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LISTENING Unit 6: Science, Body and Living (Weeks 13 & 14, January 11-21, 2010)

1) (Inside Out T 21) Body Knowledge Quiz: 1 What is the aerobic system? a an exercise video, record or tape b oxygen and carbon dioxide c the heart, lungs and blood circulation 2 The happy hormones that are released during exercise are called a endorphins b morphine c dolphins 3 A balanced diet should include a calories, fibre and sugar b carbohydrates, protein and fat c cereals, caffeine and glucose 4 Which of the following activities are best for keeping supple? a yoga, gymnastics and karate b rowing, horse-riding and jogging c walking, water-skiing and wind-surfing 5 To keep healthy you should exercise for at least a one hour every day b twenty minutes three times a week c one hour three times a week 6 You build up stamina by a drinking strong coffee b eating fruit c exercising regularly 2) (Speak Up The Real Thing) Match speakers attitudes: 1 David Sheppy __ A takes pride in the exotism and exceptionalism of this trade. 2 Marguerite Perry __ B is a fervent supporter of quality at all costs. 3 Marjorie Vickery __ C feels disappointed in the rather thin texture of the drink. 4 Alex Hill __ D does not feel antiquated in this occupation. 5 Julian Temperly __ E is proud to display expert information in the field. F is confident to give reliable information endorsed by reliable sources. 3) Vocabulary: brisket, bowel(s), bat, hedgehog, body, quantum theory, randomness, wave, stretching. 4) (Fast Forward: The Two Sides of the Brain) Answer the questions: 1 What is the crossover effect? 2 The speaker describes the results of two split-brain experiments. What do the results indicate about left and right hemisphere characteristics? 3 The speaker believes we could improve the efficiency with which we use our brain in two ways. What are they? 5) EXAM PRACTICE Part One (Speak Up Go with the Flow) Fill in the missing information: 1 Feng Shui is the state of harmony in ________ and time between flows of energy.

2 The appeal of Feng Shui resides in the potential for _______ in a split existence between us and our environment. 3 Feng Shui works when you _________ about the space and time you gain. 4 Real Feng Shui is more complex than ________ in terms of awareness. 5 People are always deep in some kind of _________ search for the meaning of life, whether its New Age, the Age of the Aquarius, the Millenium or Taoism. Part Two (Speak Up Green letter from each column). 6 Mike Stentiford __ __ 7 Donna Le Marrec __ __ 8 Daniel Wimberley __ __ 9 Gerry Jackson __ __ 10 Steven Cook __ __ Appeal) Match speakers twice (one number, two letters - one A manager of cycling visits B resources engineer C translator D product developer E media resources manager F fauna tour manager G community involvement H cohabitation education I green policies J tradition and discipline K linguistic potential L cultural relations

6) (Speak Up Food Glorious Food!) Answer the questions: 1 What is Michael Sterns job? 2 What concepts stand at the basis of the industry of the MacDonald type? 3 What is the good side of a hamburger? 4 What is, in the cereal industry, the key to a well-functioning nation? 5 What is Sterns favourite restaurant, and why? 7) (Speak Up Robert Oppenheimer, Speak Up Arthur Conan Doyle) Take notes while listening to two scientists, Robert Oppenheimer and Arthur Conan Doyle the writer and speculate on the following: 1 Are both of them open-minded when it comes to science? 2 Do both of them think in terms of literature about science? 3 Do both of them mention an interest for the activity of the mind? 4 Do they both view the communication between minds in the same way?