If you want to spend your weekend on a beach in Orissa but not on a beach as crowded as Puri, Gopalpur is the ideal place to visit. Gopalpur beach is special for its tranquility as tourists have not thronged this place as much as other beaches in Orissa. Located about 180 km from Bhubaneswar, Gopalpur is well connected by road to Bhubaneswar and the closest railway station being Berhampur (16km). That Gopalpur was once a busy trading port from where traders sailed to faraway lands like Java, Bali and Sumatra is evident from the crumpling walls of old bungalows and pillars of jetty. The long stretches of silvery sand along with the azure waters of the sea make it the perfect for sealovers to take deep sea bath and even go for small boat rides in the sea.

The waters are calm and ideal to take a dip even for the not-so-good swimmers who are generally assisted by Noilas (local fisherman). At evening the cool breeze from the sea and the shimmering moonlight on the beach makes it the most desiring place to be. It is interesting to visit the small thatched shops on the main beach where one can taste rich catch of prawns, pamphlets and other fishes. A particular “Polly’s stall” serves hot seekh-kebabs for only Rs. 18 each sticks. A variety of other dining choices are available from fast foods to family restaurants at reasonable rates. But one should be cautious about the handloom shops being overtly pricey and it’s better to buy gifts for your loved ones

Thus a visit to Gopalpur is an experience all about fun. Abundant accommodation options are available in Gopalpur from sea-side hotels like Hotel Kalinga. 800 for double bed per night) to luxurious resorts like Swosti Palm Resort (Tariff . Chilika is famous for the migrated birds that come to the lake and friendly dolphins that captivate every tourist. The nearby fascinating places where one can take a day trip to:  Chilika lake: 45km from Gopalpur and is the largest inland lake in India.310 to Rs 4. Hotel Sea pearl (Tariff – Rs.950 per night for a double room) .from Behrampur (16kms from Gopalpur) as the market there displays a vivid array of Orissa’s handcrafts. . frolic and relaxation at nature’s lap away from the hustle and bustle of a city.600 to Rs. But perhaps the cheapest with the good servicing facilities and nice view of the sea are that of the OTDC Panthanivas and Youth hostel.  Taptapani: 67km from Gopalpur is this hot water spring whose water is claimed to have medical attributes.Rs 2.

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