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Question Bank --- Wireless Technology 1. Explain the evolution of hte wireless and cellular revolution 2. Distinguish between analog and digital signal 3. Explain periodic signal and aperiodic signal 4. Explain the general sine wave 5. Explain the relationship between data rate and bandwidth 6. Explain analog and digital signaling 7. Explain the factors effecting the channel capacity in a noisy and noise free channel 8. Explain unguided transmission medium 9. Explain the different techniques of multiplexing 10. Discuss the different types of networks. 11. What is switching ? Why is it required ? What are the different types of switching ? 12. What is a protocol ? Why is a protocol required ? 13. Explain the TCP/IP protocol suit? 14. Explain the OSI Model and architecture ? 15. Explain the job of the routers 16. What is an antenna ? Explain the different types of antennas ? 17. Write a note on fading ? 18. What are the factors that affect the information carrying capacity of the communication link ? 19. What is fading ? What are the factors causing the fading ? 20. What are the different types of fading ? 21. Explain the encoding of a. Digital Data to Analog Signal b. Analog Data to Analog Signal 22. Explain the Pulse Code Modulation 23. Define Spectrum, Also discuss Spread Spectrum and its different forms 24. Explain the concept of CDMA, how is it done with DSSS 25. Discuss the various Error detection codes used in wireless transmission 26. List the three different ways in which the CRC algorithms can be described 27. Explain how Go-back-N ARQ works 28. Why is only error detection not fesible the wireless application? How are errors dealt with in the same ? 29. Explain the various block error correction codes used in the wireless applications 30. Explain Convolution codes 31. Distinguish between a. FHSS and DSSS b. Diffraction and Scattering c. fast and slow fading d. flat and selective fading 32. What is the relationship between the bandwidth of a signal before and after it has been encoded using the spread spectrum ? 33. List the advantages of Spread Spectrum 34. Indicate the advantages of digital transmission over analog transmission

35. What is the information available from the radiation pattern of the antenna 36. What an isotropic antenna? 37. What are the functions performed by the antenna ? 38. What is the primary cause of signal loss in satellite communication ?

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