Cognos 8.3 Installation with Oracle 10g Database (1).

Oracle 10g Installation: While installing Oracle 10g,’Character set’ should be Unicode (ALUTF32) After installing the Oracle 10g, Create a user. Sql>create user content identified by content; User Created. Sql>Grant Dba to content; Granted. In the above mentioned command,”content” is the user name and the password is : content. COGNOS 8.3 INSTALLATION: In cognos 8.3 cd,you could find two folders,They are: a).Cognos 8.3 Server b).Cognos BI Modeling First we need to install the Cognos 8.3 Server and then the Cognos BI Modeling. (2) To Install Cognos 8.3 Server: Open the folderCognos 8.3 ServerClick the folderWin32clickIssetup.exefollow the instructions. Installation path : c:\programfiles\cognos8\c8 (3) To Install Cognos 8.3 BI Modeling: Open the folderCognos 8.3 BI ModelingClick the folderWin32clickIssetup.exefollow the instructions. Installation path : c:\programfiles\cognos8\c8 (4) Installing JDBC drivers You can find the “” file in the locationE:\oracle\ora90\JDBC\lib\

Steps to configure the IIS server: Step (a): Right Click “Default website”New virtual directorySpecify the namecognos8Click “Browse”C:\Programfiles\cognos8\c8\webcontentNext Finish. StartRunType’Services. Copy this “classes12. Step (c): .Copy and paste that file “classes12.  Here “E:\” is the drive where Oracle” into C:\ Now go to start “Run” and type “Cmd” to login into command prompt.jar Note: Here “C:\” is the drive where Operating system installed. C:\Rename classes12.jar Now File name has been renamed to “classes12. To Login to IIS.jar” file into the following location: C:\Programfiles\cognos8\c8\webapps\p2pd\webinf\lib\classes12.stop the service “Oracle Service HTTP Server”.zip classes12. (5) Configuring IIS Before loging to IIS.jar”.Msc’Stop the service. StartRunType ’Inetmgr’ Stop the Default Website. Step (b): Now Right click”cognos8”New virtual directorySpecify the namecgi-binClick “Browse”C:\Programfiles\cognos8\c8\cgi-binclick”Execute alone” check box NextFinish.

Command to find the current character set in oracle: To find out db char sets: sql> select * from nls_database_parameters where parameter like '%CHARACTERSET'.Now Right Click “cgi-bin”New virtual diretorySpecify the namehelpClick “Browse”C:\Programfiles\cognos8\c8\webcontent\DocumentationNext Finish. Type the password:content These are the steps to configure cognos 8.3 with Oracle. . (6) Cognos Configuration StartProgramsCognosCognos Configuration….specify the following: User namecontent Passwordcontent Servicve NameTo know the service name: Type the following command in Oracle: SQL>Select name from V$database.. Crypthography: Select the option “Crypthography” in the left side pane of the window. On the right-side of the window.a new window will open. You can see the “Password” option in the right-side pane of the window. Right Click “Content Managerdelete"content store" Right clickContent managerNewResoruce databaseType “cognos8” and then selectOracle database. Click”save” option and then click the symbol ‘> ‘to start the cognos service. C8 Note:You must be login as a DBA user to view this name.

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