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26th October 2011 The Mayor of Radauti Str. Piata Unirii nr.

2 4 cod 725400 Radauti jud Suceava

Dear Sir Reference: Radauti public dog shelter and our support of the Fafner Foundation It has come to our charities attention that the public dog shelter that is within your municipality is far below any standard as set out in European regulations, even below the basic standard as set out in your own countries animal welfare laws. Upon further investigation by our charity, the information that we had originally received was to our horror confirmed by way of investigation, written and photographic evidence. We of course understand to an extent that the economic downturn has affected various member states, but the extreme negligence and undue care that the animals receive is incomprehensible. There are various aspects of your own countries law that your public shelter breeches and rather than assume you are ignoring this we are assuming you are not aware of them. So based upon the evidence collated please see the list below: Non separation of dogs - According to your counties animal welfare law's as is applicable to all EU member states dogs are to be separated by Size Aggression Pregnant and lactating bitches Ill and vulnerable animals None of this is happening within your public shelter. Lack of Sterilisation - Your public shelter as the authorities are meant to actively promoting sterilisation. In your public shelter this is not being adhered to. In fact by the lack of sterilisation and deliberate inclusion of varying sexes of dogs there are needless births happening every day. These young puppies either die from being killed by other dogs in the enclosure where they are being born or from disease from non - vaccinated or ill dogs, again in the enclosure where they are being born. Lack of medical care Despite there being a veterinarian available the dogs in the public shelters care are dying and in some cases disappearing at an alarming rate. This is wholly unacceptable!

Lack of hygienic care We have seen and are aware of evidence that staff members within your shelter are either too busy or unwilling to properly clean the faeces and urine within the dog enclosures, this in itself will increase the rate of disease amongst the dogs, this again is unacceptable. Lack of quarantine areas There is a distinct lack of quarantine areas within your public shelter, again this is ludicrous and only encourages disease and ill health amongst the dogs. Lack of food/ incorrect feeding methods There is a distinct and unacceptable feeding regime within your public shelter. The dogs are not being fed on a regular basis, are not being provided with constant fresh water. When they are fed the food is either thrown amongst the faeces and urine in the enclosure and when dogs are able to get to clean food because of lack of separation and part starvation only the strongest alpha dogs are able to get any nourishment. Again this is unacceptable and entirely avoidable if the staff and correct measures are took on board as they are in other shelters around Europe. Denial of regular secondary source visits and interventions by an NGO Secondary supervision and if need be care must be allowed to be given, this simply is not happening or being denied within your public shelter. An NGO must be allowed to visit the dogs every day and allowed full access whether this is to feed the dogs, care for them, or provide external veterinary care for them. Lack of transparency of shelter documents Considering it is public money that is being spent on the capture,feeding,supposed sterilisation and upkeep of the shelter there is a distinct lack of full disclosure of documents to the NGO's that visit the shelter. This is a legal right that they have,as does all members of the public. OUR PROPOSAL Our charity has not written to you today to berate you or your governing of the shelter. We are in fact offering our help by way of a collaboration between our charity, the mayoral office and the Fafner Foundation. This collaboration would be the allowance of the Fafner foundation to manage all aspects of the shelter with our charities and the mayoral office support. We are suggesting that the mayoral office provides for 75% of the shelters needs, our charity and the Fafner foundation would provide the remaining 25%. Separately from this, our charity would provide aid by way of Financial Assistance with sterilisation. Materials that are needed for quarantine areas and shelters will also be delivered and provided for by our charity including straw and bedding. Adoptions and foster outside of Romania will be actively encouraged and aided by our charity Transportation of dogs that we and the Fafner foundation find foster and new homes for will be provided for and arranged by our charity Education programmes actively encouraging better dog ownership will be provided for by our charity via schools and community events Annual spayathons will be arranged and financially provided for by our charity for the local

community to access for free, with the target of 1,200 animals to be spayed. The above of course is only being offered on the proviso that the Fafner foundation take over full management of your shelter. We are sure that you will see the benefit of an international collaboration such as this, from the aspect of the health and care of the dogs within the shelter as well as publicly the positive image this would project to your community of your governing the region. The mayor of Iasi can verify that collaboration with our charity is effective and is having a positive affect on his region. The stray population has decreased considerably within Iasi and the dogs within the public shelters care is far better than any across Romania. I hope that you will consider our proposal, and if you wish to meet with us please do let us know as we are due to visit Romania shortly. We support fully the Fafner foundation and what they are proposing and we will help in anyway that we are able to ensure the good health and care of the dogs within your public shelter. We look forward to your reply Yours Sincerely

Kendra Pinder Bsc Hons - Coordinator of Romania Animal Aid

Address: 19 Cormie Close Staffordshire ST6 6QN England



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