Preparation is Essential in passing the Examination Almost all nursing schools in the Philippines administer PRC/NLE practice

exam manage by a certain review center or the school administration itself before students are allowed to graduate to help prepare them for the coming licensure examination There are many options for preparing yourself for the exam: - Study guides and prep courses that are offered through the internet (promdinurses and nclexpinoy) belong to this category, books, and e-books - Group study with colleagues or classmates - Review centers and other same institution - Or self-review When the time comes that you must start your proper review, you must practice the following: 1. Listen to classical music while reviewing. Music can relax your mind. You can make your study with a relaxing environment by listening to classical music as a background. 2. Put yourself to a quiet and comfortable place where no one can distract you. This method really helps in retaining important information.. 3. Try to go to bed early and wake-up early in the morning to study. But before that, eat your breakfast so that you have sufficient glucose needed by the brain (more than 20% of our body's energy is consumed by the brain). 4. After studying a bit, try to relax; take a break or walk. 5. In answering the questions in your practice test or even in the actual exam, try to pick out the key words (words such as: essential, most important, best, least, priority, least-priority etc) and answer what the question is asking for. 6. Memorize the FIVE RIGHTS OF MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION and remember that there is a doctor's order in every medication so calling the physician is not a priority. 7. Always apply therapeutic communication. 8. Remember the nursing process; assessment is a priority (always the correct answer). Use also the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs in determining the best answers. 9. Words such as MUST, ALWAYS, EVERY are definite words and always leads you to wrong answers (this words are correct choices if the question is asking for the least priority). 10. Always try to chop the answers to two options so that you can have a 50/50 chance of getting the right answer. 11. Re-read the question and look for PART OF THE QUESTION IN THE ANSWER, that is the right choice. 12. Base you answer to textbooks not on your clinical experiences. 13. If you do not know the answer, do not answer with a WILD GUESS, decide with an EDUCATED GUESS.

Device Mnemonics.For the benefit of our colleague who will take the Philippine Licensure Examination for nurses. Pay particular attention to words such as best. RAY GAPUZ TIPS AND TRICKS F . Don't pay attention to how quickly other candidates complete their exam . doubts on your ability to pass your test C . Do not add to the questions. 3. Follow your first intuition. Try to predict the correct answer before making the choice. Look for the answers that appear different from the rest. remain calm and try to recall clients with problems similar to that in question. Reread the question and understand what is being asked. Stick your schedule. 7.oncentrate on the most commonly asked concepts in the board exam U . most. When faced with a question that focuses on unfamiliar topic. "NURSING LICENSE". never or none. Avoid choices with answers all. 5.age.elf-reliant in your quest to pass the board exam GENERAL STUDY TIPS BY JOSIE QUIAMBAO-UDAN         Make a timetable Set the best time for studying. Choose a place conducive for studying. REWARD YOURSELF TEST-TAKING STRATEGIES 1. and not when reading the question. 10. I compiled the different tips coming from the nursing review experts like Ray Gapuz and Josie Quiambao-Udan I hope that this tips can somehow help our subscribers in answering the examination wisely and intelligently leading them in attaining the ultimate goal. 6. 2. 8. 9. first. your common sense S .eel more confident O . Write and post your schedule. martial status). Make flashcards and other visual aids. Take the necessary time each question without spending to much on any one item. Read each question/ case carefully and determine the key elements in the question (patient.

10. Be familiar with normal laboratory values. judgment. Learn to recognize expected outcome. With questions regarding positioning. 12. In prioritization questions.centered responses. Consider all other options before making any referral. When dealing with questions regarding Therapeutic Communication:  ELIMINATE choices that evoke authoritarian response  questions answerable by "yes" or "no"  "why questions"  questions that probe  don't worry response  Nurse." "best" . or evaluation." "initial. Then consider the use of ABC's. 4. 11. 9. 8. ask yourself the question' "is this prevention or promotion?"Consider anatomy and physiology next. Do not delegate assessment. use Maslow's Hierachy first. Avoid passing the buck. 5. 3. Care of the patient is always priority over equipment.JOSIE QUIAMBAO-UDAN TIPS AND TRICKS 1. Utilize the nursing process when determining the correct response to the situation. 2. 6. imagine that you are actually taking care of the patient as you go about answering each question. For beside nursing. Pay close attention to words such as "first. Your answers must be the "IDEAL" practice of nursing based on textbooks and theories not on experiences. teaching. 7.

Try to use 1 sharpened pencil for every 25 questions (to ensure that your answers are shaded well). if too small. . your brain might lack the sufficient amount of glucose needed for the exam (remember. 10. Give yourself a break so that you are fresh in the morning. toilet might invite you. You can take breaks after every 2 hours (1 hour break).Now. Eat right (not too many. You must also get plenty of sleep the night before the exam. 7. Do not study the night before the exam. brain does not store glucose. 4. Stay calm and stay focus for the whole course of examination. it comes directly from our bloodstream). not too small):if too many. when the time comes that you must face "doomsday" (date of your exam). you must first practice the following 1. Re-sharpen your pencil during the 1 hour break to be use for the next batch of questions. but at least drink some water and practice breathing exercises before going again to the test room. 9. 8. pray every time you go inside the examination room (you need a lot of mercy hehe). Finally. not necessarily eat. especially your pencils (at least 4 SHARPENED pencils) and your SHARPENER. 2. 6. 3. Relaxation is very important. 5. Do not forget to bring your paraphernalia. you body and your brain needs rest for the months of torment in reviewing.

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