SAMPLE QUESTIONS TATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Deonar, Mumbai 400 088 Written Test for Admission to M.A.

Duration: 1 Hour SECTION – A Analytical Ability and Quantitative Reasoning Instructions to Candidates: • Answer all questions • Each question carries 01 (one) mark 1. The cube root of 0.000216 is – A) 0.6 B) 0.06 C) 0.006 D) None of the above 2. The sum of squares of two numbers is 68 and square of their difference is 36. The product of two numbers is A) 16 B) 32 C) 58 D) 72 3. The number whose fifth part increased by 5 is equal to fourth part diminished by 5 isA) 100 B) 150 C) 200 D) 250 4. The product of a boy’s age (in years) 5 years ago with his age (in years) 9 years later is 15. A) 6 years B) 8 years C) 9 years D) 10 years 5. 48 ÷ 12 × (9/8 of 4/3 ÷ 3/4 of 2/3) is A) 11/3 B) 3 C) 12 D) None of the above Total Marks: 50 Marks:15

22. ‘R’denotes +. A D) M. 20. then 18 Q 12 P 4 R 5 S6=? A) 36 B) 53 C) 34 D) 65 10. A) (46. every day jumps up three feet and at night falls back two feet. R C) R. 12). and ‘S’denotes −. An ‘Atom’ is related to ‘Molecule’ in the same way as a ‘Cell’ is related to – A) Organism B) Phone C) Battery D) Nucleus . If ‘CLOCK’ is coded as ‘KCOLC’.6. E B) A. Which word cannot be made with the letters of the following word – CARPENTER? A) CARPET B) PAINTER C) REPENT D) NECTAR 11. 11) B) (44. 24. A frog at the bottom of a forty-foot deep well. S 9. 10) C) (42. 10) D) (40. How many days will it take him to get out of the well? A) 39 days B) 40 days C) 38 days D) 42 days 8. ‘Q’denotes ×. Which set of numbers is like the given set? – Given Set: (48. If breadth of field is 3m. what will be the first and last letters of word in the same code for ‘RAMESHA’? A) H. 20. 22. 10) 12. A child walked 5m to cross a rectangular field diagonally. If ‘P’denotes ÷. its length is – A) 4 m B) 3 m C) 10 m D) 12 m 7.

The ‘accused’ bows his head in presence of the ‘police’. 7. Sarita is mother of Nishant. Madan is father of Nehar. Write a short note on the problems of urban development in India. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE? A) Sarita is the wife of Madan B) Nehar is daughter of Sarita C) Madan is father of Mohit D) Nishant is brother of Mohit 14.13. The ‘police’ is less powerful than the ‘court’ but more powerful than the ‘lawyer’. 6. Which of the following has the same relationship as “ Goldsmith: Gold” ? A) Carpenter: Repair B) Cobbler: Leather C) Jeweller: Jewellery D) Barber: Shave SECTION – B Short Answer Questions on Contemporary Social Development Instructions to Candidates: Answer any 05 (five) of the following questions • Each answer carries 07 (seven) marks • Each answer must be not more than 200 words. What are the causes for expansion of the Bahujan Samaj Party in recent times? Write a short note on education as an instrument of social change. 3. Marks:35 Briefly describe the types. 4. . Who is the most powerful in this setup? A) Police B) Lawyer C) Court D) Accused 15. The ‘accused’ is more powerful than the ‘dead’. in the light of the current global economic meltdown. 2. 5. The brother of Nishant and Mohit is Nehar. Write a note on market economy and its consequences. originating factors and significance of communalism in Indian Politics Explain how globalization has impacted social justice? Has the development process in India increased or reduced rural inequality? Discuss. 1.

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