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Bill Labestre
For a Few Dollars Less.. p. 20

Ben Maynigo
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Brewing Battle to Bring Back the Bells of Bayan Balangiga .. p. 8

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Senate report: Mike Arroyo owned choppers
Former First Lady and current Ilocos Sur Representative Imelda Marcos has filed a bill at the House of Representatives, seeking to honor the late Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi. Gadhafi was killed today by Libyan revolutionaries. “Colonel Gadhafi deImelda Marcos serves honor because he is Libya’s longest-serving is only 7.6%. Ours is 32.9%. Why leader,” Marcos told reporters. did the rebels murder Gadhafi? They
“Under Gadhafi, Libya had 10.6% GDP growth — so much higher than 7.6% under Noynoy Aquino. Their population below the poverty line

Imelda Marcos files bill honoring Muammar Gadhafi

should be thankful for him!” Marcos said.
(Continued on page 2)

“President Fernando Poe, Jr.”
BABE’S EYE VIEW by Babe Romualdez, Philippine Star | MANILA, 10/23/11 -- The revelations made at the recent Senate hearings about the massive cheating that allegedly happened in Mindanao during the 2004 presidential elections clearly tell us that this festering issue will not magically go away. In the midst of all the accusations and denials made by all sorts of characters coming out of the woodwork, we need to thresh out what is true and what is fiction. Filipinos need to find the truth if only to set the record straight and correct — or as some say — even rewrite history. There is a suggestion to create a body similar to the Warren Commission that investigated the

JFK assassination to get to the bottom of the issue and ferret out the truth. Supporters of “Da King” are already saying
Fernando Poe, Jr.

that the portrait of Fernando Poe Jr. should be placed in the Reception Hall of Malacañang together with the other former
(Continued on page 16)

Fil-Am Employee Demoted; Files Appeal
‘Demoted’ Zoning Administrator Edith Fuentes, files an appeal and asked for an “Open Session” hearing before the CSC to “expose” it all
GLENDALE, CA -- In a letter of October 7, 2011 to the Civil Service Commission, Edith Fuentes former Zoning Administrator, Edith M. Fuentes, whose title was changed to Planning Administrator in 2010 and was recently demoted to a Planner position on September 26, 2011, wrote: “Please accept this letter as my official response regarding the charges and grounds listed in the Final Notice of Disciplinary Action dated September 23, 2011.” CHARGES under RULE X, Section 4: (E) (2) – Inefficiency; (6) – Failure to perform assigned task and (7) – Failure to meet
(Continued on page 9)

Nomer Cerbito

By Angie M. Rosales, The Daily Tribune | It’s ex-FG or former First Gentleman Jose Miguel “Mike” Arroyo who is the real owner of the helicopters passed off as brand new by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. and sold to the Philippine NaPublisher & Editor in Chief, tional Police (PNP) in a spurious P105-million transaction Asian Journal San Diego in 2009, a report on a Senate probe of the anomalous deal Chapter 9 indicated yesterday. Such is among the findings made by the Senate blue he inauguration of the new president of Fantasy Land went well. The ribbon committee in its report, people enjoyed his speech, and a renewed hope for a better future for the due to be presented today by country, long besieged by graft and corruption, prevailed. its chairman, Sen. Teofisto “TG” Guingona III, before After the proceeding to the Office of the ceremonies, Ombudsman for the filing of everyone at graft charges against Arroyo, the grandstand former PNP Chief Jesus Verwaited for the zosa and a string of others, it new president was gathered yesterday. to lead the way Sources said Negros Ocin vacating the cidental Rep. Ignacio “Iggy” area. While a Arroyo is also recommended few managed to be prosecuted, although to shake hands Guingona would not confirm with him, the or deny, merely saying that others were those called to be criminally politely shooed charged are “the big ones.” away by his Members of the Senate bodyguards committee on accountability to enable his of public officers and investideparture. Ingation are expected to file stead of walking down the stairs of the grandstand towards his car, however, the today the complaints at president walked along the aisle towards the Dullesco’s. Once again, he shook the the Office of the Ombudsman hands of the family members as they congratulated him. against persons involved in “I am counting on you, Max,” he reminded Max Dullesco. “Our plans for a better future for our the acquisition of overpriced second-hand helicopters by (Continued on page 14) the Philippine National Police (PNP). Guingona said the filing Balik-Tanaw II of charges will be preceded by the release the committee report during a press conference. “After the press conference, Sen. TG Guingona, Suzette Ranillo belongs to a rare she directs, she protogether with other senabreed of artists gifted with immense duces TV shows, movtors, will file the appropriate ies, stage plays. She talents in the visual arts - she acts, complaint with the Office of has spent most of her the Ombudsman against the life under the limelight people who conspired and as an extraordinary took part in the anomalous actress, and has also transactions,” a media advitried her hands worksory from the committee said. Suzette Ranillo (right) with ing behind the camera as a director The Senate conducted a Jorge Estregan, Jr (center) and total of six public hearings on and a producer. Suzette Ranillo in real life is also Nora Aunor (left) the controversial acquisition Suzette Ranillo, from the Ranillo of the second-hand helicopters Matias Jonathan Sevilla Ranillo IV movie dynasty. She is the daugh(AKA Jojo Ranillo), Matias Bonifa- sold as brand-new to the PNP. Among the personalities impliter of Matt Ranillo, Jr. and Gloria cio Sevilla Ranillo V (AKA Dandin cated during the series of the Senate Sevilla, both well-known movie Ranillo), Matias Junius Ferdinand investigations were Mike Arroyo, stars. Her siblings are Maria Lilibeth Sevilla Ranillo VI (AKA Juni Ging Sevilla Ranillo (AKA Bebet Ranillo Ranillo), and Czareanah Mari Sevilla Rep. Ignacio “Iggy” Arroyo, owners of both the LionAir Inc. and Manila DeRivera), Matias Archibald Sevilla (Continued on page 2) Suzette Ranillo with designer Ranillo III (AKA Mat Ranillo III), (Continued on page 19)

Charity Projects

Fantasy Land


Suzette Ranillo: The Actress, The Director, The Producer

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October 28 - November 3, 2011

by Atty. Aurora Vega-Buzon Esq.
Law Offices of Chua Tinsay & Vega
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Legal Buzz

Are You a Battered Spouse, Child or Parent?
several times. Their neighbor called 911 and the police came and arrested Martha, a live-in caregiver, and her Leon and filed a police incident report taking pictures of Sarah’s 14 y/o son Joshua, have approved spouse and (step)child petitions from already swollen thighs. When Leon returned after 2 days, he threatened her legal permanent resident (LPR) spouse Gerry, since December 2010. Sarah that if he is ever taken away At the time they married in Decem- by the police again, he will not file the spouse petition for her so she can ber 2009, Martha and Joshua have be deported. been out of status, as their tourist Both Martha and Sarah can file stays had expired in December 2008. self-petitions as battered spouses Martha and Joshua cannot file their under the Violence Against Women adjustment/green card application Act (VAWA). Moreover, under since their priority date (for LPR spouse and LPR child) is not current. VAWA, Martha can also file as the parent of a battered child, Joshua. Since they got married, Martha VAWA applies equally to women has always given her wages to her and men, and allows certain spouses, husband. She comes home only for two days when she is off from work children and parents of U.S. citizens and permanent residents (green card and her husband brings and picks holders) to file a petition for themher up from the care home every selves without the abuser’s knowlweek because she does not drive. edge, and afford the battered spouse, When she is home, Martha does child or parent safety and indepenhouse chores because Gerry says that’s the only time she can perform dence from the abuser. USCIS will not notify the abuser when a VAWA her “wifely” duties– cleaning the petition is filed. apartment, doing laundry, cooking If you are filing as a spouse, you food for her husband and Joshua for will have to show that you were the next five days that she is at the the abused spouse of a U.S. Citicare home working. Her husband zen or Permanent Resident; prove buys all their groceries and their that you entered into a good faith personal necessities and every few marriage; and that you are of good months, some clothes for her and moral character. If you are filing as Joshua. They rarely go out because her husband says their income is not a parent, you will have to show that you are the parent of a child who has enough to pay for their rent, bills, been abused by your U.S. Citizen Joshua’s school expenses and the monthly payments on “her” new car, or Permanent Resident spouse. You may also file if you are the parent of which he drives. a U.S. Citizen, and you have been Gerry never gives Martha and abused by your own U.S. Citizen Joshua money because he says son or daughter. If you are filing as Martha does not spend anything at a child, you may file if you are an the care home and Joshua walks to school. Joshua has told Martha that abused child under 21, unmarried, and have been abused by your U.S. Gerry slaps and shoves him every time Gerry gets upset with him – for Citizen or Permanent Resident parent or stepparent. forgetting to throw the trash; not VAWA recognizes all forms of washing the dishes immediately and abuse, not just physical abuse. one time, for breaking a plate. Victims of economic, emotional and Sarah arrived on a fiancée visa in psychological abuse have recourse March 2011 and married her fiancé under the VAWA even if there is no Leon in June 2011. Within two physical abuse by the spouse. The months from her arrival, she and Leon had their first argument and he abuse can be shown through control over and lack of access to the family slapped her. He cried and apoloincome, or limiting a spouse’s outgized, promising not to do it again, and she forgave him. As it turns out, side involvement – who s/he sees, Sarah and Leon have almost weekly talks to, what s/he does; or treating the spouse as a servant; or making screaming and trashing bouts that all the decisions in the household their apartment manager warned as in Martha’s case. Abuse can also them they will have to move out be shown where the abusive spouse if another tenant complains about is involved in insulting, demeaning them. Then on July 4th, they had or “putting down” the other spouse, another fight where Leon pulled Sarah’s hair and punched her thighs or making him/her feel guilty. There By Atty. Aurora Vega-Buzon


call 619.955.6277 or visit
is also abuse where there is coercion, intimidation, or threats, like Sarah’s case. If you or anyone you know is in an abusive relationship and you have not started or completed your immigration applications, consult an immigration attorney for a VAWA petition. Also, if you suffer from physical abuse, seek immediate help by calling 911 or the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or 1-800-787-3224 (TDD). The hotline has information about shelters, mental health care, legal advice and other types of assistance. Atty. Aurora Vega-Buzon is a partner in Chua Tinsay & Vega, A Professional Legal Corporation (CTV) - a full service law firm with offices in San Francisco, San Diego and Philippines. The information presented in this article is for general information only and is not, nor intended to be, formal legal advice nor the formation of an attorney-client relationship. Call or e-mail CTV for an in-person or phone consultation to discuss your particular situation and/or how their services may be retained at (415) 495-8088; (619) 955-6277;

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Senate Report: Mike Arroyo Owned Choppers
(Continued from page 1)

Aerospace Products Trading Corp. (Maptra), and some former PNP officials. Witnesses said the former First Gentleman was the owner of the helicopters, specifically the two second-hand sold as brand-new to PNP. However, Mr. Arroyo vehemently denied the allegation that he was the owner of the choppers. “We have established that the real owner is (former) FG (Arroyo). So he’s the principal character (in the case),” Sen. Panfilo Lacson said, referring to the investigation conducted recently by the blue ribbon on the said transaction. Speaking to members of the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (Focap) during the group’s annual presidential forum, Aquino, meanwhile, said his government is firm with its position that charges would be filed against former President Gloria Arroyo next month but he did not provide any clue on the nature of cases that will be filed against her. Apart from allegations of alleged graft and corruption during her administration, Mrs. Arroyo is also being accused of manipulating the results of the the 2004 and 2007 elections. A joint Commission on Elections and the Department of Justice (DoJ) task force have been formed purposely to investigate alleged election fraud committed

by Mrs. Arroyo and members of her administration. Lacson initiated the conduct of the probe was responsible in the filing of resolution No. 518, that called for an inquiry into the acquisition of light police operational helicopters supposedly for use by the PNP’s elite special action force (SAF) from Maptra, which were allegedly made to appear to be brand new units, when it fact two of the three choppers were actually pre-owned. “We believe that we have a more airtight case because ours was a more comprehensive investigation in the Senate,” he said. Lacson is comparing their case against the PNP criminal investigation and detection group’s (CIDG) plunder complaint lodged before the Ombudsman early last month. Senators criticized the filing of the case, calling it a premature move since they were still in the middle of their proceedings and could serve as a legal gag order as this could be used as an excuse by police officials in invoking their right against selfincrimination, thus, refuse to yield before the blue ribbon panel. Unlike in the PNP case, the contractor and supplier in the deal, Maptra’s Hilario de Vera and Lionair Inc.’s owner Archibald Po, were spared by the upper chamber committee from any legal liability as they served as key witnesses. Short of saying that the PNP’s plunder case may have some “legal defects,” Lacson said they have decided to resort to another tact, that of filing separate cases. “It’s (Senate case) stronger in the sense that we believe that the plunder (case of PNP) was an ‘alangan(Continued on page 23)



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Imelda Marcos files bill honoring Muammar Gadhafi
(Continued from page 1)

Reporters asked the former First Lady about human rights abuses committed by Gadhafi’s regime, as well as allegations that the colonel stole close to a trillion dollars from his people. Marcos responded, “Prove it! Gadhafi has never been convicted of those crimes!” She then wept, touching a photograph of herself with the late dictator. Marcos visited Gadhafi twice as First Lady of the Philippines. “I will miss Gadhafi’s kindness,” she said. “He used to fax me… the best fax I ever had. I will see him in the afterlife.” — Mosquito Press

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ADA Poster Session On Filipino American Healthy Eating Campaign

What’s On Your Plate?

Dr. Ofelia Dirige (right) with Virgie Claudio and Adele Jamarobo-Ruiz. Dr. Ofelia Dirige, Dr. Virgie Claudio, Dr. Adela JamoraboRuiz, Dr. Aurora Cudal, Yolanda Nangpi and Angie Tan presented a poster session on the “Filipino American Healthy Eating Campaign” at the ADA convention this September. The project was conducted by Kalusugan Community Services in San Diego from 2006-2010 and was funded by The California Endowment. (Story on page 6)

Los Angeles, 25 October 2011 - Notice is hereby given that under Republic Act No. 9189, otherwise known as “The Overseas Absentee Voting Act of 2003”, all citizens of the Philippines abroad, not otherwise disqualified by law, who are at least eighteen (18) years of age on the day of the election, and who are registered overseas absentee voters with approved application to vote in absentia, may vote for Senators and PartyList Representatives. For this purpose, all qualified Filipino citizens not registered as voters under Republic Act No. 8189, otherwise known as “The Voters Registration Act of 1996” (the system of continuing registration) shall file an application for registration while those who are already registered under the said Act shall file an application for certification. For purposes of the 13 May 2013 elections and pursuant to Section 6 of COMELEC Resolution No. 9269, the filing of applications for registration/certification and transfer of registration records shall be filed at the Post or other designated registration areas from 2 November 2011 until 31 October 2012. For details, please contact: Philippine Consulate General 3600 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90010 Phone No.: (213) 637-3024 | Fax No.: (213) 639-0990 Email: Website:

Philippine Consulate Bulletin: Overseas Absentee Voting Registration to Start On Nov 2, 2011

Happy 19th Anniversary Seafood City
By Ogie Cruz Naging matagumpay ang 19th Anniversary ng Seafood City sa National City, siempre maraming pinoy ang nakisali sa naturang event. First time lang namin nasaksihan ang taunang event na ito, para muling magsamasama ang mga Pinoy sa pagdiriwang na ito.Nandun pa rin ang karaoke singing contest, na alam naman natin na ganon kahilig kumanta ang mga Filipino kaya naman 10am to 10pm ang nasabing event.Ibat-ibang levels ang category nandyan para sa mga Kids, teenagers, senior at ang finally pang 18 and above. Maraming raffle, at nakisali pa ang Deluxe Bakery para mamigay ng kanilang mainit na pandesal for free. Nakisali rin ang Little Disum para sa kanilang free food taste na nilagay nila sa labas at ang kanilang pinamudmod na gift certificates.Siempre nakatutok ang Asian Journal sa lahat ng pangyayari para ibalita sa inyo ang very successful event, kasama ang Filipino Press ni Ms. Susan Delos Santos.Nandun din si Mayor Ron Morrison para na talaga namang malapit sa puso ng Filipino Community. Marami rin pala sa mga kids na ginagaya na nila si Charice kumanta at tataas ng boses kahit bata pa lang sila.Hindi rin patatalo ang mga seniors natin, nadun din sila.Sa daming gustong mailagay sa Asian Journal, hindi na nila namin matandaan ang names nila pero nilagay namin ang kanilang pictures. Magagaling din ang mga Hosts ng naturang event nagpapasigla talaga sila ng tao, lalo na yung isang agaw eksena na kamukha ni Joey De Leon .Congratulations sa mga Winners and Happy 19th Anniversary Seafood City. Asian Journal San Diego

California Supreme Court Denies Challenges to Redistricting Maps
SCAPAL, San Francisco, 10/28/2011 —The California Supreme Court today unanimously denied two pending petitions for writs of mandate that challenged the validity of the state Senate and congressional redistricting maps that have been certified by the Citizens Redistricting Commission. (Vandermost v.Bowen, S196493; Radanovich v. Bowen, S196852.) The court also denied petitioners’ requests for an emergency stay of the certified maps. All seven justices participated in the court’s action. On August 15, 2011, the Citizens Redistricting Commission certified to the Secretary of State all four required statewide electoral maps— Dr. Ofelia Dirige with other participants at the ADA Convention in covering the 40State Senate and 80 San Diego, CA, (Sept 2011) Assembly districts, California’s 53 congressional districts, and the 4 districts of the California State Board of Equalization. The petitions for writs of mandate filed in the Supreme Court challenged only the state Senate and congressional districts. ###

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on asianjournal

Letter from Palma Hooper, SCAPAL
Dear Community Member, I wanted to let you know that today the California Supreme Court unanimously dismissed the two lawsuits challenging the State Senate and U. S. Congressional district maps which were certified by the State Citizens Redistricting Commission on August 15, 2011. A copy of the Court’s press release and decisions are attached for your information. For all of you who supported SCAPAL, COPAO and CAPAFR in advocating to keep our neighborhoods together in the State Assembly, State Senate and U.S. Congressional district maps, thank you again. This is a great victory for our community. To build on our success, SCAPAL and COPAO are collaborating again on a new project called Civic Education and Policy Advocacy Network (CEPA NET). CEPA NET will involve a series of monthly workshops about nonpartisan civic education and nonpartisan policy advocacy issues to empower our API community and to develop leadership in the public sector. Some of the topics we will cover are the new Federal, State and local political districts; redistricting 2011 and a strategy for redistricting 2021; new data on the API population; the Voting Rights Act including the voting language requirements for the Filipino, Vietnamese and Chinese communities. We will keep you informed of ates for these workshops. Best regards, Palma Hooper President SCAPAL

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October 28 - November 3, 2011

October 28 - November 3, 2011

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San Diego News
Light & Shadows
by Zena Sultana Babao
Read Zena Babao’s previous articles by visiting our website at tion to invest in the quality of life in our neighborhoods. The ultimate objective of all we do should be to improve the quality of life our people enjoy in their homes and their neighborhoods.” Breitfelder is best known for being an advocate for fiscal reform in the City of Chula Vista. In 2002, he was elected to the Otay Water District Board of Directors, and under his leadership the district recovered from its troubles which, according to him, included racial discrimination, gang activity, and an Larry Breiftfelder lay-offs in the Chula Vista police force. In rallying support for his candidacy, Breitfelder in his speech, said: “The first duties of Chula Vista are to provide safety to Chula Vista residents and an economic base which we depend on for jobs and revenue to fund important services – services that include qualityof-life amenities such as parks and libraries. The attempts to increase a number of taxes and unnecessarily lay off police officers evidence a very different value system by incumbent Councilwoman Pamela Bensoussan. Her leadership has FBI investigation. Soon Breitfelder became known as a leader in strategic planning, and problems that arose in his district were handled in an open and responsible manner to prevent the problems from escalating into crises. Over time, Brietfelder founded the Chula Vista Taxpayers Association in response to revelation of decades of infrastructure underfunding amounting to millions of dollars. The organization he founded became so effective, that it became well-known as a “watchdog” group. In 2009, Breitfelder was clearly the leader in defeating efforts to raise Chula Vista’s sales tax to 10 percent. Breitfelder also led the fight to stop the unnecessary lay-offs of police officers in Chula Vista, a city that already has the smallest police force relative to its population. A partial list of grassroots community leaders who are endorsing Breitfelder include: former Police Chief Bill Winters, former Chula Vista Chamber of Com(Continued on page 7)

Larry Breitfelder: Fighting for Reform; The Right Choice for Chula Vista City Council
By Zena Sultana Babao

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 20, 2011 – How do you NOT drive a car 8.4 SAN DIEGO, Oct. 25, 2011 – million miles? The new High Tech Larry Breitfelder is in a race to win Elementary and High Tech Middle the Chula Vista council seat from Chula Vista students know. Yesincumbent Council Member Pamela terday they helped do just that by Bensoussan. To support his candiadding a San Diego Gas & dacy, Breitfelder’s friends, family, Electric (SDG&E)-owned and community members gathered solar system to their together for a fund-raising event at school’s rooftop – as well The Galley last Saturday, Oct. 15, as adding solar to their 2011. curriculum. This marks Breitfelder promises that he the 25th project like this will fight for reform and will lead for SDG&E’s “Sustainable Chula Vista to a new direction. His Communities Program,” priorities include improving the lowhich now totals three cal economy without raising taxes, megawatts of clean energy. preserving his city’s police protecThis energy goes back tion, and enhancing his neighboronto the grid which benhood’s quality of life. efits each of the project’s surrounding community. The three megawatts of clean energy is equal to: NOT driving a car 8.4 million miles, powering 2,000 homes, saving 6.4 million pounds of greenhouse gases each year, planting 98,000 trees or removing 722 cars from the road. The High Tech Elementary and High Tech Breitfelders Filipina girl- Middle Chula Vista friend Elsa Lucero Siverts and students flipped the switch Asian Journal columnist Zena at on their rooftop solar system, marking the third solar the reception desk. project SDG&E has done with the charter school. The effort includes been lacking in the interest or ability a curriculum where students learn to bring together those who focus on about renewable energy and energy our business community and those Larry Breiftfelder (right) drums up support for his candidacy. who are concerned about our neighborhoods. The truth of course is that both of these legitimate interests are interdependent. “As our economy improves with resulting increased revenue, we must first address three priorities: (1) Increase the size of our police force to a safer level along the lines of what we had a few years ago; (2) Fully fund our infrastructure maintenance. If we continue to let our infrastructure crumble to the point of no return, it will be vastly more expensive to deal with the problem; and (3) Invest money and staff time to support our top business leaders in recruiting key companies to expand or relocate to Chula Vista. “The reward of satisfying these priorities is that we will have A portion of the group of supporters listening to Breitfelder ex- the freedom and economic foundapress election issues he is running for.

In an interview with this candidate during the fund-raising event, Breitfelder shared with me that “Fighting forReform” refers to the whole length of his life in community leadership. During his brief tenure as Board Member of the Otay Water District, he was instrumental in saving millions of dollars for the public. His duties required everything from “a new ethic of respect” for employees to investments in strategic planning and technology, and contracting out selected services to outside companies. During his presidency of the Chula Vista Taxpayers Association, which he founded, Breitfelder has been on the cutting edge of promotion pension reform as well as preventing job-killing tax increases and

High Tech Elementary and High Tech Middle Chula Vista Launch SDG&E’s 25th Clean Energy Project
efficiency. The schools are seeking LEED® Platinum certification from the US Green Building Council and were designed to be nearly 26 percent more energy efficient than required

stations,” said David L. Geier, vice president of electric operations for SDG&E. “These will serve as models for SDG&E’s smart grid that will ultimately predict and ‘intelligently’ respond to the changing needs and actions of customers by efficiently delivering sustainable energy when it’s most needed.” The program focuses on solar, fuel cells and energy storage for schools, municipal facilities, large multi-family mixed use developments. The program team collaborates with builders to construct sustainable green buildings that are highly energy efficient. SDG&E is a regulated public utility that provides safe and reliable energy service to 3.5 million consumers through 1.4 million electric meters and more than 850,000 natural gas meters in San Diego and southern Orange counties. The utility’s area spans 4,100 square miles. SDG&E is committed to creating ways to help our customers save energy and money every day. SDG&E is a subsidiary of Sempra Energy (NYSE: SRE), a Fortune 500 energy services holding company based in San Diego.

by California Building Codes. “Moving forward, Sustainable Communities Program projects will incorporate advanced energy storage and electric vehicle charging

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October 28 - November 3, 2011

Contemporary Asian American Issues
Founder, President & CEO Kalusugan Community Services.

by Dr. Ofelia Dirige

What’s On Your Plate?
by Dr. Ofelia Dirige, RD, MPH, PhD
The American Dietetic Association (ADA) whose name will be changed in 2012 to Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics held their Annual Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo here in San Diego, September 24-27 at the Convention Center. This is the biggest convention of dietitians, nutritionists, health and food service professionals, businesses and food industries. It is one of the most interesting meetings to go to not only for the excellent content materials but also it is the largest expo on the latest developments in the food industry and educational materials. It will take you a day to go through the exhibits and you might as well eat your lunch there too! • • • drinks Switch to fat free of low fat (1%) milk Compare sodium in foods Make at least half your grains, whole grains

For more information on “MY PLATE” visit the website: HYPERLINK “http://www.ChooseMyPlate. gov” It provides tools, resources and practical information on dietary assessment, nutrition education and other user-friendly nutrition information. MY PLATE does not suggest particular foods or specific serving sizes and does not even mention desserts or sweets. This food guide is not intended to tell people what to eat but to empower them to make their own healthy choices and use this visual icon as a guide.

Eating Campaign” at the ADA convention this September. The project was conducted by Kalusugan Community Services in San Diego from 2006-2010 and was funded by The California Endowment.

Dr. Claudio, Nutrition Consultant from Las Vegas and Dr. JamoraboRuiz, Professor at Polytechnic University of the Philippines were here the day before the conference to be speakers at KCS’, “Food Safety Workshop”. It was a very informative session and participants learned a lot about the microbiological, chemical, and physical aspects POSTER SESSION ON FILIPINO of food safety and how to prevent AMERICAN HEALTHY EATING contamination. Ms. Dina Ellorin, CAMPAIGN (Editor’s Note: See Supervisor of the SD County Enviadditional photos on page 3 of this ronmental Health Services discussed issue, Asian Journal 10/28/2011) their findings during their inspections of restaurants in SD.

Dr. Ofelia Dirige and the KCS Fil Am Healthy Eating Campaign Poster Presentation during the ADA Conference in September 2011 ber:

One of the main themes in the conference is the replacement of the 2002 and 2005 “FOOD GUIDE PYRAMID” that has been used as a model for healthy eating. My Here are some things to remember Pyramid was failing to capture when looking at MY PLATE: the public’s attention so it is being replaced by “MY PLATE”, the new • Make half your plate fruits symbol for the U.S. Department of and vegetables Agriculture’s food guide. It is meant • Make at least half of your to inspire the public and actively grains whole lead people to make the correct eat• Switch to skim (nonfat) or low ing choices. It conveys the seven key fat (1%) milk messages from the Dietary Guide• Vary your protein sources (not lines 2010: meat all the time but fish & seafood, • Enjoy food but eat less • chicken, beans, nuts and eggs. • Avoid oversized portions • Drink water instead of sugary

The “plate-shaped” symbol is sliced into wedges for the basic food groups and half filled with fruits and vegetables. Wedges will be color coded for fruits, vegetables, grains and protein. A smaller plate next to the large plate represents dairy. See picture attached. For Filipinos, most of our plate looks like half of it is rice, one half meat or protein and no vegetables. Every time we eat, let’s see at how our plate looks like so that we have half of it as vegetables and fruit, only one fourth rice, and only one fourth fish/seafood, chicken, meat or others as beans or eggs. Let’s lay aside our love for rice. My Plate is an easier way to tell whether we are eating right.

restaurants do not have menus; and none provided nutrition information THE PROJECT GOAL WAS TO on dishes served. PREVENT OVERWEIGHT AND Grocery assessment showed that OBESITY in the Filipino American many sell healthy options, i.e., (FilAm) population in San Diego by fruits/vegetables, fish, low fat/skim changing their eating habits through milk, low sodium soy sauce, diet education and environmental strate- drinks and fruit juices but only one gies such as working with restaurant sold brown rice, baked chips, whole and grocery store owners to increase wheat bread, fat free hotdogs and the healthy options served or sold. lean ground beef. We organized a broad coalition We modified two entrees from to gain the communities’ support, each restaurant and invited the comformed an advisory committee and munity to taste them, posted healthy trained 20 advocates who worked eating posters, and encouraged ownwith the restaurant and grocery ers to serve healthy foods such as owners. green salads. We conducted grocery Ten FilAm restaurants and three tours to highlight healthy options chain grocery stores participated in that are sold. the project. We conducted an assessAs a result, the public were more ment of the healthy options available aware of healthy eating, restaurant Dr. Ofelia Dirige (right) with Dr. Virgie Claudio (center) and Dr. in the two places using a modified owners were cooking healthier, Adela Jamarabo-Ruiz (left) questionnaire developed by the and grocery owners were selling Nutrition Environment Measurement healthier options. Study (NEMS) in Atlanta, Georgia. *** Dr. Ofelia Dirige, Dr. Virgie ClauThe restaurant assessment showed dio, Dr. Adela Jamorabo-Ruiz, Dr. This is the abstract of the Poster that many are not serving healthy SAVE THE DATE!!!!!!! Aurora Cudal, Yolanda Nangpi and Session on” FilAm Healthy Eating options; do not encourage their Angie Tan presented a poster session Campaign” published in the annual “PISTA SA NAYON” on the “Filipino American Healthy publication of the ADA this Septem- customers to eat healthy; fast food

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the AH-6i light attack reconnaissance helicopter – at the 2011 Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition. The super-efficient Dreamliner will take center stage at this year’s show for Korean 787 customers and suppliers, such as Korean Air and Korea Aerospace Industries. “Boeing’s presence at the Seoul Air Show underscores our longstanding support for the Republic of Korea’s armed forces and our strong relationship with the country’s airlines,” said Pat Gaines, president of Boeing Korea. “I am proud that our partnership with Korea goes back more than 60 years and that we have been able to help advance the competitiveness of Korea’s aerospace industry.” Boeing Commercial Airplanes’ exhibit will focus on a number of key products including the 787-9 Dreamliner, 747-8 Intercontinental passenger jet and 747-8 Freighter, as well as the new 737 MAX – Boeing’s newest member of its commercial airplane family. Boeing Defense Products Asia’s commercial airplane market and gave reporters a tour of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. “Air travel in Northeast Asia is expected to grow moderately at 4.3 percent annually over the next 20 years,” Tinseth said. “Korea’s dynamic economy as well as the nation’s thirst for air travel will fuel growth for the region.” Two-thirds of Northeast Asia’s projected 1,250 airplane deliveries will be for growth. With more than 110 aircraft already on order, the airlines of Korea are truly poised for grow. Taking into account airplanes set to retire, the fleet in Northeast Asia will increase from 690 airplanes today to 1,520 in 2030. Northeast Asia is a big market for twin aisle and large aircraft. These aircraft account for about 45 percent of the region’s demand for aircraft in terms of units and almost 70 percent in terms of value. Airplanes such as Boeing’s 787, 777 and 747-8 are ideally suited to meet this market demand. In fact, all of these aircraft are on order by the airlines of Korea. These aircraft offer unsurpassed efficiency, compelling economics, longer range and a superior passenger experience. Boeing also forecasts single-aisle jetliners will account for 46 percent of new airplane deliveries to the region. The demand for single-aisle airplanes is driven by the growing number of low-cost carriers providing intra- and inter-regional service. program that is gaining international interest. Boeing Commercial Airplanes’ vice president of Marketing Randy Tinseth was scheduled to present the company’s 20-year commercial market forecast for Korea on Tuesday Oct. 18, from 11a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Westin Chosun Hotel. The show’s flying demonstrations will feature the new F-15K Slam Eagle, the most advanced fighter jet in service with the Republic of Korea Air Force; the U.S. Army’s multirole AH-64D Apache; and the U.S. Air Force’s versatile C-17 Globemaster III transport aircraft. The AH-6i and Republic of Korea Air Force Chinook will be on static display.

9TH Anniversary Celebration of the Founding of the FilAm Wellness Center and Fundraising
November 12, Saturday, 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM FWC 1419 East 8th Street, National City, CA 91950 Theme:

At Large...
by Miles Beauchamp
Miles is Assistant to the Dean and Assistant Professor in the Shirley Hufstedler School of Education at Alliant International University where he teaches new media and diverse writing courses. He has been with the Asian Journal since the 1990’s.

“Stepping Up and Getting in Shape: Collaboration and Volunteerism”
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Boeing continues in diverse aviation areas
Northeast Asia commercial aviation set for growth
Korea is on a roll, as is most of Northeast Asia when it comes to airlines. Boeing projects 1,250 new airplanes will be delivered to Northeast Asian carriers valued at approximately US $200 billion over the next 20 years. “The combined effect of liberalization and rapid economic growth is driving passenger traffic in the region,” said Randy Tinseth, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Vice President of Marketing. “In Korea, Incheon International Airport serves as a major hub in the region and the Korean peninsula is perfectly situated between Japan and China – allowing it to continue as a gateway to key markets in Asia.” Tinseth shared the company’s market data and forecast for Northeast

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Boeing Defense, Space & Security will showcase the next generation cockpit for the F-15 Silent Eagle multirole fighter – the first public showing of the aircraft’s cockpit systems. Additionally, there will be a 3D interactive display of the Silent Eagle’s multimission capabilities. The AH-64D Apache combat helicopter, CH-47 Chinook helicopter, 737 Airborne Early Warning & Control “Peace Eye” aircraft and other network-centric systems will Tinseth said single-aisle airplanes like the Next-Generation Boeing 737 round out Boeing’s defense products and 737 MAX will continue to draw on display. Boeing held a media briefing on strong demand from this important Tuesday, Oct. 18, at 2:30 p.m. Seoul market segment. time with Mike Burke, director of Korea debut of 787 Dreamliner, Global Strike Rotorcraft Business F-15 Silent Eagle technology and Development, who was scheduled AH-6i to provide updates on Boeing’s Boeing will highlight its leadingAH-64 Apache focused on the status edge commercial and defense of the new AH-64D Apache Block technologies and capabilities – including the Korea debut of the 787 III aircraft and the new AH-6i light attack/reconnaissance helicopter Dreamliner, F-15 Silent Eagle and

October 28 - November 3, 2011

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Immigration 911
by Atty. Susan V. Perez
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C1/D Visa Holders (Crewmen) Are Not Eligible For Adjustment of Status or Other Forms of Relief Such As Suspension or Cancellation of Removal
IMMIGRATION 911 by Atty. Susan V. Perez | SAN DIEGO, 10/28/2011 -not needed for normal operation or where numbers are in excess. A crewman can apply for D visa. A D status is not authorized to work Mario, a Filipino crewmember of in the United States. If permitted the cruise ship Baby Love, suffered by the Customs and Border Patrol an eye injury while on duty and on (CBP) to land is not considered adboard the ship. Mario needed immediate medical attention and a heli- mitted. A D visa status has 29 days copter crew from coast guard sector maximum period of admission. A crewman cannot apply for extension of San Diego medically evacuated Mario from the cruise ship 300 miles of stay, cannot change status, and cannot southadjust west status of San except if Diego. he has the A benefit of coast section guard 245i flight of the doctor Immigrarecomtion and mendNationaled that ity Act. Mario Even if be Mario is medimarried to a U.S. citizen, he is not cally evacuated as soon as possible eligible for adjustment of status. He to preserve his eyesight. He was is also not eligible for cancellation flown to the nearest hospital where of removal even if he has qualifyhe was treated. While recovering ing relatives such as his wife and from his injury, Mario fell in love with a Filipino nurse, Marie. She is children. However, if Marie filed an I-130 petition on behalf of Mario on a U.S. citizen. It was a whirlwind romance. As soon as Mario was dis- or before April 30, 2001, and Mario was physically present in the United charge from the hospital, he moved States on December 21, 2000, he in with Marie and got married. is eligible for adjustment of status They had two children and were because of INA section 245i benefit. living happily until an immigration The 245i was the last amnesty that officer showed up at their doorstep was passed by the United States to remove Mario from the country government. because he is a “stowaway”. Can Mario’s U.S. citizen wife and children save him from being deported? We welcome your feedback. If you The answer is “NO”. have any immigration questions, please feel welcome to email me at or Crewmen or persons serving in call 619 819 -8648 to arrange for a good faith in any capacity required telephone consultation. for normal operating and service on board a vessel include people Follow @asianjournal employed by owners or concessionon Twitter. aire (e.g. beautician) and trainees. Facebook at Crewman does not include persons on U.S.-based fishing vessels, asianjournal or except those landing temporarily on asianjournal.sandiego Guam. It does not include persons

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tions in San Diego. According to him, he “has been privileged to have a unique vantage point to appreciate the contributions of the FilipinoAmerican community in education, business, medicine, and a variety of other fields.” After narrowly falling short of election to the Chula Vista’s city council in 2010, Breitfelder complied with broad-based encourageBreitfelder is his involvement in the ment from members of the comFilipino-American and Asian community to run against incumbent munity in San Diego. As a former Councilwoman Pamela Bensoussan. chair of the Chula Vista International Breitfelder expressed appreciFriendship Commission, he was ation for the continued friendship of instrumental in supporting COPAO’s the Filipino-American community. (Continued from page 5) past President Oscar Garcia’s sucHis partial list of supporters from cessful efforts to make Cebu (Philip- the Fil-Am community includes, in merce president Lourdes Valdez, pines) a sister city for Chula Vista. no particular order: Fred Gallardo, past and current president Debbie In his election to the Otay Pressy Garrovillas, Nedy Lao, Yolly Espe of the Chula Vista FilipinoDistrict Board, he enjoyed strong Zamora, Arlito Reclosado, Bert and American Chamber of Commerce, support from the Filipino-American Debbie Espe, Elsa Lucero Siverts, Ditas Yamane of the National City community. Breitfelder has been a George Alfonso, Jimmie Sober, LydFilipino-American Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Grace Lee of the San long-time member of the South Bay ia-Reyes Loristo, Mel Marin, Ben Filipino- American Association and Macayan, Manny Cabildo, Marissa Diego Asian Heritage Association, other Filipino-American organizaAcierto, Ernie Pitpit, Vince Vasquez, Marissa Acierto of PTE HOPE, Dr. tions in Southern California. and Donard & Peggy Cayabyab. Ofelia Dirige of Kalusugan, and a Breitfelder said he may be the number of officers and members of only non-Filipino ever elected to XXX the Council of Philippine American the Board of COPAO, the umbrella Organizations (COPAO). organization for Fil-Am organizaWhat is less-known about


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October 28 - November 3, 2011

Brewing Battle to Bring Back the Bells of Bayan Balangiga
In the pursuit of its “Manifest Destiny”, America decided to conduct a foreign policy of Expansionism. As the 19th Century was ending, the United States targeted the Philippines as a strategic place for its Asian ambitions. The Spanish-American War began in 1898 and the American expansionists or imperialists were maneuvering to become the “new colonial masters in the Philippines.” Earlier in 1896, the Philippine Revolution broke out against Spain, which was its colonizer for more than 300 years. Forever fighting against foreign oppressors and continuously conducting guerrilla warfare against the Spanish rulers, the Filipino revolutionaries caused the collapse of Spanish power in the entire country. In fact, on June 12, 1898 Philippine Independence was proclaimed and a new Philippine Government led by General Emilio Aguinaldo was installed. But America had other plans. It conducted secret negotiations with Spain. A mock battle on August 13, 1898 was staged to justify the turning over by Spain of the Philippines to America. For $20 million, the Philippines was “purchased” from Spain. The Filipinos resisted American rule. Thus – the Philippine-American War began. Sending over a hundred thousand troops, killing hundreds of thousands including women and children, burning villages, and torturing prisoners, America finally won the war in 1902. Described by Pulitzer Prize Winning historian Walter McDougall as having the Good, the Bad and the Ugly parts of America’s history, I would call the Filipino-American War as both Bad and Ugly. An example was the event that transpired in a small town called Balangiga in the province of Samar, Philippines. The town folks were determined to resist American occupation. After initially decimating Company C of the 9th Infantry Battalion that was sent to their town, the townspeople were eventually conquered. As historians described, “in an 11-day span burned 255 dwellings, slaughtered 13 carabaos (Filipino oxen), and killed 39 people” in retaliation for what the townspeople did to Company C. In addition to the burning of the entire island of Samar on orders by Brigadier General Jacob W. Smith there was an

Adding insult to injury, the American soldiers also decided to take with them the Balangiga Bells. The soldiers who took them must have considered them war trophies. For long periods of time, warfare left the victor the complete discretion as to the distribution of spoils. But the church bells are religious artifacts that fall within the definition of “cultural property” recognized by existing international conventions, treaties and agreements signed and accepted by both the United States and the Philippines. Conventions on the return and recovery of stolen cultural property now exist to support claimants. Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario recently announced that DFA would soon “aggressively pursue diplomatic efforts for the return of the Balangiga Bells that were carted away by American troops during their occupation of the Eastern Visayas province more than 110 years ago.” This is “To honor the people of Samar who fought valiantly for freedom during the Philippine-American War”, DFA said.

Dear friends,

Sign online petition to authorize the return of two church bells that were taken by the U.S. Army in 1901 from Balangiga, Samar, Philippines
You can view and sign the petition here: Here’s some more information about this petition: Authorize the return of two church bells that were taken by the U.S. Army in 1901 from Balangiga, Samar, Philippines. Currently displayed at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming, the religious artifacts should be returned to the people of the Philippines as a visible symbol of the friendship, goodwill, and cooperation that exists a study specifically on the matter even recommended the return. Jean Wall, the daughter of the first American killed during the historic encounter also suggested the return. Even the Governor of Wyoming washed his hands and claimed that it is a Federal decision. In announcing an aggressive diplomatic pursuit, DFA Secretary Albert del Rosario virtually rang the bell signaling that a Battle to Bring Back the Bells to Bayan Balangiga is Brewing. (B to BB the B to BB is B.) Beware Bilateral negotiators. Hope for

I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 25,000 signatures by November 26, 2011, the White House will review it and respond! We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the Obama Administration to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the Obama Administration will issue an official response. moral basis for the people of Balangiga to get back their church bells. The United States and the Philippines signed the “Protocol and Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict, The Hague, 14 May 1954” as well as the “Final Act of the Intergovernmental Conference on the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict, The Hague, 14 May 1954.” The United States is also a signatory to bilateral agreements such as that with Mexico and other regional and international conventions and treaties. As a matter of principle and policy therefore, the U.S. supports the return of any cultural property carted away during armed conflicts to its rightful owners. This is a Good part of what author/historian McDougall called “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” parts of American Foreign Policy. The Balangiga Bells are currently under the custody and care of the U.S. Government. Two are in a federal facility in Wyoming and one in a U.S. Military base in South Korea. On the Philippine side, the Municipality of Balangiga had petitioned for the bells’ return. Then Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel sponsored a Senate Resolution also asking for the return. Most importantly, then President Fidel Ramos had written a similar request to then President Bill Clinton. On the U.S. side, Congressman Bob Filner of San Diego led a group of U.S. legislators supporting the return. Even a Wyoming Commission that conducted

between the Philippines and the United States. Recognized as cultural property under International Law, the bells were carted away in an armed conflict that produced Filipino and American heroes. With the church bells in its original place, it would be a shrine to these heroes who did not die in vain. They fought hard in the name of freedom and in defense of policy and doctrine but never to savor the spoils of war. -- Benjamin Maynigo

the Good American and not the Ugly one to surface! ABOUT ME: BENJAMIN MAYNIGO An International and Cyber Lawyer with an LL.B and LL.M; An Educator with an M.A. in Human Resource Development; An IT Chief Executive Officer with M.B.A.; Community and Trade Association Leader; Lecturer/Speaker/ Writer; Political Strategist; Technology Pioneer.

The Balangiga bells are three church bells taken by the United States Army from the town church of Balangiga, Eastern Samar in the Philippines as war booty after reprisals following the Balangiga incident in 1901 during the Philippine-American War. One church bell is in the possession of the 9th Infantry Regiment at Camp Red Cloud, their base in South Korea,[1][2] while two others are on a former base of the 11th Infantry Regiment at F. E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming.[3] At least one of the bells had tolled to signal the surprise attack by the Filipinos while the Americans were eating breakfast. The attack claimed the lives of more than forty soldiers of the US garrison posted in the town.-- Wikipedia order to kill all boys aged 11 and over. About 43,000 people either died or fled. This was considered “genocidal retribution”. Upon reviewing my notes in my International Criminal Law class on “Offenses Against Cultural Property”, I discovered that there is a legal and

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October 28 - November 3, 2011

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Phil - Am Law 101
by Atty. Rogelio Karagdag, Jr.
Member, State Bar of California & Integrated Bar of the Philippines

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Do I Need My Ex-Girlfriend’s Consent To Bring Our Love Child to the U.S.?
Dear Atty. Karagdag, I was petitioned by my father as an unmarried adult child. I have remained single until now, although I have a five-year old daughter with a previous girlfriend. My ex-girlfriend and I broke up. She went on to marry another man and left our baby with me. I do not know where she is right now. Recently, I was notified by the National Visa Center to pay the Affidavit of Support and Immigration Visa fees and to submit documents. I did as told. At the last minute, however, I decided to bring my child with me, so I asked the NVC to include her in the petition. NVC replied and asked me to pay another visa fee and to submit my daughter’s birth certificate, 2x2 pictures and passport copy. My problem is that I could not get a passport for my child unless I get a clearance from the DSWD, but the DSWD does not want to give me the clearance unless I get my ex-girlfriend’s consent or a court order. I am at a loss now on what to. I do not want to delay my petition because my father is very sickly. Respectfully, Gordon Dear Gordon, The law always considers the best interests of the child. As is typical in most families, especially among Filipinos, it is the mother who cares for the child during his formative years, while the father takes a supporting role. In the case of legitimate children, Article 213 of the Family Code of the Philippines provides that “No child under seven years of age shall be separated from the mother, unless the court finds compelling reasons to order otherwise”. On the other hand, in the case of illegitimate children, Article 176 gives the mother the parental authority over the child until the child reaches 21 years of age (the age of majority under Philippine law). The discrepancy may be due to the idea that illegitimate fathers take flight and abandon their love child, which is of course proven wrong in your case and in many other instances. At any rate, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) requires the personal appearance of the mother and the corresponding clearance from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DWSD). This seems to be an overkill, because why the need for a DSWD clearance when the mother would be appearing before the DFA anyway? A quick call to the DFA confirms the redundancy – no need for the mother’s personal appearance; a DSWD clearance

would suffice. But we advise our readers to always take the side of caution. If the mother is available, then it is better if she tags along. Now, let us go to your case. You said that you cannot locate the mother anymore. However, we have this feeling that you have not exerted your best efforts yet. Surely, there are ways to locate her – through her relatives, friends, facebook, etc. We are saying this because the alternative to her consent and personal appearance is tedious and costly. If despite all efforts you are not able to locate your ex-girlfriend or get her cooperation, then you will need to go to court and ask for exclusive custody of the child. Based on what you said in your letter, you will be able to prove that your ex-girlfriend neglected and abandoned your daughter, which is a good ground for the court to deprive her of parental authority. But, as I said, the court case will be quite tedious and costly. Firstly, you will have to engage an attorney’s services to file the petition. Secondly, since your ex-girlfriend’s whereabouts are unknown, you will need to publish the petition. Thirdly, you will need to appear in court and testify on why you should be granted custody. Of course, you may opt to immigrate first to the U.S., since you said that your father is very sickly. If something happens to him, unless you get humanitarian reinstatement, your petition will be revoked. Finally, a word of caution. Do not even think of smuggling your child into the United States, if for some reasons you are able to get her a passport without her mother’s consent or the DSWD clearance. We have heard of stories where for a certain amount, you can bribe someone to escort your child to go pass immigration. We do not know if this story is true, but if it is, be forewarned that it may constitute child abduction which is a very serious offense under United States law and international laws, for which you will face both jail term and deportation. Sincerely, Atty. Karagdag

Whatever happened to Didith Reyes, Janice Jurado, Jackie Rice and Gina Pareño?
By Armin Adina, Philippine Daily Inquirer | MANILA, 10/28/2011 -- American singing superstar Mariah Carey’s infamous breakdown in 2001 resulted in her easing herself out of the limelight to seek professional help for what was then referred to as “emotional and physical exhaustion.” Pundits surmise her collapse was a result of the poor showing of “Glitter,” the semi-biographical flick which was her big foray in the movies. Many critics thought the diva was not prepared for it because she had only known success almost all her professional life. Carey’s curious case is not new to the industry, and neither is it exclusive to Hollywood celebrities. Philippine show business also has an instructive history of infamous breakdowns. A case in point is the late sultry singer Didith Reyes, the voice behind the classic hit “Bakit Ako Mahihiya?” Reyes was undeniably the jukebox diva of the ’70s, a vital member of the bands Time Machine and Circus Band before striking out on her own. After being plucked from the band circuit, Reyes recorded hit after hit, with powerful songs that not only scored commercial success but reaped awards for her musical talent as well. In the 1977 Tokyo Musical Festival, the sultry songstress bagged the Gold Prize and the Best Performer Award. She has been credited for paving the way for other jukebox queens like Claire de la Fuente, Imelda Papin and Eva Eugenio. But the sweet life evaded the jukebox diva as quickly as it came. An inflated ego, an attitude problem, unprofessionalism, sexual excesses and an addiction to alcohol and drugs led to a downward spiral and a quick slip into oblivion. She resurfaced in late 2000, begging for alms. Help came her way, but it was too late for the singer to resurrect her career. In December 2008, Reyes was found dead in a friend’s modest dwelling in Biñan, Laguna. At the time of her death at 60, she was working as a receptionist in a local beauty salon. Another explosive local celebrity meltdown is that of ’80s bombshell Janice Jurado. Like Reyes, she was enjoying a flourishing career in the entertainment industry when a drug and alcohol habit derailed it. Jurado’s showbiz success was due to her sexy comedic portrayals that she essayed so convincingly and enjoyed tremendously. But success also made it convenient for her to satiate her craving for booze and illegal substances, that in turn led to an impoverished and
(Continued on page 20)

Gina Pareño poses backstage with the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in ‘Service’ during the Asian Film Awards 2009

The Nick Joaquin He Knew
By: Ruel S. De Vera, Philippine Daily Inquirer | 8/20/2011 -Ever creative and enigmatic, Nick Joaquin ranks among the greatest Filipino writers of all time. He certainly towers over everyone else when it comes to writing in English. Here was that rare exemplar who could do everything well. He wrote poems, short stories, novels and plays, and constructed powerful journalistic essays under his pen name Quijano de Manila. He also became the most sought-after biographer in Philippine literary history. But as much as he was publicly admired and hiswork loved by generations, Nick himself was a quiet, sensitive man whose inner workings were known to very few. He was one writer who kept to himself all the time. Beloved fiercely by those close to him, Nick left a gaping void when he died in
(Continued on page 14)

Fil-Am Employee Demoted; Files Appeal
(Continued from page 1)

job standards.

Fuentes wrote: “I believe that this “adverse employment action” is retaliatory and discriminatory due to my gender, race, sex, age, disability status and entirely flawed based on skewed data. It appears I am being targeted and punished for my behavior and previous actions as the Zoning Administrator, my old job, instead of my work performance as the Planning Administrator. As a matter of fact, since my last evaluation of August 11, 2009 (I was still Zoning Administrator then), I did not receive any other Performance Evaluation from Mr. Hassan Haghani, my supervisor, until after more than 20 months, when he handed me the Notice of Proposed Demotion letter on May 25, 2011. He did not do a 6-month follow up review per our discussion of August 2009. He did not even do a one year evaluation or 18 months. This “vendetta” is orchestrated by outgoing City Manager, James Starbird, for the benefit of Haghani. The carrying out of this plan to demote and degrade me seems to be more of a conspiracy and a set up. All of this has more to do with me being a minority woman who was never accepted by these men.” Many business and professional groups and organizations, including private citizens, are now supporting Edith, including the Filipino-American Business Association of Glendale (FABAG), Soroptimist International of The Verdugos, Fil-Am Chambers and Past Soroptimist Region Governors. “This is a BIG blow to the Fil-Am community and to all women,” said FABAG Past Presidents Ruby De Vera and Marlene Cagatao. Edith was considered the highest ranking Pinay (Filipina) at City Hall until this “adverse action” happened. We all respected her. Fuentes was hired by the City in February 1993 as the Zoning Administrator and has dedicated over 18 years of her career life to this job. She holds the record as the only Zoning Administrator that lasted this long on this job. Many supporters and long-time colleagues of Fuentes, specifically Filipino-Americans in the community, were stunned by this news and intend to support the appeal of Fuentes all the way to the court system. Soroptimists Board and Past Presidents of the Fil-Am Business Association of Glendale Ruby De Vera, Marlene Cagatao, Nini Maldonado, Lydia Soriano, Danny Reyes and other members called for an emergency meeting and formed a committee - “The Friends of Edith M. Fuentes.” De Vera and Cagatao said “Edith’s work history, work habits, work ethics and good working relationship with the entire community, speak highly of her. She is well-respected. Her integrity is beyond reproach.” As Zoning Administrator, everybody knows she had one of the most controversial, most visible and highly scrutinized positions in the City. Others see that position as being powerful and of such authority. “I realize that no matter what decision I make, there will be an aggrieved party, one way or the other. I made my decisions based on what I believe and know are upholding the Zoning Code, are meeting the

required findings set forth by law, are right and fair, and within the limits and intent of the ordinance. I did not mind pressures and did not bend to any political wishes,” Fuentes said. Ten “OLD” cases dating back to 2005 were reviewed by the City’s outside investigator. The investigator claims Fuentes lack basic understanding with respect to the formal requirements of the permits she was tasked and other negative comments. Fuentes strongly “disagreed with dismay” with the investigator’s conclusion and insinuating of recurring themes in the cases and her handling of them. Fuentes asserts that demoting her is vindictive, wrong and discriminatory. Was she a victim of a conspiracy, too? The community is circulating and signing all kinds of letters and petition supporting Fuentes’ appeal and saying “Do not let them get away with it. This is injustice.” The “Friends of Edith M. Fuentes Committee” is asking, if you have any inherent information regarding this matter, please contact her lawyer, Atty. Robert E. Racine at (818) 248- 8562 or email:”

Atty. Rogelio Karagdag , Jr. is licensed to practice law in both California and the Philippines. He practices immigration law in San Diego and has continuously been a trial and appellate attorney in the Philippines since 1989. He travels between San Diego and Manila. His office address is located at 10717 Camino Ruiz, Suite 131, San Diego, CA 92126. He also has an office in the Philippines at 1240 Apacible Street, Paco, Manila, Philippines 1007, with telephone numbers (632)522-1199 and (632)526-0326. Please call (858)348-7475/(858)5364292 or email him at rkaragdag@ He speaks Tagalog fluently. Articles written in this column are not legal advice but are hypotheticals intended as general, non-specific legal information. Readers must seek legal consultation before taking any legal steps.

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October 28 - November 3, 2011

Business News
CBP Reminds Public of Prohibited Agricultural Items that Can Carry Citrus Greening Disease
SAN DIEGO — As the U.S.Mexico border community prepares for the upcoming All Souls Day (Día de Los Muertos) holiday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials are advising the traveling public that certain agricultural items that are used in holiday decorations are prohibited from entry to the U.S. and can carry harmful pests and disease, such as the citrus greening disease, which if allowed to establish itself further can be devastating to A flower vendor. Dia de los Muertos in San America’s citrus industry. Many border Miguel Allende. community families celebrate Día de los Muertos by constructing altares (altars) the U.S. Citrus greening, also known as to commemorate the lives of loved ones “huanglongbing,” is a disease caused by a or famous persons that have passed on. A bacterium that can infect most citrus varietcommon type of ornamental greenery known ies and some ornamental plants (such as as murraya or orange jasmine is sometimes orange jasmine) and was first detected in the used in the construction of altares. Murraya U.S. in 2005 in Miami-Dade County, Fla. is a host plant for the Asian citrus psyllid, Diaphorina citri Kuwayama, an insect (Continued on page 23) that can carry citrus greening disease and is therefore prohibited from entry into

San Diego’s expert organization in global humanitarian work awarded $1.5 million grant to implement disaster preparedness program in disaster and climate change prone Indonesian province

PCI Awarded Grant For Indonesia Disaster Relief
committees, leaders, and institutions for disaster and climate change management, reduce exposure and vulnerability through methods that build resilience to disaster and climate change, and improve disaster preparedness practice of communities through knowledge and education.

viding more relief, education, and knowledge of disaster and climate change throughout Indonesia. To learn more about PCI and its impact of global health and humanitarian

work, please visit www.PCIglobal. org or please contact Annette
(Continued on page 23)

Protecting Personal Information: Five Steps for Business
By Lesley Fair, FTC What’s in your file cabinet right now? Tax records? Payroll information? And what’s on your computer system? Financial data from your suppliers? Credit card numbers from your customers? To a busy marketer, those documents are an everyday part of doing business. But in the hands of an identity thief, they’re tools for draining bank accounts, opening bogus lines of credit, and going on the shopping spree of a lifetime — at the expense of your company, your employees, and the customers who trust you. Sophisticated hack attacks make the headlines, but many security breaches could be prevented by commonsense measures that cost companies next to nothing. That’s why the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has published Protecting Personal Information: A Guide for Business, a plainlanguage handbook with practical tips on securing sensitive data. The specifics depend on the size of your company and the kind of information you have, but the basic principles remain the same. Whether you work for a multinational powerhouse with branches around the world or a start-up based in a home office, a sound information security plan is built on these five key practices: Take stock. Know what personal information you have in your files and on your computer. Understand how personal information moves into, through, and out of your business and who has access — or could have access to it. Scale down. Keep only what you need for your business. That old business practice of holding on to every scrap of paper is “so 20th century.” These days, if you don’t have a legitimate business reason to have sensitive information in your files or on your computer, don’t keep it. Lock it. Protect the information you keep. Be cognizant of physical security, electronic security, employee training, and the practices of your contractors and affiliates. Pitch it. Properly dispose of what you no longer need. Make sure papers containing personal information are shredded, burned, or pulverized so they can’t be reconstructed by an identity thief. Plan ahead. Draft a plan to respond to security incidents. Designate a senior member of your team to create an action plan before a breach happens. Get your copy of Protecting Personal Information: A Guide for Business at business. While you’re there, download copies for your IT manager, your human resources department, your sales staff, and anyone else who comes in contact with customer or employee information. Lesley Fair is an attorney in the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection who specializes in business compliance. -- July 2007

In its continued commitment to diversity and to providing broadband technology to underserved communities, AT&T will proudly sponsor this year’s Advancing Justice Conference, October 27 – 28 in San Francisco, California. David Lin, Executive Director, External Affairs with AT&T from New Jersey will be on-hand to participate in a panel discussion entitled, “More Pain, Less Gain...Securing Funding in Tough Times”. The panel will address the fundraising challenges faced by nonprofit organizations. Lin, alongside three guest panelists will offer insights from a corporate and foundation perspective, on the best practices to strengthen relationships with funders. This sponsorship underscores AT&T’s dedication to ensuring that diversity and inclusion play a part in every level of the company, and that the power of technology is made available to all.

AT&T’s David Lin To Speak on Securing Funding in Tough Times

The Advancing Justice Conference, a joint project by the Asian American Institute, Asian American Justice Center, Asian Law Caucus and Asian Pacific American Legal Center, brings together a diverse group of stakeholders to address issues facing the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. This forum of researchers, advocates, direct service providers and other leaders will meet face-to-face to discuss common challenges and opportunities for collaborative solution finding. AT&T is a leader in the conversation around the importance of broadband technology for all communities. From increased civic engagement to more rapid access to medical records, a greater deployment of wireless services can improve people’s quality of life. AT&T has the potential to expand its infrastructure investment by $8 billion over seven years.

San Diego, CALIF.- PCI was recently awarded a $1.5 million grant for implementation of a disaster resilience and climate change program in Anak Krakatau Mt is one of the most active volcanoes Indonesia. This program, in Indonesia, located within the area of the older Krakatau complex now represent as Panjang, Sertang and RakaCross Sectional Strategy ta islands. Geographically, it’s located at the position of for Climate -6.100615,105.422688. The closest cities are Lampung, JaChange and karta and Banten. One hundred eruptions were recorded since Disaster Risk June 11, 1927 with recurrence intervals every 1-6 years. Since Reduction in 2007, eruptions phase occur every year in this mountain. UnIndia, is an- fortunately, seismograph and several GPS station in Anak ticipated to get Krakatau were buried by eruption material lately, resulting off the ground lack of observation since July 10, 2011. in November and will last for three years. PCI is promoting key topics of Indonesia is one of the most President Obama’s Global Climate disaster prone countries in the Change Initiative, or GCCI, which world. Over the past 20 years, the integrates investing in clean energy, country has been hit by more than promoting sustainable landscapes, 200 natural disasters, affecting 15.4 supporting climate change resilmillion people and costing the U.S. ience and adaptation. GCCI would $20 billion in damages. With the col- dedicate $1 billion over 2010-2012 laboration of local partner KabaHill as part of the U.S. contribution Centre, together with universities towards reducing greenhouse gas such as John Hopkins University, emissions and making our climate local communities, and the Indonefinancing efficient, effective and insian government, PCI will manage novative, as well as helping to meet the program in order to address the the needs of developing countries, needs of 30 communities and 35,000 including clean energy technologies. people in Bengkulu Province. This helps promote country climate Along with its collaborators, PCI goals, climate solutions that lead to is striving to strengthen resilience economic growth, ensures sustainof vulnerable rural populations in ability of this growth, strengthens Bengkulu Province to disaster and governance, and facilitates resilience climate change. By implementdevelopment. ing this program, the province will Along with these ideas, PCI’s strengthen its local government program will be a catalyst into pro-

October 28 - November 3, 2011

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Spiritual Life
Read Monsignor’s previous articles by visiting our website at

by Msgr. Fernando G. Gutierrez

Lower Your Nets

Be Humble! Are You Kidding?
Joke of the Week: An office manager arrives at his department and sees an employee sitting behind his desk totally stressed out. He gives him an advice: “I went home every afternoon for two weeks and had myself pampered by my wife. It was fantastic and it really helped. You should try it too.” Two weeks later when the manager arrives at his department he sees the man happy and full of energy at his desk. The faxes are piling up and the computer is running at full speed. “I see you followed by advice?” “I did,” answers the employee. “It was great! By the way, I didn’t know you had such a nice home!” everything at all times. To go down from one’s exalted position and seek the advice of his subjects or peers is demeaning for a proud leader. But humility is truth. One of the essential traits of a true leader is to admit his limitations and to submit himself to others by

someone who does not want and does not know how to delegate responsibilities to his subordinates and peers and who is trying to achieve too much within a short period. Typically, someone of that mold is an excellent candidate for a burnout. Hard working, hard training, hard driven individuals who become emotionally, psychologically or physically exhausted are said to be suffering from burnout. Whether the scribes and Pharisees suffered from burnout is not our main concern in today’s gospel. Surely, they did not have humility. They were addicted to praises and recognitions they did not deserve that are due to God alone. Jesus taught his followers not to consider any creature equal to his heavenly Father. Jesus is not against the use of such titles as “Father,” dad, daddy, or pop. He was more concerned about “deification” of human beings and making creatures (persons and things) gods or replacing the true God with false gods.

Seer points to Mary as many fear a meltdown

by Virginia H. Ferrer
Read Virginia Ferrer’s previous articles by visiting our website at

Scriptures: First Reading: Malachi 1: 14-2: 8, 10. The priests used their position to offend God and to deceive the community. They are condemned for neglecting the priestly Art by Nolan Thomas, 10 (watercolor) ideal, the “covenant of Levi.” Like Levi, seeking their help and advice. The they had to be knowledgeable in the irony of humility lies in our ability law and to instruct the community to be strong for others to depend on accordingly. They were supposed to us while we remain dependent on believe what they preached, teach what they believed, and practice what others. Most likely, a person who does they preached. But they failed in not have humility is a perfectionist, their responsibilities as teachers and leaders. Second Reading: 1 Thessalonians 2: 7-9, 13. To convince the Thessalonians of his love for them, St. Paul used the imagery of a loving and caring mother and of a disciplinarian father. Of course, he was not intending to present himself and his companions as a model parent for family life. Gospel: Matthew 23: 1-12. Jesus rejects religious exhibitionism. The followers of Jesus should practice humility and render service to the community. Jesus does not condemn religious authority, but its abuse to promote one’s selfish ambition and to gain honorific titles and positions. Reflections: St. Augustine mentioned that three virtues are indispensable so that the Holy Spirit can empower and enkindle us by the fire of his love. These three virtues are humility, humility, and humility. What is humility? St. Thomas Aquinas said that it came from the Latin word, “humus,” the earth that is beneath us. “Humility,” according to him, “consists in keeping oneself within one’s own bounds, not reaching out to things above one, but submitting to one’s superior.” The dictionary defines humility for what it is not, i.e., lack of vanity or selfimportance, and not for what it is. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, “humility in a higher and ethical sense is that by which a man has a modest estimate of his own worth, and submits himself to others.” Since humility is mistakenly viewed as a sign of weakness, poor condition, lowliness and lack of self-respect, it does not have so many practitioners. This is more apparent in the corporate world where assertiveness and authoritativeness are highly valued. In that kind of environment, where “staying on top of things” is very important for an individual and company’s survival, humility seems to be out place. John Baldoni wrote that “humility is acceptance of individual limitations - I cannot do it alone - coupled with a sense of resolve to do something about it - I will enlist the help of others. That is the essence of leadership.” A leader’s admission that he doesn’t have all the wisdom in the world and the answers to all problems is to acknowledge his feebleness and to put oneself at risk of being labeled as incompetent. This is frightening for someone who wants to look his best and to be in control of

MIAMI, FL, 10/28/2011 -- With economy and safety seeming to collapse, it is ideal to turn to the Virgin Mary for help, visionary Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti told a crowd of 3000 in Miami, Florida, on October 24. She also stressed the ephemeral nature of our stay on earth, and that each person’s behavior will decide where eternity is going to be spent. While local media were busy tracking the development of Hurricane Rina, on Monday evening visionary Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti urged about 3000 October 31 is the celebration of people in All Hallows Eve, the day before All Miami, Florida, to turn to the Virgin Saints Day. Let us take off the ugly Mary at times of change and crisis. costumes and masks of hypocrisy “Lunetti, speaking in Italian, said and haughtiness. Let us be true to that at this time of change, when the ourselves and to God. Let us practice economy and security that we dehumility so that someday we can be pend on seem to collapse, it is ideal numbered among his saints! to go to the Virgin for help through When someone called George Ber- prayer, and ask for her intercession nard Shaw an ass, far from taking of- before God”, reports fense, he took it as a compliment. He from Marija’s talk, given on a lawn pointed out the qualities we associate next to St. Agnes’ Church in Key Biscayne. with the humble donkey: modesty, Marija also emphasized the hard work, contentment with plain ephemeral nature of our stay on food and underestimation by the public. No one could be offended by earth and the importance of realizing having such qualities ascribed to him! the meaning of our individual lives within an eternal dimension. And so A haughty lawyer once asked a she stressed the importance of praysterling old farmer, “Why don’t you ing every day, and keeping a Bible hold up your head in the world as I at home. do? I bow my head neither before “With our behavior we risk an God nor man.” “Squire,” replied the eternity. I am responsible for my farmer, “see that field of grain? Only actions but you are responsible for those that are empty stand upright. Those that are well-filled are the ones yours” Marija said, according to -- http://www.medjugorthat bow low.” Quotations of the Week: “Too much humility is pride.” German proverb. “The boughs that bear most hang lowest.” English proverb.

Ang Tatlong Puno (1)
Sa isang makahoy na lugar na malapit sa burol ay masinsinang nag-usap ang tatlong punong mayabong “ano ang pangarap ninyo?”, ito ang matinding tanong “anong mangyayari sa atin, pagdating ng panahon.” “Ang gusto ko sana ay maging kaban ako ng yaman na puno ng ginto’t pilak, alahas na kumikinang, marangya ang ukit at may matingkad na kagandahan,” wika ng unang puno na may tinig ng pagyayabang. Sumunod namang nagsalita ang ikalawang puno, “Balang araw ako ay magiging sikat at malaking barko, at mga dugong bughaw lamang ang magiging sakay ko, ligtas silang lahat at lilibutin namin ang mundo.” Sa huli ay ang ikatlong puno naman ang nagwika, “Nais ko sana’y ako ang maging pinakadakila pinakamataas sa gubat sa akin titingala malapit sa langit para kausapin si Bathala.” Lumipas ang maraming taon at tuloy din ang dasal na sana’y matupad ang kanilang mga inaasam masasaya silang tatlo sa kanilang pagpapatnubay sa gubat na siya nilang kinamulatang tahanan. ©2011 Virginia H. Ferrer. All rights reserved.
About the Author: Virginia H. Ferrer is a Filipino Language Teacher at Otay Ranch High School in Chula Vista.

Medjugorje October 02, 2011 Message to Mirjana “Dear children; Also today my motherly heart calls you to prayer, to your personal relationship with God the Father, to the joy of prayer in Him. God the Father is not far away from you and He is not unknown to you. He revealed Himself to you through my Son and gave you Life that is my Son. Therefore, my children, do not give in to temptations that want to separate you from God the Father. Pray! Do not attempt to have families and societies without Him. Pray! Pray that your hearts may be flooded with the goodness which comes only from my Son, Who is sincere goodness. Only hearts filled with goodness can comprehend and accept God the Father. I will continue to lead you. In a special way I implore you not to judge your shepherds. My children, are you forgetting that God the Father called them? Pray! Thank you.”


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October 28 - November 3, 2011

McRib_Ad_Filipino_Mech E_13x21.indd 1

10/21/10 8:20 PM

October 28 - November 3, 2011

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Showbiz Watcher
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by Ogie Cruz

SHOWBIZ WATCHER By Ogie Cruz |SAN DIEGO, 10/28/2011 -Kamakailan ginanap ang Phils. Fashion Week, siempre kanya-kanyang rampahan ang mga artista, sa babae sina Anne Curtis, Kim Chui at Bea Alonzo ang pinalakpakan ng husto at sa lalake naman sina Piolo Pascual at Enchong Dee ang pinagkaguluhan. Marami artista rin ang kasama pero wala silang appeal, compare sa mga nabanggit namin kaya hindi masyado naging excited ang audience nang makita sila. May ilang baguhan pa raw,

Piolo & Enchong, Pinagkaguluhan Sa Phils. Fashion Week: “ May Mystery kasi Ang Dalawang ‘Yan”- Cristy Fermin-

Amalia Fuentes & Nora Aunor na “May Mystery kasi ang dalawang ‘yan.”. Mystery, medyo nangiti kami sa word na yun na parang nakakaintriga. Ang tanong Ate Cristy, anu ang mystery kina Piolo Pascual at Enchong Dee na mukhang interesado na malaman ng mga Pinoy dito sa amerika.Paki-explain Ate Cristy?

Vilma Santos AGA MULACH TYPE MAKAMA SI MARIAN RIVERA !!! Aminado pala si Aga Mulach na gusto pala niya makasama sa isang movie ang Reyna ng GMA 7 na si Marian Rivera.Maganda na raw at magaling pang umarte.Hindi lang yan, siempre sikat si Marian ngayon at no. 1 pambato ng siete kaya siguro gustong makasama ni Aga.Pumayag naman kaya si Marian,yan ang tanong.Sana matupad ang kahilingan ni Aga, but for the meantime tuloy na ang paggawa niya ng movie with Lea Salonga, at next year naman yung sa kanila ni Regine Velasquez. ang naglilitawan na version at picture about taal volcano, instead na ‘Batangas’ aba ‘Ate Guy’ ang nakasignage sa taal volcano.Pinaglaruan na, ewan lang namin kung mga Noranians ang may gawa yun.Tignan nyo na lang picture ,nandun pa rin ang rivalry nila ni Ate Guy. HARVEST HOMES LENDING FANS NAMIN SA SHOWBIZ WATCHER !!! Nakakatuwa naman ang mga taga harvest home lending lagi raw sila nakasubaybay sa
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NAGTATAMPO SI AMALIA FUENTES KAY NORA AUNOR !!! Nagtatampo pala ang dating Reyna ng Pelikulang Pilipino na si Amalia Fuentes sa nag-iisang Superstar na si Nora Aunor, eto chika sa amin ng aming espiya sa showbiz. Sa isang interview ni Nora sa Yes Magazine nakalagay na, dati raw maka-Amalia eto pero nung ayaw magpahalik si Amalia sa isang occasion at nawalan daw siya ng paghanga rito.Nag-react naman si Amalia na dapat raw naging magingat si Guy sa kanyang naging mga statement o ayusin ito. Wala raw maalala si Amalia na ganong insidente na inisnab niya si Ate Guy.Ang natatandaan daw niya ay nang mag-shooting si Ms. Aunor sa bahay niya sa Rolling hills na nagkaroon ng miscommunication sa production staff.Misunderstanding daw ang nangyari.Sana raw ayusin ni Nora ang kanyang statement dahil hindi raw totoo yun. Natanong din si Amalia kung name-miss niya ang kanyang daughter na si Liezl Martinez, yes naman ang sagot niya.” I always miss Liezl everyday of my life,”maramdaming sagot ni Ms. Fuentes.Dagdag pa nga nito na ang anak daw puedeng makalimot sa Ina, pero ang mother can never forget.Mukhang hindi pa rin ayos ang relasyon ng mag-ina Cristy Fermin (top), Enchong Dee (left) and Piolo Pascual sa mga binitawang salita ni Ama-

agaw eksena sa stage halos magsayaw na sa kararampa pero hindi sila pinalakpakan.Sabi nga ni Cristy Fermin sa “Juicy” nung Tuesday “ Kahit naka-putting T-shirt lang si Piolo sapat na para pagkaguluhan, pati si Enchong kahit nakaTshirt malakas din, “. Sumang-ayon naman ang lahat na kasama niyang co-hosts sa nasabing show, pero ang nakakaintriga na binitawan ni Ate Cristy na mukhang hindi napansin ng ilang cohosts niya roon ay ang sundot niya

Aga Mulach and Marian Rivera lia.Pero mukhang ok naman ang relasyon niya sa kanyang mga apo na sina Alyanna at Alfonso Martinez. Kamukhang kamukha raw ni Alyanna Martinez si Liezl, minsan raw sa malayo parang si Liezl raw ang kanyang nakita pero anak pala ni Liezl ito. LABANANG VILMA SANTOS AT NORA AUNOR HANGGANG FACEBOOK !!! May malubhang sakit ngayon ang mother ni Gov. vilma Santos, hindi na raw ito nakakakilala dahil sa katandaan na ikinalulungkot ngayon ng Star For All Seasons. Kaso hindi lang yun ang naging problema ngayon ni Ate Vi pati ang proposed signage on taal Volcano, na plano nilang lagyan ng salitang ‘BATANGAS’ parang ‘Hollywood’ sa Los Angeles California para to attract tourists.Kaso raw binatikos eto ng iba, sana raw lagyan na lang ng salitang ‘ Darna’ na parang pangiisulto ang dating.Movie kasi ni Ate Vi yun na lumipad sa bundok noon. Sa Facebook naman, iba naman

The women of Harvest Homes Lending

53 days. 53 tickets.



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by Simeon G. Silverio Jr.
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Fantasy Land, a novel

The Nick Joaquin He Knew

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Second World War: “Intramuros was so familiar and close to Nick’s heart. He knew where each building had stood. As he gazed around him and took in the destruction and realized all that had been destroyed and lost, a deep loud groan escaped from him and his body began to shake all over as sobs rose from the very pit of his stomach.” The book then follows Nick as he rises to the top of the literary scene. And here we begin to see the Nick that the public knows, the prolific awardwinner. Here we can imagine the man who wrote “May Day Eve,” “The Woman Who Had Two Navels” and “A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino.” Here we can imagine his distinctive profile, even remember the deep, grainy voice that belied his gentleness. And of course, the drinking: “On the other side of the spectrum, others today are more familiar with the way he guzzled down his beer, although family and those close to him attribute his drinking habits to his need for a crutch to loosen his tongue since in reality, Nick was quite shy. This began only after he had gained some degree of popularity and would be asked to talk and then be surrounded by admirers. Close friends attest to the fact that despite all the beer he drank, Nick was never drunk. He may have acted it, but he knew exactly what was going on around him all the time.” “Nick” introduces the people close to his heart, detailing the start of longtime friendships with stalwartcompanions like Gregorio Brillantes and Pete Lacaba, as well as Nick’s time at publications like the Philippines Free Press. Nick would become an inspiration to many others.

October 28 - November 3, 2011

Mga Tula ng Bayan
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Charity Projects
event.” “Do we have enough room in the (Continued from page 1) helicopter?” Max turned to his wife Jennifer. country will not succeed without “I think so. Your staff will be takyour help.” “I will try my best, Mr. President.” ing the second helicopter, rememRight away, people watching in the ber?” “Okay, join us. Follow our cars,” grandstand and the television sets Max told Liza. all over the country became aware For once, Liza saw a glimpse of how important the president of the affluent lifestyle a multiregarded the Dullescos. He went out of his way to walk over to the family billionaire like Max Dullesco had. From the grandstand, they followed before he left, ignoring the other a convoy of black luxurious miniVIPs and top government officials eagerly waiting to congratulate him. vans. The two in the front and one at the tail were full of security people, “So I cannot dissuade you from while the middle vehicle had the skipping my reception at the palace this afternoon?” the president asked. Dullesco family. Upon arriving at the domestic airport past noon, they cleared through the security on the Once again Max Dullesco was side entrance towards two brand new put on the spot. He didn’t want to offend the president by rejecting his helicopters, both black as night. “Are you hungry?” Max asked invitation, which other people would Liza as they left the cars. kill to get. However, he did not want “Yes, but we can wait.” to hobnob with other guests vying “Don’t worry, there are snacks in for presidential attention. Besides, the helicopter. We’ll have lunch at he had good reason not to attend, as our destination.” he had planned to visit one of the As the helicopter lifted off above communities his charity projects was the city’s landscape, Liza admired helping. her host family. Max had changed The president noticed Max’s predicament. He smiled and put his arm to a more casual T-shirt from the formal attire he had worn at the on Max’s shoulder. inauguration; his wife and daughter “I understand,” he said. “And I am not offended. I heard you have a still wore formal gowns. Liza wanted to take advantage of the private lot of charity projects. Attending to them helps me with my endeavor of moment and interview Max to learn about the mystery presidential donor, improving the lives of our countrymen. My people will call you one of but she noticed he was dozing off. She was content with looking around these days so we can have a private and admiring the luxurious appointreception with your family at the ments of the helicopter, her closest presidential palace.” peek at a billionaire’s lifestyle. “I like that, Mr. President,” Max In two hours, they reached their was relieved. destination in a southern part of Fantasyland. It was a mountainous LIZA LOZANO, the television area, with a clearing wide enough anchor, overheard the exchange between the president and Max Dull- for their helicopters to descend. It esco. She was near the two, waiting was evident the people in the area did not expect their arrival. Once for an opportunity to talk to either the two helicopters landed, people one while a television camera was came out of the wooded area and focused on them. gathered around them. The children “So are you actually going to one of your charity projects in the south, were jumping with joy while the Mr. Dullesco?” she asked Max after adults were pleased to see them. After some pleasantries with the the president had left. “Of course,” Max replied. “Do you young kids unabashedly hugging the couple, they rode in minivans to give think I would lie to the president?” the recipients of the couple’s chari“No,” Liza answered. “But I am ties a surprise visit. still surprised you turned down his “So they didn’t know you were invitation to attend the reception at coming?” Liza asked Max when she the palace when others would be had the chance. He nodded. honored to do so.” Judging from what they saw, it “I am honored, but as you just seemed Max’s money was being put heard from the president, it is okay to good use. A newly-constructed since what I will be doing will help school was full of children, all his plan for the country.” dressed in new school uniforms and “When are you leaving for the wearing nice comfortable shoes. south?” A free medical clinic was treating “Right now.” patients. Unlike in other charity “Can we join you and cover the facilities, they were not waiting in event?” line, for there were plenty of medical “I thought you would not want to personnel attending to them. The miss the reception at the palace?” place, Liza noted, was one of the “Going with you is far more interesting. My producer can assign (Continued on page 22) another team to cover the palace

2004 at the age of 86. Now, thanks to the vividly engaging biography “Nick: A Portrait of the Artist Nick Joaquin” by Tony Joaquin and Gloria C. Kismadi, readers finally get a compelling glimpse of how this National Artist for Literature became the writing giant that he was. Published by Anvil Publishing, the portrait is anchored on the memory of a nephew who fondly remembers his uncle. Antonio “Tony” Cabigting Joaquin turns 81 on August 24, but still remembers a lot about his famous uncle. “He was a very warm person. In fact that word ‘giving’ is very much like Nick,” the younger Joaquin writes. From the biography that his nephew wrote, we learn that: Nicomedes Marquez Joaquin was born on May 4, 1917, the fifth of ten children, to lawyer Leocadio Joaquin and teacher Salome Marquez. Tony got to know his uncle when Nick began staying on and off with his parents, Porfirio or Ping and Sarah, in what they called the “big house” on Arlegui Street. Ping, the eldest of Nick’s siblings, was a gifted pianist and was often out in the evenings performing. “There was some kind of an arrangement made,” Tony says.” “My mother was alone in the evening, so my father asked Nick to keep her company. They hit it off very well.” The most illuminating and voluminous portion of “Nick” is definitely the chronicle of Nick Joaquin’s early growing up years. The book focuses heavily on Nick through the prism of his family. To his nephews and nieces, he was Tito Onching, generous and kind, whose Roman Catholic faith was one of life’s most important pillars. “The family had known, even from the time Nick was still very young, that he believed he had a vocation for the priesthood. His spirituality showed in the way he lived hislife. He never missed daily Mass and prayed the rosary everyday.” Nick would later be given a scholarship by the Dominicans to study at St. Albert’s Monastery in Hong Kong, but he only lasted a year before returning to the Philippines. “He was too much of a free spirit,” Tony adds. There are many memorable scenes in “Nick,” but probably the most heartbreaking was that of Nick surveying the ruins of Intramuros after it had been razed to the ground during the

ni Audele
Parang sirang plaka ang inginunguyngoy Ng buteteng laot, half Pinoy half baboy Sangkot sa katiwalian ay patuloy Laman ng pahayaga’t usapan ngayon. Recycled issue kung uulit-ulitin Na s’ya’y pagbintangan sa mga usapin Katulad nitong jueteng at ng smuggling Nakatutureteng pasani’t isipin. Hindi naman siya dapat akusahan Kung nanahimik at hindi nakialam Sa mga gawaing masama’t illegal Sana siya ngayo’y tahimik ang buhay. Ang asawang half body ay nanahimik Ikinalat sa internet ng WikiLeak Makati Business Club na puro sipsip Ngayo’y hugas-kamay at ayaw madawit. Sino ba’ng may gawa’t naging instrumento Kundi ang mayayama’t mga Obispo Inagaw kay Erap ang pagkapangulo Kutong-lupa’y iniluklok sa puwesto. Sa tuwi-tuwinang may investigation Na ang punto ay in aid of legislation Inaakusaha’y lilipad pa Hongkong Kuno’y magpapagamot nang di matanong. Ang kapatid naman na tagapagligtas Na masasak’tin din sa London pumulas Unang umako sa Jose Pidal account Naglubid ng buhangin upang makaiwas. Usapin sa helipcopter ay sinalo Bentahang segunda mano’y naging bago Anya’y Lease Contract lamang ng eroplano Itinanggi ang pagmamay-ari nito. Paulit-ulit na parang sirang plaka Ang ikanakatuwiran at depensa Pawang hearsay lamang daw yaong akusa Nilabag ang basic rights ayon sa kanya. Ika-7 ng Septiembre, 2011.

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Health and Wellness
The Truth About Coconut Oil (2)
Coconut Oil Helps Fight Diabetes
Coconut Oil Helps Fight Diabetes Your body sends medium-chain fatty acids directly to your liver to use as energy. This makes coconut oil a powerful source of instant energy to your body, a function usually served in the diet by simple carbohydrates.

 But although coconut oil and simple carbohydrates share the ability to deliver quick energy to your body, they differ in one crucial respect.

 Coconut oil does not produce an insulin spike in your bloodstream. You read that correctly, Coconut oil acts on your body like a carbohydrate, without any of the debilitating insulin-related effects associated with long-term high carbohydrate consumption!

 Diabetics and those with pre-diabetes conditions (an exploding health epidemic in America), should immediately realize the benefit of a fast acting energy source that doesn’t produce an insulin spike in your body. In fact, coconut oil added to the diets of diabetics and prediabetics has actually been shown to help stabilize weight gain, which can dramatically decrease your likelihood of getting adult onset type-2 Diabetes. Coconut Oil, the Friend to Athletes and Dieters

 If you live in the United States, you have an almost 70 percent chance of being overweight. And, by now, I’m sure you’re well aware that obesity affects your quality of life and is linked to many health concerns.

One of the best benefits of coconut oil lies in its ability to help stimulate eaten, it has also been used for decades by professional massage therapists to knead away tight stressed muscles.

However, you don’t have to be a professional massage therapist to gain the skin and tissue support benefits of coconut oil. Just use coconut oil as you would any lotion. Coconut oil is actually ideal for skin care. It helps protect your skin from the aging effects of free radicals, and can help improve the appearance of skin with its anti-aging benefits.

In fact, physiologist and biochemist Ray Peat, Ph.D. considers coconut oil an antioxidant, due to its stability and resistance to oxidation and free radical formation. Plus, he believes it reduces our need for the antioxidant protection of vitamin E. Like Dr. Peat, many experts believe coconut oil may help restore more youthful-looking skin. When coconut oil is absorbed into your skin and connective tissues, it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by helping to keep your connective tissues strong and supple, and aids in exfoliating the outer layer of dead skin cells, making your skin smoother. 
Coconut Oil and Your Heart

 Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the U.S. And heart disease is often a silent killer. The first sign of cardiovascular disease is commonly a heart attack, and sadly, over one third of heart attacks are fatal.

 And despite the propaganda, the truth is this: it is unsaturated fats that are primarily involved in heart disease, not the naturally occurring saturated fats, as you have been led to believe.

 Plus, the polyunsaturated fats in vegetable and seed oils encourage the formation of blood clots by increasing platelet stickiness. Coconut oil helps

Cheating Father Time: 50-Year-Old Can Be Every Bit as Fit as Someone 30 Years Younger, but Exercise Is Key | 11.11.2011 -- New research shows that age need not be a limiting factor in improving cardiovascular fitness. You can cheat Father Time if you work out regularly and with high intensity intervals -- and in so doing, improve your overall health. (Credit: NTNU Info/Tor Monsen) ScienceDaily (Oct. 11, 2011) — Who is likely to be fitter: a lazy 20year-old or an active 50-year-old? New research from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s K.G. Jebsen Center of Exercise in Medicine provides statistical evidence that the 50-year-old can be every bit as fit as someone 30 years younger. But exercise -- how much, and how intense -- is the key, say K.G. Jebsen Center researchers. Middle-aged exercise buffs who might be discouraged by the effects of aging on their overall fitness can take heart in research from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s (NTNU) K.G. Jebsen Center of Exercise in Medicine. Activity is far more important than age in determining fitness levels -- and an active 50-year-old can be every bit as fit as a sedentary 20-year-old, says Ulrik Wisloff, Jebsen Center director and principle investigator of the study. The study shows that by increasing the intensity of your exercise, you can beat back the risk of metabolic syndrome, the troublesome set of risk factors that can predispose people to type 2 diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular problems. “Physical condition is the most important factor in describing an individual’s overall health, almost like a report card,” says Stian Thoresen Aspenes, who was recently awarded his PhD by NTNU for his research conducted at the K.G. Jebsen Center. Largest fitness database in the world papaya tree

your metabolism. Back in the 1940s, farmers found out about this effect by accident when they tried using inexpensive coconut oil to fatten their livestock. It didn’t work!

Instead, coconut oil made the animals lean, active and hungry. However, many animal and human research studies have demonstrated that replacing LCFAs with MCFAs results in both decreased body weight and reduced fat deposition.

 In fact, the ability of MCFAs to be easily digested, to help stimulate the metabolism and be turned into energy has entered the sports arena. Several studies have now shown that MCFAs can enhance physical or athletic performance.

 Additionally, research has demonstrated that, due to its metabolic effect, coconut oil increases the activity of the thyroid. And you’ve probably heard that a sluggish thyroid is one reason why some people are unable to lose weight, no matter what they do.

Besides weight loss, there are other advantages to boosting your metabolic rate. Your healing process accelerates. Cell regeneration increases to replace old cells, and your immune system functions better overall. 
Coconut Oil on Your Skin

 Besides the mounting medical and scientific evidence that coconut oil has powerful positive health benefits when

Unexpected Uses of Papaya Leaves

New research shows that age need not be a limiting factor in improving cardiovascular fitness. You can cheat Father Time if you work out regularly and with high intensity intervals -- and in so doing, improve your overall health. (Credit: NTNU Info/Tor Monsen) of cardiovascular health, such as higher blood pressures and higher cholesterol levels. Age and fitness The underpinnings of the K.G. Jebsen Center’s research go back in time and far away in place, to Dallas in 1965, when researchers selected five healthy 20-year-olds to spend three weeks in bed, for what has become one of the most famous fitness studies of all, the Dallas Bed Rest and Training Study. Predictably, the five 20-year-olds lost fitness after their three weeks of bed rest -- with their measure of maximum oxygen uptake, VO2 Max, dropping by a whopping 27 percent. But it was what happened 30 years later, when researchers followed up on the study and retested these same men, which delivered the biggest surprise. Time had not been so charitable to these men. On average, they had gained 23 kg, and their body fat percentage had doubled -- so they were far from fit. But when researchers tested their peak oxygen uptake, it had dropped by only 11 percent as compared to their 20-year-old healthy selves. Intensity more important than duration Research from the K.G. Jebsen Center goes well beyond the Dallas findings, and shows that fit 50year olds can be as fit as 20-year olds who don’t exercise much. But exercise -- how much, and how intense -- is the key to maintaining this fitness. When the Jebsen Center researchers looked at the importance of the intensity of exercise versus the duration, intensity was far more important than duration in determining peak oxygen uptake. They have also looked at the benefits of high intensity exercise in the form of interval training -- where four or more short periods (typically 4 minutes) of very high intensity exercise are followed by a similar number of short periods of lower intensity exercise. This approach, called 4x4 interval training, is a quick way to increase your overall fitness, research from the Jebsen Center has confirmed. Cardiovascular risks Exercise buffs will naturally be interested in the Jebsen Center’s research, but their findings apply to anyone who wants to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease. For example, the researchers found that women whose fitness values were below the median VO2peak (<35.1 mL kg-1 min-1) were five
(Continued on page 20)

Aspenes’ thesis, “Peak Oxygen Uptake Among Healthy Adults: Dried papaya leaves fully grinded Cross-sectional descriptions and prospective analyses of peak and mixed with honey is a perfect oxygen uptake, physical activity cure to cough and fever and cardiovascular risk factors in Fresh papaya leaves boiled in hot healthy adults (20-90 years)” used water is a very strong medicine for information from 4631 healthy men malaria and women from Norway’s biggest Fresh juice from grinded papaya health database, the Nord Trøndelag leaves can be used to heal open Health Study (HUNT) to examine wounds and sores fitness in adults from all age classes. Fresh papaya leaves eaten raw HUNT participants underwent with onions can boost your urine laboratory tests in 2007-2008 to system especially if you’re having check their peak oxygen uptake, an overactive bladder Juice made from the leaves can be called VO2peak, which is used as a measure of overall fitness. This used as a skin cleansing agent (Continued on page 20) collection of information represents Fresh papaya leaves boiled with sliced pieces of orange can help burn the largest database in the world of fat and it’s a perfect reduction agent objectively measured VO2peak in healthy men and women aged 20-90 To glasses of tea daily made from the leaves can help reduce menstrual years old. The detailed information from cramps the database enables researchers to Juice made from papaya leaves compare measures of fitness with can be used to send away eczema. But scrub face first with soap before cardiovascular risk factors and other assessments of overall health, giving applying it. them the statistical power to confirm Lastly, it can be eaten as food especially when fried with an egg. -- what previous studies have suggested -- that youth isn’t everything 09/25/2011. Source: www.Refreshwhen it comes to being fit. Their Posted by data also show how those who were pooja at 1:48 AM least fit also had the worst measures

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October 28 - November 3, 2011

Street Poetry
by Michael R. Tagudin
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Mga Tulang Tagalog by Romeo Nicolas
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No such thing
(Poem No. 38)
There is no such thing as a garden Where everything is in its proper order We have created the illusion of a garden The truth is only the laws of the jungle prevails “- In chaos there is order! What we mortals perceived as chaos Is nothing more than our limited perception Ofthe Divine at play! We can only awe and gasp at the fearful splendor Manifested at its handiwork! We cannot do anything But watch and observe, surrender our will And appreciate both the awesome beauty and horror ............of life! ©2009 Michael R. Tagudin

Sayang Na Sayang Lang
“President Fernando Poe, Jr.”
(Continued from page 1)

presidents as the truly elected 14th President of the Republic of the Philippines. “He was the President we never had,” his best friend Erap would always tell us.
But to Susan Roces, the widow of FPJ, a posthumous award or any form of recognition is no longer important because all she wants now is for the truth to come out and prevent the same thing from ever happening again since the true will of the people was thwarted. “People simply lost their votes, but I have lost my reason to live,” Roces earlier remarked — perhaps similar to the sentiment of millions of poor Filipinos who voted for their idol, nurturing the hope that they would have had a better life under President Fernando Poe Jr. As it turns out, even a Cabinet secretary now serving under P-Noy has been implicated in cheating allegations. Ging Deles — who served under GMA — has denied the accusations saying she was busy with the peace process in Mindanao at

©2011 Michael R. Tagudin. All rights reserved. About the Author: Michael R. Tagudin Educated as an engineer in the Philippines, the City of Los Angeles employee hopes his legacy of poems will provoke a dialogue about the human condition. He is donating the proceeds from the book “Crushed Violets” to the “Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST)”, a non-profit that provides public awareness and advocacy efforts against human trafficking in the City of Angels. To learn more, visit To help, call the CAST 24 hour hotline 888.KEY.2.FRE(EDOM) or 888.539.2373. Contact for more information about ordering the book “Crushed Violets.”

the time. But a former GMA Cabinet official is furious, claiming that Deles was tasked to oversee ARMM during the 2004 polls. “What peace process is she talking about? Peace process in the midst of the campaign period? That’s ridiculous!” said the irate former official. At a dinner I hosted in my home for FPJ sometime before the 2004 presidential elections, Max Soliven was tasked to give some good advice to Da King. Max told the action king how he should conduct his campaign at the homestretch. FPJ patiently sat through the whole “lecture” (Max was his friend and neighbor). When it was over, FPJ looked at my good friend in the eye and simply said: “Max, I know I’m going to win. I could see it in the eyes of the people.” Fernando Poe Jr. must have died of a broken heart because he simply could not believe that he would lose — especially in a region where his popularity has become legend, with diehard fans shouting invectives and throwing objects at the silver screen whenever movie scenes would show him being mauled by villains. What many find disgusting is that when such allegations of cheating in ARMM first came out, the intelligentsia and the elite turned a blind eye and chose to do nothing. This same indifference happened once before when people did not give credence to Miriam Santiago’s protests that she was allegedly cheated out of the presidency in 1992. The Makati Business Club was very vocal in thumbing down Poe’s candidacy, saying the election was not a beauty contest with the winner chosen based on popularity. More tellingly, the upper crust of society did not hide the fact that they could never accept another actor — a high school dropout at that — to become president again. It was crystal clear they did not want another Joseph Estrada, in spite of the fact that Erap commanded the loyalty of millions of masa voters — the same ones who elected Estrada’s wife and son to the Senate despite the ex-president’s incarceration. As a matter of fact, there are some who believe that if Cory Aquino had not died, Joseph Estrada would have been president the second time around. Many political analysts traced the root of the problems we face today to the fact that we allowed the Constitution to be subverted in EDSA Dos. Some of the most vocal critics of GMA today had once clapped their hands in approval when she took over the presidency in a patently unconstitutional precedent that gave an opportunity for an unelected incumbent president to run and use the presidential powers for a fresh term. Clearly, this countered what the current Constitution wanted

Alam natin ngayon itong pagbabago, Na syang nagaganap sa Pambansang Hukbo. Ang mga sandata, barko’t eroplano, Paguukulan nang ito’y maging bago. Bilyong gagastuhin nitong ating bansa, Sana’y ‘di masayang mauwi sa wala. At ang pagsasanay at pakikidigma, Pakitang gilas lang, totoo’y ‘di handa. Bilang katunayan kayo ang humusga, Itong MILF ang siyang BIHASA. Maging ang NPA, higit na mapuwersa, Lagi ang AFP ang napupurnada. Ang kapayapaan nitong ating bansa, Ay ‘di makakamit kung puro salita. Batid ng kalabang Pangulo’y MAHINA, Kung kaya patayan ay hindi HUHUPA. Matapos patayin itong labing siyam, Na mga sundalong “out numbered” sa bilang. Sumunod na araw, patayan na naman, At ang MILF ang siyang dahilan. Sige at sige lang, tuloy ang usapan, Hayaang sundalo’y maubos, mapatay. Kapagka sumama’t wala ng paraan, Taong MALAKANYANG, kayo nang lumaban. Ganyang-ganyang lagi ang mga pinuno, ‘Di naging MILITAR, baligtad TUMANGO. Sa mga hinaing at mga pagsamo, BINGI ang pandinig, “peace talk”, malabo. Aanhin ang armas kung walang sundalo? Na nagiging PAIN lang sa maraming gulo. Hayaan na lamang ang gulo’y lumobo, At ang MILF ang magwaging HUKBO. Kahiyahiya nga, tayong Filipino, Sa sariling bansa, tayo’y natatalo. Sa maling palakad ng ating Gobyerno, Tayo’y tinutugis, tinatarantado. Sayang na sayang lang, buhay ng BAYANI, Nagbuwis ng buhay bilang pagsisilbi. Ngayong namumuno, kaibang tumimbri, Sangkaterbang DUWAG, PEACE TALK, hele-hele!!! Hirit ni: Romeo Nicolas 10/24/2011
to avoid. An oft-repeated saying, “the truth will set us free,” should be applied today more than ever. Even those who genuinely voted for GMA in 2004 will also want to find out what really happened and put closure to an issue that continues to polarize this nation, with the poor majority harboring deep-seated resentments against the well-heeled minority whom they believe almost always manages to subvert their will. And no matter how much the upper crust may deny it, they cannot also wash their hands off this issue knowing their actions were driven by selfpreservation, afraid as they were of a masa-leaning presidency as what FPJ’s would probably have been. Unfortunately, FPJ is gone and will never know the truth. We should not have the wisdom of hindsight but the wisdom of experience. The electoral process must be truly strengthened and it should leave very little room for cheating. We not only owe it to a good man like FPJ but ultimately — we owe it to ourselves.


October 28 - November 3, 2011

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implored the soldier “But we are anti-communists.” The soldier bludgeoned the nun, saying “I don’t care what kind of communist you are.” In the end, polished and rubber shoes, scarves, and streaks of blood littered the frontage of the embassy. Three students’ bodies also sprawled by the gates, dead. The aktibistas denounced the murder of their fellow demonstrators who were just exercising their rights to free expression. The nuns also denounced the murders but blamed the aktibistas for being extremists, violent instigators, and saboteurs who should not have incited the soldiers to attack them. Cynthia, however, was among colejialas who formed discussion groups which elevated their consciousness from the recent pasista murders into the tripartite evils of imperialismo, piyudalismo, and burukrata-kapitalismo. With these evils, she understood more why her mother’s relatives became dependent on her father’s dollars. Even if they hunted for opportunities, better jobs evaded them under the circumstances. Losing hope for a better future, they fell into the abyss of drunkenness. They drank to dull their senses for their frustrations in life. They started with just sips until their blood clamored for the alcohol and they drank to dull their senses completely out of sense. They drank to escape the harshness of reality only to bring about further harshness in the real lives of their own families. They drank to escape the miseries of poverty only to wake up deeper in poverty. In these discussion groups, Cynthia realized that if her mother did not marry her dad who was in the navy, her mother’s side of the family would really be wallowing in poverty. And in these discussion groups, they also discussed clerico-pasismo.
To be continued… (Publisher’s Note: Pusoy is Rudy D. Liporada’s second novel and third book being serialized in Asian Journal. One can get a copy of the book through – A Russian Poker - or by calling the author at 858-722-1465.)

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Featured Books of RD Liporada
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by Rudy D. Liporada

Pusoy, A Russian Poker -- Chapter 15

Pusoy (A Russian Poker) By Rudy D. Liporada | Chapter 15 The Camp John Hay and City Hall incidents filled Room 10 at 4:30 with extra chairs also cramming the aisles. Discussion groups now just called DGs did not only happen at Room 10 at 4:30 but everywhere in the campus, even at the carpets of grass under the shades of trees, at anytime when students had their breaks. Simon and I had absorbed enough to lead a number of these discussion groups. We also were invited or we invited ourselves at the other colleges and schools where students formed themselves into groups interested in relating the incidents to the total malady of the nation. Foremost, what dominated the discussions involved the recent blasting with water and battering with truncheons of the students by firemen and the Philippine Constabulary. “That,” I said, “is Pasismo.” Fascism in the Philippine started when the Spaniards came and subjugated the indios of what would be called Filipinas. When Magellan reached Homonhon on March 16, 1521, he only had 150 men. From there, he proceeded to Limasawa where he befriended Rajah Humabon and Queen Amihan. Humabon and his tribe had themselves baptized because they saw their chance in Magellan’s force to get back at their enemies, led by Lapu-Lapu, in the nearby island of Mactan. Eager to show off his superiority and expand his conquest, Magellan sailed to Mactan on April 27, 1521. Unfortunately for him, Lapu-Lapu prevailed over the Spaniards and slew Magellan. King Philip II, however, upon hearing about the treasures of the Islands from the crew of Magellan who managed to return to Spain, ordered Miguel Lopez de Legazpi to colonize the archipelago. Legazpi arrived on the shores of Cebu on February 13, 1565 with only 500 men. Guided by a Datu Urrao, he proceeded to conquer Samar. Using conquered natives from island to island, Mazaua, Leyte, Bohol and other islands fell into his hands. Legazpi had a blood compact with Datu Sikatuna of Bohol on March 16, 1565. One can deduce that this blood compact established not only friendship but an agreement to fight common enemies. Thus, on April 27, 1565, the Spaniards and their native allies sailed back to Cebu and conquered the villages of HYPERLINK “http://” \o “Rajah Tupas” Rajah Tupas. There, the Spaniards established their colony, naming it ‘Villa del Santisimo Nombre de Jesús’ or Town of the Most Holy Name of Jesus. Upon Legaspi’s request, in 1567, King Philip ordered about 2,100 Spaniards and Mexicans to be sent to Cebu. With this force, Legazpi established the port of HYPERLINK “ San_Pedro” \o “Fort San Pedro” Fuerza de San Pedro which became their outpost for trade with Mexico and protection from native revolts. This also established Cebu as a city and the first center of the colony. In the end, with no less that 3000 Spanish soldiers and Mexican conscripts, the Spaniards hopped from one island to another and conquered the archipelago not because of their more modern armory than the natives’. The natives were conquered because they were used against one another. In the latter parts of the Spanish regime, the conquestadores organized the Guardia Civil, composed of native soldiers, with Spanish officers, to control and quell any native uprising. To quash uprisings in the North, they used Guardia Civil elements from the South and vice-versa. When the Americans came to wrest control of the Philippines from Spain, the Rough Rider veterans of Indian Wars in the US massacred 600,000 Filipinos. Later on, to save on further American blood being spilled on Philippine soil and on dollars being paid to American soldiers, the US organized Filipino mercenaries to quell the revolutionaries. Captain Henry T. Allen is dubbed as the Father of the Philippine Constabulary when he organized the Filipino outfit on August 8, 1901. The PC assisted the American troops in quelling the remaining Filipino insurrectionists. The Philippine Constabulary School, established in February 17, 1905 at the Santa Lucia barracks within the walls of Intramuros, trained the mercenaries. In 1908, the school transferred to Baguio City and evolved to be the Philippine Military Academy. In short, the Philippine Constabu-

lary and the future Armed Forces of the Philippines were originally designed, like the Spanish Guardia Civil, to suppress Filipino rebellion. In short, those PCs who smashed the students with truncheons at the City Hall were never designed to protect and defend Filipinos, the rights to freedom of speech, and Philippine democracy. In theory, they are, but the imperialists, the landlords, and those who control the government have more democracy than the poor. The PCs are designed to quash the poor’s dissent. Suffering the fangs of pasismo at the City Hall incident, many of the students that day joined the Kabataang Makabayan. The Patriotic Youth, called aktibistas, primarily recruited its members using the mass line of pasismo from where their consciousness toward the maladies of the nation was elevated. Pasismo is borne from government control of the feudal lords who are puppets of the imperialists. Hiking tuition fees is also a mass line for the students. Hiking tuition fees is borne from spiraling prices of goods and services for the schools which are derived from spiking up gas prices due to the devaluation of the peso so the imperialists would make more profits. For others, the murder of the boy without justice is sentiment enough to question and, later on, understand that imperialists really dominate the social and economic systems of the Islands. Due to their intellectual capability to absorb theories, the student recruits to the Kabataang Makabayan became catalysts to further spread the movement. Using the mass line, the Kabataang Makabayan deployed its members to foment and enjoin the other sectors of society to join the movement. The mass line for peasants is the need for true land reform and freedom from bondage from their landlords. For the workers, higher wages and underemployment because of non-industrialization which also generates unemployment. Any malady is a mass line, a launching pad to relate to the major ills of society. My mass line is my father wet his pants. For Cynthia, apart from her relatives in poverty, she loves me. Cynthia’s college had joined a rally at the US embassy in Manila denouncing the murder of the boy. The nuns at the exclusive college of St. Therese, although they were anti-communists, felt it prudent their religious obligation to denounce the murder because St. Therese of Lisieux is the patron saint of children. The nuns of the other exclusive colleges, although they were anticommunists, felt it prudent to saintly see, saintly do because St. Therese College had to march its students to the US embassy. So the demure exclusive college colejialas marched in their fresh printed uniforms, pink, blue, burgundy, and other saintly hues towards the embassy. Their nun teachers and administrators also marched with them. A number of their placards, some pink, splashed with ‘Thou shalt not kill’ and ‘Christ loves Children.’ In front of the embassy, the colejialas joined the aktibistas from the other colleges. Their bob socks, polished shoes, scarves, and ruffled blouses contrasted with the other demonstrators’ rubber shoes, old jeans, and plain t-shirts. They found themselves in front of a phalanx of soldiers who stood in front of the gates of the embassy, geared with helmets, shields, and truncheons. Although they were anti-communists, the colejialas clapped and cheered speaker after speaker who denounced the murder of the boy at Clark Air Base. The colejialas’ faces, however, went blank and contorted in question whenever imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucrat-capitalism were denounced. Then one of the speakers harangued on pasismo. Again the colejialas’ faces contorted, questioning. Yet, they also jeered when the other protesters jeered at the soldiers calling them pasista. The colejialas giggled when they jeered at the pasistas, taking everything as a picnic in the park, even glad that they evaded another afternoon boredom from their classrooms - all in the name of the murdered boy, when, out of nowhere, explosions jarred the demonstrators’ ranks. The pasistas charged, sparing no heads, shoulders, backs, hips of those their truncheons could smash. It became a confusing picnic for the colejialas as even they, in their demureness, the soldiers did not spare. One of the soldiers said, “Damn you, communists,” as he was about to strike one of the colejialas. A nun, trying to shield her student,

Food for Thought
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‘I Hope You Dance... ‘
This was written by an 83-year-old woman to her friend. *The last line says it all. * Dear Bertha, I’m reading more and dusting less. I’m sitting in the yard and admiring the view without fussing about the weeds in the garden. I’m spending more time with my family and friends and less time working. Whenever possible, life should be a pattern of experiences to savor, not to endure. I’m trying to recognize these moments now and cherish them. I’m not “saving” anything; we use our good china and crystal for every special event such as losing a pound, getting the sink unstopped, or the first Amaryllis blossom. I wear my good blazer to the market. My theory is if I look prosperous, I can shell out $28.49 for one small bag of groceries. I’m not saving my good perfume for special parties, but wearing it for clerks in the hardware store and tellers at the bank. “Someday” and “one of these days” are losing their grip on my vocabulary. If it’s worth seeing or hearing or doing, I want to see and hear and do it now I’m not sure what others would’ve done had they known they wouldn’t be here for the tomorrow that we all take for granted. I think they would have called family members and a few close friends. They might have called a few former friends to apologize and mend fences for past squabbles. I like to think they would have gone out for a Chinese dinner or for whatever their favorite food was. I’m guessing; I’ll never know. It’s those little things left undone that would make me angry if I knew my hours were limited. Angry because I hadn’t written certain letters that I intended to write one of these days. Angry and sorry that I didn’t tell my husband and parents often enough how much I truly love them. I’m trying very hard not to put off, hold back, or save anything that would add laughter and luster to our lives. And every morning when I open my eyes, tell myself that it is special. Every day, every minute, every breath truly is a gift from God. *** If you received this, it is because someone cares for you. If you’re too busy to take the few minutes that it takes right now to forward this, would it be the first time you didn’t do the little thing that would make a difference in your relationships? I can tell you it certainly won’t be the last. Take a few minutes to send this to a few people you care about, just to let them know that you’re thinking of them. “People say true friends must always hold hands, but true friends don’t need to hold hands because they know the other hand will always be there.” Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance

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October 28 - November 3, 2011

Filipiniana Bookshelf: First Among Peers
First Among Peers
The Official Biography of Marcial Valenzuela
Vicente which has been preserved with humble amenities and now called the MarGunda Farm a word coined by my brother Luis in honor of our parents Marcial and Segunda. It was on these grounds (MarGunda Farm) One-bedroom Margunda Farm House where Vicente Valenzuela and Angela Sugue raised their brood; where Marcial walked and worked; where his family sought and found refuge during the turbulent war years; where their siblings ran around in countless summers. Today at the farm, you can still hear the grass growing, crickets chirping; rare birds singing, cocks crowing and the syncopated singing of bullfrogs at night after a long rain. You could still catch the glittering light of fireflies ment that was filled with love, values, the night after a rain. The scent of fresh respect and concern. His experience and mornings could still be enjoyed and one excellent background in photojournalism can still gaze at countless stars on a moongave all his children the rare opportunity less night. And when the full moon is of reading almost every day, from cover up, one could build a bonfire and enjoy to cover, two of the country’s leading endless conversations with friends and newspapers of the 1950s and 1960s---The relatives. You could still enjoy the splash Manila Times and The Daily Mirror. If in the inviting clear, cool waters of the Chito and I are quite at ease in written nearby karayan (river). The trail---fondly communication, we attribute our skills to called baba las-ud by Luis---leading to the Tatay Marcial’s great influence and words river is still there. of advice----honed up through the years This place holds a lot of the past that of reading the newspapers. I vividly recall connects to the future. For one thing, it with gratefulness what Tatay Marcial was the birthplace of the country’s first would always remind his children: “Read photojournalist to whom we owe our eterand read and read. nal gratitude for raising a brood of seven (Continued on page 23) boys and two girls in a family environ-

By Arturo G. Valenzuela 11th in a series of articles e original two-hectare property of Vicente Valenzuela in the village of Tagac in Mangatarem, Pangasinan has been preserved with humble pro incial amenities. It has been named MarGunda Farm.
They say that: “Death smiles at us all. All a man has to do is smile back.” Due to a fatal stroke, Tatay Marcial peacefully passed away on the evening of September 21, 1974. At his bedside were Nanay Gunding, all my five brothers and two sisters (except for my brothers Dominador and Fernando who passed away earlier). With his passing, a whole chapter of Philippine photojournalism drew to a close. His was an era that was born out of the fabric of the great American colonization of the Philippines, when westernization of the country was in full flower----coming out of the heels of enslavement from almost 400 years of Hispanic (mis)rule. Tatay Marcial’s American-inspired era was characterized by adventurism that bordered on audacity; innovation that made the name Kodak synonymous to photography; photography that was synonymous to the name Marcial S. Valenzuela. PERHAPS THE ONLY PHOTOJOURNALIST WHO COVERED ALL THE SEVEN PRESIDENTS OF THE PHILIPPINES If we were to turn the pages of time and flashback to the past, Tatay Marcial’s record is perhaps unmatched in the saga of Philippine photojournalism. Yet he remained humble and unassuming all throughout his professional career. His peers said he was the only photojournalist who earned the very rare opportunity of having continuously covered for the country’s leading newspapers and magazines all the seven Philippine Presidents----from the colorful Manuel L. Quezon in 1935 to the controversial Ferdinand E. Marcos in 1965, a period of thirty long years. (He covered eight Philippine Presidents, if we were to include Emilio Aguinaldo at a time when he ran for president against Quezon in 1935, and during Aguinaldo’s twilight years in the early 1960s.) In memorial, and out of gratitude to Tatay Marcial and Nanay Gunding, and to our grandparents Vicente and Angela, the two-hectare property of Vicente Valenzuela in the village of Tagac in Mangatarem, Pangasinan has been preserved with humble amenities. It has been named MarGunda Farm. (The property was a sweetheart purchase deal worked out by this author, through my wife Norma, in 2000 with my first cousin Paquito Valenzuela in Sydney, Australia where Paquito had been residing with his talented wife, Raye. Paquito had earlier purchased the property in three parcels in the 1980s from Tatay Marcial’s siblings, Hondrado, Felicidad and Pio. Many thanks to Paquito.) where he and his siblings spent countless hours planting and harvesting rice in the early1900s. When they arrived from Paoay, Ilocos Norte in the early 1900s the brothers Vicente (Tatay Marcial’s father), Mariano and Enrique applied for a homestead with the American government consisting of about 10 hectares of forested land which they cleared-using bare hands and work animals--and converted to Productive rice fields. Their families became rice producers which Tatay Marcial and his brothers traded in Dagupan some 80 kilometers away. The small hill that juts out on the left is called

WHERE TATAY MARCIAL’S STORY BEGUN My father’s life story begun in these very same rice fields at the village of Tagac in Mangatarem, Pangasinan

Agbukel. A few hundred meters beyond that is the Manleleuag National Park , site of the town’s mineral spring. A few meters from where this photo was taken is the two-hectare original property of Lolo

October 28 - November 3, 2011

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Page 19
and Trina Dayrit in 2002 for ABS-CBN as well as in another ABS-CBN production, “Sana’y Wala Ng Wakas.” Another TV show that Suzette finds memorable was “Lucia” directed by Mel Chonglo, 1992 for BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). “Lucia” was a Gawad CCP Best Drama for TV awardee and also a Cannes Film Festival Best Docu-Drama awardee. The Director Suzette wanted to try her luck in directing and producing. Even without formal training, she tried directing a comedy play entitled, “Masakit Pa Po, Doktor! (It Still Hurts, Doctor!)” Since she was part of the original cast, Suzette more or less, had an idea how she was going to direct the play. “My actors were all my friends, so it was not really that dreadful to direct it. It turned out to be fun, “Thank, God. And to think that it was my first directorial job”, she said. Her next directorial task was an MTV video for a debut record of a local singer. At that time, MTV producers very seldom appreciated putting a story behind a song. Nevertheless, she went ahead and weaved a story out of the song. In an interview about the concept of the MTV she directed, Suzette said: “I thought it was heartwarming to present the different phases of a couple who despite their old age, was able to keep their love alive. They did not just love each other, they were actually in love in spite of their old age!” she added. Finally, after studying at the Hollywood Film Institute in Los Angeles for Directing and Independent Producing, she also began directing TV commercials and stage plays in San Francisco. In 2006, she directed “Care Home” with the inimitable Superstar of Philippine Movies, Nora Aunor, in the lead role. In an interview with The Freeman, Suzette said, “Directing “CareHome” was quite a task as we barely had time for preproduction. More so, we had to finish filming the movie in five days. It was grueling! But we had teamwork so we completed it as scheduled! Nora was nominated for Best Actress. I was happy despite an attempt to sabotage the project during post production by some inept people.” “Care Home” is the story of elderly Filipinos living in an adult family home and how they endured living away from their families. It also tells about the plight of Filipino caregivers and nurses in America. It’s about survival, how they dealt and lived with their struggles, fears, loneliness and the strength that kept them going as they search for greener pastures away from the Philippines,” Suzette explained. Gloria Sevilla wrote the story. Other than Nora, in the cast were Gloria Sevilla, Divina Valencia, Rebecca Quintana, Juni Ranillo, Joe Buono, and Glenda Kennedy. According to Suzette, it was a great challenge to direct one of the greatest actresses in the Philippine movies. But it was fun too working with Nora because they have always been good friends. Nora inspired Suzette and raised her spirits as she navigated her new role as movie director. Nora, Gloria, brother, Juni and the rest of the cast were very supportive of Suzette all throughout the filming of the movie. The Producer From 1988 to 1990, Suzette was based in Cebu. During this time she and her brother, Dandin, co-produced two TV shows: a variety show and the other, a TV magazine show. The variety show was entitled “Tik Tak Two sa Sugbo” (the old name of Cebu) which was patterned after the US game show “Tic Tac Toe” but spelled with a “K” and the word “two” referred to Suzette and her brother, co-host, Dandin Ranillo. “Tik Tak Two” was aired in Channel 3, the first regional variety show of ABS-CBN in Cebu, while the TV newsmagazine show was entitled, “Cebu Inside Out.” Long before current TV magazine shows were featuring resort islands, restaurants, town fiestas, and other “gimikans,” “Cebu Inside Out” has already pioneered the concept of featuring Cebu’s well famed destinations. In 1997, she also line produced, “ Babae” for Premiere Productions, starring Nora Aunor, Judy Ann Santos, Nida Blanca and directed by Lupita Kashiwahara. Suzette described her thoughts about producing and directing films. In an interview with The Freeman, she said “There is a broader perspective in the field of filmmak(Continued on page 22)

by Joe Son
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to type 2 diabetes. And in fact, they have the highest prevalence of type 2 on earth. Fully half of those age 30 to 64 have diabetes, and 95 percent of these folks are overweight. But wait a minute! It turns outthat the Prima Indians with the same heredity who live in Mexico have 10 times less obesity than their American cousins. Their rates of overweight and diabetes are no different than other Mexicans. Their vulnerability to obesity and diabetes are just as great as the Arizona Primas’. but a healthier diet and lifestyle stops the danger cold. Study says, after you hit age 50, your body begins to slow downits manufacture of a nutrient that is vital to controlling your weight and your resistanceto developing diabetes. By age 70, you’ll be producing only a mere quarter of the amount that a 20-year old does. Vitamin D, is a nutrient you can get from your diet and sun exposure, but experts say that most of us wind up short. And you could pay for this deficiency with serioushealth problems. One of the most important jobs vitamin D does is to enable your body absorb and use another nutrient, which happens to be what they term as Fat Fighter #2. If your low on Fat Fighter #3 (vitamin D), your body gets only a small fraction of what it would absorb if you filled this nutrition gap. You’ve stiffed your body’s ability to burn off stored fat. Joe C.Son San Diego, CA

Balik-Tanaw II:
The Filipino Stars of Yesteryears
by Dr. Romy R. Protacio
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Good News: Heredity may not be a prime concern in Diabetes!
diabetes, such as obesity and age. Most of us believed that when our parents or relatives have type The good news is, the recent 2 diabetes we are more likely have diabetes, too. My doctor said, “Your studies proved that heredity is not really a main concern on developgeneral health is good, but your age, and your extra pound is more threatening than your elevated blood sugar.” He advised that I should resort to jump on the scale more often and limit myself to a sensible and strict diet and subtle exercise like walking to keep me both healthy and active. Only few realize it, but your mind can actually cause diabetes. More accurately, the stressed-out mind, which inflicts harm on the physical body. The good news is that with certain relaxation techniques, you can reduce that stress and even your blood sugar. Studies suggests that high levels of stress, including anxiety, depression, or a feeling of job burn out, double the risk of developing diabetes. This is after counting for other factors that may encourage

Suzette Ranillo: The Actress, The Director, The Producer
(Continued from page 1)

ing diabetes. If you have a parent or brother or sister with diabetes, you might think you’re doomed to the same fate. Well, you’re not! For proof, look to the Prima Indians of Arizona. They carry two genes that can cause the body to develop resistance to insulin, the first step

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Suzette was born on March 16 at the Chongwa Hospital in Cebu. She spent her early childhood years in Cebu, and then eventually in Manila, when her parents started filming Tagalog movies and continued to become film producers as well. Her father, Attorney Mat Ranillo, Jr. worked for the Bureau of Customs as a trial lawyer until his untimely death. She grew up in the Ranillo compound in the Scout Lozano, Quezon City. She completed her elementary and high school studies at St. Paul’s College. She began her college years at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City, but later on returned to St. Paul where she finished Hotel and Restaurant Management. Her movie career started when she was only 12 years old. This was also the time that her mom, Gloria was active in producing movies. Gloria produced “Pobreng Alindahaw,” a musical comedy starring Chiquito. For the movie, Gloria needed a young girl to be Chiquito’s sister and she originally had Suzette’s older sister, Bebet, in mind to play the role. But Bebet at that time was not interested to play the role as she was focused on her schooling. Gloria was heartbroken. Gloria was really very sad. To console her mother, Sue told Gloria she would like to do the role instead --- oblivious to what she was getting into. “Kung gusto mo mommy, ako na lang ang aarte,” said Suzette to Gloria. “Naawa talaga ako sa kanya kasi kamamatay pa lang ng father ko. I did not know what I was getting into. I just wanted to please my mom,” Suzette continued. Gloria looked at her from head to toe and said, “Sige, titignan natin.” What followed next was the start of Suzette’s movie career. She was later on introduced to Chiquito and was given the lines she had to deliver. Camera, action! “First take, OK na agad,” said Suzette. “Gulat sila. Natuwa ako kasi nagawa ko yung gusto ng mommy ko. Hindi ko alam na I was starting a career.” Gloria started tutoring Suzette during the early years of her acting career. Suzette remembers very well what her mom told her, “Work with your eyes. When you want to show your emotions, show it through your eyes because they are the windows to your soul. ” She tried her best to master what her mother taught her. It paid off. After “Pobreng Alindahaw,” she made several other movies. Despite her shooting schedules, Suzette did not want to miss her studies. St. Paul’s College had a very strict policy on students appearing in movies or television. She made a compromise that she would use another name to hide her identity, and that was the start of Suzette’s movie alias, Nadia Veloso. She was required, however, to maintain her academic standing otherwise, she will be dismissed. It was difficult on her part to go to school and then do shooting schedules. Home schooling was not available at that time. In her third year in high school, she started to become sickly. She decided

Cortez (AKA Inah Cortez Do). The names of all her brothers start with Matias but only Mat Ranillo III kept his first name as part of his screen name. Inah Sevilla Cortez is her half-sister, the daughter of Gloria by her second husband, Amado Cortez. Inah has always been considered a part of the Ranillo family. “Walang kaibahan. Magkakapatid kaming lahat buong-buo,” said Sue. “Yun ang trato namin sa isa’t-isa.”

to lay low for a while so she could continue her studies. In spite of the difficulty shifting from studying and acting, she garnered her first acting award when she was 15 years old. After college, Suzette already in her adult years, was ready to accept more matured roles. As advised by another mentor-director, Ishmael Bernal, she was re-introduced as Suzette Ranillo. Her Movies. Of all the movies Suzette made, the most memorable movie for her was “Aliw.” It was an unforgettable opportunity to be directed by one of her mentors, Ishmael Bernal. Now a classic, “Aliw,” was a movie about three women prostitutes, portrayed by Amy Austria, Lorna Tolentino, and Suzette. Amy Austria played the role of a business woman by day and a prostitute by night. Her dual roles forced her into situations that always threatened exposure of her real identity. Lorna Tolentino played the role of a newly recruited bar girl who was ready to explore the ins and outs of her new-found profession. Suzette’s role was that of an unwed mother and a mistress, who felt that time was passing her by as she lived her life full of misery and neglect. Suzette counts her role on this movie as one of her landmarks in the industry, where she was even nominated for the 1981 Urian Best Actress category She was first recognized for her acting performance in the movie “Gumingaw Ako”, as the 1973 FAMAS Best Supporting Actress awardee. The movie was directed by her step-father, Amado Cortez. The Theatre When Suzette was not doing movies, she was busy with stage plays and theater productions. She was active in her high school drama club, which provided an avenue for her to hone her acting talents during her younger years. From school plays, she branched out doing plays at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Metropolitan Theater and at the FEU Theater. She played the role of Sisa in “Noli me Tangere” for almost ten years and as Juli in “El Filibusterismo.” She was Laura in “Florante & Laura” at the Metropolitan Theatre, and Veronica in “Kristo” at the Folk Arts Theatre. She also played the role of Ate Guy in “Bong Bong at Kris” at the Ateneo Graduate School in Makati that had a run of 72 performances. Suzette studied acting at the American Conservatory Theatre (ACT) in San Francisco, California. When I asked her what is more challenging, acting on film or on Stage, she said, “Acting on stage, kasi walang retakes. Once you’re on stage you are on your own. You can’t stop and say, “I forgot my lines.” “That’s why I really had to sharpen my memory,” she continued. On Television Suzette remembers a TV series where her whole family took part in, entitled, “Mommy Ko si Mayor.” Her siblings, her mom and her stepfather were all in that TV series, which enjoyed high ratings during its run. It was a well remembered time in their family life, as the show also shared the values that the family held dear in real life. The TV series ended when the family decided to migrate to the United States. In 1993, Suzette appeared in “Sali-Salising Buhay” (Interwoven Lives), an episode of the TV series “Balintataw,” directed by Jose Mari Avellana. In this TV episode, she was nominated for Best Actress in the Star Awards for TV, and was even interviewed by CNN, for the Turner Broadcasting’s People Count, where a commentary on “SaliSalising Buhay” was included in the segment “Soaps for Social Change.” Suzette also appeared in “Pangako Sa ‘Yo”, a soap opera directed by Rory Quintos, Jerry Sineneng,



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are FAR more toxic chemicals produced by frying omega-6 oils than trans-fat.

Frying destroys the antioxidants in oil and as a result oxidizes the oil. This causes cross(Continued from page 15) linking, cyclization, doublebond shifts, fragmentation and to promote normal platelet polymerization of oils that cause function. far more damage than trans-fat.

 Reason # 2: Most of the 
Coconut Oil in Your Kitchen

 vegetable oils are GMO. This would include over 90 percent of I only use two oils in my the soy, corn and canola oils.

 food preparation. The first, Reason # 3: Vegetable oils extra-virgin olive oil, is a contribute to the overabundance better monounsaturated fat of damaged omega-6 fats that works great as a salad in your diet, which creates dressing. However, it should an imbalance in the ratio of not be used for cooking. Due omega-6 to omega-3. As you to its chemical structure, heat may know from my extensive makes it susceptible to oxidative writing on this subject, believe damage.

And polyunsaturated that excessive consumption fats, which include common of damaged omega-6 fats vegetable oils such as corn, soy, contributes to many health safflower, sunflower and canola, concerns.

 are absolutely the worst oils to They are all highly processed use in cooking. These omega-6 and consumed in amounts that oils are highly susceptible to heat are about 100 times more than damage because of their double our ancestors did a century ago. bonds. This causes them to distort the I strongly urge you to throw sensitive omega-6/omega-3 ratio out those omega-6 vegetable oils which controls many delicate in your cabinets. Why?

 biochemical pathways which Reason # 1: Most people results in accelerating many believe that frying creates chronic degenerative diseases.

 trans-fat. That is not the major There is only one oil that is problem, in my opinion. stable enough to resist mild heatAlthough some are created, induced damage, while it also they are relatively minor. There helps you promote heart health and even supports weight loss path to stardom. Among those who have and thyroid function — coconut oil.

 slipped and stumbled is Jackie Rice, So, whenever you need an whose career started with the reality-TV oil to cook with, use coconut talent search “Starstruck.” Relishing a lucrative career in show biz, Rice partied oil instead of butter, olive oil, vegetable oil, margarine, or like there was no tomorrow. She was any other type of oil called for constantly sighted in bars, absorbed in in recipes. Even though I don’t drinking sprees with her friends. Rice’s fully recommend frying foods, excesses led to her suspension from if you must fry, by all means use several projects. With help from her talent management coconut oil — it’s your smartest choice. company, Rice slowly regained focus and has since appeared in TV-movie 
Coconut Oil Safety

 projects, and landed a major role in the afternoon soap, “Sisid.” The medium-chain fats in The life stories of Reyes, Jurado, coconut oil are considered so Richie, Pareño and Rice are typical in nutritious that they are used in showbiz. Stories of struggle, of brief baby formulas, in hospitals to success and monumental failures, of self-destructive excesses and nasty habits feed the critically ill, those on show that in the entertainment world, life tube feeding, and those with digestive problems. often imitates art. But unlike in most Coconut oil has even been Filipino movies, there are no guarantees used successfully by doctors in of happy endings in real life. - xxx treating aluminum poisoning.

October 28 - November 3, 2011

Bill’s Corner
by Bill Labestre, MBA
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Didith Reyes, The Truth About Janice Jurado .. Coconut Oil (2)
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Cheating Father Time
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For a Few Dollars Less
It has been a few years now that our economy is not doing well. We made adjustments to survive during these tough times. Gone are the days of excessive spending on items that were not needed. We learned how to trim our daily expenses. We reduced our trips to restaurants and malls. We finally realized that over spending caused a lot of grief. Still, we never forget the members of our clan that live in the Philippines. We hope that they’ll understand our current situation in America. It is no longer the Land of Honey but, a place where many people have no money. We can only wish they can lower their expectation from us. It’s maybe hard explaining to them that we are having financial hard times. It’s quite a shock for the newly arrived family members. They can hardly find decent paying jobs. The one thing missing in our Filipino community is a good support system for the new immigrants. We are still an individualistic society. We normally stick within our circle and don’t really care about others. We would easily claim the “Famous Ones” as members of our ethnic group but, tend to look away from those having hard times. We can hardly smile and greet each other in public places. A few have tried their best to serve the community without malice. Some claimed they are community leaders but have their own personal agendas. In general, most of us don’t really care unless it affected us or our tribe directly. It is hard to change these bad attitudes we brought with us in the U.S.A. Maybe it is not hard to be suspicious of our Kababayans. How often do we get victimized by those whom we trusted? How many Filipinos lost their money in various scams? They may even belong to the same religious group. It makes it harder for some legitimate Filipino businesses because of these few bad elements. In hard times, we may have to swallow our pride and ask for help. When it comes to loans even to family members, it is a good idea to have signed promissory notes. If involves a lot of money, you may have to ask a third party for advice. Well, Filipino old timers like to ask for discounts. They will haggle for the cheapest price. Most scammers knew these, so they took advantage of it. They would offer low prices for their services, took victims money and disappear. How often do you hear about these travel agents and cargo shippers who never delivered the airplane tickets or Balikbayan boxes? Trying to save a few dollars may cost you more money. In reverse, there also those who used personal services or took items on credit and never bothered to pay. It’s a shame these people took advantage of their kabayan’s trust. You can take them to the small claims court and get a judgment in your favor but, collecting is not easy when they’re broke. There’s nothing wrong in asking for a discount if you use common sense. It is annoying for most service providers like me. We do not sell tangible items with marked up prices. If you don’t like our scheduled fees, just go somewhere else. Remember, that most likely you will get what you paid for.

lonely life. Last year, Jurado admitted to having been diagnosed with breast cancer. She now sells barbecue along a busy Manila street to raise money for her medication. But local show biz breakdowns are by no means confined to female celebrities. Local comedian Richie d’ Horsie likewise tumbled and fell flat on his face. With more than a dozen movies to his credit and successful television shows tucked under his belt, Richie was able to savor the good life. Trading punch lines with some of the country’s best comics, he easily landed movie projects. But like Reyes and Jurado, Richie also succumbed to vices and even ended up in jail because of drug charges but was later acquitted. Thanks to good friend Vic Sotto, he managed to resurrect his career and has appeared in five Sotto starrers. He also stars in Sotto’s sitcom “My Darling Aswang,” and occasionally appears on the noontime show “Eat…Bulaga!” Another successful comeback story is that of award-winning actress Gina Pareño. Before Jurado dominated the sexy comedy genre, Pareño flourished in that mold. She was discovered in the ’60s and enjoyed a robust career in the movies. But she was also stubborn and ignored the rigid rules imposed on contract stars. Her carefree ways led to an unplanned pregnancy in 1968, even before she could finish her launching movie, “Mama.” After giving birth in 1969, she staged a successful comeback when she donned Pinay super heroine Darna’s scarlet costume to star in the hit movie “Si Darna at ang Planetman.” She relished her success for over a decade but stumbled anew because of drugs. At one time, tabloid headlines bannered her reduced circumstances that had her selling dusters in Baclaran. A public admission of her drug problem and a plea for understanding resulted in a helping hand and a stint at the rehab center. Soon enough, the movie roles started coming again. Today, Pareño is one of the most accomplished actresses in the industry, with international acting awards attached to her name, especially for her role in the independent films “Serbis” and “Kubrador.” But local show biz breakdowns have transcended generations, as today’s young celebrities tread the same slippery

times more likely to have a cluster of cardiovascular risk factors compared to those in the highest quartile of VO2peak (40.8 mL kg-1 min-1). For men below the median (<44.2 mL kg-1 min-1), the risk was even higher -- they were fully eight times more likely to have a cluster of cardiovascular risk factors compared to those in the highest quartile of VO2peak (50.5 mL kg- 1 min-1). Even small differences in VO2peak were found to be associated with worsening cardiovascular risk profiles. Keeping active is critical The center’s research shows that maintaining some level of physical activity is important. The benefit from having been active when young is small if you are inactive now. “Even if you were highly active at a young age, you have to keep being active to get the health benefits from it,” says Professor Wisloff. So how do K.G. Jebsen Center researchers stay fit, given all that they know? Many incorporate exercise into their daily routines. Aspenes -- a 33-year-old father of three, with a full time job now at the Norwegian Directorate of Health -- is lucky because he can ride his bicycle to and from work, which in hilly Trondheim, means that at least part of the ride is up some pretty steep hills. That’s an advantage for interval training, he says, because “I ride like hell up the hills.” releases/2011/10/111011074635.htm Coconut oil is exceptionally helpful for pregnant women, nursing moms, the elderly, those concerned about digestive health, athletes (even weekend warriors), and those of you who just want to enhance your overall health. -- 10/01/2011. Posted by pooja at 2:48 AM. Source: http://refreshingnews9.blogspot. com/2011/10/truth-aboutcoconut-oil.html

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Today’s Lifestyle
With Two-in-Five Americans Living Paycheck to Paycheck, Financial Education Is More Important Than Ever
Wells Fargo Provides Free Tools to Help Establish Healthy Financial Habits
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 20, 2011 – In support of the American Bankers Association Education Foundation’s 9th annual National Get Smart About Credit day today, Oct. 20, Wells Fargo is launching a month-long campaign to reach out to communities across the country to discuss the importance of credit and how to use it responsibly. Throughout the month, hundreds of Wells Fargo professionals will volunteer in schools and community centers to show teens and adults the role that making sensible decisions about credit plays in achieving their longterm financial goals. “As our customers rebuild their finances coming out of the recession, we want to share credit and money management tactics that can help them succeed financially,” said Angel Zapata national manager for the Wells Fargo Foundation’s Office of Financial Education. “This includes strategies to rebuild their access to credit and to plan for their financial futures.” Statistics reflect consumer sentiment about how challenging it can be to make credit and financial management decisions: • 42 percent of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. Source: CareerBuilder, 2011 Survey • 60 percent of Americans do not have a “rainy day” fund to cover three months of unanticipated financial emergencies. Source: FINRA Foundation Stateby-State Financial Capability Survey (2011) • 39 percent of homeowners grade themselves a C, D, or F when it comes to their understanding of personal finances and credit management, and 86 percent of homeowners have not checked their credit score or credit report in the past year. Source: Wells Fargo Homeowner Survey (2011) As consumers move through different life stages – like using credit for the first time, paying for education, buying a home and having children – Wells Fargo provides free tools and tips to educate borrowers about which credit option may be right for them – and how to use credit sensibly. Credit tools for life’s stages Thinking about how to teach children about credit? Hands on Banking®/El futuro en tus manos® shares the essentials of money management and the responsible use of credit in this fun, free program. Using credit for the first time? Wells Fargo’s Smarter Credit Center contains information and resources about how to use credit sensibly to achieve financial goals. Thinking about college? Learn about the loan process, and use free scholarship and college search tools through Wells Fargo’s Student Planning & Calculators site. Using a Visa card for the first time? Log on to the Practical Money Skills site and, using a reference code received with a new Wells Fargo Visa card, take a series of online credit education lessons. Upon completion of the lessons, customers receive a reward – currently free movie tickets. Buying a home? Download a free guide with tips on the home buying process. And if you’re looking for a site that can help tie together credit education with information about banking basics and investing, visit the Wells Fargo Financial Education Center. Wells Fargo also make these tips available to help borrowers develop and maintain good credit: Credit Report: Be proactive and check your credit report on a regular basis. Order a credit report once a year through Budget: Create a budget. Know your needs and wants, and the difference between the two. Debt: Reduce your outstanding debt, keep credit card balances low and don’t take on more debt than you can handle. Pay on time: Ask your credit card issuer if it offers automatic payment options or e-mail alerts to remind you when a payment is due. If available, sign up for a bill pay service to help keep you on track. Credit Limits: Know your credit limits and don’t exceed them. Fraud: Keep close tabs on the activity in your account. Shred documents containing personal or financial information before discarding. If you notice suspicious activity, report it to your bank or credit card issuer immediately. Credit Cards: Save credit card receipts and check them against your statements. About Wells Fargo Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) is a nationwide, diversified, community-based financial services company with $1.3 trillion in assets. Founded in 1852 and headquartered in San Francisco, Wells Fargo provides banking, insurance, investments, mortgage, and consumer and commercial finance through more than 9,000 stores, 12,000 ATMs, the Internet ( and, and other distribution channels across North America and internationally. We want to help all of our customers succeed financially and create long-term economic growth and quality of life for everyone in our communities. In 2010, the Company invested a record $219 million in grants in 19,000 nonprofits, and team members contributed more than 1.3 million volunteer hours around the country. For more information, please visit: www. Wells Fargo Bank N.A., is an equal Housing Lender

Is a college education still worth it?
In today’s challenging job market, does it still pay to get a college education? Recently the Wells Fargo Economics group explored the issue in their article “The Kids Are Alright” (Link: https://www. com/research/special_reports/ TheKidsAreAlright_08222011.pdf.) Ultimately the article concludes that despite increasing college tuition costs, higher student loan debt and fewer job opportunities for recent grads, a college education is still the key to greater economic freedom and financial success. The data shows that young workers who are college-educated are performing better in today’s job market than those without a degree. The same goes for older workers who hold a college degree—they’ve had more success in the labor market than those without a degree. That’s not to say you should throw all caution to the wind when deciding on a college and major, however. One section of the article that particularly caught my eye is titled “Type of degree: Passion vs. Practicality.” This section discusses the reality of today: “high costs for college and high unemployment for younger workers suggests that an emphasis be placed on vocational, technical and professional pursuits.” In a nutshell, graduates with technical or professional degrees are likely going to have an easier time getting jobs than those with liberal arts degrees. So what does it all mean? This is big-picture stuff that should give you confidence in your choice to further your education past high school, despite negative talk about the economy, unemployment, and the high cost of education. Tell us what you think. How does this picture match up with your reality? Are the college grads you know faring better than those who didn’t further their education? -- Posted 10/3/2011 by Caroline. Follow the blog on StudentLoanDown/2011/10/is_a_ college_education_still_w.html

“Despite the gloomy picture the media continues to paint regarding younger workers, one subset of the younger population is performing relatively well in today’s labor market: those who are college educated. As a share of the total population, employment among recent college graduates between the ages of 16 to 24 has increased steadily since mid-2010, whereas the employment-to-population ratio for those in the same age cohort without a college degree has yet to show any upturn (Figure 3).1” -- Wells Fargo Securities, LLC, Economics Group Special Report , “The Kids Are Alright”

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While it is not surprising that, in terms of employment, recent college graduates are faring better in the labor market than their counterparts without a degree, this is only one side of the benefit versus cost equation. Many observers have cited rapidly increasing tuition costs and heavy studentloan debt burdens as higher-education disincentives, causing younger workers to question the overall economic return of a college education. Moreover, many recent college graduates are also reportedly being paid less than what was the case before the Great Recession and working in job functions that are unrelated to their college studies.2 To be sure, these disincentives do exist. Since 1982, college tuition costs have risen at a rate consistently higher than the average rate of inflation (Figure 4).3 Even with these disincentives, however, the benefits of attending college still outweigh the increased costs. And the benefits are not specific to just recent college graduates. Indeed, while recent college graduates have had more success in the labor market lately than their counterparts without a degree, older workers who hold college degrees also continue to perform relatively well. Compared to the broader population, employment among all college educated workers has shown considerable improvement since the recession ended (Figure 5). What is equally important, though, is that earnings of college-educated workers remain considerably higher than earnings of less-educated workers.4 For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, median weekly earnings of workers holding a bachelor’s degree are 62 percent above median weekly earnings of workers holding only a high school diploma.5

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revival of the Visayan Film Industry. One of her brainchild and priority program is the creation of the Cebu Independent Film Festival. Another immediate project she is busy with is the pre production of a Cebuano indie film where she will direct and act with Gloria Sevilla, her Mom and the inimitable “Queen of the Visayan Movies.” Aside from feature films, she is also studying offers for her to act and perhaps direct TV soap operas. To stay physically fit, Suzette makes it a point to do sports activities like tennis, badminton, volleyball, swimming, and snow skiing when in the States. Her diet is more on fish and vegetables, does not eat rice and avoids eating red meat. She only puts on make up during shootings or pictorials. To stay mentally and spiritually balanced, Suzette is a “Zennist.” A member of Bahay Dalangin’s “Pahingalay” (Zen), she meditates and practices the Zen discipline on a regular basis through the shepherding of her Zen teacher, Sr. Sonia Punzalan Roshi, a Catholic nun. “It helps me stay sane and more attuned to God!” On Suzette’s outlook on love, she said, “I love to live, love and laugh.” Suzette enjoys being a guardian to her nieces and nephews. “I love and adore them! They make me feel and stay young!” In an interview, she said that her mom remains to be her greatest supporter, her siblings are her worse critiques; her true friends are her moral boosters; her nieces and nephews are her inspiration. That is Suzette Ranillo, a.k.a. Nadia Veloso: the Actress, the Director, and the Producer.

October 28 - November 3, 2011

Laughing Matter
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Suzette Ranillo
(Continued from page 19) ing. As a producer and director, you see the film in its entirety. When you have the right concept and the proper distribution, you’ll be well remembered for your excellence.” When I asked Suzette what wisdom she can impart with aspiring directors, especially those in the Indie filmmaking scene, she said, “Keep imagining and keep finding ways to produce a film that you can share with your audience, from which they can, in turn learn from. To think is to create. To act is to achieve.” Today A certified workaholic, Suzette’s creative juices keep flowing as she brainstorms with other committed Cebuano Artists as to the

Showbiz Watcher: Piolo & Enchong, Pinagkaguluhan
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Sawang-sawa na!
Misis: Hindi ko na kaya ‘to! Arawaraw nalang tayong nag-aaway. Mabuti pa, umalis na ako sa bahay na ‘to! Mister: Ako rin, sawang-sawa na! Away rito, away roon! Mabuti pa siguro, sumama na ako sa ‘yo! Misis: Delayed ako nang one month pero huwag mo munang ipagsabi. Nahihiya ako... Mister: Okey. Kinabukasan, dumating ang tagaMeralco. .. Taga-Meralco: Misis, delayed po kayo ng one month. Misis: Ha? Bakit mo alam? Taga-Meralco: Nasa record po. Mister: Bakit Naka-record diyan na delayed ang misis ko? Taga-Meralco: Kung gusto ninyong mawala sa record, magbayad kayo! Mister: Eh kung ayokong magbayad? Taga-Meralco: Puputulan kayo! Mister: Eh anong gagamitin ni misis? Tag-Meralco: Pwede naman siyang gumamit ng kandila. What is the difference between a girlfriend, a call girl and a wife? Sagot: Post paid, pre paid, unlimited. Sa isang classroom... Titser: Class, what is ETHICS? Pilo: Etiks are smaller than ducks. Titser: Okey, that duck will lay an egg in your card. Juan: Pare, noong mayaman pa kami, nagkakamay kaming kumain. Ngayong mahirap na kami, nakakutsara na. Pedro: Baligtad yata? Juan: Mahirap kamayin ang lugaw, pare! Anak: Itay, nagpapatanong si ma’am kung ano raw ang propesyon mo. Itay: Sabihin mo, cardiologist. Anak: Ano po ba ang cardiologist, Itay? Itay: ‘Yung tagaayos ng radio sa car! Umuwi si mister nang 4:00 AM at nakita niya ang kanyang misis na may katalik na lalaki sakama... Misis: (sumigaw) SAAN KA GALING?! Mister: Sino ‘yang katabi mo? Misis: GRABE KA! HUWAG MONG IBAHIN ANG USAPAN! Rodrigo: Bakit bad trip ka? Harry: Nagtampo sa ‘kin ang utol ko. Rodrigo: Bakit naman? Harry: Nakalimutan ko kasi ang birthday niya. Rodrigo: ‘Yun lang? Anong masama ru’n? Harry: Ang masama ru’n... twins kami! Twins!

showbiz chika namin dito sa Asian Journal.Pati yung abot tanaw na supermarket e talagang ni-reseach nila kung saan yun.Maraming salamat sa inyo Ms. Ava Taji at Ms. Beth Connor pati na rin kay Ms. Jackie Novecio of Stewart Title.

Charity Projects
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most depressed and neglected areas in the country. It is in the heart of the Muslim land, where people worshipped Islam, in contrast to the majority of the country’s Christian population. Because of government neglect, the area had become the hotbed of Muslim rebellion where the rebels were advocating for an independent Islamic state. Aware of the local violence, Liza was hesitant to go there. She feared for her own safety, for it was a god-forsaken land where outsiders were kidnapped and killed. But in that particular area, all she saw was peace and serenity. People seemed to be enjoying the charity of the Dullesco family, perhaps a sign of an era of progress and development for the future. .” – AJ (To be continued) (Editor’s Note: To read the previous and weekly installments of this series, visit www.asianjournalusa. com. Once there, click the “Editorials” heading, then click “Fantasy Land by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.” title to see the list of all previous chapters of the series. Click the title of the chapter you want to read and the article will appear.)

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San Diego County Only • Oct. 1st to Nov. 30, 2011

“The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and especially at the hour of their death (754).” -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina

Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God. On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938). Eternal Father, I o er You the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world. On the Hail Mary beads say: For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world. In conclusion say three times: Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

The Hour of Great Mercy
At three o’clock, implore My mercy, especially for sinners; and, if only for a brief moment, immerse yourself in My Passion, particularly in My abandonment at the moment of agony. This is the hour of great mercy. In this hour, I will refuse nothing to the soul that makes a request of Me in virtue of My Passion (Diary, 1320). -- Divine Mercy in My Soul: Diary of Saint Faustina Kowalska

You expired, O Jesus, but the source of life gushed forth for souls and an ocean of mercy opened up for the whole world. O Fount of Life, unfathomable Divine Mercy, envelop the whole world and empty Yourself out upon us. O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of mercy for us, I trust in You. Amen.

October 28 - November 3, 2011

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Senate Report: Mike Arroyo Owned Choppers
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Asian Journal

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NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING CDBG REPROGRAMMING/REALLOCATION/SECTION 108 LOAN AMENDMENT NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a public hearing to present previously funded CDBG projects for reprogramming and/or reallocation and an amendment to the Camp Hope Section 108 Loan Application to cancel the Camp Hope Project and replace it with another Section108 eligible applicant at the Public Safety & Neighborhood Services Committee Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at 2:00 PM in the Council Committee Room, 202 C Street, 12th Floor, San Diego, CA 92101. If you require assistance or auxiliary aid in order to participate at the public hearing, contact the City Clerk’s office at (619) 533-4000 (voice) or (619) 236-7012 (TDD/TTY). Public comments will be accepted during this hearing. In addition, written comments will be accepted prior to the public hearing at the CDBG Program office (1200 Third Avenue, Suite 1400, San Diego, CA 92101) or by email ( through November 2, 2011. All updates will be posted on the CDBG website (http://

Wanted: Bread baker, Cake baker, Cake decorator, Store Manager, and Cook Warehouse Manager : Functions include inventory control, warehousing, delivery, ordering, organization of raw materials. Experience is necessary and heavy lifting is involved. Full-time position with benefits are available. Please fax your resume to 888-841-1662 or contact Nora at 619-477-7071.

ing’ case, which could possible be dismissed on technicality. So we want it covered by way of filing antigraft case or cases against those we believe are responsible. “(So) we’re filing a separate case and it’s up to the Ombudsman to consolidate all these complaints and evaluate based on their own findings and their appreciation (of the evidence), what could be lodged as an information before the Sandiganbayan,” said Lacson. Both Guingona and Lacson were cautious in giving out details, although the latter confirmed the inclusion of Verzosa in the supposed charge sheet. “Yes. I think he’s also included in the list of those set to be filed (a case). (But as for) Iggy, we better wait for the chairman to announce it tomorrow,” said Lacson. “(Former) FG is included. It’s a long list. I do not want to preempt the chairman,” he added. The senator said they have agreed to proceed to the Ombudsman after Guingona’s news forum and file the case that will include charges on the violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act against those that the Senate believed to have been part of the helicopter deal. Guingona kept mum on the content of his panel’s report. But he gave indications that the report already have majority support of the 17-man panel. “I have enough (signatures). I won’t come out (with the report) without the requisite,” he said. According to Sen. Francis Pangilinan, former Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Ronaldo Puno is also among those recommended to be included to be slapped with graft charges. As to De Vera and Po, he said that the committee report noted that they are now with the witness protection program (WPP), so basically, it will depend still on whatever will be the decision of the DoJ whether they should be included in the charge sheet or not. Mrs. Arroyo, meanwhile, who is facing six plunder cases in connection with alleged various anomalies in government including the P1.2billion sale of the old Iloilo airport to Megaworld Corp. P1.6 billion in fertilizer funds, P530 million in the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration funds, and funds from Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office and the NBN-ZTE deal, underwent a third surgery last August to correct a pinched nerve on her spine. But according to Iggy, despite the success of the operation, there might still require additional treatment from foreign medical specialists. Virgilio J. Bugaoisan

CBP Reminds Public of Prohibited Agricultural Items
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PCI Gets Grant
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According to the USDA, the disease has seriously affected citrus production in India, Asia, Southeast Asia, the Arabian Peninsula and Africa. The objective is to educate the community about the devastating impact of citrus greening and what actions they can take to prevent citrus greening from establishing a greater foothold in the U.S. Among the actions U.S.-Mexico border residents can take is to remember not to bring any orange jasmine or other prohibited citrus fruits and plants from Mexico into the U.S. Prohibited citrus includes the following: oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, sour oranges and sweet limes. Other popular non-citrus fruits that also are prohibited include guavas, mangoes, peaches and pomegranates. Failure to declare prohibited agricultural items also can result in fines. Penalties for personal importations of undeclared, prohibited agricultural items, depending on the severity of the violation, can run as high as $1,000 and up to more than $250,000 for commercial importations. The traveling public can learn more about prohibited fruits, vegetables, plant and animal products and other prohibited items by consulting the “Know Before You Go” guide or the list of top 10 travelers tips at the following link: http:// For more detailed information on huanglongbing or citrus greening disease, the public can consult the following link on the USDA/ APHIS website: plant_health/plant_pest_info/citrus_greening/index.shtml For more detailed information about what food items can and cannot be brought from Mexico, travelers can access the USDA/APHIS website: http:// “We want to make certain that travelers know what items are prohibited from entering the U.S. before they reach the border,” said Chris Maston, Director of Field Operations in San Diego. “It is important that we receive the public’s compliance with these regulations in order to prevent the introduction of plant pests and diseases that can threaten domestic agriculture. We want to keep travelers informed about why certain agricultural products are not allowed.” –CBP– U.S. Customs and Border Protection is the unified border agency within the Department of Homeland Security charged with the management, control and protection of our nation’s borders at and between the official ports of entry. CBP is charged with keeping terrorists and terriost weapons out of the country while enforcing hundreds of U.S. laws.

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Here your c publica Journal it and correct us for y ad is ten to be p

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Wanted: Feature Writers Advertising Sales Representatives (No experience necessary, full time or part time) Call 616.746.3416
(Right photo) Right beside the MarGunda farm is the good old Karayan Olo (Olo River) and its clear, cool flowing mountain water where folks sourced their drinking water from bubon (shallow wells) in early times. It was adjudged in 2001 by the Philippine Dept. of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR) as Cleanest River in Northern Philippines. Tatay Marcial told of old stories of his encounters as a teenager with unseen spirits along the river at sundown while bathing his work animals, the carabaos. Nanay Gunding also told of stories of actually seeing a “St. Elmo’s” fire in 1942 on an old Dalipawen tree near the river and the farm house. The tall, imposing and fabled tree, located on a trail going down to the river still stands today, a reminder of our ancestral bloodlines. The farm has a one-bedroom airconditioned concrete house with narrow balconies, complete with basic furnishings courtesy of Norman of Sydney, Australia. There also stands a replica of Lolo Vicente’s two-bedroom nipa hut with bamboo floors, a gazebo for sixteen diners, an outdoor kitchen where one could whip up his favorite recipe over country firewood, and lately, a tree house. Planted all around the farm are elegant and sturdy mahogany trees, fruit-bearing mango trees, fruit trees, not to mention a chicken coop where native range chickens roost and breed. It is still very peaceful in the countryside. descendants of the three brothers Vicente, Mariano and Enrique was held at the grounds of the nearby Tagac Elementary School. About 800 of our relatives came by and joined in, some of them traveling from overseas. It was estimated during conversations at the reunion that from the three brothers descended about 500 Valenzuelas who are now living in different parts of the world, from Kamuning to Camiling, Bulacan to Cavite, Hongkong to Sydney, from California to New Jersey, in Illinois and Massachusetts, from Saudi to London and Italy, from Canada and Greece to Spain, making the Valenzuelas “citizens of the world.” This new breed of Valenzuela holds very important and prominent positions in their class and social circles, and in their careers and chosen fields of endeavor. They continue to make an impact and difference wherever they go and whoever they associate with. And they keep the good name as they pass on the goodwill and the values to their descendants. It has been a long way indeed for Mariano Valenzuela, Enrique Valenzuela and Vicente Valenzuela. A time for everything There is a time for everything And a great season for every activity under heaven: A time to be born and a time to die, A time to plant and a time to uproot, A time to kill and a time to heal, A time to tear down and a time to build, A time to weep and a time to laugh, A time to mourn and a time to dance, A time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, A time to embrace and a time to refrain, A time to search and a time to give up, A time to keep and a time to throw away, A time to tear and a time to mend, A time to be silent and a time to speak, A time to love and a time to hate, A time for war and a time for peace.

If app sign a (61


Gregg, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications, at (858)2799690. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, PCI (Project Concern International) is a San Diego-based health and humanitarian organization, operating over 100 programs in 16 countries. It is dedicated to saving lives and building healthy communities around the globe, annually reaching nearly 5 million people in Asia, Africa and the Americas. Funded by federal grants and private support, PCI has over a $35 million budget and nearly 600 employees worldwide. Asian Journal San Diego

First Among Peers: Marcial Valenzuela
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THE ONE-BEDROOM MARGUNDA FARM HOUSE is shown above with a nipa-roofed gazebo at the rear. The 20,000 square- meter farm is often visited by the descendants of Lolo Vicente, some would come all the way from Manila. They would relish the provincial ambience and the refreshing dip at the clear cool waters of the flowing river nearby. Most of the wood materials used in the construction of the farm house and the other structures came from trees within the farm that were felled to give way to clearings for the planting of mangoes. MARCIAL WALKED THESE GROUNDS Tatay Marcial was born in this humble place and so were siblings Arturo and Aurora. Manong Atong (Fortunato) stayed here for about a decade helping in the farm chores under Tiyo Hondrado, Tatay’s younger brother. Tatay Marcial spent his childhood days in this place until he went to Dagupan at age 14 and after two years in Dagupan he went to Manila to become the country’s first photojournalist at age 19. 2001 CLEANEST RIVER AWARDEE

PART OF THE ORIGINAL PROPERTY of Lolo Vicente Valenzuela is still intact. Photo shows the scores of mango trees (shown at right) felled by a strong typhoon May of 2008. The path is the ingress and egress to and from the farm. Picture at right was taken by Tatay Marcial near the very place on the picture at left some time in 1944 (during World War II) showing the good old way of threshing palay (cereal) by pounding. The sonorous and syncopated thuds made by the wooden pestles could be heard even from afar. --- Ecclesiastes 3:1 REUNION OF THE DESCENDANTS In 2005, a grand reunion of the

(To be continued)

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October 28 - November 3, 2011

SAN DIEGO (Oct. 20, 2011) – Corhonda Bolton and her two girls were among hundreds of Del Sur residents enjoying a beautiful fall day recently during the masterplanned community’s Fall Festival. Complemented by sunny skies, cool coastal breezes and costumed kids, the event featured an abundance of family-oriented activities, including old-fashioned hayrides, carnival rides and games, music, food and more. The event was one of many hosted by the Community Services Council, all designed to bring Del Sur residents together to foster a greater sense of neighborhood and community. “Activities like this Fall Festival add tremendously to the sense of community here because neighbors get to get together often,” Bolton said. Having moved here recently from Memphis, Bolton said her daughters, 12 and 8, love Del Sur, especially going to school with their neighbors. “Being able to walk to school is wonderful for them,” she said, adding that it is wonderful for herself as well since she doesn’t have to drive them 40 minutes to attend private schools. Del Sur is home to the Poway Unified School District’s highly rated Del Sur Elementary and Del Norte High Schools. “Del Sur’s green areas are great too because people take advantage of them constantly,” Bolton continued. “The kids are in the pool, the parents are barbecuing. People are spending more time at home and that’s great in this neighborhood.” New parents Bo and Brittney Molocznik agree. “The biggest draw for Del Sur is the parks. They definitely bring the community together.” Del Sur so far has six neighborhood parks, five with year-round swimming pools heated with solar panels. The North San Diego neighborhood is also home to 18 miles of shared trails that Del Sur residents may access easily from their homes. The community’s Ranch House –

Del Sur sense of community enhanced by events, numerous amenities
San Diego’s first building to achieve Platinum LEED certification from the US Green Building Council – is another one-of-a-kind community asset. The Ranch House serves both

Diego – between interstates 5 and 15 and just north of state Route 56 – the North County community is surrounded by approximately 1,000 acres of open space and miles and

Great Pumpkin Patch at Bates Nut Farm Open through Halloween Day
VALLEY CENTER, 10/25/2011 -- The traditional annual pumpkin patch at Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center, CA is now open through Halloween Day for families to enjoy. The farm is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. Weekday family activities include: Tractor Hayrides: $2.00 (free under 18 months) Straw Maze: $2.00 ing Valley Center Optimist - Hamburgers & Hot dogs 10-1 pm (beginning 10/1) In addition, on weekends Bates Nuts Farm also offers Facepainting, Kids’n Paint, Rock Climbing, BBQ, Ice Cream, Kettle Corn and Live Entertainment - 12-3pm Pumpkin Package available daily for $9.00 which includes 1 Jack-olantern Pumpkin 1 Tractor / Hayride 1 Straw Maze.

patch and not one of those fake ones they have in a high school parking lot. It’s awesome seeing the giant pumpkins plus you can get some great pictures. They have scare crows, tractor hay rides, animals, booths, and delicious food. Also they welcome dogs so I brought my tiny dog with me and she met new friends. It’s a great place to go with the family just to enjoy a nice fall day. :)” The caveat is that the farm gets busy on weekends. Kevin K. of San Diego adds on yelp. com, “Went to the pumpkin patch on a Elliot Rios of San Diego enjoys his first pumpkin patch adventure Sunday. Luckily I decided to take Lake Wholford rd and entered Woods Valley at Bates Nut Farm. Rd from the east. We swung right in The farm is getting good reviews from ahead of the miles long stream from the per person Pony Rides: $5.00 each Cash west. Once inside we bought a package yelpers including this one from Chrissie Only Interactive Petting Corral: $3.00 which included the maze, hay ride, and a O. of Escondido: each Cash Only Farm Zoo - Picnick“Im making this a new tradition. I live pumpkin for $9. Lots of fun great picture opportunity with the kids. Take cash as in Esco so it’s not a far drive for me. I think it’s worth it to go to a real pumpkin there are no ATMs. The petting zoo had only a few animals, and it was about 90 tached, detached, single-level and degree. We will definitely multi-story floor plans– are open for go back when it’s cooler, tours by top homebuilders, includbut I’m sure the pumpkin ing: Standard Pacific Homes, Shea patch will be a yearly Homes, California West Communitrip.” ties and Davidson Communities. To learn more about Del Sur’s Bates Nut Farm is new home neighborhoods, go to located at 15954 Woods or call 858Valley Road, Valley 481-4200. Or visit the Ranch House Center, CA 92082-7399. from noon to 4 Monday through For more information, Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays call 760-749-3333 or visit and noon to 4 p.m. Sundays.

Fall Festival at Del Sur. Photo by Cali Griebel as a welcome center that’s open to the public and also as an exclusive venue for events and celebrations. Only Del Sur residents may reserve the space. Located in the coastal hills of San miles of trails to explore. Seven new home neighborhoods are now selling at Del Sur, with prices ranging from the high $400,000s to the $700,000s. Some 20 model homes – featuring at-

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