Dedication I dedicate this effort to my Parents & Teachers, who Guided & Encouraged me during the course

Of My Studies and preparation of this Report

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS No work in reality is the sole effort of its writers as many people like the foundation stone contributes silently. These people sometime deserve more praise and appreciation than the writers themselves. Same is the case with this project. It is unequivocally stated that among such silent contributions Miss Faiza Rehman, stands prominent. Her confidence in me, all her motivations to do something authentic gave the basic impetus for undertaking this strenuous task. The staff at Citibank N.A. Corporate Branch Lahore who helped and co-operated me a lot during my stay at bank and provided me all the required information in a good and appreciable manner especially Riaz Haider, Muhammad Mubeen, Umaid Hassan, Abdul Qadir, Sagheer, Ali Farid, Ammar, Arif, Rizwan, Saleem, Qadeer Khan, Naeem, Masood-ul-Haq and all fellow interns there including Ahmad, Hamza, Saad, Usman, Arslan and Fayyaz. In the end my class fellows, whose eternal support helped me with the completion of this report.

Raza Zubair COMSATS BBA 7th Semester Intern Citibank Lahore

1. Executive Summary I had done my Eight weeks of internship at Citibank. Citibank is one of the leading banks of Pakistan. Citibank with the mission to provide financial services to the customers based on quality and quantity products provided me with great opportunity to learn about the practical field, I tried to act in a very professional way during my internship at Citibank which is always ready to do innovative banking. During my internship I was able to develop good relation with every employee I had work with. I have divided this report into different sections. First section is about introduction of Citibank, it includes the general background of bank. Second section is about organization structure in this I have discussed the departments that are there in Citibank and further about branches and chain of command (hierarchy). Third section discuss the business strategy in which I have done an analysis which includes strength, weakness, opportunity and threats to Citibank, fourth section is about marketing in which I have touched marketing

environment, target Market and Marketing Mix (compromising a big list of products and their pricing, promotion and placement). Fifth section is about the finance in this section I have done the ratios analysis of balance and income statement. Sixth section is about Human Resource Management, since it is totally practiced there in Karachi and only few personnel are here in Lahore, so there was very little to learn about it, never the less, some policies, job offerings and internship programs are still discussed. Seventh section is about conclusion and recommendations, here, I have done conclusion of the report and given my personal suggestion to the bank. Section eight section is about what I learn in the internship, I have particularly explained this area in great detail, I personally think that this portion deserves the most part of the report, since it actually tells the reader what the intern had been doing the whole internship period. I have explained each department that I have worked on, in great detail.

Table of Contents Description 1. Executive summary 2. Introduction and Background of the Bank a. Introduction of Citi group Inc. b. Introduction of Citibank c. History of Citibank d. History of Citibank in Pakistan e. Mission Statement f. Vision g. Core Values h. Working Environment 3. Business structure a. Departments of Citibank I. Corporate bank II. Financial Institution III. Trade IV. Clearing Services V. Collection Services VI. Commercial Payment services VII. Liquidity Services Page Number I 1 1 1 2 6 7 7 7 7 8 8 8 8 9 10 10 11 11

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VIII. Treasury IX. Cash Management X. CitiService b. Organizational Hierarchy c. Detail of Branches in Pakistan d. Division of Citigroup Inc. Business Strategy a. SWOT Analysis Marketing a. Technology b. Target Market c. Marketing Mix I. Product II. Price III. Place IV. Promotion Financial Analysis a. Ratio Analysis b. Balance Sheet and income statement analysis Human Resources Management
a. Internship Programs

11 12 13 14 15 16 16 16 20 20 21 21 22 31 33 34 37 37 40 41 43 43 44 44 54 58 70 76

b. Job Offerings 8. Learning as an intern a. Clearing Department b. General Internal Services Department c. trade Support Unit Department d. Financial Institution Department 9. Conclusion and recommendations 10. Annexure

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