Network and Mr. Tylor being caused to incur further legal fees and costs.

Any further legal fees and costs that Hawaii Art Network or Mr. Tylor must incur in order to resolve this matter will be added to the settlement demand. This settlement amount anticipates immediate removal of the image from the website by October 31, 2011 with no future uses. Any other uses of the image, or any other image must be negotiated separately with Hawaii Art Network (I can provide contact details). Accordingly, we hereby demand that you: 1. Immediately cease and desist from all unlicensed use of the above image, emove the image from the website and delete all digital copies of the image from your computers and digital storage devices, and destroy any hard copies of the image maintained in your files. 2. Remit the full amount of $1,356.00 to my office by October 31, 2011. (Payable to: Hawaii Art Network) A copy of the transmittal for your payment with a copy of the check should also be mailed directly to Hawaii Art Network, 1888 Kalakaua Ave., Suite C312, Honolulu, HI 96815. Hawaii Art Network has a commitment to their photographers to enforce the copyrights for their images. Consequently, I have been instructed by my client to take all appropriate steps to pursue this claim. Again, my client would like to settle this claim amicably; please feel free to contact me directly to discuss further.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

Julie Stewart

cc: Hawaii Art Network LLC