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Thank you for purchasing the Accessory Power Refresh Battery Charger. This light-weight and compact device allows you to charge up to 4 AA or AAA rechargeable batteries at a time and comes with power adapters for your home and car. A convenient charging status LCD display shows a meter to indicate charging progress. The Accessory Power Refresh Battery Charger is the perfect charging solution at home or on-the-go!
Whats in the box?
- ReVIVE Refresh Battery Charger y - AC Power Adapter - DC Power Adapter - Instruction Manual
fig. 1

Product Diagram ram

(1) Battery Status LCD (2) Battery Compartment (3) Charging Contacts (4) Adapters (5) Barrel Power Port (3)
DC Power Adapter


AC Power Adapter

(5) (1) (2)

Innovative Features
- The Refresh Battery Charger can charge 1, 2, 3 or 4 AA or AAA Ni-MH or Ni-CD batteries at a time. - A Microcomputer IC Chip controls charging processes. The intelligent chip will cut off charging when the batteries are full and automatically convert to trickle charging mode. This ensures your batteries reach full capacity and protects against overcharging. - The IC Chip automatically identifies non-rechargeable batteries, shortcircuited batteries and defective rechargeable batteries. Charging will only be initiated if properly functioning batteries are inserted, protecting against device malfunctioning. - Overheat Protection: The Refresh Battery Charger will stop charging automatically if the temperature of the charger or battery gets too high during charging.

Operating Instructions
Connecting the Refresh Battery Charger to Power: Choose the appropriate power adapter (AC or DC) for your charging needs. The AC power adapter is for use in a wall outlet. The DC power adapter should be used in your cars DC power outlet. Connect the appropriate power adapter to a power source. Next, connect the barrel tip of the power adapter to the (5) barrel power port on the Refresh Battery Charger (fig. 2-1 on the next page). You will then see the (1) battery status LCD illuminate green for 1 second. The Refresh Battery Charger is now connected to power (The LCD will only illuminate for 1 second then turn off if there are no batteries loaded in).

Inserting your batteries into the Refresh Charger: Open the (2) battery compartment lid and insert your batteries while aligning them to match the + and diagrams in the charging slots (fig. 2-2). You can charge 1- 4 AA/AAA batteries in the Refresh Charger at a time. If you are charging AAA batteries, please use the smaller of the two charging slots. You can close the (2) battery compartment lid while charging.

fig. 2-1

fig. 2-2

Battery Charging
When charging, (the (1) Battery Status LCD lights up green and shows the letters CHG) the corresponding battery icon shows which station is actively charging. The flashing battery icon will show you the level of the current charge of the battery in that particular station. If the (1) Battery Status LCD shows ERROR, re-insert the batteries. If ERROR continues, that means the battery is defective, short-circuited or a non-rechargeable (fig. 3 on next page).

Battery Charging (contd)

Battery Status LCD

fig. 3 CHG
This symbol indicates that the batteries are properly receiving power from the Refresh Charger This symbol indicates that there is an issue with one or more of the inserted batteries. Please re-insert batteries one by one to ensure there is no problem. If ERROR continues to appear then your battery is either short-circuited, non-rechargeable or defective.

Is the green light on? No Do you see a battery? Symbol? ERROR or CHG? No What does this mean? ReVIVE Refesh Charger is not connected to power, or you have not inserted a battery.


The battery is charging.


The battery is almost fully charged. The battery is full and done charging. The power to the battery has been shut-off.


Troubleshooting (contd)
- Short circuit protection prevents the batteries from short-circuiting the charger when incorrect polarity makes contact. - A new battery can reach maximum charging potential after 2 to 3 cycles. - If a battery is stored for over one week, the battery may lose some power. Recharge the battery before use. - It is normal for the battery to get warm when charging, it will slowly return to room temperature once charging is complete. - Ideal temperature for operation of this device is between 32 degrees F and 95 degrees F.

- Keep in a safe place free from dust, liquid and extreme temperatures. - Only use this device with the recommended power sources. - Only insert AA/AAA Ni-MH or Ni-CD Rechargeable batteries. - If you do not follow the operating instructions correctly, an electric shock may occur. - Keep out of reach of small children. - When not in use, please disconnect batteries or power sources.

Product Specifications
Size: 4.52x2.59x1.22 (LxWxH) Weight: 80g (without battery) 1. Input: 12V DC 500mA 2. Output: AA 1.2VDC 1600mA, AAA 1.2V DC 800mA 3. When unloading battery: 50mA MAX 4. When all channels are charging batteries: 500mA MAX 5. Charging sufficiency of battery: 80% 6. AA 1200mAX1, AA 600mAX2, AA 300mAX3, AA 300mAX4, AAA 600mAX1, AAA 300mAX2, AAA 150mAX3, AAA 150mAX4

Optimum Operating and Storage Conditions

1. Operating Condition: temperature: 0-35 humidity: 95% 2. Storage Condition: temperature: -25+60 humidity: 85% 3. Normal Product Conditions When In Use: Surface temperature of charger when charging: 60. Surface temperature of battery when charging:60.

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