What is this Implementation

• • • • Real time Weblogic Envrionment setup in multi-server LAN Weblogic Cluster implementation and continuous deployment RED HAT linux based environment Real Time Environments-Staging/SIT/QA/UAT/LT/PRODUCTION Oracle DB as the backend. Just like real time RDBMS. Apache web-server at the frontend. connecting to the Unix servers from windows boxes using putty. Just like software engineers in Hi-tech using windows box to connect to servers in mumbai/NewYork

What you will learn
• • • • • • 4 years of real-time experience in one month time. You will be confident in answering all realtime questions in interviews. you will learn how the working environment is in MNC companies is what process is followed in big companies how to connect and work on servers in mumbai/newyork data centers what ever you do in this project can be used as an answer in the interview what tools are used to monitor servers/urls ( MONITORING TOOLS) how the ticket tracking is done

Basic & Advanced level video tutorials for each and every topics.In One WORD : Once you finish this RealTime Project your job is guaranteed What it is not • • • • This is NOT single server training center LAB environment This is NOT an isolated weblogic-only training This is NOT a training program. You need to learn weblogic before attending this project. (minimum 150 hours are solid training. You will work as if it is in a company This is NOT a class room coaching. • • • • • • • . of students project There are only a limited no. ) Full technical support from the experts through internet/Intranet. of systems available therefore limited no. 30 days. Please check at Durgasoft for separate weblogic theory classes. Resume Preparation Guidance.of students. This is hands-on implementation. Every Doubt will be clarified one-to-one. Sample Resumes Recordings of real-time interviews. You don’t have to wait till next day. 5 hours a day hands-on training. Project Plan • • This is a limited no.

(For registration of “Weblogic Administration Course “Please call +91 9246212143 or 040 – 64512786 ) What is the cost ? We haven’t decided on the cost yet. The conductors of this course strongly recommend that.durgaexams. But definitely the students who are registering first will get it at lesser cost. we are limiting the registration to fixed no. we recommend attending the Weblogic Administration Course first at DurgaSoft and then register for this "Weblogic Administration RealTime Implementation Project". of students. you can clear the test relatively easily. Because this project involves real time working professionals and more importantly one-to-one hands-on implementation.com/RealTimeWeblogic . The implementation project is scheduled to start at 1st of April 2011. Please register at the earliest. You may loss 2 more months before you get this opportunity. as a result. As we said before the registration is limited. There will be an online test/classroom test through which the registration is accepted. We have put in some eligibility criteria to be able to register for this implementation project. This is strictly first-come-fistserver basis For Registration to “WebLogic Administration RealTime Implementation Project” Call : +91 9246212143 or 040 – 64512786 Or visit www. and strongly determined to get a job in the next 2-3 months. If you didn’t attend weblogic administration course yet. Everything you do here is exactly same as you would do once you join the company. If you have attended weblogic at Durgasoft or else where.Eligibility: Please remember this is a realtime implementation project. each student should have basic knowledge of weblogic before taking this assignment.