discontinued $255.50 set $255..1. Theory being.45ea Sport Spring Sets Our specially designed progressive rate -25mm (-1") sport springs will minimize body "roll" while cornering and reduce "dive" under hard braking. This is usually not a problem and actually benefits handling as long as the car is not lowered more than 1".5" (25mm-35mm). SVT. Never run without these in place as you will surely damage your struts. response to steering input. Bellows sections made from a special flexible plastic material with urethane/foam progressive bump stop.E. Low and stiff enough for maximum handling benefit without sacrificing the overall comfort and load carrying capability of the vehicle. Our heavy duty urethane bar clamp bushings replace the soft standard rubber bushes for quicker.50 set Always make sure strut bump/boots are refitted when installing struts. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 . Notes: Sport springs require fitting struts with more rebound rate than standard O.45ea $7. Always have the front and rear realigned (set toe) after doing any suspension work. types offer. Sarasota. these high quality replacements will do the trick.50ea $7. cold wound to exacting standards. Progressive springs are designed to become stiffer (10-50%) as they are compressed allowing for a smooth transition between (very reasonable) straight line comfort and high performance cornering.45ea $7..10 Ford Contour Performance Parts..50 set $255. Front Strut Bump/Boot Rear Strut Bump/Boot M405B K405BR $19. Lowering your cars ride height also adds negative camber to the front suspension angles. We offer a selection of European manufactured struts that are suitable of the task. Can be used with standard and lower ride height springs. 7630 Matoaka Road. Front Bar Bushing 19mm (SVT only) Front Bar Bushing 20mm (standard) Rear Bar Bushing 16mm (standard) Rear Bar Bushing 18/19mm (SE. We can supply sport springs for both early (9597) and late (98 >) 4 and 6 cylinder Contours.50ea $9. BAT sport springs are made from premium chrome silicone spring wire. some of the sway bars effectiveness is wasted as bushing deflection. The Contour does not have an adjustment to compensate for large changes in camber and excessive tire wear can occur with additional lowering. If this can be limited more of the leverage is transferred making the bar more effective. Cougar) Rear Bar Bushing 21mm (BAT Bar only) K407BA K407BU G408BU K408B K408BU $9. more direct. meeting all ISO/TUV Urethane Sway Bar Clamp Bushings One of the first suspension modifications you should make is also the cheapest and the easiest.00 each $14. If your standard ones are damaged or no longer serviceable.

PA (1999 SVT) "The best modification I have made to my car" . No loose dental fillings here." . This is what you can expect the BAT European Handling Kit which easily takes a standard Contour (with performance wheels & tires) to well beyond SVT handling performance levels (read some customer comments below) and is also a great enhancement for SVT's as well. BAT Euro Sport Front Strut* (98-2001) BAT Euro Sport Rear Strut* (all years) *struts also fit Cougar all years K401G K402G $106.. Sarasota. Tarpon Springs FL (1998 Contour) Euro Sport Struts Made in Germany. Kudos to BAT. I can't believe it is the same car. West Chester PA (1998 SVT) "I can't believe the amount of performance for the price. Sherman Oaks. The ride feel is very European.Dave G.Dave F. these struts offer substantially uprated bump and rebound specification. We are so impressed with the performance of these struts we have made them the basis of our BAT European Handling Kit (see above). 7630 Matoaka Road. If you are looking for a high quality (yet affordable) gas strut to make your Contour handle up to its full potential these are the ones to have. Additionally buying parts in this "kit" form represents a cost savings over individual part pricing. NJ (97 Contour LX) "Much less body roll and greatly reduced dive under braking over the stock SVT suspension. $106.00 $639. it now just feels right" .75 ea.. Phila.Ted W.11 Ford Contour Performance Parts. The shock valving is especially well suited for use with sport (stiffer) springs and will also do wonders in place of the SVT's O.Rick G. Ride height is reduced (-25mm). enough to maximize handling and atheistics without totally sacrificing the load carrying capabilities of a sedan type car. The car now has much better overall balance. BAT Inc. and specially valved to our specifications. Our complete suspension package includes a set of German made sport valved gas struts and matching BAT -25mm sport springs (see spring section).by European Handling Kit A "tuned suspension system" offers a matched components engineered to work together for optimal performance. CA (1995 Contour SE) "Makes you realize how much better Ford could have made the SVT handle without any ill effects.." . noticeably firm but still compliant. Rear struts interchange without modidfication. BAT European Handling Kit (95-2001 Contour) BAT European Handling Kit (98-2000 Cougar) Read customer comments on the BAT European Handling Kit : K400A K400AC $639.Robin P. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 .E.75 ea. Front struts utilize late type (98-2000) spring pearch design but can be fitted to earlier (95-97) cars by using late type front springs. struts." .00 "The kit totally transformed my cars handling. Cherry Hill..

50 Suspension TECH Alignment Specifications (front) Specified Range 0 0 0 0 Before After Adjusted 0 -1.3 1.17 to 0.8 1. Great features and a limited lifetime warranty team up to make the Sachs Super Gas struts an excellent strut for the money.. The 0 toe spec (-0.20 each $92. The "before" spec. As ride height is lowered camber changes 0 0 0 0 from (-0.09 Alignment Specifications (rear) Specified Range 0 0 Before After Adjusted 0 0 0 -0.25 ).10 -1. and "adjusted" is after alignment is optimized.. Rears suit all models (1995-2000). 21mm bar @ 7.37 ). "after" is with the kit installed. Fronts fit 4 & 6 cylinder early cars (1995-97) or late (1998-2001).6 camber -0. Even with the ride height reduced 1.09 ) toe out.50 $134. Sarasota.05 to -0. Camber also changes slightly with the toe 0 adjustment to (-1. 7630 Matoaka Road.4 to 0. weight specification 19mm bar @ 5. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 10987654321 10987654321 10987654321 10987654321 10987654321 .4 lbs.5 lbs.03 -0..31 ) 0.12 Ford Contour Performance Parts.15" the test car is still 0 within camber tolerance at (-1.16 Many owners are concerned about the possible alignment issues that go along with lowering a vehicles ride height.7 to . Sachs Super Gas Struts Contour/Cougar Premium quality Sachs Super Gas struts include such features as large diameter induction hardened full chromium plated piston/ rod. Front Sachs Super Gas Strut (95-97) Front Sachs Super Gas Strut (98-2001) Rear Sachs Super Gas Strut (95-2000) K401S K401SA K402S $92.04 to 0. for improved heat dissipation and reduced friction.15 (0.02 to -1.37 ) -0.05 (-0. BAT sway bars are the only aftermarket sway bars that exactly follow the original bar bend specifications and are equipped with bushing limiters to keep the bar properly located (this is the main cause of noise and why some aftermarket sway bars often destroy the mounting clamps).20 each BAT Inc. Camber is non adjustable 0 and it is important to stay within the maximum of (-1.) Rear Sway Bar 19mm w/bushings Rear Sway Bar 21mm w/bushings K408 K408A $114. For this we offer the 19mm European Mondeo rear bar as an upgrade for the standard 4 & 6 cylinder cars (normally equipped with 16mm) and for the SE/SVT cars (normally equipped with 18mm) we produce a custom 21mm rear bar. In the rear the toe is again affected by the lowering to an out of specification (0.00 toe -0. As the data confirms using the properly matched suspension components yields both maximum handling benefit without any adverse alignment issues. Dual lip seals for leak-proof performance.20 each $92.7 ). Variable automatic multi-stage valving for superior ride dynamics for all driving Rear Sway Bars Contour/Cougar For increased handling and better balance (reduced understeer) we highly recommend increasing the diameter of the rear sway bar.310 ) which is adjusted back to an average of the standard range at 0 (. For maximum performance and ease of installation..8 0 0 0 0 0 -0. "specified range" is what would be considered an acceptable specification range.20 ) and toe changes from (-0. we supply the sway bars with urethane bushings.016 ).20 ).25 -1. To elaborate on this issue we tested a 1997 Contour with a BAT European Handling Kit.8 1.3 to 3.05 -1.08 camber 0. is prior to modification. We warn against using springs that lower so much that the alignment will be out of specification even after adjustment causing adverse tire wear.09 0 0 0 0 0 toe 0.20 0 0 0 0 0 caster 1.24 0.37 ) is well out of range but is easily adjusted to 0 (-0.

and generally less costly. For the last test we matched the Bilsteins with our BAT -25mm sport springs to get a feel for their maximum potential and they did not disappoint. SVT & Cougar K408RS $485. that is if you are fortunate enough to drive a vehicle that is worthy of their attention.5125G) $22.5120G. It is easier.00 Make it a Sport Kit Package 4 Bilstein struts (front & rear) with a set of BAT sport springs for the ultimate handling performance and get a discount price over buying the parts individually. multi stage valving with self adjusting piston. and performance that exceeds all original equipment specifications. Rear Subframe Assemblies Under some conditions Contour/Cougar vehicles have exhibited failure of the rear sway bar mounting points.00 BAT Inc. Bilstein Strut Front 1995-97 Bilstein Strut Front 1998 > Bilstein Strut Rear (all years) K401B K401BA K402B $149. 21mm H. Installation can be done at home with simple hand tools and two floor jacks. to replace the entire damaged subframe with this new improved version. By designing a series of more traditional twin tube gas struts Bilstein is attempting to bring high quality German manufactured struts and shocks to the masses. H. although an alignment will be required after installation.. in place (on the car) can be difficultrequiring fabrication and welding. We supply new subframes with strengthened sway bar mounting brackets constructed from 304 stainless steel and perimeter welded for strength.. whether you are looking for top quality performance struts to upgrade a standard car. You will note that there are very few applications on front struts for these early cars and these Bislteins paired with the SE springs worked tremendously well together.for precise handling and control.00 H. First we installed a set on a 1996 SE thinking the combination of the SE's fairly stiff stock springs and the high pressure valving would be a nice complement.D. There you have it.D. Repairing the broken mounts. The car was noticeably more firm and well controlled. Sport Kit (F & R Bilstein struts w/BAT -25mm sport springs) K400B $749. hard chrome piston rod. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 .. We then did a similar install on a SVT. Sarasota.45 Bilstein Struts Contour/Cougar Anyone familiar with the name Bilstein would most likely associate them with the high dollar "Rallye" series (yellow color) inverted piston mono tube dampers they have been offering for years. Clamps & Urethane Bushings (16mm Z9.00 $149. Again the car felt very well balanced. The fabricated mounting area is then sealed with a rust inhibitor for long life. Standard sway bar mounts are light duty (only spot welded in place) and can tear-away from the subframe . We have been pestering our Bilstein representative in Europe for over a year now and finally have some of their new. Requires special clamps and bushings (below). B4 Series struts offer genuine Bilstein technology and quality: with features like twin tube high pressure gas pressure design. Rear Subframe Assembly Contour. 18mm Z9.13 Ford Contour Performance Parts. 7630 Matoaka Road. and more attractively priced.5122G. product available for sale.D. and like the SE had very good results with the stock springs.00 $149. After testing these new Bilstein's on a couple of different Contours we are impressed. but with even less body roll and dive (more a benefit of the springs). or something to match up with aftermarket sport springs these Bilsteins are an excellent choice.

Spax Sport Front Strut (Contour 1995-97) Spax Sport Front Strut (Contour/Cougar 1998 >) Spax Sport Rear Strut (Contour/Cougar all years) Spax AdjustableFront Strut (Contour/Cougar 1998 >) Spax Adjustable Rear Strut (Contour/Cougar all years) Spax dampers are now Krypton gas charged Make it a Sport Kit Package 4 Spax struts (front & rear) with a set of BAT sport springs for the ultimate handling performance and get a discount price over buying the parts individually. We supply the yellow "Sport" versions which have up to 50% more rebound compensation over the standard red "special -D" units making them well suited for use with stiffer sport type springs on cars being used for light competition applications (auto-x. Sport Kit (F & R Koni struts w/BAT sport springs) *also available for Cougar .50 ea $185. Koni Front Sport Strut 95-97 Koni Front Sport Strut 98 > Koni Rear Sport Strut (all years) K401K K401KA K402K $205.. Make it a Sport Kit Package 4 Koni struts (front & rear) with a set of BAT sport springs for the ultimate handling performance and get a discount price over buying the parts individually. The Spax "V" series gas strut/shocks offer a combination of performance valving (nonadjustable).00ea $924.00 kit BAT Inc. $205.specify whern ordering K400K $999. Sport Kit Contour (F&R Spax "V" Struts w/BAT Sport Springs) Sport Kit Cougar 98-2000 (F&R Spax "V" Struts w/BAT Sport Springs) Sport Kit Contour* (F&R Spax Adjustable Struts w/BAT Sport Springs) *also available for Cougar . The adjustable Spax "TA" type gas struts offer performance valving (24 way top adjustable). 7630 Matoaka Road.50 ea $109.50 ea $109. Over the years we have put hundreds of sets of "V" struts in service for other Ford vehicles and have found them to be extremely reliable.50 K401V K401VA K402V K401A K402A $109.00ea.. $205.00 ea Koni Struts Contour/Cougar Preimum quality Koni twin tube low pressure gas struts with the external top "knob" for adjustment for Contour and Cougar. Sarasota.00 ea. At this time Spax "V" (non adjustable) sport struts for the early 95-97 cars and late 98 > cars are avaialble..00 ea $639. track events). shortened rod length (allows for use with lower springs) NOW AVAILABLE. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 .by Struts BAT is one of a select few distributors of Spax manufactured performance suspension components.00 ea $185.specify whern ordering K400S K400SC K400SA $639. shortened rod length (allows for use with lower springs) and a very affordable price.14 Ford Contour Performance Parts.00 ea.

Adjustable Front Camber/Caster Kit (each) K423F $74. We offer quality European made replacements that will do the Upper Strut Mounts The perfect time to replace the upper strut mount insulators.50 Front Strut Brace Contour/Cougar This nicely designed OMP front strut tower brace is just the thing for stiffening up the front chassis on your Contour or Cougar. Supplied color is red.50 BAT Inc.15 Ford Contour Performance Parts.75 $39. One installation tweak is if you have the front struts off the car (so that the underside of the tower is accessible) use nuts. and correcting collision damage are all valid reasons for needing adjustable camber/caster.. This type of bar actually works quite well (unlike the ones that attach to the strut top nuts and damage the struts) and can be fitted in minutes. Bar is supplied in a durable epoxy paint finish with hardware. Once installed. Vehicle lowering beyond recommended ride height. adjustment is made by removing the top plate lock and simply inserting a 3/8" rachet and extension into the top plate and turning (with the weight off the suspension). and rotation bearings. setting up a car for competition use.000 miles can definitely benefit with fresh components. Upper Strut Mount Front (each) Rotating Bearing Front (each) Upper Strut Mount Rear (each) K404F K403 K404R $32. and at a discount price. Incorrect alignment specifications cause accelerated tire wear and less than desirable handling characteristics. It is possible to use only one side especially when correcting for tolerance issues. 7630 Matoaka Road. but the standard screw mounting will work for most installations. caster (only) or a combination of camber and caster. Kits are sold each. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 . adjusting for left/right variation. Front Strut Brace Contour/Cougar K403F $199.50 Adjustable Front Camber/Caster Kit There is only limited adjustment for alignment (toe only) on the Contour cars.. is when you are changing struts. We offer these handy kits which use a offset eccentric top mount and plate design for precise camber and caster adjustment. which as stock the Contour does not offer. depending on position it is possible to change camber (only).10 $25. one is kit required per side. Caster and camber relation will be determined by the location of the strut shaft and is infinitely adjustable within a range. Installation only requires drilling a few holes and using supplied selftap fasteners. bolts and washers for a slightly more secure mounting. Brace end plates bolt directly to the strut towers linking left and right sides and allow for loading adjustment with R/L thread turn buckle and lock nuts. Cars with over 60. Sarasota.

can attribute to front sway bar noise.50 Outer Tie Rod End (LH) 1995-96 Outer Tie Rod End (RH) 1995-96 Outer Tie Rod End (LH) 1997-2001 Outer Tie Rod End (RH) 1997-2001 K434L K434R K434LA K434RA C Front Sway Bar Link .50 Control Arm Vertical Bush (RH) K428R A $74.. Later cars could be either type..50 F Control Arm Assembly -handed left (drivers) right (passenger) these are complete assembled control arms with front & rear bushings and ball joint.2 per car.50 $ Suspension Components Some Contours have racked up high mileage and are in need of replacement suspension parts. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 . Early cars (prior to 1998) use the horizontal type bush.95 $27.These are now showing considerable wear now that cars are becoming older.50 $ check before ordering. New ball joints are supplied with hardware (nuts. All suspension parts European manufactured and meet all TUV and ISO standards so you can be assured you are receiving the highest quality.50 $ light alloy version (each) Rear Sway Bar Link/Shackle w/Bushing (each) K407L K407L A K408S $19. We purchase them in large quantities so that we can offer you the absolute best prices. Front Sway Bar Link (each) Front Sway Bar Link.50 $19.handed left (driver) and right (passenger). Others might require new components due to collision damage. Same left and right .16 Ford Contour Performance Parts.10 BAT Inc. Suspension products for Euro Fords are our specialty.ball and socket joints can be prone to wear with time. Same left and right .Ball joints are riveted on the end of the control arm but can be removed by drilling rivets or using a air chisel. bolts & washers) to reattach.15 $28. Sarasota. Ball Joint (L & R same) K428 $29.50 Control Arm Vertical Bush (LH) K428LA $74.50 G Rear Lower Arm . depending on the type of lower crossmember installed at the time of manufacturer. same left or right. C F D A B G E A Inner Tie Rod . Lower Arm Rear w/bushings (L & R same) K424 $73. Inner Tie Rod (L & R same) K434TK B Outer Tie Rod End . E Ball Joint . The horizontal bush arms mount with 4 fasteners (2 at each end of the bush) and the vertical bush arms use 2 long bolts (1 per bush) through the middle of the bushing. The Contour and Cougar use one of two types of lower arm with either horizontal or vertical bushings. 7630 Matoaka Road.2 per car. Control Arm Horizontal Bush (RH) K428R $194. Same left and right 2 per car.can often attribute to rear sway bar noise. $34. Larger wheels/tires and more aggressive driving can also take its toll on parts.10 D Rear Sway Bar Link/Shackle . nyloc nuts included.

. They are designed for use with (hub-centric) wheels in a 38-50mm offset . center cap included. 7" width. ST170 Wheel 17 x 7" w/cap $265. 7630 Matoaka Road.00 each 2004 SVT Wheel 17" Latest style 2004 Focus SVT 6spoke alloy wheels offer original Ford quality at a price that can't be beat. Weight 20. Again it is hard to beat factory Ford wheels for looks fit and quality finish. ST170 Wheel 17" Focus ST170 17x7" (et49) 15 spoke alloy wheels. Alternate colors: black.Finish is metalic silver with a brushed stainless look center cap & blue Ford oval. We import factory Ford European Ford "Rally Sport" brand wheels. Euro-Edition Wheel 17" Offered on some 2003 SVT's and known as the "Euro Edition" wheel..5 lbs. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 .not the most common application in the states. Supplied in bight silver metallic flake finish.5 lbs. SVT Euro Wheel. Supplied in bight silver metallic flake finish with black SVT logo center cap. weight 21 lbs. Sarasota.17 Ford Contour Performance Parts.00 ea ST200 Wheel 17" Factory equipment on the Mondeo ST200 these stylish 14 spoke wheel available in 17" diameter with a 7" width (et49).00 ea BAT Inc.silver H411S $165. Finish is bright silver. offset (et49). Similar to European ST170 wheel. and without large center cap that covers the lug bolts. Specs: 17" diameter. 7" width. We highly recommend these factory Ford wheels for guaranteed quality fit and H411EB $150. weight 20.. weight 21 lbs. or supply proven aftermarket brands that we know fit the car properly. but in a dark grey (argent) color rather than silver.argent H411E $130. offset (et49). Specs: 17" diameter. center cap included. SVT 5-Spoke. Center cap (bright finish) included. center cap included. offset (et49). Specs: 17" diameter.00ea SVT 5-Spoke 17" SVT 5 spoke 17 x 7" alloy wheels offer original Ford quality at a price that can't be beat. 7" width.00 each 2004 SVT 17 x 7" Wheel H411S4 $125. ST200 Wheel 17 x 7" $ Wheels Contour's are a unique application for road wheels.00ea SVT Euro Wheel.

00 MAF Adaptor For anyone interested in engineering their own air filter installation we are happy to supply our high quality machined aluminum air filter adaptor. gasket & mounting hardware. ACT Relocate Kit K22R $2.. Sarasota. air meter filter adaptor... Filter Adaptor K22M $39. Kit combines all the components needed to replace the stock air box/filter on V6 powered Contours and Cougars with a free flowing cone type filter.50 BAT Inc. increased filter area and repeat clean-ability (filter should last a lifetime).50 $13. Performance Cone Air Filter Kit This is a great performance air filter kit at a price everyone can afford.00 IAT Relocation Kit Required for use with most air filter conversions on non SVT cars this kit relocates the IAT sensor from the filter box to the air inlet hose. filter. increased filter area and repeat clean-ability (filter should last a lifetime). Benefits with this type of cotton gauze filter are reduced air restriction.95 Reverse Cone Air Filter Kit Similar to the above basic cone filter kit but with a reverse cone filter on the end offering slightly more filter area and air flow capacity. Performance Cone Air Filter Kit K22C1 $74. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 . Note: cars with inlet air temperature (IAT) sensor in the stock air box (non SVT's) require K22R .00 Air Filter Clean / Re-oil Kit M22C $13. Reverse Cone Air Filter Kit Air Filter Clean / Re-oil Kit K22C2 M22C $92. This range of filters has options from fairly basic types (highly functional & inexpensive) to higher end filters which incorporate new design features like internal air flow enhancing shapes and remote air connections. air meter filter adaptor. Attaches directly to the air meter and fits any brand 85mm I. 7630 Matoaka Road. these filters offers plenty of bang for the buck and should be considered as a first modification.IAT Relocation Kit (see below). These filters yield very tangible effects for a minimum cost and can be made even more effective when combined with exhaust upgrades or other efficiency type modifications. As stated elsewhere in our "filter tech" section. Kit joins two of the vent lines with a tee and frees up a port so that the sensor can be fitted. The diffuser (F4ZZ-9E931-A) is used between the filter and air meter on SVT's and can be fitted to all V6 cars. Kit includes: cone filter w/mounting clamp. Benefits with this type of cotton gauze filter are reduced air restriction.95 MAF Gasket If you have purchased some other brand of air filter kit and want to use the stock "diffuser" screen we can supply the proper We are pleased to announce our new line of high performance cone air filter kits and components for the V6 Contour cars. Kit includes: cone filter w/mounting clamp.18 Air Filter Kits Ford Contour Performance Parts. The BAT Performance Filter Kit combines all the components needed to replace the stock air box/filter on V6 powered Contours and Cougars with a free flowing cone type filter. Note: cars with inlet air temperature (IAT) sensor in the stock air box (non SVT's) require K22R . gasket & mounting hardware. Gasket MAF K22G $5.IAT Relocation Kit (see below).D.

5mm Wire Set (2. Silicone hose and clamps are included with Air Inlet Pipes.5L 6 Cylinder) Red 8mm Wire Set (2.50 $137. Note: pipes are redesigned (as of 9/01) with a larger port for the ACT sensor which puts the sensor in the air stream and simplifies installation. These may also be fitted to non SVT cars with V6.5mm Wire Set (2. K&N Air Filter (4 Cylinder) K&N Air Filter (V6 -not SVT) K&N Air Filter (SVT) w/cone shape end Air Filter Clean / Re-oil Kit K22P1 K22P2 K22P5 M22C $49.5L 6 Cylinder) Blue 8.19 Ford Contour Performance Parts.50 $137. whatever.50 BAT Inc. Air pipes are designed to fit the SVT with either standard air filter or aftermarket cone type filters. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 . When it gets down to quality Magnecor sets the standard. one of the ports is not used (requires a plug) and they will not fit with the stock air box (only aftermarket filters). Not only does our Air Inlet Pipe look nicer (Jethot coated silver) but it does have better airflow characteristics than the stock rubber part.5mm Wire Set (01-02 Cougar V6) Red K9HT K9HT6 K9HMB K9HT6-C $89. however. Forget all the advertising hype from the ever growing list of ignition wire merchants about their wire sets making additional power.5mm (red) diameter. Premium oiled cotton gauze filter material offers low restriction and will not clog as quickly as standard paper elements. voltage.50 $49. making it the filter the last filter you will need to buy.. Air Inlet Pipe (SVT) K22A $89.50 $64. with factory boots for guaranteed exact fit. and durability. performance. Sarasota.95 Air Inlet Pipe We now offer a large diameter air inlet pipe that replaces the rubber bellows between the air meter and throttle body on the V6 Duratec engines.. Cables are supplied in 8mm (blue) & 8.. 7630 Matoaka Road. We have put hundreds of these wire sets into service on various Ford engines and have yet to have any problems with premature wear. Filter for SVT is new for 2002 and has the factory type "nose cone" end. standard length.00 Ignition Wire Sets We recommend Magnecor brand ignition wire sets for superior quality. 8.50 $99. K&N elements are unaffected by moisture and can be cleaned and re-oiled over and K&N Panel Type Air Filters A quick and easy performance modification is to replace the standard panel type air filter with a direct fit K&N high performance air filter. When using our ITG air filters (see above) a slightly shorter 100mm element is required for proper fit.0L 4 Cylinder) Red 8.50 $13.

*Cougar V6 after 2000 use K9HC. Ford has used both types after the 1998 model year. As far as piece of mind goes.20 Ford Contour Performance Parts.. We would recommend this part to anyone who uses the upper part of the rev range on a regular basis and wants to help extend their engines longevity. especially above 4000 RPM where the secondary mass comes into play.50 H9HM Focus K9HZ Contour/Escort Wire Set Ford Racing 9mm (2. Dual Mass Crank Damper (V6 Duratec) Attatching Bolt for Damper Serpentine Drive Belt K5DM K5B K6G $155. They are custom length 9mm high temp wires with factory boots and connectors and are available in selected colors. With a broader tip than most wire electrode type performance plugs. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 . Replace the belt when installing the damper.0 4cyl*) *coil wire end with retaning clips BLUE & RED ONLY K9HZ. R for red. Wire Set Ford Racing 9mm (2. red & yellow. Motorcraft Platinums provide longer service life with a reduced chance of fouling.50. When installed the final result is really quite amazing. The part looks much like the standard crank damper with a second mass ring pressed on the front. 7630 Matoaka Road. Spark Plug Motorcraft Platinum (22FS) K539 $8.0 4cyl*) *push-on coil wire end. Y for yellow after part number. if Ford decides re-engineer a part it might be to address a possible problem which in this case makes upgrading even more worthwhile.5L) SOLD OUT 4 cylinder coil wire ends Ignition Wire Sets 4 Cylinder As above but for 4 cylinder applications. or R. blue. hence dual mode (two dampers). Please see the photo (left) to help identify your coil wire conector type. Wire Set Ford Racing 9mm (2._ H9HM._ $39.40 BAT Ignition Wire Sets V6 As a budget alternative to the Magnacor wire sets we have been happy with the performance and quality of the Ford Racing ignition wires by MSD. or Y for yellow after part number.5L V6 Duratec engines these "Dual Mode Dampers" reduce vibrations at a more than one frequency..45 each Dual Mass Crank Damper Used on the latest Mondeo $7. NO retaning clips RED & YELLOW ONLY Spark Plugs Motorcraft Platinum plugs are still the best performance choice for use in the Duratec V6 engines.50 $37. Ordering note: add B for blue.avaliable in either B.20 $25.. R for red.our price on replacement drive belts can't be beat at only $17. Ordering notes: add B for blue. Example K9HM-B is a wire set for V6 engine in blue color. The engine feels smoother and more refined.

00 off Ford retail.21 Ford Contour Performance Parts.. Use to upgrade earlier SVT's with smaller 32/33mm manifold or standard V6 engines with 31/32mm lower manifolds. We currently have access to a limited number of these manifolds at roughly $100..95 SVT/ST200 Lower Intake Manifolds Late production (2000-2002) SVT/ST200 lower intake manifold assemblies with 34/35mm throttle bores. Match up with SVT upper manifold for maximum performance. Manifolds are supplied assembled less fuel rail and injectors and can be used with either returnless (single fuel line 1999-02) or return fuel system (two fuel lines 1998-99) by fitting SVT type injectors and fuel rail. Sarasota. return-less type shown SVT/ST200 Lower Intake Manifold K515LA $995. We currently have access to a limited number of these manifolds at roughly $100. 7630 Matoaka Road. throttle bracket. throttle cable. Items like a 65mm SVT throttle body.00 BAT Inc.00 ST200 Manifold Logo/Emblems If you want to dress up your new manifold we can also supply the matching "ST200" stick-on logo/ emblems in black with brushed stainless lettering and blue Ford SVT/ST200 Upper Intake Manifolds These are the "dual honed" versions used on the 205hp rated engines and are perfect for improving performance on standard (non SVT) V6 engine. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 . SVT/ST200 Upper Intake Manifold K515 $1195. TPS plug. Note: when fitting manifolds on non SVT applications a number of other parts are required for installation. and assorted gaskets.00 off Ford retail. We can also supply the "ST200" stick-on logo/emblems (not supplied with manifold) in black with brushed stainless lettering and blue Ford oval (see below). Non SVT engines can substitute "beige" 17lb injectors or buy six (1U2Z14S411BPA) injector pigtails to plug in the later green injectors (air meter re-calibration required). Size is approximately 1 x 9".. Inlet Manifold Logo/Emblem "ST200" K515S $4. can all be obtained at the local Ford dealer.

00 for a replacement assembly.5L Duratec V6 engines. Springs are sold each . Burn one up and expect to pay 150.000 psi tensile strength.00 TBA Replacement Fuel Pumps For various reasons V6 engine equipped cars have quite an appetite for fuel pumps. the worlds leading manufacturer of high strength engine fasteners now offer some components for the 2. heat treated to 200. all valves) are required. Head and main stud sets are supplied complete with aerospace quality precision threaded nuts and parallelground washers.00 to High Performance Engine Fasteners ARP. 7630 Matoaka Road. ARP Head Stud Set ARP Main Stud Set K2DS K2KS $249. Pumps are genuine Ford and include new strainer/filter pick-up. assure proper cylinder head sealing under even the most severe applications.000 psi fasteners on the main caps to reduce the chances of crankshaft flex and cap fretting. ARP head stud kits in grade 8740 chrome molly. Pumps are available for both return 1997-1999 and return-less fuel system 1999 and later 2.. We are currently checking to see if the 97-99 return type pump will fit the earlier 1995-96 cars and should have more news later. Mystique and Cougars.50 $79.45 BAT Inc.. We purchased a quantity of the electric pump portion of the complete "fuel pump-fuel level sensor assembly".this way you can replace the portion of the assembly that goes bad (the pump) and save money. These heavy duty valve springs from the European ST220 3..50 ST220 Valve Springs Standard valve springs are not up to the task of higher revving "cammed" engines or the additional stresses of forced induction conversions.either 12 pieces (1/2 set. and (depending on cam lift and installed height) are suited for up to 8000 rpm use.0L engine are a direct-fit performance upgrade.22 Ford Contour Performance Parts. Valve Spring ST220 each (1) K3F $7. For increased bottom end reliability again use ARP 8740 chrome molly 200. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 . Sarasota. intake or exhaust only) or 24 pieces (full set. Fuel Pump & Strainer 1997-99 (Return System) Fuel Pump & Strainer 1999 > (Return-less System) K10A K10B $79.5 V6 Contour.

25 BAT Inc. When it comes to gaskets. valve stem seals K3G.65 Exhaust Manifold Set K15G $17.all gaskets & seals for K15A $439.5L and 3. Cam Seal Set (2) K15J $ We are in the process of adding engine rebuilding components for the Duratec 2. Fel-Pro is the most respected name in the field.all gaskets & seals for top end rebuild.20 Rear Crank Seal K15Q $26. pioneering innovations like Perma-torque head gaskets and Perma-dry high temperature moulded seals.00 complete engine rebuild Top End Gasket Set includes head gaskets K15DL/DR.25 $5.00 Oil Pan Gasket perma-dry high temp moulded K15C $49. K15CS $99. Full Gasket Set includes K15B (top) and K15CS (bottom) sets.00 Bottom End Gasket Set includes gaskets & seals to rebuild lower end (short block). FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 .90 rubber Valve Cover Set perma-dry high temp moulded rubber w/grommets & spark plug tube seals K15E $72..15 Front Crank Seal K15R $25.23 Ford Contour Performance Parts. K15B $349...50 Head Gasket (LH) Head Gasket (RH) Head Bolt Set K15DL K15DR K2D $69.50 R.50 Valve Stem Seal Set (24) preimum teflon type K3G $47.50 $24. valve cover set K15E. Find out why most engine builders insist on Felpro quality.20 Throttle Body Base Gasket (non SVT) K15H $3.95 EGR Gasket Water Outlet Gasket Water Pump Gasket K15HE K15N K15P $2.50 $69. 7630 Matoaka Road. intake set K15FS.25 Intake Manifold Set includes 2 lower & 2 upK15FS $62.80 per Upper Intake Gaskets (2) K15F $44.95 $8. Sarasota.0L V6 engines to our inventory.

50 $45.00 $25. Sarasota. CM filters combine typical spin-on filter convenience with canister filter performance. Either way. Depth filtration filters last longer (as much as 10. Millions of intertwined passages catch contaminants and provide superb flow characteristics.Water Pump K6B K421T $11. Replace the pumps before 50K. sensor won't tell the gauge to read hot until it's far too late and the engine is V6 Water Pump with Metal Impeller Water pumps on Duratec V6 engines are prone to failure around 50. Note: pump includes gasket Water Pump with Metal Impeller K421 $85. The worst part is the temp.20 BAT Inc. A machined billet aluminum housing accepts a proprietary high flow replaceable element. How is a CM filter different? The filter uses a replaceable "depth filtration" element made of woven synthetic fibers.50 $13. Also consider that once you own filter the cost of replacement elements are not really much more than premium type spin-on filters and since the elements do not need to be replaced as often the CM system pays off over time.45 Accessory Drive Belt (V6 w/air) K6B Pulley/Bearing for tensioner (smooth) K51 Pulley/Bearing for Idler (grooved) K52 High Performance Oil Filter System The Canton Mecca spin on filter system is the finest oil filter available for your engine.000 miles (some with as little as 30K).45 $14.40 $14. swap in a new element cartridge. If you care to have the absolute best oil filter system available this it the one to have.. CM elements filter out particles down to 8 microns and have a flow rate greater than paper "surface area" filters without the need for a bypass valve (full flow all the time). Pulleys & Tensioners Don't forget to replace these wear related items from time to time. We have sourced a premium quality replacement water pump with a cast metal impeller that has proven to be more reliable.. 7630 Matoaka Road. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 .25 Belts. lack of water flow causes the engine to over heat. reassemble and spin-on.000 miles) because of greater area to catch contaminates without restriction oil flow. Ours are all USA made for performance & reliability. The problem lies with their plastic impellers which have been known to crack on the shaft (stops turning) or even disintegrate all together. remove the end plate (accessing the element).20 $68. Water Pump Belt Belt Tension . Simply remove (spin-off) the filter assembly. Canton Mecca High Performance Oil Filter System Replacement Filter Cartrage/Insert (1) Replacement Filter Cartrage/Insert (6 pack) K19F AFE4 AFE4-6 $99.24 Ford Contour Performance Parts. Don't let this happen to you.

by Accusump Oil Accumulator There have been some cases of Duratec V6 engine bearings being burned up due to lack of oil pressure during hard cornering. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 .00 BAT Inc. Aeroquip fittings (1) straight (1) 90 degree. ensuring that the unit is resistant to vibration and pressure pulsation. An added benefit is the unit also pre-oils the engine by supplying oil pressure before start-up. Sarasota.6' length Aeroquip FC333. Accusump Kit $435. These small and efficient devices mount easily in modern cluttered engine compartments. For oil cooler equipped cars (most SVT's) we can supply components to run the oil supply directly to one of the engine block oil galleys. Note: some SVT's are factory equipped with a water to oil circulator between the block and filter.. Laminar Oil Cooler Kit $399. The Accusump remotely stores a volume of oil (in this case 1 quart) under pressure to supplement the engines oil system during maneuvers that cause fluctuations in oil pressure such as hard cornering.00 includes 1 quart cylinder (size12" x 3 1/4"). High Performance Oil Cooler We supply the same high efficiency laminar water to oil heat exchangers that are currently being used throughout the racing industry.2mm thick. This supplies oil through hose to the oil filter location to an adaptor mounted between the block and the filter. hose. We also supply Aeroquip hose and fittings for plumbing the oil lines. This "doughnut" type of oil cooler is limited in its capabilities and would be better replaced with one of our Laminar Oil Cooler Kits. low pressure drop and high heat transfer. We can not confirm that this problem will effect all engines. low pressure drop and minimum risk of fouling.25 Ford Contour Performance Parts. The outer surface of the core is optimized for maximum liquid (oil) to surface contact. the core and the shell. electric valve. The Laminova cooling concept can be best described as an almost infinite number of interconnected laminar cooling fins. Discharged oil is returned to the Accusump when normal oil pressure resumes. Accusump mounts remotely in the engine bay and is electrically controlled with a solenoid valve wired to the ignition switch. An added advantage is the coolers ability to deaerate oil that passes through the unit. laminar flow. The most effective way to protect wet sump engines from lack of oil pressure situations is to fit a Accusump oil accumulator. but we can recommend the best prevention.3mm.. Each fin is 3mm in height by only 0. If the engines oil sump pick-up becomes uncovered the Accusump will discharge (for up to 20 seconds) supplying oil pressure until the oil supply to the pump is returned. braking and acceleration.. By this arrangement the oil flow is continuously interrupted and restarted after an optimized flow length. The assembly of both sections is sealed with o-rings. Our Duratec V6 kit includes a 90mm Laminar Cooler with 5/8" hose fittings designed to plumb in the engine heater coolant circuit with a Mocal sandwich plate that mounts between the block and oil filter to facilitate oil flow to and from the cooler. The inner surface of the core is optimized for efficient water flow rates. Mocal sandwich adaptor and fittings. The Laminova oil heat exchanger consists primarily of two pieces of extruded aluminum profiles. This is the oil input to the engine on non oil cooler equipped cars (pictured). 7630 Matoaka Road.. The oil flow gap between the fins is 0.

. Sarasota. These are well written manuals. Certainly better than Chiltons "install in reverse order to removal".. flex) Contour/Mystique Shop Manual Haynes shop manual covers the 1995-2001 Contour/Mystique model cars. We all know automobile manufacturers are extremely reluctant to spend money re engineering parts unless there is an issue that requires attention.s converter & s.50 (stainless primary Baffled V6 Oil Pan New 03 Duratec oil pans offer additional baffling for improved oil control.s.5" outlet which connects to a stainless steel flex joint. 7630 Matoaka Road. We can't come out and say that this is the answer to oil related engine failure in the 2.Stainless K521DS $374. but at less than $250. An easy way to pick up some very tangible performance (8-10hp) is to replace it with our high flow Y pipe and catalatic converter combo.5L V6 engines. Baffled V6 Oil Pan Kit K19P $224. but it is interesting for Ford to make changes to the 2003 version of the oil pan while holding the party line "there is no problem". FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 . BAT high flow Y pipe kits assemble easily w/supplied clamps and hardware (or you weld) for connection to all standard and aftermarket exhaust systems using the stock 2 bolt flange. Only time will tell if this version of the pan is the definitive answer to the Duratec's oil related problems.00 you get quite a bit for your money and it should be considered a cheap insurance/upgrade.26 Ford Contour Performance Parts.95 BAT Inc. Y. s.. drain plug. Is this an admission on their part? Take it all for what you may .here is the latest specification oil pan kit that includes all the components required for installation (pan. The converter is a high flow stainless dual 2" inlet (with O2 sensor bung) and 2. Primary pipes are custom mandrel bent available in either stainless or aluminized tubing. gasket. Haynes Shop Manual K204 $14. and fastening hardware).Pipe shown assembled High Flow Y Pipe. Some information on European varriants is also included.55 High Flow Y Pipe & Converter The standard exhaust Y pipe on the V6 engine cars is quite restrictive.

50 Torco Synthetic MTF Torco MTF is a specially designed low viscosity synthetic based gear oil product that replaces ATF in manual transmissions and transaxles. hydro throw-out bearing. Mondeo and Cougar cars being using the car for motorsports or other high stress applications.D.28 Ford Contour Performance Parts. Note: MTX75 transmissions will require 3 quarts (5.95 BAT Inc.D. mount inserts fit 1998 > manual transmission cars only.5L) K519K K519K6 $374. almost like a tune-up in a bottle.20 K433A $104. ratchets and plates). performance. engine mount insert.D. as torque steer and the standard differentials inherent weakness will surely become problem. Limited Slip Differential K710 $995. pressure plate. 7630 Matoaka Road. and a highly recommended upgradeforall 5-speed equipped Contour/SVT/Mystique. H. Clutch Kit 4 Cylinder (2. very unlike clutch/plate type LSD's which exhibit a notchy ratchet like take up through the drive line. Limiting excessive engine movement also helps to reduce torque steer. Shifting becomes light and precise. Quite simply the finest limited slip unit available for the MTX75 type transaxle. Anyone who has had the pleasure of driving a vehicle equipped with a Quaife LSD will immediately comment on its smooth seamless performance while getting the power down. Sarasota.D. Buying one of these engineered kits will guarantee best quality.. These uprated mounts reduce engine movement and associated problems. Note H. and clutch alignment tool. Earlier cars (95-97) require SVT torque mounts prior to fitting H. better shift quality (especially when cold) and greatly extended life over standard ATF Torque Biasing Differential Quaife torque biasing differentials provide a constant and infinitely variable output to both front wheels.00 Torco Synthetic MTF (quart) K2S $19. urethane mount inserts are specially designed to fill the "air gap" spaces around standard rubber motor mounts making them considerably more firm.0L) Clutch Kit 6 Cylinder (2. Torco is endorsed by many Indy car and drag racing teams and is highly recommended by racing transaxle manufacturers Hewland and Quaife.30 K433C $134. Sachs/Valeo supply more automobile manufacturers with original cultches than all other clutch component makers combined.. Mount Inserts SVT torque mounts are the logical upgrade for 95-97 manual transmission cars. Cars equipped with either the upcoming supercharger kits will most definitely require a Quaife. ease of installation.5 pint capacity). making them stronger and more maintenance free than other types of limited slip units. and reasonableprice. We could not agree more and stand behind Torco being the very best synthetic MTF product available at any price and it will greatly improve the shift "feel" of Ford's (known to be balky) MTX75 transmission.00 Torque Mounts & H. These unique differentials utilize a series of helical gears which sense the amount of applied torque and adjust automatically for loss of traction. The Quaife limited slip design is also free of high wear items (clutches..D. Great for both straight line acceleration and carving up the AutoX course.00 $374. The increased performance Torco MTF offers equates to less friction and heat for extended bearing and syncro life. Mount Inserts* (2 piece) *install with front mount SVT Torque Mount (front) SVT Torque Mount (rear) K433B $21. Clutch Kits We supply the Sachs "Super" clutch packages that include clutch disk. H. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 .

60 Differential Installation Components We can supply the components required for doing a Quaife or Torsen differential installation. Sarasota. Improved bearing materials and lubrication makes a difference on these high wear items.25 $141. Boot Kit -Outer $51. Boots are same on 4 & 6 cylinder models. Bearings are sold each (2 required).20 BAT Inc. joints become damaged by dirt intrusion or lack of lubrication. In more extreme cases CV joint or axle failure can occur. We carry handy replacement C.60 Torsen T2 Traction Differential The Torsen T2 LSD is ideally suited to performance FWD applications like the Contour & Cougar.V. Features full-time torque sensing/biasing for immediate response to varying driving conditions providing improved traction. Kits include boot. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 .V.. speedo gear and shim assortments make this task much easier.50 $52. to the popular Quaife units at almost 100. causing uncontrolled drivetrain movement usually felt as increased "torque steer".2 inner. For all MTX75 5-speed equipped vehicles.15 $137. Ford made some component changes which make sense incorporating into your next rebuild. Torsen Differential MTX75 H710T $615. 4 total per car. Torsen differentials are very similar in function.. 7630 Matoaka Road.75 C.50 C. and performance. or hard use.V.V. One boot repairs one joint. Replacement is simple with these complete mount assemblies. 2 outer.60 $67. circlips and specially formulated Uprated Shift Forks In the evolution of the MTX75 transaxles. acceleration and handling. Speedo drive gear fits Quaife differential which uses a 4 cylinder type gear.29 Ford Contour Performance Parts.V. See below for manual transmission (early and late) and auto transmission listings. Trans Mount 95-96 MT Trans Mount 97-01 MT Trans Mount 95-01 AUTO K433T K433TL K433TA $130. Shift Fork 1st Shift Fork 3rd Shift Fork 5th H734 H735 H736 C.5L V6 Transmission mounts are showing signs of wear on higher mileage cars. Shift quality has never been a strong suit on these gearboxes. Items like differential carrier bearings.00 Transmission Mounts 2.60 $12. clamps. Boot Kit -Inner $50. Shims are supplied in an assortment of thicknesses. Differential Bearing (each) Differential Seal (each) Shim Assortment Pack (26) H721 H720 H721S $30. Boot Kits Replace ripped or torn boots immediately. boot kits at a great price. before expensive C.. updating to the latest shift forks will certainly help. K550AK K550BK $18.50 $18.00 less.

and 880/893 (fog) in higher wattages and more efficient gasses for increased light output per watt.50 $29. 880/893 .. Installation requires drilling.95 each European Side Marker Lamp Original equipment European Mondeo and Cougar side marker lamps add a touch of class and an extra degree of safety.95 $4..50 each $9. Amber offers reduced glare in rain & snow and is particularly good for fog lamp use.30 Replacement Bulbs Ford Contour Performance Parts.50 each $10. Bulb socket and 5 watt bulb included.20 BAT Inc. Head Lamp Bulbs Bulbs for main headlamps (standard is 55w low. 9005 . Sarasota.50 each Fog Lamp Bulbs We offer higher wattage (50 watt) replacement bulbs for factory fog lamps (standard is 37 watt). 7630 Matoaka Road. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 .65watt (krypton gas/brite white) 9005 . Now available with clear or smoke lens in addition to standard amber.95 $29. filing and wiring. 65w high).50 each $6. Bulbs project clean and white without the standard yellow tinge of stock We carry a range of replacement bulbs for headlamp 9005 (high beam).. 9006 (low beam).50 watt (blue diamond) Z880/50B $9.95 $27.50 watt (amber) Z893/50G $9.95 each 880/893 . All are krypton gas "brite white" offering 10-15% more illuminus output over standard bulbs of same wattage.55watt (krypton gas/brite white) 9006 .80watt (krypton gas/brite white) 12 Volt Relay w/wiring harness Z9005-65 Z9005-100 Z9006-55 Z9006-80 ZRELAY12 $9.50 watt Z880/50 $5.95 $27. For bulbs with output over 80 watts a 12 volt relay should be added to avoid overloading the standard switch or wiring.50 each 880/893 .100watt (krypton gas/brite white) 9006 . Mondeo Side Marker Amber (each) Mondeo Side Markers Clear (pair) Mondeo Side Markers Smoke (pair) Cougar Side Markers Clear (pair) Cougar Side Markers Smoke (pair) Plug Harness (each) K317 K317C K317S K316C K316S H317W $29. or the annoyance of the pseudo HID purple look bulbs.50 each $10.

Get maximum luminous performance again with our affordable replacement head lamps. Sarasota. Headlamp Assembly (RH) 1995-97 Headlamp Assembly (LH) 1995-97 K350R K350L $65. We supply a factory filter in a aftermarket box for only $29. Interior Cabin Air Filter K7F $ Replacement Contour Head Lamps 1995-1997 Plastic head lamp lenses take a real beating. where the plastic actually becomes opaque.E. The lamps on the early Contours (199597) are now really beginning to show their age.50 Interior Cabin Air Filter Start off the season fresh with a replacement micro-air filter for your cars interior. type replacements. Many owners are not aware they even have a filter and they should be serviced yearly..00 BAT Inc.00. Head Lamp Assembly (RH) 1998-2001 Head Lamp Assembly (LH) 1998-2001 K351R K351L $159.00 Replacement Contour Head Lamps 1998-2001 The head lamps on the later 1998 and newer Contours are not as prone lens yellowing.. Cougar and Mystique. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 .00 lamps at the Ford dealer. These are a cost effective alternative to the expensive 200.. but they are not without their problems. The plastic on these lamps tends to "craze" causing a crows feet cracking effect on the clear lens. Lamps are supplied as complete assemblies with bulbs and are DOT certified O. Fits all years Contour. literally being sandblasted opaque from road grime or turned yellow from heat and excessive sunlight.00 $65.31 Ford Contour Performance Parts. 7630 Matoaka Road. Ford retail price in this filter is $42. It is a nice feature to have a filter incorporated in the HVAC system.50 $159. Head lamps are supplied as complete assemblies with bulbs and are DOT certified O.00. type replacements. Get maximum luminous performance again with our affordable replacement head lamps.E.

done! Fast and efficient fueling with no more cap fumbling or scratched body work. Kit includes dual metal trumpets (805 hz. high performance compressor w/air filter. Hella Dual Air Horn Set M312 $45. Bullitt Fuel Door H2FC $77. and mounting bracket. Perma-Cap Fuel Filler Cap AFC001 $7. Do away with the cumbersome standard "cap on a leash" type Ford fuel cap. Use with one of our Perma-Caps (see above) for the ultimate fast and stylish fill up.25 BAT Hella Dual Air Horns Powerful and penetrating enough to get attention over any level of road noise Hella trumpet type air horns are the first choice with European drivers. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 . and additional safety too. 7630 Matoaka Road.00 Hella Twin-Tone Electric Horns Another alternative for drivers looking for a more serious sounding horn set are the Hella twin tone electric's which are a simple plug-in replacement for the wimpy stock horns.50 Bullitt Fuel Door/Cover Fitting the Mustang "Bullitt" fuel door cover to the Contour has become a popular conversion.95 Permanent Fuel Filler Cap Gas and go with the Perma-Cap. Powerful 115dB horn kit includes dual plastic hi-low trumpets with mounting brackets and 12v relay. OBII compatable. 885 Hz).. Finished product looks like it was made for the car and costs considerably less than trying to fit a real aviation fuel cap. and remove the nozzle. Sarasota. Hella Dual Electric Horn Set M313 $34. 12v relay. and additional safety too. add fuel..32 Ford Contour Performance Parts. Cap fully seals when closed. Thread on the PermaCap and simply insert the fuel nozzle directly into the spring loaded trap door in the center. Cap is very nicely constructed in a brushed stainless look finish and installs in the existing recess for a flush fit.. Add some European flavor to your Euro Ford. Add some European flavor to your Euro Ford.

95 8. Most are bright chrome on black plastic.50 8. we are often asked about fitting European Mondeo sail panels.75 34.95 14.0" Emblem K321L2 "Zetec" Emblem K321Z "Zetec-S" Emblem K321ZS "24V" Emblem K321V "V6" Emblem K321V6 "Cosworth" Emblem M321C "ST200" Emblem K321ST "ST200" Sticker (intake manifold) K515S "ST24" Emblem K321S4 22.40 13. darker navy blue color) "Ghia" Emblem (crest) M352G "Ghia" Emblem (script) G352G "R/S" Emblem M352RS "16V Emblem E321V " European Badges & Emblems European Ford emblems and badges give a unique look setting your car apart from the rest. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 .5" M321 *(Euro emblem.00 24.50 33..50 31.. Along the same lines. and Ghia crest (red. just peel and stick. 7630 Matoaka Road.50 emblem/sticker for intake manifold & front door threshold BAT Inc.50 18.75 13.50 13.85 4.75 8. chrome). Sarasota. Self adhesive backing for simple installation. "Mondeo" Emblem K321M "Ford" Oval Emblem (large*) 4. blue.. Unfortunately they do NOT fit our US Contour/ Mystique cars.50 24.33 Ford Contour Performance Parts. except Ford ovals (blue).

Grilles look great and fit US cars without modification and can be painted if desired. fits all stock cougar trunks without modification. To re-badge the rest of your Cougar with appropriate Euro Ford emblems see page 36 for more information.34 Ford Contour Performance Parts. Looks and fits great as only original equipment parts do. These are also the same as spoiler Mercury sold as a Rousch dealer installed accessory for the Cougar..if not paint to match). FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 . we can not be responsible for any blems in the red finish. Sarasota.. Emblem "R/S" (small) 1 3/4" Emblem "R/S" (large) 2 3/4" H321R H321RL $29. Hatch Strut Cougar (each) K308C $11. Spoiler is supplied in (red) with mounting studs and soft foam pad at corners. Get high quality replacement units for far less than the cost of Ford O.25 Euro Cougar Grille We have had a number of recent requests for this one. Striking chrome with blue accent running through the center.50 BAT Ford Rally Sport "R/S" Emblems Just in from Europe are these Ford Rally Sport "R/S" logo emblems.00 Cougar Rear Spoilers Limited Edition XR / C2 rear wing spoilers.00 $74. European Ford Cougar grilles feature a plastic honeycomb mesh pattern and include blue Ford oval.E. Cougar Rear Spoiler K306CR $79. Emblems are plastic with self adhesive backing and are available in two sizes (photo is close to actual size) small 1 3/4" and large 2 3/4" size.. Notes: supplied color is red (if your car is red good.00 Cougar Hatch Struts Premium rear hatch lift struts for Mercury Cougar applications. Spoiler mounts at both corners and is raised off the trunk in the center with a curved lip at the rear edge. Specify early or late (has pointed corners as pictured) European Ford Cougar Grille 1999-2000 European Ford Cougar Grille 2001-02 (late type shown) K320C K320CL $74. 7630 Matoaka Road. or no-name chain store offerings.50 $38.

All Leather. Carbon Look Shift Knob K7ST $84. simple threadon installation. simple installation..00 R/S Leather Shift Knob High quality European Ford R/S shift knob specially designed to work properly with the MTX75 transmissions reverse lock-out ring. and R/S logo. Comfortable anatomical shape..00 Hi tech alloy effect (plastic) European Ford R/S hand brake lever is the perfect match for the alloy look shift knob. specially machined to work properly with the MTX75 transmissions reverse lock-out ring. 7630 Matoaka Road.95 Alloy Look Shift Knob & Hand Brake Lever Hi tech alloy effect (plastic) European Ford R/S shift knob specially designed to work properly with the MTX75 transmissions reverse lock-out ring. fits all 5-speed equipped Contour/Mystique/ Cougar. Sarasota. R/S Aluminum Shift Knob H7RS $55. R/S Leather Shift Knob K7KL $89. Alloy Look Hand Brake Lever K564HA $59..36 Ford Contour Performance Parts. Comfortable anatomical shape with 3 rubber non slip rings on the grip end. Knobs aluminum construction has some weight to is and a nice feel.50 Carbon Look ST200 Shift Knob Hi tech carbon look (plastic) Factory Ford shift knob from the limited production Mondeo ST200. comfortable anatomical shape. thread-on installation. Alloy Look Shift Knob K7KA $65. embossed shift pattern. Fits all 5-speed equipped Contour/Mystique/ Cougar. Comfortable round shape with (blue) embossed shift pattern.00 BAT R/S Aluminum Shift Knob New from the Focus R/S turbo comes this high quality aluminum shift knob. Matching alloy effect hand brake lever available (see below). fits all 5-speed equipped Contour/Mystique/Cougar. Comfortable anatomical shape. Specially designed to work properly with the MTX75 transmissions reverse lock-out ring. fits all 5-speed equipped Contour/ Mystique/Cougar. fits all Contour/Mystique/Cougar. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 .

books. Actual UPS rates are charged based on package weight . You will be advised at the time of your order if any item falls into this category. currency. BAT treats personal data as an asset that must be protected against loss and unauthorized access. BAT Inc. Air Mail. Payment may be made by Visa. Special Orders Some items that we offer are available as special orders.m. Our main computer network is NOT connected to any outside source and we employ many different security techniques to protect all data from unauthorized access.Important Notice Some of the equipment in this catalog is intended for racing or off-highway use in the United States. discussing their cars. Knowing your 6 digit BAT customer number. Telephone orders may be placed during business hours as listed above. or make ordering recommendations. some days or times of day are better for us to give the attention we like to offer. We enjoy seeing our customers. When ordering by mail or fax by Visa or Master Card be sure to include your card number and expiration date. We can also offer express (overnight. Items too large or heavy for UPS service will be shipped common carrier (truck) freight collect. Payment $20. This includes custom variations on catalog items and race prepared parts. Ordering Procedure You may place an order by telephone. Amex. Privacy & Security Your personal information is used/maintained to facilitate the services you request and provide you with a smooth. FL 34243 (941) 355-0005 fax (941) 355-4683 .by TERMS OF BUSINESS Hours of Operation Order desk hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 a. 2 day or 3 day) service if required. In this case we will hold the order open and ship the back ordered item directly when the item becomes available. personal data is strictly used for internal purposes only. Return items totaling less than $20. Back Orders We dislike back orders as much as you do. and Air Freight at current rates. . electrical items and piston rings or any part that has been modified or installed in any way are not returnable. Claims for goods damaged in transit are the responsibility of the carrier. efficient service. If anyone would like to visit our location we would like to request that you please make an appointment before dropping by. ships all over the world so we must make it the responsibility of the customer to check the legality of fitting any part to his/her car. Money Order or Personal Check.00 can be returned for store credit only. There are many different State. Returns must have an authorized RGA number and be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice. Residents of countries outside the United States must prepay for their goods in U. Shipping Unless otherwise stated all orders will be shipped by United Parcel Service (UPS) surface system. Orders accompanied by Personal Checks that have been bank certified will be shipped with out delay. can assume no responsibility or liability for use or application by the user. check with us for details and additional charges. Master Card..m. quantities.. Whenever possible orders received before 12:00 noon will be processed and shipped the same day. Returns All returns must be authorized by BAT with in 30 days of the invoice date and must be sent prepaid.00 minimum for credit card transactions. however. Warranties All parts are covered only by the manufacturers warranties and/or guarantees. All special order items require a 50% deposit at the time the order is placed with the balance due at time of shipping. Ordering by telephone will connect you to a technical-sales advisor who will help with any questions. catalog part numbers. fax. BAT Inc.. A restocking charge of 20% may be assessed at our discretion depending on the reason for the return. You will then have the opportunity to reconfirm or cancel your order. We do NOT charge additional "handling" fees. If an item looks like it will be on back order for longer than 4 weeks we will try and let you know the approximate time of delivery. or by mail. Please check the regulations in your area before ordering. Optional shipping services include Surface Mail. 7630 Matoaka Road. Federal and provincial regulations governing the replacement of automotive parts and BAT assumes no responsibility or liability for their illegal use. and although we carry a huge inventory of merchandise it is inevitable that we will sometimes run out of certain items. All shipping/duty charges must be the responsibility of the consignee at rates applicable to that particular country. FL. however. zone (distance traveled from source) and insured value. Sarasota. We NEVER charge for back order items until they actually ship. As a matter of policy. BAT Inc. until 5:00 p. All prices for goods shipped outside the continental United States are quoted FOB Sarasota. and description of order items will help minimize any possible errors in processing your order. Fax orders may be placed anytime day or night. Orders which have been paid for by Personal Check will be shipped only after the check has cleared (allow up to 14 days). and showing them our latest developments. You should always examine the contents of your package and notify the carrier immediately if there is any sign damage. if you require. We have no objections to shipping on a COD basis if required.S. Certain parts such as bearings.Ford Contour Performance Parts. all COD's must be paid upon delivery with money order or certified check. Eastern Time.

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