100 Series

LA105/LA115/LA125/LA135SE/LA145 Tractors

To understand what separates a 100 Series Tractor from others. 12-gauge frame. onepiece. Then there’s the cut. ensuring they are the ultimate in reliability and durability. and a high capacity filtering system are proof that a lot more goes into a 100 Series tractor than meets the eye. enhanced with comfort and ease of use. . 12-gauge steel. No matter what your mowing preference might be. This uniquely shaped mower deck completely lifts grass for a precise. one-piece frame is constructed of heavy. Get to know what separates a John Deere 100 Series tractor from all others. Every lawn tractor has a mowing deck. even cut. a cast-iron front axle. you’ll have to start with the foundation it’s built on: a solid. No tools needed. A tractor born of durability. The durable features don’t stop there: heavyduty crankshafts. test drive one at your dealer today. Solid. We robotically weld it to give it maximum strength and reliability.2 100 Series Tractors It’s what they have in common that sets them apart The 100 Series Tractors There are lawn tractors and then there is the kind of lawn tractor that only John Deere can build. Better yet. We robotically weld our frames. A ¼-inch height of cut adjustment lets you find the right height every time. It’s a difference you can see and feel. but only the 100 Series comes with The Edge™ Cutting System. every model can switch from side discharge to mulching or bagging in seconds.

The Power To Do More From small yards to larger lots. you can expect big performance from a 100 Series Tractor. 100 Series tractors have the power to mow.100 Series Tractors 3 John Deere engines are exclusively manufactured by Briggs & Stratton and include exclusive features like heavyduty crankshafts and a high-capacity filtering system. Convenient mower deck wash port lets you easily remove grass buildup underneath the deck The Edge Cutting System features a uniquely shaped mower that lifts grass for a precise. even cut.5 to 22. Getting into gear is no problem. bag or mulch your yard in no time at all. You have your choice of single cylinder engines or V-twin designs with greater torque and lower vibration. Front axle is constructed of solid cast iron that will not bend under any condition. Exclusive StarLock System lets you easily remove mower blades for quick sharpening. manufactured exclusively for John Deere by Briggs and Stratton. . Horsepower ranges from 19. The 100 Series line features 5 speed transmissions and moves up the line to automatic 2-pedal transmissions for easy direction and speed changes. It all starts with John Deere engines.

Ignition switch and mower engagement controls are on the dash for ease of use.5 inches of seat travel provides enough room for the tallest on the block. There’s an electric PTO for instant engagement of mower blades and cruise control to keep you mowing at an even keel. Move up the line and you’ll discover features like a deluxe. all you have to do is sit down. After all. . To discover them. Deluxe double bar front bumper comes standard on the LA135SE.4 100 Series Tractors Comfort comes standard There are plenty of good reasons to feel good about owning a 100 Series tractor. highback seat for an even more comfortable ride and a soft-grip steering wheel for an easy touch. you’re a 100 Series owner. Single lever throttle/ choke on all 100 Series models. A comfortable seat with 5. So sit back and enjoy the ride.5 inches of seat travel makes plenty of room for even the longest legs. There are little touches like storage pockets for tools and cupholders for cold beverages on hot summer days. 5.

9 L fuel capacity Versatile CargOMount System™ Spin on oil filter with full-pressure lubrication Automatic transmission 2-pedal design Increased travel speeds up to 1.100 Series Tractors 5 up to 1.1 L fuel capacity High back seat LA135 Special Edition ≥ LA145 ≥ ≥ Wider.5 acres up to 1.5 acres up to 2 acres up to 2.5 acres LA125 ≥ ≥ ≥ ≥ Increased horsepower Convenient cruise control Large 15.5 acres LA105 ≥ ≥ ≥ ≥ LA115 ≥ ≥ ≥ 5-speed transmission Large 7. 48-inch mower deck Electric mower blade engagement (PTO) V-twin engine with increased horsepower Double bar bumper High back seat Fender flares ≥ ≥ ≥ .

not harder Front Bumper Accessories and Attachments Rear Bagger Sun Canopy Tow-Behind Spreader 10P Cart Tractor Cover Tool Carrier Aerator Seat Cover Lawn Sweeper .6 100 Series Tractors Attachments and tools to work smarter.

you can be sure you’re getting the very best in customer assistance from every committed person who will be working with you. . plugs and oil).100 Series Tractors 7 Behind you all season long: your John Deere dealer From the moment you enter a John Deere dealership. John Deere dealers are people who are in touch with your local community and who understand what it takes to maintain your land. you can be assured that you will get both. and with a John Deere Dealer. Home Maintenance Kit Practically everything you need to keep your John Deere tractor running smooth for years to come is packaged in a convenient box (filters. Flexible Available Financing John Deere Credit has convenient and flexible financing options available on the full range of John Deere lawn care equipment designed to suit your needs. The best equipment deserves the best in support and service. Protection You Deserve… Value You Expect When you purchase new John Deere lawn care equipment. which provides your new mower with coverage that extends after the standard warranty finishes. you can gain extended security and peace of mind with John Deere PowerGard™ Protection Plan. Factory-trained service and parts professionals ensure that your equipment keeps working as hard as you do.

9-in.) Replaceable. mower 132 cm (52-in.8 cm (70-in. in. in fuel line Drive Train Transmission Manufacturer Gear transaxle Dana 4360 Hydrostatic Tuff Torq™ T40J 2-pedal No Hydrostatic Tuff Torq™ T40J 2-pedal Yes Hydrostatic Tuff Torq™ T40J 2-pedal Yes Hydrostatic Tuff Torq™ T40J 2-pedal Yes Tires Front Rear Brake Type 15x6-6 20x8. (500 cc) 33 cu. and JOHN DEERE are trademarks of Deere & Company.) 63.) w/42-in.) Highback 14 cm (5.) w/42-in.) w/42-in.9-in.) 122.) 25.) 25.4 to 102 mm (1 to 4-in.) w/42-in.5 cm (69.) 122. in fuel line 15. in. UV resistant JD Loy. CP6185 .) Midback 14 cm (5.) 45 cm (18-in.9 cm (11-in. insurance. mower 132 cm (52-in.1-in. welded LA145 0.) Replaceable. UV resistant JD Loy.5-in.) Replaceable.5 cm (25-in.7-in.) 177.7 cm (48.4 to 102 mm (1 to 4-in.1 gal.) 115.1 gal.5-in.7 cm (48.9-in. (540 cc) Cast-iron liner Yes Paper w/foam Cast-iron liner Yes Paper w/foam Cast-iron liner Yes Paper w/foam Electrical System Headlights 12-Volt Power Outlet Standard Not available Standard Not available Standard Not available Standard Not available Standard Not available Fuel System Fuel Tank Capacity Fuel Filter 7. some illustrations and text may include finance.5 cm (25-in.0 gal. welded JD Loy. credit.1L (4.0-8 Disk 15x6-6 20x8.5 cm (25-in.5 hp (14. (656 cc) Cast-iron liner Yes Paper w/foam LA105 LA115 LA125 LA135SE LA145 Part Chassis Frame Hood Material Wheelbase Overall Length Overall Width (deflector down) Height Front Axle Type Front Wheel Bearings Front Bumper Seat Seat Adjustment Turning Radius Uncut Circle Radius LA105 0.9-in.5 hp (14.105-in. UV resistant 122.) 25.4 cm (45-in.) 122.) No 122 cm (48-in.1 cm (15-in. in fuel line 15. in fuel line 7.) Cast iron Powdered metal bushings No 38.0 gal.9 cm (11-in.) 25.) 132 cm (52-in.4 to 102 mm (1 to 4-in.4 to 102 mm (1 to 4-in. John Deere’s green and yellow color scheme.) Highback 14 cm (5.) 45 cm (18-in.) 116 cm (46.8 100 Series Tractors Specifications Part Engine Manufacturer Power* Cylinders Displacement Cylinder Material Oil Filter Air Filter Briggs & Stratton OHV 19.9-in. welded LA115 0.5 cm (69.6 cu. pictures and descriptions are provided.) Cast iron Powdered metal bushings No 27.) 50.9-in.4 kW) V-twin 40 cu.) 45 cm (18-in.7 cm (48.7 cm (48. mower 132 cm (52-in. mower 132 cm (52-in.) 112 cm (44-in.) 104 cm (41-in.5 cm (25-in.9L (2.7 cm (48. welded LA125 0.9L (2.6 cu. UV resistant JD Loy. (500 cc) 30.) 177. in.) No 107 cm (42-in.) 122. While general information.4 kW) V-twin 40 cu.2 cm (74.5 kW) One Briggs & Stratton OHV 21 hp (15.) Replaceable.5-in. John Deere reserves the right to change specification.0-8 Disk 15x6-6 20x8.5 cm (69.105-in.) 104 cm (41-in.5-in.) 177.0 gal.5 kW) One Briggs & Stratton OHV 19.) 25.5-in.) 63.) 188.) Cast iron Powdered metal bushings No 38.) 63.105-in.4 to 102 mm (1 to 4-in. (656 cc) Cast-iron liner Yes Paper w/foam Briggs & Stratton OHV 22 hp (16. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DEALER FOR DETAILS.) Midback 14 cm (5.) No 107 cm (42-in.) 177.1 cm (15-in.) 63.) Highback 14 cm (5.) 45 cm (18-in. in.0-8 Disk 15x6-6 20x10-8 Disk 15x6-6 20x10-8 Disk Foot Control System Not applicable Cruise Control Not applicable Mower Deck Cutting Width Cutting Height Mulch Cover Standard 107 cm (42-in.) No 107 cm (42-in.8 cm (20-in.1L (4.1L (4. mower 30.) Replaceable.105-in. product options and accessories NOT AVAILABLE in all regions.9-in.) Cast iron Powdered metal bushings No 27. design and price of the products described in this literature without notice.7 kW) One Briggs & Stratton OHV 22 hp (16.) Cast iron Powdered metal bushings Yes 38.) No PTO Engagement Type Steering Steering Wheel Manual Sector & pinion w/dual drag links Standard design Manual Sector & pinion w/dual drag links Standard design Manual Sector & pinion w/dual drag links Standard design Manual Sector & pinion w/dual drag links Standard design Electric Sector & pinion w/dual drag links Comfort design design This literature has been complied for worldwide circulation. UV resistant JD Loy.) w/48-in.105-in. in fuel line 15.1 cm (15-in. the leaping deer symbol.) 45 cm (18-in. welded LA135SE 0. in.9-in.

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