Asia Region Conference FAQ We realize when you are traveling it’s nice to have lots of info.

Below are questions we’ve been asked. Chances are your question will be answered. If you have a question that is not answered, feel free to email me at Thanks to Tracy Morey and Rachelle Whitefield for their help in compiling this document! Excited to share this unique visitation of God with you! De’Etta Transportation: How do I get from the airport to the hotel?  DHL shuttle info has been sent to each installation’s POC. We cannot post that info due to OP SEC.  You may call the DHL at Commercial Tel: (82-2) 790-0016  The USO desk at Incheon located at #14A is a great source of information  You may take AAFES Taxis – you can reach them at 1544-9080 o Taxis are metered; therefore the taxi fares might vary depending on the traffic conditions. o Runs 5: 30 ~ 23: 30, Sun. ~ Thu. / 5: 30 ~ 02: 00, Fri. ~ Sat.  Capital Hotel is the closest hotel to Yongsan Garrison - Tel.792-1122 o Shuttle is 15,000 wan per person o Leaves from #5A or #11B o Operates from 4:23 – 21:00 daily How much does it cost to get from the airport to Dragon Hill Lodge?  The DHL shuttle is free  AAFES Taxi 55,000 – 60,000 won  AAFES VAN Taxi 80,000 – 85,000 won Where do I go to find transportation?  USO Info desk at #14 A Do I need Won to pay for my transportation?  If you opt not to take the DHL shuttle, you will need won  Save your won receipts if you are turning receipts in for reimbursement – most CTOFs require them How much and where would I get that?  There are several exchange booths throughout the airport. There is one right up from the USO at #14A.  You can also get won at the DHL – the front desk can direct you  If you take the DHL shuttle it will be free How long does it take to get from the airport to DHL?  About 90 minutes Money: What is covered by the registration fee?  Reception style dinner on Thursday, all meals on Friday and Saturday, Breakfast on Sunday  Conference Registration Fee (helps to pay for expenses of putting on a conference) How much extra money will I need? (Besides for shopping!)  Consider travel meals and shuttle costs  You will have time to explore Seoul – the cost of this will depend on how you choose to spend your free time Shopping: I have heard they have ration cards in Korea?  If you are not an Active Duty soldier or spouse and assigned to Korea, the US military Post Exchange, Commissary, or Shoppette at The Dragon Hill Lodge requires a Ration Control Plate. Access is restricted!  You can read more about the ration card policy at Can I shop on base?  See above info on military ration cards.  You will be able to eat at the Food Court and Fast Food Restaurants – be aware these are often closed if you come in late.

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Pack snacks. You can shop at The Gallery for Korean souvenirs.

What are the restrictions?  All visiting personnel active duty and retired, DoD civilians can gain access to the installations by showing their DoD identification cards. Please bring 2 forms of picture I.D. (your Military I.D. and Passport will suffice) Korean and Japan nationals can use their passports and National I.D.  If you are not an Active Duty soldier or spouse and assigned to Korea, the US military Post Exchange, Commissary, or Shoppette at The Dragon Hill Lodge requires a Ration Control Plate. Access is restricted!  Japan has strict rules about transporting fake designer goods into country. Shop wisely and for personal use only. Clothing: What do I need to wear?  We want you to be comfortable. For some this will be jeans and for some dresses. Either is PERFECTLY fine!  Bring a sweater or light jacket as conference rooms are notoriously cool. Will it be cold in Korea?  Average temp in Seoul in November is 34F – 54F  Bring an umbrella  If we hear of wild weather patterns we’ll post them on Facebook – search PWOC Asia Region Do I have to bring fancy clothes?  If you would like, you are more than welcome to wear fancy clothes.  Some may dress up in the evening. Some won’t.  There will be a Sunday morning service. Can I wear jeans?  Yes. Will we have a church service?  Sunday’s service will be conducted by Chaplain Austin, Asia Region’s Chaplain and Chaplain Jackson, his exec.  Yes, this service will have all the elements of a church service as well as the installation of PWOC Asia Region 2011-2013 board. Hotel: What amenities will be in my room?  Queen-size bed and a sleeper sofa  Flat screen TV with satellite channels, radio to include Cinemas and HBO  DVD player  Direct-dial telephone  Ironing board  Mini refrigerator  Coffee maker  Fireproof safe  Each room has hi-speed broadband Internet access ability What amenities does the hotel have?  Variety of restaurants from delis to fine dining  The POINT Fitness Center is a state-of-the-art fitness center  Racquetball court  Redwood sauna  Bubbling spa  25-meter indoor lap pool  Market Square (some shops will be restricted.)  Community Bank, ATM machines  Beauty Salon  Dry Cleaners

Cyber Café

Is there a fee for internet?  Wireless internet may be $5.95 a day. Communication: Can I call home?  Yes, it will be much cheaper for you to purchase a phone card to make phone calls home.  Be aware any incidentals will be charged to your room and are not the responsibility of Asia Region PWOC or Yongsan CTOF to pay. What are the hotel phone numbers?  Commercial Tel: (82-2) 790-0016  Military DSN Tel: (315) 738-2222 How can someone reach me in case of an emergency?  Call the DHL, tell them you are with PWOC Asia Region Conference and ask to be located Free time: Will I have free time?  Yes. There will be short breaks built into each day.  The majority of your free time will be on Saturday from lunch – dinner. What will I be able to do with my free time?  Relax  Visit  Shop on base  Walk to Itaewon and shop  Participate in one of the outings offered by PWOC sisters who want to share their city with you  Book a tour at DHL Are there tours?  Several of your PWOC Sisters, who know Seoul and the transportation system, will be available to go with you to various locations around the city.  You may also check into these tours  The cost of any tours is NOT covered in your conference registration fee.

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