To: Brock Ian Dagenais 1500 – 10117 Jasper Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T5J 1W8 Ph: (780)-424-8519 fax:(780

)425-0931 Your File No: 51777

Total pages: 18 pages with this FAX
Attached is our response to your filing dated October 14 2011. 1103 16303 –Q.B. This includes: 1951 Coronation Oath of (Queen Elizabeth II) Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor-Mountbatten – which I have accepted for value, honor & consideration: UCC 3-305, UCC 3-306 UCC 3-401, UCC 8-102(a)1, UCC9-607, UCC9-609; November 7 2007 Statutory Declaration served on Mike Szymanski / Royal Bank of Canada( 5 pages), Authenticated by Alberta Department of Justice, Power of Attorney in fact granted to myself by Merle Berrinice Henry on May 1 2008( 4 pages), June 19 2008 letter to Mike Szymanski – Senior Account Manager of Royal Bank of Canada, letter to Jane Butler of RBC, Creditor Insurance operations.

Constitution of the :At-sik-hata :Nation of :Yamassee-Moors : Uniform Commercial Code 1-308 All Autochthonous Rights Reserved Eternally. UNCITRAL, UNILOS. United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. From:

Chief:Nanya-Shaabu:El:®©TM – Authorized Representative of Merle Berrince Henry - 780-271-9199 :At-sik-hata :Nation of :Yamassee-Moors – ; ;

cc: Royal Bank of Canada C.E.O. Norm Dixon, Jane Butler, cc: N.M. Rothschilds & Son LTD, London, England cc: Bank of International Settlements( BIS), International Monetary Fund(IMF) cc: International Criminal Court – Office of the Prosecutor Investigations & Evidence Unit cc: United Nations

To: Brock Ian Dagenais 1500 – 10117 Jasper Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T5J 1W8 Ph: (780)-424-8519 fax:(780)425-0931 Your File No: 51777 Re: Royal Bank of Canada v. Merle B. Henry also known as Merle Berrince Henry( QB # 1103 16303) Dear Mr Dagenais, In response to your letter dated October 14 2011, which I received October 26 2011, I tender to you the following response: 1) I declare the actions of your Client Royal Bank of Canada and its associated subsidiaries, by filing this lawsuit against their own investor, and the contract(Royal Bank Visa) established with Merle Berrinice Henry by your client: ultra vires and declare the contract regarding the visa account null & void. "When a contract is once declared ultra vires, the fact that it is executed · does not validate it, nor can it be ratified, so as to make it the basis of suitor action, nor does the doctrine of estoppel apply." F& PR v. Richmond, 133 SE 898; 151 Va 195. 2) I attach copy of statutory declaration( 5 pages) in the MATTER OF A THIRD PARTY NOTICE OF INTEREST which was served on Royal Bank of Canada / Mike Szymanski by Steven Lewicki ( Process Server) on November 7 2007. Mr. Szymanski and Royal Bank of Canada did not respond in writing, orally or otherwise to the document; therefore in accord with U.C.C. 2-201(2) both parties have given their tacit consent and agreement to what they served with. I am a party to this matter. 3) Deb, Manager at RBC at southgate mall closed Merle Henry’s bank accounts, yet she refused to release Mrs. Henry’s investments with Royal Bank of Canada. Your client since 2008 has refused to release Mrs. Henry’s funds, this is known as obstruction of commerce, embezzlement, theft of private property and Rackateering(R.I.C.O.) .

The debt included the fact that exaction of a usurious interest rate rendered the debt unlawful and that is all that is necessary to support the Civil RICO action. Durante Bros. & Sons, Inc. v. Flushing Nat 'l Bank. 755 F2d 239, Cert. denied, 473 US 906 (1985).
The borrower may also have claims for relief for breach of contract by the lender for not lending "lawful money" and for “usury” for charging an interest rate several times greater than the amount agreed to in the contract for any lawful money actually risked by the lender. In Federal District Court the borrower may have additional claims for relief under "Civil RICO" Federal Racketeering laws (18 U.S.C. §1964). The lender may have established a "pattern of racketeering activity" by using the U.S. Mail more than twice to collect an unlawful debt and the lender may be in violation of 18 U.S.C. §§§§1341, 1343, 1961 and 1962. The borrower may have other claims for relief if he can prove there was or is a conspiracy to deprive him of property without due process of law under. (42 U.S.C.§§§1983 (Constitutional Injury), 1985(Conspiracy) and 1986 ("Knowledge" and "Neglect to Prevent" a U.S. Constitutional Wrong), Under 18 U.S.C.A.§ 241 (Conspiracy) violators, "shall be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more than ten (10) years or both." I remind you Mr. Dagenais, that my mother is being charged the highest interest rate on the Royal Bank Visa, how is that possible? And Why is RBC charging my mother the highest interest rate being she is a widow? Further, the Registered Mail you sent on October 19 2011, 5 days after you allegedly filed this frivolous and baseless lawsuit, the stamp has not been cancelled by Canada Post which constitutes mail fraud.

4) There is no legal nor lawful tax issues that is material in this matter as Queen Elizabeth II( her Oath attached with this letter) is our debtor: ; – and she has not paid us as of this date, she has violated her Oath of office, She has no Sovereignty and as such is not a Monarch nor a true and lawful Monarch see United Kingdom case: Regina vs JAH: and ). The Courts / Vessels in Dry-Dock, including the Supreme Court of Canada, have no Commercial License visible anywhere in the Private trading Company / Commercial Courts / Vessels in dry-dock titled in the Middle of the :Atlantic-Ocean( see: )showing how they have authorization, permission, consent, contract, authority from myself as The :Plenipotentiary of Papastchese/ :Atlan/ :Turtle-Island[ United States, Canada, Mexico] to operate and conduct your private trading companies on Autochthonous / Indigenous Land also known as Treaty 6 Territory see: and - Lien on the Government of Canada, Province of Alberta ., - Lien on the Vatican and the Pentagon( which also includes: Her Majesty, The Crown, The Rothschilds, the Canadian Federal Government and its sub-divisions). You know, as Queen’s Counsel / Barrister & Solicitor, There is no statute of limitations on: Fraud, obstruction of the Law and violations of International Law, Treaties and agreements. Fraud voids a contract ab initio .

5) Precedent setting case laws which Royal Bank of Canada is Subject to: “A bank may not lend its credit to another even though such a transaction turns out to have been of benefit to the bank, and in support of this a list of cases might be cited, which-would look like a catalog of ships.” [Emphasis added] Norton Grocery Co. v. Peoples Nat. Bank, 144 SE 505. 151 Va 195.
"Any false representation of material facts made with knowledge of falsity and with intent that it shall be acted on by another in entering into contract, and which is so acted upon, constitutes 'fraud,' and entitles party deceived to avoid contract or recover damages." Barnsdall Refining Corn. v. Birnam Wood Oil Co. 92 F 26 817.

“In the federal courts, it is well established that a national bank has not power to lend its credit to another by becoming surety, indorser, or guarantor for him.”' Farmers and Miners Bank v. Bluefield Nat 'l Bank, 11 F 2d 83, 271 U.S. 669. "A bank can lend its money, but not its credit." First Nat'l Bank of Tallapoosa v. Monroe. 135 Ga 614, 69 SE 1124, 32 LRA (NS) 550. Adverse Claim and Recoupment( UCC 3-305, 3-306) of Proceeds from sale of securities and private accounts set up in Merle Berrinice Henry’s name without her consent or knowledge. UCC 8-102(a)1 “Adverse Claim: “ a claim that a claimant has a property interest in the financial asset and that it is a violation of the rights of the claimant for another person to hold, transfer or deal with the financial asset.” We want all proceeds, funds, products, securities, accounts, investments, stock accounts, trust account etc. released from Royal Bank of Canada and returned immeadiately to Merle Berrinice Henry, the beneficiary, owner, donor of all aforementioned accounts and securities.UCC 9-607, UCC 9-609.

We want the securities associated with Mortgage Number 62988787-002 released and returned to Merle Berrince Henry. The note is cancelled as the mortgage payments were really a cash flow items for investors in the security/ mortgage note. The Bank owes Merle Berrinice Henry the proceeds from the sale and trade of that mortgage note and Royal Bank of Canada has not payed out to funds/proceeds which is embezzlement.
Caveat Actor, Caveat Emptor, Caveat Venditor To give a lawful consideration, the lender must prove that he gave the borrower lawful money such as coins or currency. Failing that, he can have no claim for relief in a court at law against the borrower as the lender's actions were ultra vires or void from the beginning of the transaction.

Disclosure Requirements of Royal Bank of Canada 1. Is ( Royal Bank of Canada) a state chartered bank? 2. Are you, Brock Ian Dagenais, familiar with the powers granted by statute to state/provincially chartered banks? 3. Do you, Brock Ian Dagenais, have a working knowledge as to what are and what are not permissible bank business activities? (If no, then how do you know when you are operating lawfully in commerce?) 4. Are you, Brock Ian Dagenais, authorized to testify on behalf of (Bank) regarding this issue including answering questions regarding (Royal Bank of Canada?) 5. Do you, Brock Ian Dagenais, have personal, firsthand knowledge of the facts of the loan in issue? 6. What is the name of Royal Bank of Canada’s Auditing Firm firm? Name of individual auditor(s)? 7. Are you, Brock Ian Dagenais, a member of Free and Accepted Masons or any other Masonic/Shrine order? 8. Have you taken any Masonic / Shrine oath as a member of a Masonic order? 9. Are you a member in good standing? 10. Have you, Brock Ian Dagenais, sworn an oath to Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor-Mountbatten?(
Queen Elizabeth II)?

11. Are you, Brock Ian Dagenais, aware that Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor-Mountbatten?( Queen

Elizabeth II) has violated her oath she swore at her 1951 coronation? Nor was she coronated on the true stone of destiny? Thereby at the first Royal assent passed by the legislature in the United Kingdom Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor-Mountbatten?( Queen Elizabeth II) ceased being Queen, has no sovereignty and no authority to command anyone( The Queen has no Clothes), which also means the oaths you, your friends and the Brothers swore to her have no authority nor power; the Queen’s Counsels, Barrisiter & Solicitors and courts have no power: legally, common-law, commercially, admiralty and lawfully.

In closing, this response will be filed in the alleged case and will be: emailed published on facebook and the Internet.
Constitution of the :At-sik-hata :Nation of :Yamassee-Moors : Uniform Commercial Code 1-308 All Autochthonous Rights Reserved Eternally. UNCITRAL, UNILOS. United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

:Chief:Nanya-Shaabu:El:®©TM – Authorized Representative of Merle Berrince Henry - 780-271-9199 :At-sik-hata :Nation of :Yamassee-Moors – ; ;

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