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FCS e-Engineering


Optimize Hotel Assets & Administer Preventive Maintenance to Increase Hotels Efficiency

FCS e-Solution Platform is one of the most

dynamic solutions for hotel management, ensuring the maximum enhancement of guest experiences and guaranteeing total service satisfaction. The


Platform is a Web-based platform comprised of 3 modular solutions - e-Connect, e-Engineering and e-Concierge that allows the hotel to streamline
their operations to save costs and enhance their guest experiences.

FCS e-Engineering has been developed to complement the management and maintenance of hotel assets. General engineering service operations can be handled with ease whether creating ad hoc work orders; modifying previously scheduled engineering and maintenance services for guest rooms and public areas; or scheduling work requests over different timescales (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly). Preventive maintenance is simplicity itself through setting up, scheduling and managing preventive work. Equipment registration and maintenance is comprehensive and enables asset tracking and assignment across engineering teams at any location.

Job Summary Statistics presented with a clear layout

e-Engineering integrates seamlessly with

the leading guest service management system

and suppliers while reducing the overall ongoing operation costs. Built on a Web platform, it is easily scaled to include not only the hotels local Engineering Department, but can also be expanded to encompass the entire hotel chains centralized Engineering Division.

e-Connect, a key component within the e-Solution Platform, to present a holistic

view of guest information, to all departments.

e-Engineering delivers superior job

dispatching, monitoring and tracking capabilities.

e-Engineering supports all immediate and

Core benefits of the new


scheduled engineering tasks for maintenance of guest rooms and public areas, along with back-office Engineering department requirements. All work orders can be generated by the call-center, other departments within the hotel and the Engineering department themselves. With new

Holistic support for all instant and scheduled engineering tasks. Efficient management of internal work order lists, resources and inventory planning. Effective cost control and accurate forecasting of engineering requirements. Prioritization and routing of work orders, to spread the workload.

e-Engineering deployed, all

assets purchased by the hotel are recorded in the system in conjunction with their actual location and available quantity, so they can be effortlessly located and retrieved if and when the need arises.

e-Engineering provides a
comprehensive solution catering to allin-house engineering items with a view to maintaining the assets, facilitating vendors

Job Summary Statistics presented with a clear layout

Fundamental features of


Sets up location codes, problem codes and priority codes for better management and reporting.

1. General Engineering Service Creates ad hoc work orders and can modify previously scheduled engineering and maintenance services for guest rooms and public areas. Work order planning or scheduling periodically (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly) by the Engineering department. 2. Preventive Maintenance Service Sets up, schedules and manages preventive maintenance services of the hotel.

3. Equipment Registration and Maintenance Associated details and equipment registration can be classified under category, service area, department and location. Department supervisors can view and comment on jobs created, can assign and dispatch jobs to their respective engineers. Allows the Engineering department supervisor to view all assets and hotel equipment in full detail with accompanying images, an inspection checklist and all previous maintenance records.

4. Job Dispatch, Monitoring and Tracking Work orders can be sent via ad hoc engineering services, emails and to specific printers. Works in progress can be monitored on site and any outstanding work can be checked and printed. Ability to track and monitor all work loads and view all historical maintenance data work order planning is made easier for resource management staff as they are able to view all work orders and to whom they are assigned, over a periodic calendar view. 5. Equipment Registration and Maintenance Single-click language switch (English, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, and other Asian languages).

6. Web-based Report Generator Ability to provide various types of reports, categorized by variables such as job listing, job status, jobs completed/pending, job analysis, cost and productivity performance. Can be pre-set to provide individual/departmental/equipment/property/multi group reports with the ability to export into Excel worksheets. 7. Hosted solution services All data can be hosted to reduce the overall operational cost required to build the infrastructure, eliminate duplicate resources, and promote centralization. The efficiencies gained in guest service requests and inter-department support with the preventive maintenance and resource optimization in comprehensive concierge system in


e-Engineering; and the

e-Concierge are seamlessly integrated at the front line to FCS e-Solutions.

offer the positive experience all guests seek - and now hotels can consistently deliver, raising the bar of service level - achievable only through

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