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HIMA Sentinel

Burner management systems

HIMA-Sentinel BMS Specifcations
Power Consumption 227 W
Discrete Inputs 24 (24VDC dry contact)
Analog Inputs 8 (0/4-20mA or 0-10VDC)
Discrete Outputs
8 (24VDC @ 500mA)
8 (Relay @ 2A)
30h x 24w x 8d (750mm x
600mm x 200mm)
Weight 50 lb (22 kg)
Temperature 060 C operating
Relative Humidity 085% non-condensing
Protection Category NEMA 4
Area Classifcation
Unclassifed, with purged
cabinets available for Class I,
DIV 1 or 2 mounting
You need HIMA-Sentinel
BMS if you
have simple fred appliances in your plant such as process
heaters, utility boilers, fares or dryers
need to upgrade associated burner management controls to
meet required codes (NFPA 85, ISA 84.01 or IEC 61511)
fnd it diffcult to cost-justify a required BMS upgrade using
traditional project design/procurement model
HIMatrix 5IL 3 PLC
Local Alpha Numeric
LCD Display
Integrated HMI (PC)
HIMA handheld PDA
maintenance & diagnostic tool
The heart of the HIMA-Sentinel BMS solution is a comprehensive
(non-editable) master BMS function block that is fully compliant
with NFPA 85 and ISA 84.01 standards. The Sentinel confguration
toolkit you use to customize the system to your application is based
on an industry-standard SCADA package, is tightly integrated to
the Master BMS function block, and can run on any PC.
Once the toolkit is connected, you defne your valve train
arrangement, your I/O signals, units & ranges, purge times and
any safety functions using simple graphics-based point-and-click
felds. When complete, the entire confguration can be saved as
a single fle and downloaded to the master BMS function block.
This process then confgures the PLC BMS logicinterlocks,
permissives, start-up purge sequencing, alarms, etc. No PLC
programming is required.
The same process also completely confgures the embedded
operator interface. Your actual process, as well as local push
buttons, lamps and local-operator display, is refected on the
operator interface screens. A fully integrated screen displays
system alarms, permissives, feld device status and real-time
values, as well as trends, alarm lists and frst-out trip indication.
All without any programming.
To save more time, you can store the confguration fle on your PC
for download to any HIMA-Sentinel BMS package. That way you can
deploy the same hardware package for multiple applications, each
completely confgured and customized for your specifc application.
Sentinel comes complete with detailed documentation that
includes mechanical, wiring, power and general arrangement
drawings and detailed operator manuals.
Meet Industry Standards
Simply and Affordably
Companies postpone upgrading their burner management
system (BMS) for lots of reasons. Complex systems, confusing
standards and high costs frequently stop or delay companies
from making the upgrades they know they need.
HIMAs Sentinel BMS Solution reduces the roadblocks to making
your plant safer. Sentinel is a pre-engineered, out-of-the-box
standards-compliant BMS solution. Sentinel makes upgrading
easy, thanks to HIMAs proven SIL 3-certifed PLC technology,
fully integrated point-and-click confguration tool and fully
integrated operating interface.
With HIMA-Sentinel BMS, you dont need to learn a new
PLC or programming package. In fact, you dont even need
a HIMA programming license. All you need to know is how
your process operates.
Five simple confguration screens allow you to fully customize
the system to suit your application. A compact wall-mount
stainless steel enclosure integrates every mechanical
component you need:
HIMAs SIL 3 Certifed PLC system
Power supplies and distribution
Wiring, ducting & feld terminals
Door-mounted LCD display and manual operator interface
Ethernet network connections
Simply connect the system to your power source and wire
your feld devices. Its that easy.
Id spend more money just setting
up the project team

I like that I dont have to learn
another PLC language

excellent ft for remote regions and
sites with lower-skilled technicians
Safe and Simple
Burner Management
HIMA-Sentinel BMS delivers an out-of-
the-box standards-compliant solution
for less than most of our competitors
charge for their PLC alone.
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Rely on HIMA for Safe
Solutions and Services
HIMA is the worlds most experienced safety solutions provider.
In 1970, we introduced the worlds frst TV-certifed safety system.
Since then more than 20,000 HIMA safety systems have been
installed around the world. We operate in more than 50 countries.
HIMA also offers a complete range of safety consulting and
engineering services to complement the HIMA-Sentinel BMS
Solution and any safety-related SIS application. Services include:
Functional Safety Awareness Training
Functional Safety Consulting, including HAZOP participation,
SIL selection and verifcation
Maintenance Contract, Field Callout and Commissioning
SIS design, confguration and integration services for turnkey projects
For more information, a site presentation or a live demonstration
of the HIMA-Sentinel BMS, please contact our offces or email