How to use Oplay via wireless

Step 1. Enter O!play’s Home screen . Select < Network > and press <OK>. and then Select < Wireless Setup >and press <OK>.→Select the < Connection1>and press <OK>

After pressing the <OK> button, please click Infrastructure (AP) mode and choose Auto to continue.

Please choose your own wireless and click <OK> .Then you can search many SSID in your area.

Please enter your WPA (or WEP) key in this menu After that . you can see your network info in it .

You can see more details in your router menu. Different router has different menu. please contact with your router manufacturer for more help about this. Example: ASUS router menu .

1. Step 3.255.168. press <OK> to complete the setting of FIX IP address.Step 2. Select the “Use the following IP address”and type in IP address:192.255. Enter your Windows 7 OS/PC’s Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) Properties setting page. 3” Subnet mask:255. 0”. .

you have to put a Media folder in Hard Disk Drives (ex: My Computer→ Hard Disk Drives→ Data( D )) and then make it to be a shared Media folder→ Right click on the Media folder and select “Share with—Specific people” to continue. The shared folder can be accessed by the Media player or other PC in the Local Area Network environment. Select<Network> . select “Everyone” and then click “Add”. Select “Movies or Photos or Music ” in the Home Screen. Step 4 Browse and play the shared media folder on your PC Now you can browse the shared folder on your player. In order to browse a media files on your PC from the Media player. (you have at least one Media folder). In the next window. then press “Share” to comtinue.Setup the share Media folder on PC Now you can choose a Media folder to be shared.

NOTE: you may find multiple computer names in the network depend on your Local Area networking environment. The /My Shortcuts/ is empty now because not set yet. so select /WORKGRUP/. . the /My-Shortcuts/ /My-Neighbors/and /WORKGROUP/ are displayed in the list.In our example.

If you still can't log in. so please be patient. Select the /WORKGROUP/ then Click the “OK” You will see the / ASUS/ ( Full computer name) Click the / ASUS/ You will see a pop-up menu. try to rule out equipment problems: 1. 3.Make sure that WLAN enabled(WIFI blue light on).Try to remove and plug the power. Press OK &Save to MyShortcuts. then you can enter your windows user ID and password.The scanned workgroup /WORKGROUP/ will be showed in the list. .Please Restart both media player and Router. then return to the home screen and try again. You can see your shared folders in it. 2. . Notice that the process may take up to few seconds to take effect.

Simply choose one and press <OK> to begin playback . .

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